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List of Tamil words in Chinese language

List of Tamil words in Chinese language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


                          List of Tamil words in Chinese language 


              Dr. Varainkaval Ramasamy Annadurai  ;MD; DPM; 


Chinese is a group of languages that form the Sinitic branch of the Sino-Tibetan languages, spoken by the ethnic Han Chinese majority and many minority ethnic groups in Greater China. About 1.3 billion people (or approximately 16% of the world's population) speak a variety of Chinese as their first language. 

The spoken varieties of Chinese are usually considered by native speakers to be variants of a single language. Due to their lack of mutual intelligibility, however, they are classified as separate languages in a family by linguists, who note that the varieties are as divergent as the Romance languages. Investigation of the historical relationships among the varieties of Chinese is just starting. Currently, most classifications posit 7 to 13 main regional groups based on phonetic developments from Middle Chinese, of which the most spoken by far is Mandarin (with about 800 million speakers, or 66%), followed by Min (75 million, e.g. Southern Min), Wu (74 million, e.g. Shanghainese), and Yue (68 million, e.g. Cantonese). These branches are unintelligible to each other, and many of their subgroups are unintelligible with the other varieties within the same branch (e.g. Southern Min). There are, however, transitional areas where varieties from different branches share enough features for some limited intelligibility, including New Xiang with Southwest Mandarin, Xuanzhou Wu with Lower Yangtze Mandarin, Jin with Central Plains Mandarin and certain divergent dialects of Hakka with Gan (though these are unintelligible with mainstream Hakka). All varieties of Chinese are tonal to at least some degree, and are largely analytic.

The earliest Chinese written records are Shang dynasty-era oracle bone inscriptions, which can be dated to 1250 BCE. The phonetic categories of Old Chinese can be reconstructed from the rhymes of ancient poetry. During the Northern and Southern dynasties period, Middle Chinese went through several sound changes and split into several varieties following prolonged geographic and political separation. Qieyun, a rime dictionary, recorded a compromise between the pronunciations of different regions. The royal courts of the Ming and early Qing dynasties operated using a koiné language (Guanhua) based on Nanjing dialect of Lower Yangtze Mandarin.

Standard Chinese (Standard Mandarin), based on the Beijing dialect of Mandarin, was adopted in the 1930s and is now an official language of both the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China (Taiwan), one of the four official languages of Singapore, and one of the six official languages of the United Nations. The written form, using the logograms known as Chinese characters, is shared by literate speakers of mutually unintelligible dialects. Since the 1950s, simplified Chinese characters have been promoted for use by the government of the People's Republic of China, while Singapore officially adopted simplified characters in 1976. Traditional characters remain in use in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and other countries with significant overseas Chinese speaking communities such as Malaysia (which although adopted simplified characters as the de facto standard in the 1980s, traditional characters still remain in widespread use).


Clues to read Chinese words into Tamil 


Letter ‘k’ = ‘v’; v= ‘ka’; letter ‘Ra’= ‘la’.  

Add vowels then and there.

Letter ’p’ and letter ‘s’ can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged. 

 Add letters ‘m’ and ‘n’ then and there. 

A consonant letter can be read more than once.

If a same letter occurs consecutively more than once it can be read as a single letter.

By jumbling the letters of the given Japanese word, a Tamil word can be derived. 



1.A New Century Chinese -English Dictionary 

2.  ce_dict (1).pdf


English- Chinese – Tamil 

1.grandma- ana- annai / mother 

*2.grandma- aijie- aachchi 

*3.nurse maid- ayi – aayaa

 *4.expression for pain- ayo- ayyo ; ayyo  means calling one’s father/ lord-  iyyan .

 5.sound of crying in pain – ao ao- aao  aa 

6. father- ama – ammaan 

 7.we- an- naam 

 8.our- na- namma 

 *9.beautiful- ai- a/ beauty  

 *10.hold/ operate the rudder- baduo- pidi / hold;  pidiththu oaattu; oaattu- drive.   

*11.faeces- ba- pei of no use- baida- payan padatha ; payan- use. 

13. take a step- batui – adi edu ; adi- foot; edu- take; adi  poadu . 

 *14.sun- bairi- paeru 

15.moon- baitu- pathamam ;mathi. with respect- baidu – padi  /read 

 * well read- baodo- padiththa / well read 

 * ban – pannu 

 *18.carry out- bandao –pannidu 

 *19.bind- bang –pinaikka 

 *20.dress- baoza –paasi /cloth 

 21.dress   up – banzuo-   punaiya companion – banyou- payanam - travel; payani- traveller. 

 23.register- baodao – pathivu idu /to register; pathivu yaedu /register book 

 *24.bulge/ protrude - baotu – pudaiththida 

 25.bosom- bao- paachchi 

 26.hug- bao- anaippu 

 27.gallop- benteng- paainthiduka 

*28.rush wildly- bentu- paainthidu 

* away/ flee – bentao- paainthu oaadu 

 *30.flowing/ water- biao- paaya 

31.take care of- baoguan ; paakka; paakkanum 

32.give a talk- baogao- paesuka 

33. vagina-bi- poonaa 

*’s profession- benye- pani 

35.benefit- biyi- payan 

 *36.bag- bao- pai 

 37.when- biji- eppo 

*38.plait/ weave/ braid- bian –pinnu 

 39.servant girl – binu- penn/ girl 

 *40.leave/ part from/ go away   -bie – poa 

*41.lump of ice- bingtuo- pani katti;  note ; ice- bing  in Chinese ; pani  in Tamil .

*42.sick person- bingren- pini kaaran ; pini- illness; kaaram-   person 

*43.sick body- bingti- pini kattai; pini- disease; kattai- body . 

44.tear down- botuo—pichhcidu 

45. highest wisdom- bore- paer arivu ; paer- great; arivu- wisdom.

*46.forgive / bear with   - barong-  porunkka/ polite form  ; porukka/ forgive. 

47.winnow- budong – pudainkka / polite form ; pudaikka / to winnow.

 48.flee- batao- oaadi  poaeidu ; letters are jumbled. 

49.not fear- budan- peethi inmai  ;peethi- fear; inmai-  without. 

 * inadequate- budai- poaathaathu; paththaathu .

* troops- budui- padai 

52.small  reservoir- batang-  podi    thanni thaekkam ;  letters are read more than once; podi- small; thanni- water; thekkam- stagnation . 

53.jack fruit  / pine apple- baluami- pazham / fruit 

 54.vegetables- cai- kaai ; letter ‘c’  is read as  ‘ka’ . 

55.give birth to- chan – sinai eenu ;  sinai -  embryo/ baby ;eenu-  to beget ; jani [Skt].

 *56.noisy – chao – oaasaiyaa 

 *57.leave/ move away – cheli- sellu 

 *58.angry- chen – sinam 

59.suffer- chi kutou- koadu / hardship; kastam; letters are jumbled. 

*60.saliva- chi- echchi 

 * chi – sae 

*62.whip-chouda- saattai  

 63.speak- chukou- paesuka ; asaikka .

 64.fear- chu-achcham 

 * together- couda- saeththidu 

 *66.die- cu/si-  sa / death 

67.create/ produce - chuang- seiyinkka / polite form- seika /make/create . 

 69.collaborate/ gang with- chuant ong – onnaka saenthu  ; letters are jumbled ; saenthu- jointly; onnakka- together . in Yunnan - dali - thala/ place 

71.a city in Taivan- tali - thalam/place  

72.ambassador- da shi- thoothan 

*73.thigh- da tui – thodai 

74.heavy rain- dayu – uootti/ rain ; letters are in reversed order; uooththa / pour . 

 75.foolish/ stupid- dai – madamai 

*76.stay -  dai- adaiya 

*77.delay – dai -atti 

 *78.evil / wicked - dai- theeya ;theethu .

*79.arrest- dai ; thadu ; adai /confine/ lock up. 

 80.catch – dai – pidi 

 81.dam- dai – madai ; dam[E]  [ the  ma- ] =madai . of a mountain in Shandong-  dai – oaathai/ mountain 

*83.bring- dai – attu dai – pattai 

84.belt- dai- iduppu  pattai  ; idai poottu ; idai pattai ; idai- waist; pattai- band .

*85.wear/ put on - dai- uduththu 

86.area- dai- idam 

87.ribbon- dai- naadaa 

*88.with- dai- oaadu; udan respect- dai- mathi ; sattai ; pettu .

* dai-  thoo ; adi; thunai ; muttu; pidi  .

91.tortoise shell- dai- aaami oaadu ;amai- tortoise; oaadu -shell . 

92.pretend- dai – nadi 

*93.soak/ cloths - ta - thoai ;thoaththidu ; thuni yaei  thoaththidu ;thuni- cloth; letter is read more than once.  

94.idle- dai- madimai ; madi . – dai kuan – kadan; letters are jumbled. 

96.produce- dai lai ; padaiththal ; seithal .

97.replace- dai ti – maaththi thaa 

98.substitute- dai ti zhemaaththu 

99.take the lead- dai tou – munthidu 

*100.have- dai you – edu 

*101.alone- du- oththaiyaa 

*102.single /sole- dan / danyi - thaniyaa 

*103.alone- dandu – thaniththu 

 *104.alone- ding- thaniyaaka 

 105.on one’s own- dan du -thannai thaanae 

106.addicted to liquor- dan -thanni adimai ; thanni- liquor; adimai-  addict . 

 * away – taotuo- oaadiu 

 108.pot- tao- satti 

 109.take a bus/train - dache – edu 

*110.drum used in Uygur- dabu – thappu 

 111.achieve- dadao – saathiththidu 

*112. aunt/ mother’s sister- dayi – aththai/ father’s sister 


 *113.knock / the door- da- thattu 

 *114.break- da- udai 

 *115.write- da- theettu 

 * da- thee fire- da- sudu 

 *118.inject- da- yaeththu 

 119.dig- da-thoandu  

 *120.beat drums- da- thattu 

*121.wipe out- dadaio – thudai 

*122.defeat- dabai – thoappu 

 *123.defeat- dakua – thoakka 

 *124.choke- daye- adaiththida 

 *125.bass drum- dagu – udukkai ;thakkai .

   126.when- dai – eppoathu 

 *127.cheat – dai – yaeththidu 

*128.take- dai – edu 

 * dai – oaattu 

 *130.independent- dandu – thaniththu 

 *131.stay- dange – thankku 

 *132.lift- taigo – thookku   

 *133.pour- dao- uooththu 

 *134.get- de- adaiya 

 *135.arrow- di- udu 

*136.bit- diandi – thundu 

 *137.grandpa- diedie- thaaththaa 

 *138.fight- dou – adi thadi 

 *138.hole- dou- oaattai 

 *139.touch lightly- du- thodu/ touch 

 *140.fetch- duqu –edukka 

 141.ferry- dukou – padaku  

 *142.abuse- du – thittu 

 *143.block up- du – thadu / block ; adaiththida / block up. 

* thinnu ; dine [E] = thinnu .

 * stop- didang – thadunkka / polite form 

*146.stop- duo – thadu 

*147. to prevent- du- thadu 

 148.toot- duo –uoothu; letters are in reversed order.  

 *149.trouble- duo – ittoaattu 

 150.pendant ornaments- dang – thon-k-kattaan ; letters are read more than once  ; thonkka- to hang . 

 *151.obstruct/ hinder/ to block – dang/ tang – thadukka;  thadunkka / polite form .

 152.knife- dao -pattaa

*153.sound of a metal/ bell - dang – dangu dangu   nnu 

*154.grumble- dao - idi  

155.kayak- dao- oadam/ boat ;thaoani /boat .

156.cut / incision- dao kou -thundikka 

*157.collapse- dao -idiya 

*158.collapse- tanta – idinthida 

*159.collapse- taluo- idithal 

160.column- dao -thoon ; muttu thadi .

161. to conduct- dao- nadaaththu 

162. island- dao- munn thittu ; munn- land; thittu- patchy  area .

*163.islands- dao yu – theevu/ island  

164.island nation- dao- gou- theevakam ; ka= va; va= ka ;theevu-  island; akam- state. 

*165.pound- dao – idi 

 *166.beat- dao – adi 

*167.beat up- duda- adiththidu / beat ; saaththu  .

* fight- dou – aadu 

* battle- dou – aadu incite- dou- thoondu struggle- dou -thinndadu 

 * pray -dao- thuthi ; oaathu . 

 *173.prayer -dao gao – thuthikkai ; oaathukai .

 174.tread on/ stamp - dao- mithi 

 * close down- daobi – adai 

 *176.smash- dao hui –idi ; udaiya ; udaikka ; idikka .

 *177cause a disturbance- dao luan -thollaiyana  /disturbance

* arrive -dao - adaiya 

 *179.arrival – dao lai – adaithal reach – dao da- adainthida 

* get / attain- de- adaiya get /obtain- de dao – adainthida 

182. to cover over- dao- moodu ; moodi- cover. 

183.steal- dao –edu / take 

184.steal- dao qie -edukka /take  

185.thief- dao – thaenan 

186.path/ road - dao- thadam ; paathai .

*187.say / speak- dao- oaathu 

188.original – dao di -motha motha / very first 

*189.gain- de- eettu ; eettam .

*190.suitable- de- oththa 

191.character- de -thanmai 

*192.allow- de – yaeththidu; oththidu ; anumathi .

193.finished – de- mudi/ to finish 

*194.settle/ liquid- deng – thankka 

*195.settle down in a place to live -ding ju – thankku  /to settle down 

*196.stare at- deng – uththu  noakka ; noakka- to look. 

197.stirrup- deng -kindu ; letters are in reversed order. 

*198.beneath- di – adi 

199.drop- di- sottu 

200.drip- di –sotta 

201.trickle -di liu- sottuthal ; thuli thuli  ya sottuthal  ;thuli- a drop .

*202.ram/ billy goat- di- aadu /goat 

203.wash- di – thudai /sweep /wipe 

204.truly- di- meiyaanathu / true one 

205.bridle- di –moottu antagonistic -di shi – ethththidu 

207.enemy- diren -ethiri 

*208.bottom/ base- di -adi 

*209.enmity- di yi- thoo 

210.disco- disike   - aaduka/ to dance 

*211.push against- di – idi 

* di – eedu loandiyadai kuan -  eettukkana   kadan  ;eedu- mortage ; kadan- loan . 

*214.resist- di- thadu 

* di- adi 

*216.butt- di- idi; muttu .

*217.baffle- di- thadu 

218.pier- di- thoon 

219.lone standing tree- di-oththai thadi ; oththai- single; thadi- tree/ timber. 

* - di- idai ground - di- thaem ; thinai ; idam .

222.pearly- di -muththu / pearl 

223.jar without ears- di – jaadi  /jar drop /as liquid- di- sotta 

225.knot- di – mudi 

226.stem / of a fruit- di – thandu / stem fetter-di – poottu 

* kick- di- uthai 

* kick- tida- uthaiththidu 

230.bald- tu- sottai 

*231.head- toulu- thalai 

 232.tonsure- tidu- mottai adi ; mudi yaei edu ; mudi-  hair; edu- take away . 

*233.suitable- tieque- oththathaaka 

* give- di- thaa 

235.fifth- di wu-aeinthu/ five  

236.eight- di ba – ettu 

237.ninth – di jii -thondu 

238.tenth- di shipaththu /ten

* go away- di-etta  poa  ;etta- away ;poa- go .

240.first -di yi- motha 

241.create- di zao -padai ; seithidu ; letters are in reversed order. 

242.disciple/ follower- di si - adimai ; thondan .

243.think of- dian – ennida; letters are in reversed order.

244.engrave- diao - pathi 

245.carve- diao ke - seuthukku 

246.engrave- diao ke- pathikka 

*247.penis- diao -thadi /stick

*248.distant- diao- etta/ far tumble- die dao -thdukka die – thaathai /daddy ;  thanthai  ; aththa . 

251.flowing flood- die – oaatha oaattam ; oaatham- flood; oaattam- flowing. 

 *252.gnaw/ bite/ eat - die- thuei / eat 

 253.mound- die- maedu change- tugai – maaththuka 

*255.plate/dish - die- thattu 

 256.butterfly – die- pappaththi 

 257.fold up- die –madi 

 *258.have not slept all night- tongue- thonnakaamai / not slept 

 *259.sleep in the same bed- tongta- thoonkida  /to sleep 

*260.sting- ding -theenduka 

* indecisive /waver- dang yao – thayankka / wavering under garment covering chest and abdomen- dou dou – ut sattai ; sattai- shirt . 

263.tremble- dou - thudi ; thudiththida ; letter is read more than once.

* du- oaathu; padi .

 265.skull- du – mandai oaadu ; mandai- head; oaadu- shell. stand alone- du li – oththaiyaa nillu ; oththai- alone; nillu- to stand.

*267.canoe- du mu zhou –oaadam / boat 

268.unique /distinct- du te- thani thanmai udaiya ; thani   thanami-  uniqueness; udaiya- has.

269.belly- du -thonthi ; idai/ hip cross over- du guo- kadakka ; letters are read in reversed order. 

271.ferry- do kou- kadaththu /boat ; letters are in reversed order. 

272.accumulate- dui ji – saeththidu ; letters are read in reversed order. 

* oppose- dui – ethiththidu ; letter is read more than once  .

*274.oppose- dui li – ethiththiduthal 

275.pair/ couple- dui –joadi /set 

*276.hate- dui -adu 

*277.gate pillar/ pier- dun – thoon 

278.stupid- dun – moodan / a stupid prick- duo -theiththida ; letter is read more than once .

*280.pick uptiqu- edukka tige- kattu ; letters are in reversed order. 

*282.cut- duo- adi ; theettu ; thaei .

* weigh- duo- edai yidu ; edai- weight ; letter is read more than once .

 *284.weigh [D1] – tuiquao – thookki  edai iduka ; edai- weight ; thookku- lift 

285. pace/ walk slowly- duo- ettu /pace ; adi edu / walk ; adi- foot; edu- take. 

 286.mountain peak- duo- mudi / summit 

*287.he /she- ta – athu 

* ta –ethu 

*289.make rubbing- ta -thaei 

*290.flog- ta – adi 

291.step on- ta – mithi of a river – ta- thuni / river ; nathi ; unthi 

*293.door- ta- thitti 

*294.coating/ of tongue- ta- yaedu 

*295.lift- ta- edu 

296.platform- ta –maedai 

*297.camel- tuo- ottai 

 298.lump – tuo – thadippu 

Tamil - Taimir ; la = Ra .

*299.tango / dance- tange – aadunkka / to dance/ polite form lie down/ lie in bed - tang- padunkka ; thoonkku / sleep . tang- thankku idam ; thankka- to stay .

* burn- tang – thee idunkka /to make fire/  polite form ; thee- fire. 

303.gluttonous – tao – theeni  thinni ; theni- snacks; thinni- one who eats; thinnu- eat . 

*304.wood block- tao- thadi 

* away – taoli- oaaduthal /running ; oaattam eduththal-  flee; oaadi olithal; olithal – to hide.  

*306.hand drum- tao – thudi 

 307.bad- tao qi- theenkku 

 308.cap- taozi- thoppi 

 309.cover- tao- moodi/ a cover/ lid ; moodu- to cover. change- tao – maaththu 

 311.dispatch - te pai -anuppidu ; letters are in reversed order. 

 * / sports- ti- aadu 

*313.kick- ti- uthai 

 *314.kick- tida- uthaiththidu 

 315.kick- tideng – uthaikka ; uthainkka/ polite form  .

316.grass- ti - poodu

*317.inscribe- ti- theettu 

318.mention- ti dao- suttu 

*319.increase- ti gao – yaeththuka 

*320.body- ti – thadi 

*321.tray- ti- thattu ; letter is read more than once. 

322.sneeze- ti – thumma 

323.fatigue- ti- asathi 

324.fearful- ti- peethi /fear 

*325.far- ti – etti 

326.every day- tian tian – thinam thinam 

*327.hole- tian- thun 

328.honey- tian mi – thaen 

 honeyed- tian- than/ honey 

*329.delay- tiao -atti ; thaamathi .

*330.remote- tiao – eetta ;etti 

331.incite- tiao qi -thoonduka 

*332.scorch -tiao -theei ;theeiththidu . pulse- tiao dong – thudi thudikka ; letters are read more than once. jump- ti- thaandu 

*335.leap- tiao -thaavu 

336.high jump- tiao gao – thaanduka 

 337.jump- tang – thaanduka ; letter ‘t’  is  read   once more as ‘d’ . dance- tiao wu- aadu 

339.peaceful /quiet -tie- amaithi 

* stick/ paste- tie – ottu 

 341.steps/ stairs- ti- padi 

* halt- ting- thankku 

*343.stagnant water- ting –thaenkkiya thanni  ;  thaenkkiya- stagnant; thanni- water; letters are read more than once. 

344.clap of thunder- ting –idi idikka ; idi- thunder.

345.beautiful- tou –then ;thuppu ;theeththi ; thottimai .

*346.pierce- tou- thei 

347.baldness- tu tou-sottai 

348.abrupt/ sudden- tu ran – thidirana agree- tongyi – yaeththukka 

350.contribute- tou gao ; kodu ; letters are in reversed order. 

*351.smear- tu – thaei ; theettu .

* injured- tu- adi / injury

353.way – tu- paathai  ; thadam .

354.conspire- tu mou- sathi thittam 

355.spit- tu – thuppu ;thoo thoo 

*356.dust- tu –thoosu ; thudai ; ottadai .

*357.tell- tulu – yaaththal 

* reject- tu qi- othukkaama ;oththukka- to accept .

 359.leg- tui- adi/ foot 

 *360.atrophy -tui hua – thaeikai 

*361.take off- tuo – edu 

 362.mop- tuo ba – thudai tuo- thoosi 

 *364.sound- tuo – oaathai  

365.chicken curry – galiji – koazhi kuzhampu ; koazhi- chicken; kuzhampu-  gravy.   

 366.caw/ crow- gaga-  kaa kaa / onomatopoeic 

 *367.give up- gai diao – kai vidu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

 *368.kill- gandiao – kondridu ; konnudu/ slang  .

 369.tall- ka- pokkam 

 *370.altitude- gaodu – kuththu-k-koadu;letters are read more than once .

371.look after- kancheng- kaanuka 

 372.look after- kanhu- kaanuka 

*373.see- kandao- kandidu 

 *374.visit / call on- kan- kaanu 

 378.high proof liquorgaodujiu – kudi/ liquor

 379.highland/ hill- gaodi –kumidu /hill

 380.shout loudly- gaohu - koovuka ; ka= va; va= ka. 

381.ask for mercy – gaorao- karunai  koaru ; letters are read more than once; karunai [? Skt ] ;  koaru- ask ;  erakkam Tamil   =  karunai ; letters are jumbled 

 *382. ask for a loan- gaodai-kadan kaettidu; kadan-loan; kaettidu- ask . 

383.ask for leave- gaotui- vidai kaettidu ;  ka= va; va= ka; kaettidu- to ask .

 *384. lump- gedo – katti 

 *385. knot- geda- kattu 

386. exchange blows- gedou- kai  kuththu ; kai- hand; kuththu- to give a blow. 

 *387.gang up with -goudo – koodu 

388.beat/ lash - jida –adi; saaththu .

*389.knock down- jidao-  saaiththidu 

 *390.add/ include- jiaru- saeru 

 391.narrow lane- jiadao- santhu and pick out- jietou-  thaedi edu ;thaedu- search ; edu- pick . 

 *393.connect / join- jiadao- saeththidu 

 394.howl- haoku- koovuka 

 *395.blend / mix- goudui –koottu 

396.collaborate with -goutong- kooduka 

397.join- goutong- koottuka gou- akkan 

*399. boil  for a long time- gudu – kothi ;  kothikka;   letters are  jumbled;  kothiththida / boil .

 *400.girl- guniang – kanikai 

 *401.prostitute- guniangr –kanikaiyar 

 402.age – old- gulao – kizham / aged 

 *403.cereal / grain – guli –koolam 

 *404.wood block- guduo- kattai / wood 

 *405.solid/ solid state- gudi – ketti 

 406.home town- guti- kudi/ village 

 *407.ancient capital- guti – koattam / capital city 

 *408.former residence of high officials- guti – kudi/ residence / house 

 409.worry- gulu- kavalai ; ka= va; va= ka;  kalakkam .

 *410.scrapping knife- guadao- kaththi / knife 

 *411.clatter- guada- kada kada  

*412.join / link up - gaogou – koakka 

 *413.hook- gaogou – kokki 

 *414.abduct- guaidai – kadaththu 

 *415.mountain pass- gunai – kanavaai ; ka= va; va= ka. 

 * and concern with -guangu – kavanikka gancheyuan – kaanuvoan ; ka= va; va= ka. 

 *418.herdsman- guan- Koanaan 

419.provide- guiding – kodukka; kodunkka.  

 * under /class - guilei- kuzhu 

 421.territory/ land- guotu- kandam 

 422.fruit syrup- guozilu –kani koozh; kani- fruit; koozh- thick liquid/ food/ conjee. 

 * to pass- guodequ- kadakka  koodiya  ;letters are read more than once 

 *424.passage- guodao – kadai 

 425.transit- guodu –kadappu 

 *426.exceeding limit -guotuo- kada; kadakka .

 *427.concern-guowen -kavanam 

 *428.testicle- gao – kaai / 

* in Gansu – gaotai – kudi / village 

 * make- gao- aakku 

 431.elder brother- ge ge- kaakkaiyan 

432.spear- ge- kuni 

433.armpit- ge – kakka

434.arm- ge bi – kai hug- ge- anaikka 

436.remove- ge –neekku 

*437.hands joined- gong- kai enaikka ; ka- arm / hand; inaika- to join. 

*438.hook- gou- kokki 

*439.groove- gou dao- gaadi ; kaadi . of a hill in Hunan - gou – kamai / mountain gou- naaikkan ;kukkan . 

*442.copulate- gou – oakka / fuck 

*443.see-  kan - kaan 

*444.see that - kan dou – kandidu  ;athai kandidu ; athu- that  ;kandidu- see. 

* look- guan –kaan observe- guan-kavani ; ka= va; va= ka. 

* watch- guan kan-  kann kaani take care of- guan – kavani ; ka= va; va= ka. 

 *449.bullock/ cow- gu- koa 

 *450.joint- guan jie  -kanu 

*451.bone- gu- akku 

 452.dried up- gu –kaaya / to become dry 

*453.crow- gua – kaakka 

 *454.cup - guan- kinni/bowl 

* visit- guang- kaanuka /see provide -gui ding- kodunkka / to give/ polite form.

*457.maiden/ unmarried girl- gunu – kanni 

*458.fruit- guo- kani ; kaai / unripe fruit 

 *459.fruit- qin- kani 

 460.monkey- guo- -kaanavan ; ka= va; va= ka ; 

* in Qinghai – Guide – kudi / village; kudikaadu ; letters are read more than once.

*463.exceeding- guo du – kada /exceed; kadakka .

464.excessive- guo duo – mikuthi 

* handle/ manage- guolai – kai aalu 

*466.operate /start a vehicle- kai- iyakku 

467.anger- kai -koavam ; ka= va; va= ka;  kaaya . 

468.cough- kai – kakka / to cough  

*469.examine/test- kai –aaika

*470.cave- ke- kukai ; letter is read more than once. 

 *471.passenger ship- ke lun – kalan /ship 

 472.bitter- ku -kaippu 

 *473.beg-qi tao- kai edu ; ka- hand; edu- take / hold.

*474.beat- qia do- kottu / beat the drum ask- qing –kaekka 

*476.crane- qiu – kokku ; letter is read more than once. 

*477.sleeve opening- qu- kai 

*478.brew- qicha-   kaachchu 

 479.await- qidai -kaaththu-k-kidakka ; letters are read more then once.

 *480.aged person- qilao- kizham 

481.umbilical cord- qidai - nanju    kodi / placenta horse- qi- kokku/ horse 

 483.flag tower- qita- kodi  koondu ; kodi- flag ; koondu- tower. . qitu – kandu adaiya 

485.start the machine- qidong -  iyakkidunkka / polite form; iyakkidu .

486.rise/ stand up /arise - qilai -yezhuka ; letters are in reversed order. 

*487.beautiful- qili – kaal ; kalai ; kozhumai .

*488.strength-qili- kali ; koal; ikal .  

*489.abscond- qiantao – kaanathu 

490.take along- qiedai – koottitu poa 

*491.see with one’s eyes- qindu ; kann kandida ; kann- eye; kandida- to see; letters are read more than once. 

*492.see with one’s own eyes- qinyan –kann kana ; kann-   eye; kaana- to see. 

*493.prison/ gaol - qiulao –kaaval; ka= va; va= ka. 

*494.prisoner- qiutu – kaithi ; root word is  adaikka/ confine ; letters are in reversed order. 

*495.beg/ ask a favour-qiugao  -kaekka/ ask  

496.bow/ bent- qu- kuni construct a canal/ ditch -qudao – koattakam kattu; kattu- build .

498.ditch- qudao- koattakam 

499.get- gude- kidaikka 

500.go to/ leavequ – yaeku 

*501.wicked- quede- ketta 

*502.human body – qu/ quqiao - yaakkai 

*503.the body- qu ti –kattai 

 song- qu- gaanam  [?Skt] 

* get/ acquire- qu de- kai adaiya ; kai- hand; adaiya- to get .

505.delete- qu diao –neekkidu 

506.cheek bones- quan – kanna enpu ;kannam- cheek; enpu- bone quan – kukkan ; naaikkan ; letters are jumbled. 

508.stony- que -kann/ stone 

*509.torture- kaoda –kodumai 

 510.treat harshly- kedai – kodumai / harsh ; kodumaiyaa nadaththa / treat harshly .

 *511.cruel- kudu -kodiya 

 512.spiteful- kedo – kedukkum/ ketta  ennam ; ekdukka- to spoil ; ketta- bad/ evil . ;ennam- thought. 

513.ceremony- kedo –kadan ; kadamai .

514.beg- kenqiu-kenjuka 

*515.bitter taste- kouku-kaikka 

*516.suffering- kutou- keduthi ;kaedu .

 517.happy- kualie- kalippu ; makizha 

 518.scholar- ru – arignar 

* name- ru – uoor 

 *520.beautiful- ru -ari / beauty 

 521.small- rui- siriya big- ruo da- perithu / big 

 *523.burn- ruo-eriya 

* fear- pa – paem ; payam/ fear . 

*525.robe- pan – punai wear- pei dai -punainthidu 

* wear- pi  gua – punaika 

 528.torrent of rain- pei – peyal /rain  

* join- pei – pinai 

* pong – ponkka ;  cook[ E] =  aakka .

*531.swollen- pong – ponkka meet with- peng – paakka pei –paaimaa  

 *534. strap- pi dai – pattai 

 *535.small boat- pian – punai 

*536.female- pen – penn

*537.male- nan -aan 

* in Hebi- Potou –patti 

* in Hebi- Puqi- paakka

 *540. place in Zhijiang- Putuo- patti /village ; paadi  ;paettai . 

 *541.mother- mimi – ammai 

 *542.mountain range- maili –malai/ mountain 

 543.soft and beautiful- man- menmai / soft 

 *544.dead drunk- maotao –mattai adi 

 *545.beautiful- ma- am/ beauty 

 * – meimei – maamai 

 547.mysterious- mi- maayam ; letter is read more than once.

 *548.face – mian – munai 

 *549.shining- mingliang- minukkalaaka ; minukkal – shining. 

 550.tip- mo- munai 

  *551.Chinese ink- mo/moshui  –maei; masi .

*552.blackish- malu- maal/ black 

 *553.pasture- muqu- maeikka in Qin ghai – Maduo –Muttam / village 

 *555.god- Mani- Muni 

 * great- mao-maa/ great 

 *557.beautiful- mei li -mallal 

 *558.dark- mei - maei/ black  

*559.what- na- enna 

 560.grandma- nainai –naani; annaiyin annai/ mother’s mother; annai- mother.

*561.cow - nui/niu - aan

 cow- nainiu – aan

 * male-nan- aan 

 563.male   and female -nan- nu –aan penn ; penn- female .

 564.head- naodai -mandai 

 565.gaze – ningzhu -noakku 

*566.blush- nan-naana /to shy 

  567.muttering- nang –munu munkka 

* ni – nee

* nin –nin 

 * ning- neenkka / polite form 

571. I - ni – naan ; letter is read more than once . 

 572.we- ni- naam 

 *573.fatty / oily- ni- nei / fat/ oil 

*574.jasmine- moli –malli 

*575.jasmine- molihuo – mallikai ; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘ka’ and not as ‘a’. 

 576.pupil of the eye- mou- mani 

 *577.young lady- niang -nankkai ; mankkai .

*578.tie- nuidai- inaiththidu do- nongu - noakku 

 580.angry dog- nou-naai /dog 

* in Taiwan- Pate-patti / village 

 *582.flowerpa- poo

 *583.stair case- pati – padi 

 *584.fear- patou- peethi 

*585.wear- peidai- poadu ; uduththu. 

 586.wear- pi –punai 

 *587.pot- pen- paanai  

*588.make an analogy – pi- oppu /analogy 

589.visit prostitutes- piao- po/ go 

 *590.join- pin- pinai 

*591.sword with a long blade- padao – patta 

 592.lake- po –pannai  

 *593.old and crude- polou- palaiya/ old ba- payanam 

*595.father- baba- appa 

 596.moon’s path- baidao- paathai/ path ; pathama paathai; pathamam- moon .

* dress up- ban- punaiya 

 * do- ban- -pannu 

 599.pot- bao- paanai 

 * in Mongolia- baotuo – Patti / village. 

 * -bao bao – paappa 

*602.a place in Tianjin – baodi – patti/ village ; paettai ; paadi . 

  * of a river in Henan- bian -pannai /river 

 *604.braid/plait - bian – pinnu 

 605.a place in Sichuan – butuo –patti / village keep- wei chi –wai 

*607.fence- wei li – vaeli 

*608.a place in Shandong-  wudi- vaadi/ village 

*609.lacking power/ strength- wu li- valu illai ;valu – strength ; illai- nil .

610. useless / worthless- wu yong – veenaaka 

 dance  -wu dao – aadu 

 611.a place in Gansu – Wudu – vaadi / village. 

 *612. hit- ji dao- adi 

 613.collective- jiti- saenththu 

 614.afraid- ji- achcham 

 615.millet- ji- saamai 

 *616.jacket- ji ke – sokkaai 

* join / to add in- jia ru – saeru 

 618.extinguish/ fire- jian – anai 

 *619.child- jian – sinnaiyan 

 *620.short- jian – sinna 

*621.mountain stream- jian – sunai / mountain spring 

 *622.highest peak- jiao -uchchi 

 * connect- jie tong- saeththiduka ;  saeththidunka . jini – soana [Indo Iranian ] ; pon/Tamil  .

 625.soak- jin- nanai 

 626.sok- jin tou – nanaiththidu 

 *627.angry- juan- sina

628. fat- juan- nei 

*629.expire- jui qe – saaka / to die 

 *630.lord- jun- eesan juni – saenai ; ani . troops- juni dui –saenai padai 

* pull- la- izhu 

 *634.draw or pull / the curtains- lakai – izhukka/ pull of a mountain in Sichuan -lai- malai ; peeli  ;silai / mountain.

 *636.male/ person- lao- aal 

 *637.noise/ sound- lao- oli 

 638.old things- lao tao- palaiyathu   

*639.rein in - le- aalu/to rule 

640.rule/ govern- tao- aandidu 

 * /labour lao – uzhai / to work hard ; uzhaippu / labour 

* labourlaodang- uzhaiththidunkka / polite form ; uzhaiththiduka. 

 *643.toiling/ hard working- laoku –uzhaikka / to work hard 

 644.old/ outdated - lao – palaiya/ old  ; paleo .

 645.very old/ out of date- laodiaoya –palaiyathu / old 

646.old block – laogutou- palaiya  kattidam; palaiya- old ; kattidam- building. 

647.old road- laolu-palaiya  saalai ; palaiya – old; saalai- road. 

648.tuberculosis- lao- sali/ mucus 

649.talklao- sollu ; mozhiya .

*650.side of the chest- lei- allai 

  651.sad / sorrowful- liang- azhuka /wail ; azhunkka . 

*652.measure- liao- ala 

653.spilt- lie – pila 

654.spilt- lie kou – pilakka 

*655.weep- liulei –azhu 

656.weep tears- liuti -azhuthidu/ weep 

*657.wander about- liuyi -alaiya 

658.roam about- liulang –alaika ; alainkka / plural .

659.fine gold- liu-  peeli /gold 

660.willow leaf- liuye – ilai/ leaf 

661.strollliu- ulaava ; ulaa.

*662.killlu- azhi; ozhi . 

*663.thread- lu -izhai 

*664.plough- lei- uzhu /to plough 

665.mark- li- pulli 

666.mucus- li- sali 

*667.inside- li –ullae 

 *668.lyre- lila – yaazh stand- li – nillu 

*670.beautiful- li- yezhil measure- liang- alakka 

672.penis- lia- poolu / phallus 

*673.child’s cry- lie- azhu /cry 

  *674.rise sharply- lu – ezhu /rise 
675.wipe- cadaio – thudai  ;suththamaa thudai  ;suththam /clean/ neat .

 * chi – sae 

 *677.enemy- cho ren- siruni 

* produce- chu- sei 

 679.thick- cu da- thadiththa 

*680.bind- huan- inai 

*681.rub- rou –uraaiya 

682.meat- rou - eraichchi 

683.damp- ru- eeram 

684.out flow- wai tao – wadiya /over flow 

685.coat- wai tao- udai /dress 

*686.singly- wei du – woththaiya 

*687.fence- wei li- vaeli 

 *688.beautiful- yan- ani 

 689.earthenware vessel- yan- yaenam/ vessel 

 * night- yeli- al /night 

 691.idea- yi nian- ennam 

 692.vagina- yin dao – pundai 

693. to conduct- yin dao- nadaththu 

*694.layer-yatiao - yaedu 

 *695.father- yan – iyan 

 *696.father- ye- iyaa 

 *697.grandmother- ye- aaya 

 *698.old woman – yu- aaya 

 699.same place- yida- athae   idam ; idam- place; athae- same . 

 700.region- yidai- idam 

 701.single day - yidan –oththai thinam ; oththai- single.

 702.a day- yitan -thina

 * or two- yi er- oar iru ; oru- one; eru- two .

 704.all- yili – ellaam 

 *705.hug- yong –anaikka 

 *706.appoint – yueding -idunkka 

 707.agree- yueding –yaeththidunkka / polite form ; yaeththukka 

 *708.soak- yan – nanai 

 709.shake- yaodong –aattuka / to shake 

 *710.cloth material- yiliao – izhai 

 711.doubt- yi- iyam 

 712.idea/ thought- yinian – ennam 

713.tease- yindou- seendu 

714.musician- yueshi – isai / music 

715.make love/ have sexual intercourse-yunyu - inaiya   /to unite bind- zeng –inaikka 

* zi- saai 

718.lock- suo diao- adai ; saaththu /close.

719.urine- sui- uchchaa 

720.die- siwang -   saavunkka  ;saavuka .

 721.stillbirth- sitai-  seththa saei ;seththa- died; saei- baby . 

 *722.shake- sou- asai ; shake[ E] =  asaikka . 

 *723.sound of rain fall- sou  sou-  choaa nu 

 *724.say-   shuo- asai 

* sleep- shui- saaya /repose  

 726.suddenly- shudi- sattena ; sudden[E] =   sattenu .

 *727.drop-   shui di- sotttu 

 *728.agreeable -  shi yi- isaiya  /to agree

 * make- shi- sei 

 730.corpse- shiti-  seththa   pinam ; seththa- died; pinam- dead body .

 *731.abundant- feng- ponkka 

 *734.leap- fei yue- paaya 

* fei- paai 

 736.fall of snow-  fei- pani peiyya ; pani- snow.

 737.start- fadong-  thudankku 

738. shake- fadou- aattu  /to shake 

*739.distribute- fagei- paku 

740.flood- fanlan- punal 

741.let go- fangkei-  poankka / polite form /to go fan- panniyam 

743.lung- fei- nurai pai ; pai- bag .

 *744.mist- fen- pani 

745. father and mother- famu  -appa amma  ;appa- father; amma- mother. 

 *746.elegant- fengya- paankku 

 747.graveyard- fendi- pina maedu ; pinam- dead body; maedu- mound. 

 *748.throw- reng- erinkka / polite  form ;erika  /throw .

 *749.two- er- eru 

 750.second child- ertai – erattai /twins 

 751.two states- eratai- eru  naadu ; eru- two; naadu- state. 

 752.two body force- ertili - eru udal  ;udal- body .

 753.cut of the ears – er- aru /cut  ; er= ear    in Chinese . 

754. sun- Ri – naayiru ; soori [Skt] 

 755.sun- ritou -parithi er- pari 

 *757.Erhai lake-  Erhai -   yaeri/ lake. 

* of a river – er – aaru /river 

 759.forehead- e tou – neththi 

 760.sea turtle- ao- aaamai /turtle / tortoise

 *761.old woman- ao- aayaa 

 *762.a place in Xinjiang- Aketao- kudi / village 

 *763.mix/ blend-zarou- saeru  

 764.waste- zaota – saetha

 *765.make-zo- sei 

 *766.fight/ battle - zhandou- sandai 

767.lean on / a stick- zhu- saaya /to lean on 

768.moustache- ze- meesai 

*769.child-zi- saei  ;sisu. 

769. midnight- ziye- saamam ; yaamam .

770.cow- zi- pasu;aan . 

771.victory- zoukai – jeikka [ Skt] ; root word is   saaikka / to knock down/ kill .

*772.cut with a knife- zaudao –seththu/cut 

 773.stop/ obstruct- zudang –thadunkka 

 *774.achieve- zuadao -saathi ththidu 

* wutou- veedu 

 776.outflow- wailu- wazhiya / overflow 

*777.outside- wailu- veli 

 778.obese- wano- wannam [ Malayalam ] ; kanam ; ka= va; va= ka. 

* run away- tao tuo – oaadi du 

*780.tap/ patter- tida- thattu 

*781.pick up- ti qu- edukka 

*782.choose/ select- tiao – edu 

*783.uplift – tai qi –thooku 

 *784.cheat- tuo- yaeiththidu ; letter is read more than once. 

 * away- taoli- oaaduthal ; oattam eduththal .

 786.braid- tao- mudaiya

 787.billows- tao- oaatham/billow

 788. read- duqu- padikka ; oaathuka .

 789.lie down- daotou- paduththidu 

 790.sole- ta- paatha adi;adi paatham;paatham- foot; adi-  sole/foot. 

 791.under shirt- ta- ut sattai ; sattai- shirt;  jatti / under wear .

 792.capture/seize - duoqu- pidikka 

 *793.take- duoqu- edukka 

 *794.take- duode- eduththidu 

 795.gamble- du- soothaadu  

*796.unlined garment- danyi- thuni / cloth / garment 

* term- diyagi- adaku /mortgage

*798.resist- didang- thadunkka/ polite form  

799.skull- dulou- thalai ; thalai oaadu ; nuthal; azhi thalai  ;letters are jumbled. 

* out /read aloud- du- oaathu /recite

801.buttock- duzi- sooththu ; letters are read in reversed order.  

802.alcoholic drink from second brewing- dou- thanni / liquor

*803.record /book- die- yaedu 

804.deliver- di- oppadai  

805.heart- de- ithayam 

806.mind- de- manathu ; puththi ; siththam .

807.mature- daoqi- muththuka ; mature [E] =  muthira .

808.finish- daodi- mudiththidu 

one man show- dankou- thaniyaka  nadaththa ; nadaththa- to conduct; thaniyaaka- solo; letters are jumbled. 

809.single song- danqu- thani  gaanam ; gaanam[?Skt] - song .

810.mistake- daguo- kuththam ; letters are in reversed order. 

811.big- da- padu 

812.eldest- da- mooththa 

813.your- da- unnuthu 

*814.close the shop for the night /dayang- adainkka /to close ;adaikka . 

 815.thunder- dalei-idi idiththal ; idi – thunder; idiththal- to thunder. 

816.knot- dajie- mudichchu / a knot touch- dadang- thodunkka/ polite form; thoduka. 

818.drill a hole- da- oaattai idu/ make a hole;oaattai- hole; idu- make. 

 819. draw/ paint- da- theettu 

820. to answer- dali- pathil ali ; pathil-  answer; ali- to give.

821.first- diyi- motha 

*822. hammer- chuida- suththi 

*823. to strike with the hammer- chuida-  suththi adi ; adi- strike. 

824. fire- chitui- sen thee/ divine fire; joathi [Skt].

*825.abuse- choud- yaesidu  /scold.  















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