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Harmonia The Tamil Woman

Harmonia ,  the Tamil woman .


                           Cadmus - Harmonia and the necklace.





                    In  Greek mythology ,  Harmonia  ( Ancient Greek : ?????a) is the immortal  goddess  of harmony and concord. Her  Roman  counterpart is  Concordia , and her Greek opposite is   Eris , whose Roman counterpart is  Discordia .


                                          According to one account, she is the daughter of  Ares  and  Aphrodite ; By yet another account, Harmonia was from  Samothrace  and was the daughter of Zeus and  Electra , her brother  Iasion  being the founder of the mystic rites celebrated on the island. Finally, Harmonia is rationalized as closely allied to  Aphrodite Pandemos , the love that unites all people, the personification of order and civic unity, corresponding to the Roman goddess Concordia.


                                     Almost always, Harmonia is the wife of  Cadmus . With Cadmus, she was the mother of  Ino Polydorus Autonoë ,  Agave  and  Semele . Their youngest    son was  Illyrius


.                               Those who described Harmonia as a Samothracian related that Cadmus,on his voyage to Samothrace, after being initiated in the mysteries, perceived Harmonia, and carried her off with the assistance of Athena. When Cadmus was obliged to quit  Thebes , Harmonia accompanied him. When they came to the  Encheleans , they assisted them in their war against the  Illyrians , and conquered the enemy. Cadmus then became king of the Illyrians, but afterwards he was turned into a serpent. Harmonia, in her grief stripped herself, and then begged Cadmus to come to her. As she was embraced by the serpent Cadmus in a pool of wine, the gods then turned her into a serpent, unable to stand watching her in her dazed state. [  Harmonia_Mythology]




                         Harmonia is renowned in ancient story chiefly on account of the fatal necklace she received on her wedding day. When the government of Thebe s  was bestowed upon Cadmus by  Athena Zeus  gave him Harmonia. All the gods honored the wedding with their presence. Cadmus presented the bride with a robe and necklace, which he had received either from Hephaestus or from  Europa  .This necklace, commonly referred to as the  Necklace of Harmonia , brought misfortune to all who possessed it. Other traditions stated that Harmonia received this necklace (op/uos) from some of the gods, either from Aphrodite or Athena.


                              The magical necklace, referred to simply as the Necklace of Harmonia, allowed any woman wearing it to remain eternally young and beautiful. It thus became a much-coveted object amongst women of the House of Thebes in Greek myths. Although no solid description of the Necklace exists, it is usually described in ancient Greek passages as being of beautifully wrought gold,  in the shape of two serpents  whose open mouths formed a clasp, and inlaid with various jewels.


                                 Cadmus  or  Kadmos  (Ancient Greek: ??d??), in Greek mythology was a Phoenician prince, the son of king  Agenor  and queen  Telephassa  of  Tyre  and the brother of  Phoenix Cilix a nd  Europa . He was originally sent by his royal parents to seek out and escort his sister Europa back to Tyre after she was abducted from the shores of Phoenicia by Zeus.    Cadmus founded the Greek city of Thebes, the acropolis of which was originally named  Cadmeia  in his honor.


                                                 Cadmus was credited by the ancient Greeks (Herodotus is an example) with introducing the original Alphabet or Phoenician alphabet -- phoinikeia grammata , "Phoenician letters"to the Greeks, who adapted it to form their Greek alphabet.  Herodotus  estimates that Cadmus lived sixteen hundred years before his time, or around 2000 BC.     Herodotus had seen and described the Cadmean writing in the temple of Apollo at Thebes engraved on certain tripods. He estimated those tripods to date back to the time of Laius the great-grandson of Cadmus.[ ].


Etymology of the names of Greek figures in Tamil;


                         Harmonia is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Aravu Mani or Aravu Maniyal .  Aravu mani or Aravu Malai means  the snake around the neck as the neck lace. Her father's name Ares [ Roman- Mars= Ma+ Aran] is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Aran. Haroon   and Aaron are the other names which are etymologically related to Aravu.  Aran [ Aranai / Aravu  ]in Tamil means snake. Dravidian god  lord  Siva has a snake necklace.  Cadmus is her husband.  Cadmus is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Ko Aathi maan or Kothaman or Gowthaman.  Mani means star or precious or semi precious stone. Hence the combination of  Ares +Cadmus [ Aren + Ko athi Maan] is   the name Harmonia , the Arvu  Mani or the Aravu Malai , the snake necklace .s


                                                Aphrodite [ Roman venus = Indian  Veni] is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Aa peru Aathi Thee. Thee in Tamil is the fire which was kept by Deucalion in the uterus of Pyrrha.The vagina is symbolically interpreted as the sea shell with full of sea foams [ Aphros in Greek] which is nothing but the hot[fire] semen.  Somathrace is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Soma thiraiyan or Soma Thiraiyam or soma Thiraividam [the origin of the word Dravidam].

                                     Electra, wife of Zeus  is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Alagu Thara. Lasion is the corrupted form of the Tamil name La seyon. Aphrodite pandemos  is the Tamil name  Aa  Peru  Aathi  Thee - Pandiyamman [Pandiammal].   Harmonia's son  Polydoros is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Pala tharan or Bala Daran.  Autonoe is the Tamil A[a]thini[ the name of a Nymph in Indian mythology. Agave is the Tamil name Agavai[ age- young age--adolescent girl ] as in Angavai and Sangavai.  Semele is the Tamil Sem ozhi [Red light]. lllyrius is the Tamil  Ozhi riyan [ ozhi Oraiyan].


                                 The Enchelei[ Latin Encheleae] were an lllyrian tribe, in the 7 th  and 8 th  centuries BC ,living around the region of lake Ohrid and Lynkestis and thr Republic of Macedonia [Makatham]. Enchelei could be the corrupted form of the Tamil word Anchalai [here, c =c and not k]. Anchalai is the female name in Tamil Nadu. Cadmus father Aegnor is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Athinan  and cadmus's mother' name Teleaphasais  the Tamil  Thalai pusam[Thai pusam , the star, Thallapoosa river of America].Tyre is the Tamil Thirai  or Thiri.  The great historian Herodotus is the Tamil Ara[vu] thathan . Abduction of  Europa , daughter of Aegnor, of Phoenicia  by Zeus reflects the abduction of  Dravidian mythology  from the hands of Dravidian to the hands of Hellenistic Greeks. In search of his sister Europa , Cadmus came to Samothrace from Phoenicia. The name of the European continent is purely a Tamil word.


Discussion on Mythology;


                Since Cadmus[slayer of the snake] had killed the dragon or the snake of Ares he was punished by Ares  [ actually  Hephaestus  punishing Ares who became Cadmus  in his next life to undergo the penance ]  to become a snake- Aravaan [ Ares himself], the protector of snakes  [the protector of women] and his wife  Harmonia  becoming  his necklace [ aravu mani or Aravu Maalai] of Aravaan. The Aravu mani , or the snake in the  form of the necklace  took  revenge on  all  people who happened to possess  it.  It seems that Cadmus the founder of Thebes, the Ko Athi Mann was actually Ares in his early life. Since Ares had abducted the wife of Hephaestus namely Aphrodite , It  could  be the  curse of  Hephaestus  on  Ares to  undergo the  suffering to undo the crime he had committed against him as Cadmus and  to become an  Aravaan  the  Dravidian s Hermaphrodite who  thereby would not misbehave with any other  women  in the future. Hephaestus had not given the necklace to Harmonia. But then, he had given the Javelin [the iron weapon] to Cadmus to kill the snake {Ares] as he was the god smith. Only Europa should have given the necklace to Harmonia as Europa is the Tamil Arapayee or Aravayee. The male form of Europa is the Arappan. The Ancient Indus Valley site Harappa is the corrupted form of the Tamil word Arappan. Europa is the Cretan moon goddess and moon is equated with snake in Hindu mythology   related to eclipse.


                           Slaying of a snake is symbolically signifies killing a woman.  Cadmus would have killed a women [? symbolically indicating Ares having sexual relationship with Hephaestus' wife, Aphrodite] to get the needed blood [water from the spring] for the ritual sacrifice he had planned. Placenta or the umbilical cord is the snake of a woman and penis is the snake of a man. The Male snake can raise its hood and spit its venom, namely the semen. The female serpent would spit a baby if the baby had not aspirated the amniotic fluid, the venom. The snake slayer, Cadmus was destined to become an Aravaan who is partly a man and partly a   snake/ woman. His wife Harmonia also later became a snake, the goddess Aravaani.  The necklace giving bad things to all who possessed is equivalent to that of snake bite. Harmonia and her necklace myths clearly indicate that these stories have Dravidian background rather than true Hellenistic roots. The Cretan Goddess Adriane is the Dravidian Aravani. Aravani is considered presently in Tamil Nadu as Indian Hermo[A]phrodite [  Aravani - means partly man with the  male snake and partly woman --with the female snake . The snake is considered as the woman aspect of Ara vaan]. There is temple near Vilupuram district of Tamil Nadu where all the Aravani  of India  come  on a special day  and worship their husband  Aravaan.
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