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Kumari of Nepal


In olden days, Female goddesses were considered as the guardian of the kingdoms. The guardian godess of Nepal is Taleju. Once the King of Nepal invited Taleju to a game of dice. Overwelmed by her beauty the king looked upon her with eyes of desire. Enranged, the goddess ran out of Nepal leaving it frontiers unguarded open  to attack by raiders and mauraders.

          Fearing for his Kingdom and crown the king of Nepal apologized to the Goddess and begged her to return. After much placation, Taleju appeared in the King's dream and promised him to enter his land in the  form of a Mortal girl child, not as a divine women so that no one would cast lustful eyes on her. She assured him that as long as she is worshipped thus there won't be any danger to his kingdom.From  that day  onwards  the  kings  of  Nepal  worshipped  theirGuardian goddess in the form of little girl called “Kumari” Even now in Katmandu,in Dharbar square, we can see the small palace of Kumari goddess adjacent to the king's palace. We can go inside the palace which is decorated with full   of wooden carvings and call her with hand claps. “Kumari” Goddess will make her divine appearance from the wooden balcony and bless us with her innocent smile accompanied by her girl friends and maidens. When the divine girl child attains  puberty  she will be sent to her home and a new girl child with all divine features will be traced from the community and she would be the next “Kumari” Goddess.


          Any civilized society would not tolerate violence against females sexually. One has to face the consequences of sexual violence against females even though the person is a king. This is the moral of the story -overtly.

          Taleju might have been sexually abused by the king leading to her death (leaving the kingdom ). once a living figure  has become a goddess now as she is dead.The guilt ridden king would have started worshipping Taleju in her childhood form as a defense against his incestual desires[attempts  of  possession---- see  the chapter on possession  vs  exploration].
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