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List of Tamil words in Dumagat [ Casiguran] language

List of Tamil words in Dumagat [ Casiguran] language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


                 List of Tamil words in Dumagat [ Casiguran] language 


                           Dr. Variankaval Ramsamy Annadurai; MD; DPM; 

Casiguran Dumagat Agta, also known as Casiguran Agta (after the endonym Agta, the name which the people call themselves and their language), is a North eastern Luzon language spoken in the northern Philippines. It is spoken by around 610 speakers, most of whom live in the San Ildefonso Peninsula, across the bay from Casiguran, Aurora.

The language was first documented in 1936 by Christian missionaries. There are many surviving works of Father Morice Vanoverbergh that document the language. Although the language has gone through rapid cultural change since his early work, the father’s writings still give a window of insight into what the language and the culture of the people was. Since then it has been continually documented by SIL linguists like Thomas and Janet Headland (Lobel 2013:88). A New Testament translation was published in 1979, called Bigu a Tipan: I mahusay a baheta para ta panahun tam. Among the languages spoken by Philippine "Negrito" populations, Casiguran Dumagat Agta has been one of the most extensively studied varieties. 

Casiguran Dumagat is closely related to Dupaningan Agta, Pahanan Agta (near Palanan town), Paranan (the non-Agta language of Palanan town), and Dinapigue Agta. A dialect called Nagtipunan Agta was discovered by Jason Lobel and Laura Robinson in Nagtipunan, Quirino in 2006 (Lobel 2013:88). 

Casiguran Agta has been described as having eight vowel sounds, compared to the usual four in most Philippine languages.





Clues to read Casiguran words into Tamil 


Letter ‘k’ = ‘v’; v= ‘ka’; letter ‘Ra’= ‘la’.  

Add vowels then and there.

Letter ’p’ and letter ‘s’ can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged. 

 Add letters ‘m’ and ‘n’ then and there. 

A consonant letter can be read more than once.

If a same letter occurs consecutively more than once it can be read as a single letter.

By jumbling the letters of the given Casiguran word, a Tamil word can be derived. 






 Ref- A Dumagat [ Casiguran] -English Dictionary   by Thomas Headland and Janet d. Headland.


English – Casiguran- Tamil 


* meet- abut- paaththidu study- adal- oaathuthal; padiththal . 

*3. far/ distant- adeyo- etta 

4.back / body- adeg- muthuku 

*5. beg- aged- kai edu 

* slap- adul –adiththal 

* increase- adu –yaeththu save someone’s life- agaw- kaakka speak Dumagat language- agta- kathai 

* jump- agwad- kuthi 

11.older sibling- aka- akka/ elder sister; kaakkaiyan /elder brother. transfer something from one place to another place- akot- akaththu 

*13.aunt- dada- aththai 

*14.father- ama- amman 

*15.uncle- amay – maama 

*16.mother- ana- annai 

17.leader /head- amo- mun ; munni .

*18.what -anya- enna 

*19.bile-apdu – piththam 

20.gall- apdu – piththa pai ; pai- bag ; piththam- bile .

*21. to plough [Sp] – aradu – yaeru oaattu ; yaeru- a plough; oaattu- drive. 

22.die- ate- madi 

23. to give- ated- thanthidu 

24.unripe- ata- muththaathu torment- atag- theenkku 

*26. village/ small town – bariyo- paer uoor/ big village; periya- big; uoor- village; puram- village.

*27.small house- ba raka- purai akam  

28. to feel with hands- bate- thottu paathtidu 

*29.pulled tight- batak- pidikka 

30. policeman’s club- batuta- thadi / stick hit with policeman’s club- batuta- thadi adi;adi- hit. 

* jump backwards- bengtol – pinnae kuthiththal; pinn- back; kuthiththal- jumping. 

*33.species of lizard- belo - palli poke a hole / in a paper – betyak- oaattai poaduka ;  letters are read more than once; oaattai- hole; poaduka- to make. lie- biru – poei urai; poei – a lie; urai-tell. bile- il 

* share- bingay- pangu /share visit someone / to call someone- bi sita- paaththidu look over /a piece land- bistu – paaththidu speak in loud voice- boses- oaasai ya paesu ; oaasai yaa- noisy ;paesu- speak  ; letters are jumbled. 

* defeat- daig – thoakka ;thoakka adikka ; letters are read more than once . 

 *42.infant/ baby- bulol- pillai 

43.torch / made of palm leaves- bunot- thee pantham 

* struggle- dale – thaththali 

* attack- dale- adiththal attack- duklos- thaakkuthal 

*47.adjacent to/ nearby - datig- aduththathaaka 

*48.cheat- daya- thettu 

* praise- deyo –thuthi pound rice- des des- idiththidu 

* hit the mark /shooting/ throwing- delo – adiththal ; yeithiduthal . 

*52.tongue- dila- thaal 

*53.something to be shining- dile- thazhalthal ; letters are read more than once; daal adiththal; letters are read more than once.. 

54.water- dinom – thanni 

55.the first- ditol – muthal sleep together- dudug- onnaa thoonkka ; thoonnka- to sleep; onnaa- together. build fire- dukot- thee iduka; thee- fire; iduka- make; letters are jumbled. 

58.amorous embracing- egidi – katti anai 

* pull- eloy- ezhu suffocate- emot- moochchu mutta 

* have sexual intercourse- eyot- oaaththidu ; yaeththidu/ mount .

* tie vines in a tree /to lean against-- gadi gadi- kodi kattu ; kodi- vine; kattu- tie. 

* beat with a stick – gahoti – kattai adi; kattai- stick; adi- to beat. 

64.type of skin fungus- gales- kaalan/ fungus 

65.kind of mountain rice -galo – kalamam / paddy 

*66.a vine- gawed- kodi 

* tie - gepet- kattu gantu – kantha

*69.itchy- gitel- kadiththal 

* howl / dog - gol gol – kulai 

*71.tumult- gulo – kalakam 

*72.a line/ mark – guhit- koadu 

* draw a line- guhit –koadu idu mix/ mingle- halo-kala; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

* destroy- hukat- kedu 

* go away/ leave - ibut- poaeidu 

*77.throw away- ibut- poadu 

* go/ leave-ikad - yaekidu 

*79.rope- igut- kadam 

* sit down – iknod- kunthu 

* cough – ikeh –kakka 

82.clip/ clasp- ipit - pidippi 

83.cockroach- ipes –poochchi/ insect 

84.sword-ispada- patta 

85.corner-iskina- koanam 

* find- ita- thaedu lead someone with hand/ to walk hand in hand-  kabit -kai pidiththu  adi edu ;   letters are read more than once; kai- hand; pidi- hold; adi edu /take a step . 

* bite- kaget- kadi dry something/ under the sun- kag kag- kaaikai 

* tear down – kalas- kizhi 

* set up a trap- kana- kanni/ trap 

* hold- kapit -kai paththu 

* hook- kapit –kokki poadu ; kokki- a hook   ;poadu- make. 

* handle with hands/ to touch - kapot –kai poadu ; kai- hand. 

*95.meat – karne [Sp] – kari uoon 

96.turtle- kara- surukki; letters are in reversed order; koorma. kasal-kaliyaanam 

*98.cot – katrr[ Sp] – kattir  

* take the sticks away from the fire- kayat- kattai yaei edu;kattai- wood; edu-take.

*100.knife- kadut- kaththi 

* put one’s hand into a hole- kel bot- kuzhiyil kai poadu; lettes are read more than once;  kuzhi- hole; kai- hand; poadu- place. 

* scream- kehad- kaththu  ;koovidu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*103.the guttural sound of a monkey – kere- kor kor 

* bite- keteb- kadi 

* become small/ little- ketihek- kutti aakku 

*106.small/ little- kitek – kuttiyaaka 

*107.hard/ solid- ketog- kettiyaaka 

* cut- ketol – kaathuthal 

* chop- ketol – koththuthal 

* rattle- kihot kihot- kada kada kka

111.eyelash – kimat- kann imai mudi ;  letters are read more than once; kann- eye; imai- eyelid; mudi- hair. cut the leaves with a knife- kitid- kaththi   kondu  kaathidu ; letters are read more than once;  kaththi- knife; kaathidu- to cut ; kondu- with 

* tie a small bundle- kitel -kattuthal/ to bundle scoop out with a hand- kokot- kai kondu kudaiya ; letters are read more than once;  kai- hand; kondu- with kudaiya -to scoop cut logs- korti – keeridu/ cut

116.loose / of wood that is not tied down – kuyat- kattai yaei kattaathu ; letters are  read more than once; kattai- wood; kattaathu- not tied. crush/ leaves- kuyes kuyes- kasakku 

*118.dirty- lege- azhukkaa/ dirty; azhukku /dirt. shed tears- lewa- azhuva/ to weep / wail tell someone to look at something which is not there- padeto – paaththidu / to see

121.arrow- pana- paanam 

*122.species of sharp grass- peles- pul / grass 

*123.species of insect- pesah – poochchi/ insect crack- petak – udaikai 

* tear- pisad- pichchidu 

126.section/ compartment- pitak- pakuthi ; letters are jumbled. 

*127.throb- pitek- pitek – thudikka thudikka 

128.nest- pugad- koodu 

129.storm – pu gada- puyal kaaththu 

* close off /fence - sada- saaththu close/ door- seradu-saaththuthar; letters are jumbled. be touching -sadet - thottida talk /saying - salita- sollidu / tell  ;solliyathu- said.

134.enough- sapat - poathiya slap with the open palm -yabat -appidu ; adi . destroy- seda- saetham/ damage break- seda- udai.

*138.torch- sulo – sool 

*139.fat / chubby- tabi – thadippu chop into pieces- tadtad -thundu thundu aa idu ;thundu- a piece; idu- make. 

* pour/ liquid- tagay- uooththuka 

* pour out- titi – uooththu 

* lie down – tidug- padukka  ;adaika .

* be sleepy- tongko  thoonkkukai / sleeping 

*145.hole- tiyo- oaattai 

*146.make a hole- tiyo –oaattai idu reach for something with a stick /to knock out a fruit from a tree -tokho-  etti adikka ; letters are read more than once; ettuka- to reach  ;adikka- to strike. 

* build up fire- tolo - thee iduthal 

* burn – tutod- thee idu ; thee- fire; idu- make. 

* string together- tuhok – thodukka drip - tuhog- sottuka 

* knock/ door- tuk tuk – thakku takkunnu thattuka ;thattuka/ knock .

* pound/ bark- tuto- idiththidu / pound 

154.rain- uden – nedumi ; letters are in reversed order; thanni- water. 

*155.resemblance- ubet- oppudaiya 

156.female genitalia- ubet- pundai 

157.stutter- utal- naa thattuthal ; naa- tongue . stamp on- yudak- mithikka 

159.birth- anak- eenuka/ to give birth 

* kunem – konmu 

161.cloth /white- manta- mundu 

*162.clothe- badu –patti; padaam / cloth 

*163.go- ange- neenkku 

*164.girl- anak- nankkai 

165.get- dike–adaika 

166.illness- saket- kida paadu ; suka [Skt]  kaedu 

167.injure-saket- kaayaadaiya / get injured; kaayam- injury; adaiya- to have. 

168.invite- kobida- kooppida 

*169.leave- bakwet- poakida 

* mangaa- maankkaa 

171.marry- paket- kattu 

172.menstruation- diga- theetu adaika /to have menses; theettu- mensus; adaika -to have.

*173.pretty- mahl-   maalai ; mallal / beauty 

*174.see- peta- paaththidu darop – theiththar 

*176.sister- aka- akka / elder sister 

177.small parrot -kula sisi – sinna  kili ;   letters are  jumbled; sinna- small; kili- parrot 

*178.split- pilak – pilakka 

*179.spit- tapha- thuppu 

180.steal- tako- edukka /take; suduka. 

*181.stretch -enad- neettu 

*182.stretch - ontayad- neettiththidu 

*183.sunset- sahakay- saaikai 

184.sun- bilag- pakaloan ; letters are jumbled. 

*185.tie- igut- kattu 

*186.tight- piit –pidiththida 

187.time- oras- oaarai 

188.tired- pagel- kalaippu ; letters are jumbled. 

189.towel- twalya- thuvaalai 

*190.trouble- gulo - kai alai 

*191.wake up- lakag- ezhuka 

*192.wear- badu – poadu ;   poonidu ; uduththu .


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