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List of Tamil words in Fijian language

List of Tamil words in Fijian language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


                        List of Tamil words in Fijian language 


       Dr. Variankaval Ramasamy Annadurai; MD; DPM;  


Fiji has three official languages under the 1997 constitution (and not revoked by the 2013 Constitution): English, Fijian and Fiji Hindi. The Fijian language is spoken as the first language by most indigenous Fijians who make up around 54% of the population.

Indo-Fijians make up a further 37%, mainly speaking a local variant of Hindi, known as Fiji Hindi. English, a remnant of British colonial rule over the islands, was the sole official language until 1997 and is widely used in government, business and education as a lingua franca. Considerable business is also done in Fijian, especially away from larger town centre.

A small number of other Indigenous West Fijian and East Fijian regional languages are spoken on the islands, standard Fijian belonging to the East Fijian group. Arabic and Urdu are spoken by Muslims. Chinese and Rotuman are also spoken by immigrant populations.

Until the 19th century, Fiji's population consisted almost entirely of indigenous Fijians, who were of mixed Polynesian and Melanesian descent and generally spoke languages of the Malayo-Polynesian language family. After the islands came under British colonial rule, a number of contract workers were brought from present-day British India, spreading the use of the Hindi language.

All three of Fiji's official languages have greatly been influenced by one another, in terms of vocabulary and, in some cases, grammar because of the constant, everyday contact between these languages, now for over a century. Fiji's diverse, multiracial and multilingual makeup make these languages, as well as other unofficial, minority languages in Fiji (such as Chinese varieties, Arabic, Western Fijian, Gilbertese, Rotuman, Tuvaluan, and other present Indian languages), influence one another.



Clues to read Fijian Words into Tamil 


Letter 'k' = 'v'; v= 'ka'; letter 'Ra'= 'la'.  

Add vowels then and there.

Letter 'p' and letter 's' can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged. 

 Add letters 'm' and 'n' then and there. 

A consonant letter can be read more than once.

If a same letter occurs consecutively more than once it can be read as a single letter.

By jumbling the letters of the given Fijian word, a Tamil word can be derived. 



Ref- Fijian English Dictionary - Ronald Gatty 


English- Fiji - Tamil 


*1. lady, as a form of address- adi -thaai ; aaththaa. 

2.form of address while speaking to Indian woman - baini- penn / pennae- woman 

*3. very fine white grass mate - apei/ ibe- paai 

4.bitter in taste - baku- kaippu; letters are in reversed order. 

* blame- baleta- pazhi sollidu ; pazhi idu 

6.warrior caste- bati- padai aatchchi /Tamil Nadu warrior caste; padai- army; aatchchi- rule.  

7.household warriors- bati leka- kula padai ; kulam- family; padai- army; letters are jumbled. 

8.medicinal herb- bati madra madra - poodu marunthu; poodu- herbs; marunthu- medicine; letters are jumbled. 

* go- bau- pao 

* depart- biuta- poaeida do something- bauta- pannidu / padiththidu/ create.

* full bloom- beta- pooththida snap off- bete- odi 

14.usefulness- bete na- payan udaiya ; letters are jumbled; payan- use; udaiya- has. pluck flowers- beti- poo pichchidu ; poo- flower; pichchidu- to pluck. 

16.bitch- biti- pottai naai ; pottai- female; naai- dog. 

17.putting on airs- biti- peeththida/ to boast 

* place/ to put- biuta -poadu 

* throw it away- biuta- poadu ; etta poadu ;etta- away ; letters are jumbled. 

20.trumpet- biukila- ekkaalam 

21.smells of excrement- boi da- pee naaththam; pee- shit; naaththam- stink. 

* split/ by axe - bola- pila 

* chat - bose bose- paesu /to converse 

* break- botea- poattu udai 

* burst out- botea- pottida 

*26. suddenly- boti- pattu nnu 

27.boat- boto- boatham ; padaku .

28.father's mother- bu - appaayee ; appa-  father ; aayee - grandma tie/ fasten- bukia- pinaikka bury- buluta- puthaiththal; letters are jumbled. 

*31. house /for special occasion- bure -purai/ mud house. 

32.paradise- burotu -surar idam  ;surar- sky people; idam- place;  perum thoattam; periya- big; thoattam- garden; paeru adaiya ; paeru- fortune; adaiya- to have. trample - butuka -mithikka 

34.floor- buturara -tharai 

* fornicate- cai/ cita -sei / seithidu / do / indulge in intercourse 

* make/ to do- caka- seika 

*37. work- caka caka- seikai light up- caudre- thee yaeththuthar; thee- fire; yaeththuthar- to light. 

39.youth- cauravou- siruvan/ little boy 

* cite- cavuta- suttu; cite[E] = suttu. recite- ca vuta- voathu 

* snap off- ca wadru - vodiththar carve- ceuta-sethukku 

44.close to death- cidre- seiththiduthar / to die; seththidum tharunam  ;tharunam- time; letters are read more than once. shine- cila- oli / shine wrap up and tie a parcel- cokota- kattu kattuka; kattu- bundle; kattuka- to bundle.

* tie upcokoi-saekka add together- co kavato taka- kooti vaiththiduka ; letters are jumbled. be angry- cudru- sinam adaithar ; sinam- anger; adaithar- to have. raise up/ head /while drinking water from a cup- daga- thookku  /to raise/ lift  ;thookki kudi ; kudi- to drink; letters are jumbled. droop/ head- dagole- thalai thonguthal;  thalai- head; letters are jumbled. 

52.gun- dakai -thoakku; thuppakki; root word is suduka -to shoot. 

53.large forest tree with very useful white timber- dakua - thaekku / teak; venn thaekku ; venn- white; ka= va; va= ka ;thaekku kattai; letters are jumbled ;kattai- wood  . 

* 54. rope- dali- thalai 

* speak a language- dali -oaathuthal / say /recite. 

* put on/wear - dara- uduththuthar 

57.door way- darava -vaayir thirappu; letters are jumbled; vaayir- entrance; thirappu- gate/ door.

58.sting /bite/ snake/dog - dau kata -koththida / sting; kadiththida/ to bite; letters are jumbled. fornicate- dauca- yaeththuka/ to mount 

60.buttock- dete- sooththu ; puttam . look into/ to examine- dike- aainthiduka 

* crack open/ coconut- diri- udaiththar 

*63. heartwood of a tree- dua- thadi extend- dodo /dodoka- neettidu/ neettikka extend a helping hand- dodo liga - kai kalai koduththidu  ; letters are jumbled; kaikal- hands; kodu- to give. 

* respect- doka- utku ; mathikka 

* reach out- dolele- ettuthal ; adaithal. 

* snap off- dola- odiththal 

*69. open out/ flower- dora- thira/ open; udaithar.

*70. courage- doudou- thidaththoadu /with courage; thidam- courage. break off food with hands- dovia / dovi laka - vudai/ kaikalaal vudai ;  letters are jumbled ; kaikal- hands; vudai- to break.

72.blood- dra - uthira

73.ripe- dreu- muththuthar 

* run away- dro- oaaduthar 

75.twins- drua- erattai ; letters are in reversed order. 

*76.two- rua- eru 

* fail/ lose the game/ defeat - druka-thoarkka 

*78. inflated/ balloon - dudu -uoothida 

*79. swollen- dudu- thadiththida 

80.protruding- dudu- pudaiththa; mutta. 

* slap- duki- adikka/ hit give an order- dula - aanai iduthal ; aanai- order; idu- give. have sexual intercourse- dulu- yaeththuthal/ mount; inaithal/ union; ozhuthhtidu; letters are jumbled. 

* compare- vaeidutaitaka- voppuittiduka 

*85. fighting club- gadi- kattai/ wooden stick; kathai. set up a house post/ telephone pole- duri- thadi naduthar ; thadi-  wood; nadu- to erect. point at- dusi- suttu ; letters are in reversed order. put together- duta- saeththu idu 

89.wooden anvil- dutua- thadi pattadai ; thadi- wood; pattadai- anvil . pierce/ needle/ thorn- gadrota- kuththuthar ; letters are jumbled. 

*91. bitter- gaga- kaikka 

* eat- gale- kali; root word is koozh/ food. 

93.night- galo- al kal

*94. snort- gara/ garata- kurattai /snoring

* sharpen/ knife- gata- kaththi yaei theettu ;kaththi- knife; theettu- to sharpen.  

96.large bark cloth which is presented during ceremonies- gatu- kuttai/ koadi kodu ; kuttai/ kodai- cloth; kodai- gift ; letters are read more than  once. peek- gato- kandida ; pek[E] =  paakka .

* rock / shake - gade- kidu kidukka

*99.  to mourn- loloku- azhuka /wail 

* cut / severe- gudu- kaathu ; vettu; ka= va; va= ka. 

101.longing- guta- yaenkkida run for one's life- gutuwa- kudu kudu ena oaada;  oaada- to run. take place/ to occur- iataka- nadakka 

104.take a look/ peep- iro- paaru run- kada- oaaduka; letters are in reversed order. 

*106.gossip- kadi kadi - kaathoadu kaathaa  /ear to ear; kaathu- ear. 

107.biting black ant - kadi- kadiththidum katta   erumpu ; kadi- to bite  ;erumpu- ant. 

*108.pins and needles- kadi kadia -kuthta  kudaiya 

*109.chipped- kadiri- kaththari 

110.sprout -kadre- kuruththu ; letters are jumbled. scratch- kadru- keeridar; letters are jumbled. 

112.score/ points- kai- ennikkai mess it up- kaicolo taka- kulappiduka 

*114.ungiving- kai davatu-  koduththu vidaathu ; kodu- give. 

* shout out- kaila- kooval ; ka= va; va= ka. bring out something struck in the throat- ka karaki- kaaruka 

*117.gossip- kakase- kisu kisuppu ; letters are read more than once. club- kalavo  kazhakam ; ka= va; va= ka. 

* step-kalawaca/ kalawa-  kalai vaikka ; kaal- leg; vaikka- to keep. 

120.prostitute- kalavo- vilai makal ; letters are jumbled. 

*121.chief title/Nadroga region- kwalevu- kizhavan 

* tear off by hand- kali- kaiyaal kizhi; kai- hand; kizhi- to tear. 

*123.a huge sea going canoe- kalia- kalam 

*124.ghost- kalou- kooli 

125. happiness- kalou gata- kalippu kondida; kalippu- happiness; kondida-to have. eat- kana [H] - unnuka; letters are in reversed order. squawk- kara- keerichchu oli ; oli- sound. 

128.ring worm- kara - karappaan

129.bruised- kara- kaayam ura 

130.some unpleasant grating noise - kara kara visa-kara karakkum oaasai ; oaasai- noise. 

*131.Indian vegetable- karela- kaai karikal 

132.curry powder/ of chilli/ coriander/turmeric/ pepper/ clove and cinnamon-- karo - kari podi 

*133.edible leaves- karisi- kerai/ green leaves 

134.night is falling/ dusk - karabo -karukka ; karuppu- dark/ black. 

*135.pimples- karo karo- kuru/ eruption/pimple.; kuru kuru vaa / lot of pimples. 

*136.gossip- kaseta- kisu kisuththida; letters are read more than once. 

137.attractive- kasiraki- kavaruka; ka= va; va= ka. 

*138.boat/ cutter- kata- kadaththu 

*138.hull of an outrigger canoe- kata- koodu 

*139.a bite- kata- kadi 

*140.sting- kata- koththu 

* weather/ person /thing- kata kata- kothi yaa  kothiththida 

142.card game- kati- seettu kattu 

143.young girl friend/ boyfriend- kati- kutti/ little girl; kuttan- little boy. 

*144.spoiled child- kati kati- ketta kutti ; ketta - spoiled. 

*145.angular shaped basket- kato- koodai/ basket; koana koodai ; koanam- angle. 

*146.abundance /of fish caught - katao- kadi; kaadu; kaattam / abundance. 

*147.successful - katao- kai adaiya  ; kai koodukai .

148.door- katabu- kathavu; ka= va; va= ka.; gate [ E] = kathavu. 

149.short- leka- kullam; letters are in reversed order. 

150.punch hard- katuvu - oaankki kuththu vai ; kuththu- blow. 

*151.burst out laughter- katuvu- kada kada nnu 

152.carry- kauta - kodu poa 

* for-- kauwaitaka- kavaniththiduka 

*154.dig a hole- kelia- kuzhi akalu ; kuzhi- hole; akalu- to dig. 

* ask for- kere- koaru 

*156.clan- kete- kudi 

*157.coconut leaf basket- kete kete -keeththu koodai ; koodai- basket. 

* cry/ birds -keu -koova 

* do- kitaka- aakkiduka / make 

160.startled-kida- thikaiththida; letters are jumbled.  

*161.itchy/ body- kidi- kadiththida

*162.depression /as on road/ face/ potholes - kilo - kuzhi 

*163.lot of potholes on the road -kilo kilo -kuzhi kuzhi yaa 

*164.small stones which are dunked in coconut oil and spread on a grave/ a ceremony- kilikili -koozhankkal / pebble 

*165.departing/ boat - kilia -akala/ leave; kalaakala; kalam- boat. 

166.jar shaped fishing trap- kina- kanni/ trap 

*167.has a plump and attractive build - kinoto- kundu plunge headfirst / in the river- kilu- kuli/ dive go diving with single pointed spear- kilipati- eettiyoadu kuli ; letters are jumbled; eetti- spear; kuli -to dive/ bath.

170.a species of bird- kiro- kuri ee / any small word. 

*171.a kind of coconut- kito- kottaan 

172.ball of sinnet- kitu- kandu 

*173.water jar with handle- kitu- kai udaiya  kudam ; kai- handle; udaiya- has; kudam- pot.  

* knock on the head with knuckles- kivita- kottuka ; kottu vaiththidu .

* scream- kadrau- katharu bark- kodro - kuraiththidu ; letters are jumbled. 

*177.coco- koko- kaai 

* crow- koko- kaa kaaa

* clear the throat- kokoraki- kaaruka 

* cut- kola- kizhi 

* cut- kolata -kizhiththidu 

* split into two- kolo rautaka- erandaaka  kizhi ; letters are jumbled ;erandu- two; eru- two; kizhi- tear. 

*183.close to death- kolai mate- kaalam mudiya ; kaalam- life /time ; mudiya- o come to an end 

* koli- kukkal /wolf; root word is kulai /to bark 

* hit a fruit bat with a stick- kolo taka- kazhiyaal adikka ; kazhi- stick; adikka- to beat.

*186.title of a minor chief- komai - koaman / lord 

*187.corner- kona- koanam copy- kopitaka -koappu achchu edukka ; koappu- documents; achchu-  copy/ mould / print; edukka- to take. 

* gargle- kora- kaaru 

190.village- kora- kurichchi cross through- korositaka- kurukka sendriduka ; letters are jumbled; kurukkae- cross; sendriduka- to pass. 

192.quarantine- koro tini- thaniththu  erukka / to be alone ; letters are jumbled; thaniyaa- alone; erukkai- to be; quarantine - thani araiyir erukkai ;arai- room; letters are jumbled. cut/ fish- kosolaka- kizhikka/ to cut 

* cut- koti- kaathu 

195.scissor- ikoti- kaththi/ knife; kaththiri / scissors.

* lie - koto- kida / to lie down 

* to lie down- ikotokoto- kidakkum ida; idam- place. 

* lay down- kotora- kidaththuthar 

* call out loudly- kouva- koova 

* koula- koozh 

* wrap/ to make a package -kovuta- kattu; katti vaiththidu . kuli- na- kaazh 

*203.young boy/ man- kilina- kaalaiyan 

* find- kunea- kaanu 

*205.visible- kune- kann kaana; kan- eye; kaana- to see. 

*206.hoe- kutari [H] - koththuthar/ to hoe. 

*207.boundary/ border- ila- ellai go- lako- selluka go- lai- sellu vacate/ house/ leave empty - vakalala- kaali aakki vai ; kaali- empty; aakku- make; vai- keep; letters are jumbled. 

*211.thin- lila- olliyaa; melliya .

212.skinny- lila waso- olli kuchchi; ka= va; va- ka. gleam - lito -pala palaththida ;  oli adiththida ; oli- light.

*214.the tide has risen- lolo- alai ezha ; alai- wave; ezha- ro rise. bend- love - valaiya; letters are in reversed order. lose/ lost- lusi- izha 

*217.feeble- malai -mezhiya 

*218.slow- malua- mella 

219.good result- mana- nanmai ; letters are in reversed order. 

*220.prestige- mana- maanam 

* have a great liking- manamana- manam enna ; manam- mind; enna- to think /desire. 

*222.happy- marau- maaraayam / merry 

* be happy- marautaka- maaraayam adaika ; adaika- to attain. 

224.front- mata na- munnaadi/ letters are jumbled. 

*225.first- imatai- motha 

*226.clan- mata qali -muthu kulam ; muthu- ancient; kulam- clan. 

* bure- purai/ hut 

*228.warrior- bati- padai aatchchi 

*229.death- mati- madiya

*230.finished- mati- mudiya 

* desire/ literally dying for- mateca- madika 

232.mutton- mateni- moathai uoon ; uoon- meat ; moathai= meat/ goat.

*233.headache- mateni ulu- mandai vali; mandai- head; letters are jumbled; valai- pain. 

*234.mature- matua- muththa 

235.marriage- vakamau - vivaakam [Skt] ; manam inaikavae ; letters are jumbled;  manam- mind; inaika- to unite ; nikka =  inaika 

* in the sense of ample- maucokona- mikaiyaana/ abundant  

*237.pounded mash of cooked starch foods- mavu - maavu / flour

*238.goat-kedavu - kedaa 

239.fine sounding- melo- melliya  oaasai ; oaasai- sound .

240.your- memu- umm

241.protuberance/ in a war club - meto- mutta/ protrude 

242.lacking pubic hair- modri- mudi indri; mudi- hair; indri- without.

243.completely bald- mudri mudri -mandaiyir mudi indri; mandai- head; mudi- hair; indri- without. 

*244.mother's brother-momo - maama 

*245.daddy- momo- ammaan 

*246.brain- mono- manam / mind

* end- mudu - mudi

* cut short - muduka -mudikka 

*249.a form of respectful address for certain related people- mudrau-muthiyoar/aged; mooththoar /elder.

*250.mummy- na/ nana - annai 

251.number- naba- enn

*252.intention- inaki-noakkam intend- nakita- noakkam kondida think about- namata- enndiu 

*255.thought- nanuma- ennam 

* ni- nee 

* nikau- innaikku 

*258.when- naica- ennaikku 

*259.nut- at mature stage -matola - muththuthal/ to become mature; mature [ E] = muththuthar.

*260.bunch- iqali- kulai 

*261.include- okato- akaththu idu 

* cause to be ripened- oko / okota -kaniya/ kaninthida 

* howl in pain- ole / olevaka- uoolai/ oaalavaikka 

*264.leaves- iolo- ilai 

265.sand- one -munn cry for something- osiva- oaasai vai ; oaasai- sound; vai- make. order- ota -aanai idu ; aanai- order; idu- make. order- otataka- aanai iduka; iduka- to make. finish- oti- mudi finish- otivi -mudiththu vai walk- paidar[H] - adi eduththar; adi- foot; edu- take. 

*272.pound- paodi- podiththidu 

* have intercourse /slang -pata- poadu 


* peipei- paappa 

276.cloths pin- pini- pinai uoosi ; pinai- to join ;uoosi- pin. 

277.protruding buttocks- popotu- puttam; root word is pudaiththa/ protruding. 

*278.a variety of food- pota- puttu 

279.prayer- puja- poo sei; poo- flower; sei- do. 

* go- qai- yaeku 

*281.male genitals- qala an- aan kazhai; letters are jumbled; linga / letters are jumbled. 

282.impotence- qala mate-  aan kazhai  ezhunthidaamai  ;aan- male; kazhai- stick; ezhunthidaathu- cannot stand; ozhukka  mudiyaathu ; ozhukka- to fuck; mudiyathu- cannot; letters are jumbled. 

* swim- qalo- kuli / dive 

284.Fijian sweet pudding- qalu- inippu kali; inippu- sweet; root word is koozh / food 

285.arm of an octopus- qalo na- enn kali yin kaikal ; enn- 8; kaal- leg; enn kaali- octopus; kai- hand; kaikal- hands. 

286.leg of a crab- qalo na- kalavan in kaal; ka= va; va= ka; kalavan- crab; kaal- leg. crush- qaqi- kasakku 

*288.hole- qara- koarai 

289.cave- qara- kukaram pierce/ prick- qarota- kuththuthar ; letters are jumbled. scratch- qaru- arikka ; letters are in reversed order. 

* enclose- qata- kattu 

*293.arm band- qato- kadakam ; root word is  kai -kattu ; kai- arm; kattu -to wear. 

*294.vagina- qatu na -koothi 

*295.clay- qele- kali munn 

*296.flock- qele- kuzhu 

297.soiled with dirt- qele qelea -azhukku azhukka/full of dirty; azhukku- dirt; letters are jumbled. 

*298.gravel- qere qere- karkkar /stones; karunkkarkkar/ blue metal; karu- black. foot- qelo- sappai kaal; kaal- leg.

*300.dig up with hands- qeuta- kai kondu konthu play- qito- aaduka ; letters are in reversed order. 

* dong someone's head with knuckles- qota- kottu shout out /scream qolou- kooval ; ka= va; va= ka. 

* crunch as in eating-quru- kori/ gnaw see-rai-paaru 

306.pigeon- ruve- puraavu 

*307.path /road- sala- saalai 

*308.maize- sila- soala

* shake- sokonu- asaikkanu; shake[E] = asaikka . meet- sota- santhiththidu 

*311.shirt- sote- sattai 

312.soldier- sotia- sottaiyan ; padai aatchchi ; letters are in jumbled. . 

*313.cloth- isulu- seelai 

*314.dress up- sutu- soodu tata- thanthai go to bat/ cricket play -ta- mattai adiththu aadu  ; mattai- bat; adi- to beat; aadu-to  play .

317.agreed- taba- oththu poa /to agree

318.forbidden- tabu- thappu/ wrong; theettu ;thodathae /do not touch  

319.holy- tabu- thooimai /pure/ clean stumble- tacaqe- thadukka arrive- tadu - adainthidu swipe- tafia -thudai cry- tagi- kaththu; letters are in reversed order. 

*324.equal scores in sports- tie -oththa/ same; oththa enn; enn- number/ score. 

* spread- taka- ettuka 

* dip - taki- thoaikka transplant- tala- naaththu naduthal weave- tali -neithal ; mudaithal. 

* pour- talo- uooththuthal 

* lay down- taqa- iduka protect- taqo- kaaththidu; letters are in reversed order.

* touch- tara- thoduthar 

*333.acceptance- tara- yaeththiduthar catch- tara- pidiththar 

335.make- tara- seithar 

* reach- tara -adaithar 

*337.afflict- tara- aduthar 

* stop- tara- thaduththar 

339.ceremonial presentation of goods to one whose relatives has died- tara- thara/ to give; padaiththar /to offer. sharpen- tasi -theettu stutter- tata- naa thattida ; naa- tongue. 

* spread- tata- ettida; etta. 

* rub the body with wet cloth- tata / tata taka- thuni kondu thudaiththiduka/ thuvattuka  ;  letters are jumbled; thuni- cloth ;thudaikka- to wipe. chop- tataka- koththa ; letters are in reversed order; thundiththiduka; thundaakku  .

345.pretending to do something/ children playing at adult activities- tatalo- nadiththal 

*346.reaching- tatara - adaithar catch- tatara -pidiththar 

*348.hindrance- itatarovi- idai uooru vai ; thontharavaa . give responsibility- tataunaka- kadamai   thanthiduka ; letters are jumbled; kadami- duty ;thanthiduka- to give. make throbbing/ drumming sound-tatuki-thudi thudikkum  oaasai ; oaasai- sound ; thudi thudikka- to throb ; udukkai adikkum  oaassi; udukkai-  drum ;adikka- to beat. 

351.inadvertently bump the head- tatuki- moathiduka / bumping 

*352.swollen testicles- tatuku- thadiththa kaai   ;thadiththa- swollen; kaai- testis .

* place some weight- tatuva- edai vai ; edai   /weight; vai -to place. 

*354.friendly form of address among people - tau- daei/ men; dei- /woman 

* put down- tau- idu 

* speak- tau- oaathu / speak/ recite 

* pick- tau- edu 

* obtain- tau- adaiya 

*359.alone- taudua- oththaiyaa 

* take- taura- eduththar 

* accept- taura- yaeththiduthar 

* dance with a partner- taura tale- thoazhiyudan aaduthar ; thoazhi- gguirl friend; aaduthar- dancing;  letters are jumbled. hit- tivi- adi plant- tea- nadu 

364.planted- tei- nattathu 

* garden- iteitei- thoattam / garden plant-teivaka- - naduka ; nattu vaikka. establish- teivaka- nattu vaikka 

* kick backwards- teke- uthaikka/ to kick stick a pole in the ground- teki- naduka 

* stick- teki- ottuka begin- tekivu / tekivuna- thuvakku / thuvankku / thuvankkanum ; letters are jumbled. start- tekivu taka -thuvankkkiduka ; letters are jumbled. 

*373.satan- tevoro- theeyavar / wicked persons; thee ya uru ;theeya- bad; uru- form; satan= theeyoan   . cut off- tiki- thundikka stay- tiko- thankku 

* strike with a wooden club- tila- thadiyaal adiththal; thadi- stick; adiththal- beating; letters are read more than once. 

* drip- tiri- uooththuthar 

* ooze -titi- uooththa 

*379.walking stick- iti toka - kai thadi ; kai- hand; thadi- stick; letters are jumbled. catch/ capture/ seize- tobo/ toboko- pidi/pidikka ; letters are jumbled. 

381.North east wind- takalau - vada kizhakku kaal ili; ka= va; va= ka' vada- north; kizhakku- east; kaal ili / no legs/ wind; kaal- leg; illai- without. peck- toki- koththu; letters are in reversed order. support- toko- thaankku 

*384.hollow- tola- ut thulai 

385.dirty- tomo- thooimai inmai ;thooimai- clean; inmai- without. 

386.beautiful- totoka- thakaimai 

* have- tu- yaeththidu 

* put aside carefully- tuga- iduka 

* knock/ to hammer - tuki- thattuka/ adikka punch- tuki- kuththu ; letters are in reversed order. 

391.title- itutu- pattam 

* light a fire- tutuga- thee yaeththuka; thee- fire; yaeththtuka- to make /to light. light a torch- utu-/ utura -thee yaeththu; thee yaeththuthar; thee- fire; yaeththu /to light.

* land / from a boat- udu- adaiya / to reach 

* howl- oli- uoolai  / howl 

*396.prawns - ura-iraa

* sayvaka- vaakku / speech saw- varo / varota- aru /aruththidu 

*399.same/ equal- vata- voththa 

* shape- vatuka -vadikka 

*401.rowboat- velo velo- vallam throw- viri/virika / viritaka- eri / erika /erinthiduka 

* break- viti/ vitika- vudai/ vudaika 

*404.letter- ivola- volai 

* speak out persistently- voqataka- vaakkaaduka 

* to speak - vosa- vaai asai / voice; vaai- mouth; asai- move. 

* mutter hardly audibly as when angry- vosa mini mini- munu munuppu voasai ;  letters are jumbled; munum munuppu- to mutter; oaasai- noise. prick/ pierce -votoka- theikka ; yaeththiduka . over flow- vuabale -vazhiya 

*410.rotten- vuca - vuoosa 

*411.snapped off/ broken off- vodola- vodiththal / udaithal 

* raise up/ as with a fishing net- vueta / vuetaka- yaeththidu /yaeththiduka 

* unfastened- vu kitavali- kattu avila ; kattu- knot; avila- to get loosened .

414.moon- vula- al

*415.white- vula vula- vellai ;  vellai vellaiya .

*416.turned pale- vulaci- velukka 

* pound- vutu / vutuka- idi/ idikka 

*418.flood- waluvu- vella

* stroke with fingers- waruta- varuda 

420.spouse- wati na -mana vaatti ; letters are jumbled. 

*421.slimy- weli welia -vazha vazha ppu were- urai yul walk- yabeta - adi poadu; adi- foot. 

* take- yadi- edu 

* limit/ boundary - iyala yala - ellai 

* set a limit- yala taka- ellai iduka 

*427.absent/ missing / dead- yali- illai 

428.immature- yalowai- ilayvai /younger  

429.yacht- yota- thoani ; oaadam .

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