Dr. Variankaval Ramasamy Annadurai is a clinical psychiatrist by profession. He is interested in subjects like History, Culture, Ethics, Mythology, Religion, Human Sexuality Etc. He has his own theory of personality called "Ramson's theory of personality". Through this website he is intended to write articles related to Mythology and Psychology.

Related Topics : Sexuality, oralsex, aggression, Religion, personality, possession, kiss, Frazer's theory of contagion, Breast envy, Penis envy, castration anxiety, survival anxiety, Homosexuality, incset, taboo, masturbation, cigarette smoking, human sacrifice, Oedipus, Prescription symbol of doctors, medical emblem, snake symbolism, Hysteria, Circumcision, Disorder, Coming of age ritual, magical thinking, Lord siva, Kali, Ravanan. Kaikayi, Ramayanam, sacred fire pit, catatonia, Prometheus, Moses, Lord Iyyappan, Ganapathy, Murugan, Mahabaratham, Lord Krishna, Christianity, Eros, Jesus, Avatar, Psychiatrist.

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