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Name of the Tamil week days

Names  of the   Tamil week days


                                        Tamil     Nyayiru -   Pitha[n]

 Nya+ yiru.  World   exists  at the mercy of   Nya-- the sun.

    Sanskrit   Ravi  Vasara   ;   Ra+ vai=  Ravi.     Ra = sun. 

                                             Varam of Tamil is called as  Vasara   in Sanskrit.  Va+ Sa + ra=  Vasara.  Here the sa  denotes the chandran    since the Sanskrit calendar is  a  lunisolar  one   and the Dravidian calendar is a Solar calendar and so it has no Sa   and called as  Varam.     Varam  ,   Visarani[ enquiry]  are related words. 

  The Tamil word   Seyon  is phonetically similar to the  Engligh word sun.  and he is the Zeus of the Greece   Dravidian   ‘an ‘  has become  ‘os' in Greek]. 

                                                In Greek mythology sun was represented by the Titans   Hyperion  and Helios .  If we add  an    A   in front of   the  name   ‘ Titans'  then  it will be   Atitans   who were   none other than the Tamil  Athithan[s].  Hyperion  is the corrupted form of the Tamil name   Aa periyavan  and  Helios  is   Dravidian Ozhiyan.

                                        Tamil   Thingal --    suda[n].

 Thee + ankh+ la=  Thingal.  Angam  of  the  glistening  fire..-  Thirumathi--  the moon.   La+ thee =  Latha   is a related name.    Sinkalam-= Sa +ankh+ la  means the   shining [la]  land   of the   Si+  angam  ,   red   sun god. The islands are called  in Tamil as   ‘thivu ‘.   Thee vu   means  [  thee +vai  ]-- Vaiyathil   thee .   Theevu  looks   like  the   ‘Thee   kan'  [ dew drop  appearance]]   in  its shape ,


                           ‘   Nila'  [ Ni+ la  ] is one of the other  names  for  Moon .  If we write    in reverse order   it  is   La+ na  or   Luna!.   In  Roman mythology    luna   is the moon.


                               Luna is at times identified with   Diana[ Greek  goddess]. Diana is the corrupted form of the  Tamil   name   Daivana[i].  Daivana---  Daiyana---- Diayana-- Diana.   Daivani  is  the  wife of the Tamil warrior  god  Murugan.


   Murugan's    first   wife  was  Valli  and his 2 nd   wife was  Daivanai  [  Thee+ Vai = ana].   Deivanai  means  ‘   one  who  shines   because of the  thee [sun] ' . 


Sanskrit   Soma  vasara   ;   Sa +Maa+an =  Soman ,  the moon .  Samam   in Tamil means night .  Soman   means ‘ the night    raider ‘.


                          Tamil   Chevvai -- Maran

-  -Sa+ aa+ Vai  .-Chevvai .   Si means  sivappu.   Aa  means  great  .    Vaai  means   the  mouth .  Since  the planet   is  red  [ iron riched] in color ,    it is called  as   Chevvaai . 

                              Mars  is the corrupted form of the Tamil word  Maran. The Dravidian   ‘an' had become  os.   As the Roman  god  Mars  , Maran-- Murugan  is also a warrior  god  of Dravidian.  Nan -Maran ,  Marthandan  are related names.   Maravan  and   Mar var [ Rajesthan] are  related  words.


Sanskrit Mankala vasara   ;  Mangala  is pure Tamil word   and it  is  originated from Mun + kalam   which means  , the   pot [ kalam] made of  red  sand[mun]   .  Symbolically  Man kalam  represents the  red  kalam [ of the sky] namely  the red  planet ,  Chevvai ,  the  Mars.    Mankalam also   represents the uterus    hence it is called  as  Magalam , the sacred.. 



                      Chevvai   is called   as   ;

                   Tamil       Putha[n]

                Ba+thee+ an=   Buthan    or  Puthan  or   Bhutha .  Puthan  means  one who    is intelligent  .   ‘Puthi ‘ means   intelligence.  Bootham  means  an  intelligent  person [Bootha ganas of Lord Siva].        Putham  Puthiya  [ fresh and stainless  like that of the Mercury]  , Puthakam [ book]  and   Puthinam  [ novel]  are related words.


  The celestia  l object  Mercury  is phonetically similar to the Tamil word   Maran+ ko+  Orai.

Sanskrit   Budha vasra is  the adaptation of  Tamil word  Puthan.




                             Vyazhan -     Sithan 


      Vyazhan=  Vai +a+ la+an   == Vaiyathai   albavan  -  The ruler of the   world.



                      Sanskrit         Brhaspati     vasara;   Brhasapathi   [ ba+ Ra+ ka+ sa] is actually  Prakasa -.pathi.  as Jupiter is the  fourth brightest object  in the sky [ after, the sun, the moon, and Venus].   Jupiter is the king of the other planets, a giant in size with spectacular, brightly colored clouds and intense storms.    
  He is called as---


                 Velli -      Valli   or veni   or   Amman 


               Vedi  velli--  is the second brightest object in the night sky , the moon being the brightest. She is   also  called as valli  -- wife of  lord  Murugan.  Vellai is a related word.  Vani or veni  are related names.


 Velli  or  Veni  [ ni -- nymph]  is the  Venus  of Roman  mythology . As  Veni   is a  water[ celestial water- milky way]   nymph  , Roman's  venus  is also  water nymph , similar to that of her counterpart   Aphrodite .Venus is   the goddess of love   and beauty .   she is capable of illicit manipulation of divine forces through  her  magic spells. Hence,   the ambivalence of her  function suggested in the etymological relationship of the root  ‘ venes ‘  with Latin venenum[ Poison or venom].  The Tamil equivalent for the word Venom is Visam  -- again derived from  Veni.  Now we could be certain that the  Roman'  venus   is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Veni  or  Velli. . Venereal diseases is called as ‘Vettai noi]  in Tamil.


       Sanskrit Sukra vasara ;     Sa+Ka+ Ra -- Sukara means white.  Sugar is a related word.



                               Tamil           Sani --   -- Saniyan    or  Pari  suthan.

                       Sudarani  could be the original  name of  Sani  and sani is the short form of  sudarani . The male form is  ‘ Sudaran' .  Sudar  means  fire  as the planet  Saturn is  a giant  gas planet. Sudran  is  the  Roman  god  Saturani.


                         Saturn is the ancient god of  Romans . He is the god of generation , dissolution,  plenty, wealth, agriculture ,renewal and libration.  Saturn   is the corrupted form of the Tamil name  Sudaran. . Saturn is identified with Greek  Cronus.  Cronus is the corrupted form of the Tamil name Karnan [ an became os].


                  Saturn has   Rhea or the  Ops , his   wife.  Rhea is the symbol of  wealth , abundance and resources. The name Rhea is the corrupted form of Tamil   name  Arayee.    Rhea=  Ra+ aya ,where   Ra is the sun and  aye is the primordial  mother.   Saturn's   other wife  is   Lua .   Lua   is the Tamil   lavu  [ Nilavu [ white moon]  or Neelavathy [ blue moon-- wife of Sani-- sani --dark  blue in color] who  symbolizes  destruction, dissolution and  loosening.  Tamil   Lavu     is  actually called   as   E- lavu  .      ‘  Veetila  elavu  vila ‘ means ‘ death  will approach  your family   members'.   Vila  --means   - bad  thing -  falling    from  the   sky [ star Neela-   lua] .

        Nile   river ; The name   Neela   is  the original  Tamil  name   which is the combination   of   blue[ Nee ]Nile and   white [ la ] Nile .
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