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Deucalion is a Greek Tamil

                    In Greek mythology,  Deucalion  was a son of Prometheus; ancient sources name his mother as  Clymene , Hesione , or Pronoia. The anger of Zeus was ignited by the hubris of the  Pelasgians , and he decided to put an end to the Bronze Age.  Lycaon , the king of Arcadia, had sacrificed a boy to Zeus, who was appalled by this savage offering. Zeus loosed a deluge, so that the rivers ran in torrents and the sea flooded the coastal plain, engulfed the foothills with spray, and washed everything clean. Deucalion, with the aid of his father Prometheus, was saved from this deluge by building a chest (literally “chest” like the Bible's “ark,” which means “box”) Like his Biblical equivalent Noah and Mesopotamian counterpart  Utnapishtim , he uses his chest to survive the deluge with his wife,  Pyrrha []

                              Deucalion is parallel to Biblical Noah and to Utnapishtim, the survivor of the Sumerian flood that is told in the  Epic of Gilgamesh . Deucalion's name comes from de????  déucos , a variant of ??e????, " gleucos ",  "sweet new wine, must, sweetness  + ???e??  haliéus   "sailor, seaman, fisher"

                                      Deucalion is the corrupted form of the Tamil name  Thee kalion  which means the fire player  as  Hercules - Ara Kalion is the snake player. Thee means fire and Kali  means play  and the suffix an signifies the person[ male form] who is playing.


                                                        In Latin the word  pyrrhus  means red from the Greek term p????? (purros), meaning 'flame colored', 'the color of fire' or simply 'red' or 'reddish'. Pyrrha was evidently named after her red hair. Horace and Ovid describes  her as red haired.


                           The name  Pyrrha is the corrupted form of the Tamil name  Pirai  which means  the cresent moon which is  red or orange or flame  colored.  The word  Por phyria  is the corrupted form of the Tamil  word  Por Pirai  where the  word  Por  signifies the red or the goldern color  and the Pirai , the cresent moon which is in golden color. The    pirai [ moon]  , which is  part of Por pirai   is erroneously   misinterpreted by the Greeks  as red or flame colored.

                                     Clymene is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Kalai mani .Kalai mani means the moon.  Zeus is the Tamil Seyon, lord Siva .

                                                              The fullest accounts are provided in Ovid's  Metamorphoses  (8 AD) and in the  Library  of Pseudo-Apollodorus. Deucalion, who reigned over the region of  Phthia , had been forewarned of the flood by his father, Prometheus. Deucalion was to build a chest and provision it carefully (no animals are rescued in this version of the Flood myth), so that when the waters receded after nine days, he and his wife  Pyrrha , daughter of  Epimetheus , were the one surviving pair of humans. Their chest touched solid ground on Mount Parnassus, or Mount Etna in Sicily, or Mount Athos in  Chalkidiki , or Mount Othrys in Thessaly.

                       Phthia  is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Puthiyan [ sun god- Siva]. Puthiya in Tamil means the new one.  The sun is  the one who is   eternally  new  and young.   Prometheus is the corrupted form of the Tamil  name  Perum Ma theeyon  whio is lord Murugan  who  decended  to the earth  on the  Tamil month of  vaikasi  with the fire  to  hand over to the Dravidian people.  Epimetheus is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Abi Ma Theeyon. Mount Paranassus is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Para [ ma] Naesan  or  Parai Naesan , the mountain dweller , lord Siva , the sun god.Mount Athos is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Athan or the Egyptian Aten   which is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Aathavan. The Tamil name Athaan[ husband] is the related word which denotes the sun . Mount Othrys is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Aa tharan. Chalidiki  could be the combination of Chalakudi  + idiki .   Chalakudi is a place in Thiruchur district and  Idiki  or Iduki  is another district of Kerala state.

                                                                 Once the deluge was over and the couple had given thanks to Zeus, Deucalion (said in several of the sources to have been aged 82 at the time) consulted an oracle of Themis about how to repopulate the earth. He was told to  cover your head and throw the bones of your mother behind your shoulder . Deucalion and Pyrrha understood that "mother" is Gaia, the mother of all living things, and the "bones" to be rocks. They threw the rocks behind their shoulders and the stones formed people. Pyrrha's became women; Deucalion's became men. . The new race was dark and short where the previous had been tall and blond.  The new race was called  as  Hellen    from which the name Hellenistic   Greece came in to vogue. 

                                           Themis  is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Thee maan [ Demon - since he told  the secrets  of repopulation  ]. Gaia  is the  Tamil  Kaya  or Gaya[  Budh Gaya] . The male version is  Kayan.

                 The descendants of Deucalion and Pyrrha are below:

Hellen Amphictyon Orestheus Protogeneia Pandora II  and  Thyia  are their children.

                                      Hellen is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Kaalan  and Amphicyton is Ambi sithan. Orestheus  is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Orai  Theeyan  and Pandora is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Pandari [ pa +anda+ orai]. Thyia  is the Tamil name Theeya  [Thee aaye ]  or Theeyan.

                                 Aeolus Aethlius Dorus Graecus Makednos Magnes Xuthus  are their grandsons.

                         Aeolus is the corrupted form of the Tamil name A- oyilan [ Ayilyam  star  in Hindu Astronomy]  or Ayalan  and Aethlius  is Aathi Oliyan.   Oyila   is the moon .  Dorus is the Tamil  Thuran   or Theeran or  Tharan [ Daran]. Makedon   is the corrupted form of the Tamil name  Maka  Aathinan  and Magnes will be Ma kanan  or Ma gunan . Xuthusis the corrupted form of the Tamil name  Sathan  or Suthan.

                      Their children as apparently named in one of the oldest texts,   Catalogue of Women , include daughters   Pandora   and   Thyia, and at least one son, Hellen   Their descendants were said to have dwelt in Thessaly.

The Deluge and the Deucalion story is a Dravidian   Myth  ;
                                                   Thekalion' ,the  fire  player's role was to repopulate the earth . Hence the ‘ Thee ‘-- or the fire symbolically  means the  Kama Thee  or the sexual desire  which will ultimately  lead  to  repopulation of earth.  The angry Zeus [ Seyon],  who wanted to  destroy the human population  decided to annihilate  the person behind human production , namely ,Deucalion  or Thee kalion. Accordingly  Zeus used  water--  flood  to control the sexual fire. However ,Deucalion  who got  clues from his father  Prometheus  --lord Murugan  or  Junior Horus [Karan]  could   escape from the  deluge   traveling with his wife  Pyrrha.  Pyrrha  is  nothing but the Crescent  moon  whose shape is  like that of  boat--  sailing  over  the sky.     Dravidian   people  came to know about the knowledge of wheels  by looking at the sun and the full moon , they   also acquired the knowledge of  sailing over the sea by looking at the crescent moon  sailing over the sky  .  Symbolically  Deucalion  was saved  from the floods  by  his wife, Pyrrha , the  boat  which landed  in the mountain Parnassus[ actually saved by the mountain dweller Zeus himself]. The Ark or the box where  the  fire[thee] was  kept  is nothing but the  uterus of  Pyrrha.  Nine days   symbolically  mean  nine lunar  months of  pregnancy  which eventually lead to the birth of the new child or  the new race  . The  eventual  delivery  of  a  child  by  Pyrrha would have changed the mind of Zeus to land  them  safely in the Mountain  Parnassus.   The new race  of people were dark and short  were called   as ‘ Hellen'   which is a pure Tamil word Kalan , lord Siva .  Hence  the  root  word  for the Greek  “Hellenistic “[race] is a pure Tamil word  namely the dark  -Ka[a]lan . Ka[a]li is the female form.  Since  the fire [ Thee -   ] was kept  safely inside the box or the ark  the female genitals ,  the menarchy / menstrual cycle  of  Dravidian girls  is called  as  ‘Theetu .  The word   Theetu   is  nothing but the combination of Thee +ittu . Theetu means where the fire was safely  kept [ ittu] .Once  the   adolescent girl has  got  the ‘ thee ‘ from Deucalion  she is  ready to repopulate the earth  as per the  secret  instructions of Deucalion and  Prometheus . 

The Deluge and Deucalion myth is a pure   story of Dravidian people and the deluge could represent the great deluge which eventually destroyed the Lemuria [ Kumari] continent.
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