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Central Asia and Dravidan Connection - Revealed - Part 4

Shamash[]   (Akkadian   Šamaš   "Sun"), was a native Mesopotamian deity and the sun god in the Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian pantheons. Shamash was the god of justice in Babylonia and Assyria, corresponding to Sumerian Utu. Akkadian   šamaš   is cognate to Syriac semša or   šimšu   Hebrew   šemeš   and Arabic   šams .


                            Arisi, the Tamil word for rice has it's origin from Orai + sa   which means the product or the gift of the sun and the moon.  The Greek word for rice ‘Oraiza'    is the   pure and un corrupted Tamil word Orasi sa and the present day,    Arisi is the corrupted form of the original Tamil word Orai sa . 


                         The boiled rice   is called as ‘Sorru ‘in Tamil which   is the combination of    Sa+ ra   , the moon and the sun.    The ‘satham' is also a Tamil word   to denote boiled rice ‘sorru' and it is the combination of sa +tha +am .  ‘Sarru'   in Tamil means juice and it is the combination of sa+ ra.  


                    The name' Palam' [ pazham]   in Tamil means the fruit which is the combination  of  Ba+ la  which means the moon[la] of the earth[ earth] , hanging from the tree , hanging as that of the moon in the sky.   Balan is the sun god, Murugan   who was worshipped in  Babylon   as the Baal god.   Baal god is the Palani   of Dravidian dun god Murugan.  The name Babylon is the combination of Ba + Ba+ la+ an which is nothing but the name   Boo Balan which means ‘   Balan -the fire god or the sun god.   Boo or poo in Tamil is the flower or the fire.


                            Rasam, the   tamarind soup of Tamil Nadu   is the combination of Ra+ sa which means the essence of the sun and the moon,  the male and female  juice.  Rasa is a pure Tamil word.   ‘Aa- Rasu ‘means the sun at a distant in the sky   and E- Rasu means the   snake in the nearby earth.


     The word   ‘More' in Tamil means the   white diluted    curd   , and it is the combination of   Ma+ Orai . Orai means the   white sun.
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