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Etymology of the name Egypt

Etymology of the name Egypt.


                                            Knowledge about the Dravida Tamil – Sumerian -Egyptian Magical letters and their meaning is essential to understand the article.


                                     [].   The English name   Egypt       is derived from the   ancient Greek  Aígyptos  (????pt??), via   Middle French   Egypte   and   Latin   Aegyptus . It is reflected in   early Greek   Linear B   tablets as   a-ku-pi-ti-yo . The adjective  aigýpti -, aigýptios    was borrowed into Coptic as   gyptios,   and from there into Arabic as   qub?i , back formed into    qub? , whence English   Copt . The Greek forms were borrowed from   Late Egyptian   (Amarna)  Hikuptah   "Memphis", a corruption of the earlier    Egyptian   name   Hwt-ka-Ptah   ( < ?wt-k-pt? > ), meaning "home of the   ka   (soul) of Ptah", the name of a temple to the god    Ptah at   Memphis.   Strabo   attributed the word to a   folk etymology   in which   Aígyptos   (????pt??) evolved as a compound from   Aigaiou huptios   (A??a??? ?pt???), meaning "below the Aegean".



                          1.    Hwt-  ka - ptah  has the composition  - aa - the – ka – pa – the  -  and the original   Tamil name  is      Aathi   Padakoti   Aathitha    Bidathipathi  -Boopathi-   Kathakan –   Madathipathi   kaathan – Bootham – Thayakam    kaakum -    kudikadu    -   Kotta  pattinam    -   Vaan -nathi / Maka- Nathi   Pattinam    -  Nakha/   Naga  Pattinam   .  Aventhi  pattinam is another interpretation. We know   there was kingdom by name Aventhi – Kingdom in ancient India.  Vaanaka   pattinam   could be yet another interpretation.  


                              Hwt  is the  Aathi or   Aathee-  the  primordial fire ;  Ptah [ pa – the] --  Bootham ;  Ka – sky  ; Ka > vaa  [ Tamil Vaanam- the sky] .


                                                     ‘Athee  padakoti'  in  Tamil means  the first  sailor of the world ,  Athithan , the sun god  - Primordial fire  .  Bidathipathi   means  the  lord  of the  alter. Madathipathi  is another Tamil word with similar meaning.  kaathan , Kathakan   Boopathi  and Bootham [ Ptah]  are Sumerian Tamil names for the sun god , lord Siva .  Kotta  pattinam  means the city of forts.  Naga Pattinam means the city ruled by the Nagar people.  Naga  pattinam  and the   Kotta pattinam   are names of the towns in Tamil Nadu. Pattinam means the city  or the city near the sea or river.  Vaan – nathi is the river Nile - the Neela[ lengthy] or  Nila [ blue]  theerai – the river.  Maka- nathi means a great river.   There is a river with the name Maka- nathi in west Bengal of India.    


                          2.  Memphis has the composition -- ma -ma –pa- sa -  and the  original Tamil  name of the city Memphis   is   Samy  Boomi,  the land of the God.


                        3. Coptic  has the composition - ka – pa –the – and the meaning of the word  is  Va na ka paathai  -  [  the path shown by  ]-  the milky way  [ Ka > va  ;  add ‘an' ].


                       4. Aegean  has the composition-  aa – ka  - an -  and the name of the sea is  Atheethan    vaanakan . Aathithan vaanakan is the sun god.


                                                      Mi?r   (IPA:  [mes?r] ) is the   Literary Arabic   and modern official name of Egypt, while   Ma?r   (IPA:  [m?s??] ) is the common pronunciation in   Egyptian Arabic. The name is of   Semitic   origin, directly   cognate   with other Semitic words for Egypt such as the   Hebrew   ?????????   ( Mitzráyim ), literally meaning "the two straits" (a reference to the dynastic separation of upper and lower Egypt). The word originally connoted "metropolis" or "civilization" and means "country", or "frontier-land".


                  5.   Misr   has the composition  -ma – sa –Ra – and the original Tamil name is  Ma   Rasan   Saera maan/ ceran    Raassiyam   .  Ma-  Rasan is the king of kings . Ceran is one of the Tamil kings.  Raassiyam   means the kingdom.


                  6. Hebrew word  ‘Mitzrayim'  has the composition -ma- the- sa- Ra- a- ma  and  the meaning of the word is -  Mathrasan  Saeran - Raasaaiyam .


                                                The ancient Egyptian name of the country was    < km.t > , which means "black land", referring to the fertile black soils of the Nile flood plains, distinct from the   deshret   ( < dš?t > ), or "red land" of the   desert.   This name is commonly vocalized as   Kemet , but was probably pronounced  [ku?mat]  in ancient Egyptian.   The name is realized as   keme   and   kem? in the   Coptic   stage of the Egyptian language, and appeared in early Greek as   ??΅?a   ( Khemía , which in   Modern Greek   means   chemistry).   Another name was   < t ? -mry >   "land of the riverbank".The names of   Upper and Lower Egypt   were   Ta-Sheme'aw   ( < t ? -šm ? w > ) "sedgeland" and   Ta-Mehew   ( t ?  m?w > ) "northland", respectively.


             7.  Kermet  has the composition – ka – Ra – ma –the – and the meaning of kermet is    Karu  maeka  thirai    thantha      Maka - nathi   --    Ma Rakkan   Makan -  karu vanna  Thiraiyan  - Thiru  Maaran –  Murukan-  Raman- nin -  Ma  Nakarathu   Nagar  kudi  Makan .   To put it in a simple way  Kermet   means  the  dark people  living near the Maka Nathi – Nile ,  who were descendents  of  Thiraiyan  Raman – Thiru  Maaran, Murugan .   


       8.   Deshret has the composition   -the – sa - Ra- the -   and the meaning of the word is   Sentharai   desam . Sentharai means red land; Deasm means a big country.   Kermet is the karu -n thirai . Thirai   means the sea or river or the Milky Way.   ‘Senthirai   Rasan  - Saeyon – Surian -   theriyam   deasm' - means the eastern land or sky where the sun rises.


    9. Ta – Mehew has the composition - the- ma- ka- and the meaning of the word is  Maekudi , the north land  or upper land - the sky , 


   10 . Ta- sheme- aw  has the composition  -the-  sa- ma- aa-  and the meaning of  the word is ,  Mathee    saeyon anthi   saayum desam  [ samaathi  ] – ,  the lower land or the western land .


                                                                                                         The original name of Egypt is Naga- Pattinam and the name of the Nile River is Maka- nathi.  The people of Egypt – Kermet- were the descendents of descendents of the dark skinned Thiru Maran - Murugan  [Kannan]  , the shepherd king .
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