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List of Tamil words in French language

List of Tamil words in French language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist



                List of Tamil words in French Language 


                  Dr. Variankaval Ramasamy Annadurai; MD; DPM; 


 French is a Romance language of the Indo-European family. It descended from the Vulgar Latin of the Roman Empire, as did all Romance languages. French evolved from Gallo-Romance, the Latin spoken in Gaul, and more specifically in Northern Gaul. Its closest relatives are the other langues d'oïl—languages historically spoken in northern France and in southern Belgium, which French (Francien) largely supplanted. French was also influenced by native Celtic languages of Northern Roman Gaul like Gallia Belgica and by the (GermanicFrankish language of the post-Roman Frankish invaders. Today, owing to France's past overseas expansion, there are numerous French-based creole languages, most notably Haitian Creole

French is an official language in 29 countries across multiple continents, most of which are members of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), the community of 84 countries which share the official use or teaching of French. French is also one of six official languages used in the United Nations. It is spoken as a first language (in descending order of the number of speakers) in: France; Canada (especially in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick, as well as other Francophone regions); Belgium (Wallonia and the Brussels-Capital Region); western Switzerland (specifically the cantons forming the Romandy region); parts of Luxembourg; parts of the United States (the states of LouisianaMaineNew Hampshire and Vermont); Monaco; the Aosta Valley region of Italy; and various communities elsewhere. 

French is estimated to have about 76 million native speakers; about 235 million daily, fluent speakers; and another 77–110 million secondary speakers who speak it as a second language to varying degrees of proficiency, mainly in Africa. According to the OIF, approximately 300 million people worldwide are "able to speak the language", without specifying the criteria for this estimation or whom it encompasses. According to a demographic projection led by the Université Laval and the Réseau Démographie de l'Agence universitaire de la Francophonie, the total number of French speakers will reach approximately 500 million in 2025 and 650 million by 2050. OIF estimates 700 million by 2050, 80% of whom will be in Africa.



Clues to read French Words into Tamil;

letter ‘k’ =’v’; ‘v ‘=’k’. 

Add / change vowels then and there.  

 Add letter ‘m’ and letter ‘n’ then and there. 

 Letter ‘p’ and letter ‘s’ can be retained /deleted / added or exchanged. added.

 A letter can be read more than once.  

If a letter occurs more than once consecutively, it has to be read only once. 


Ref; French and English Dictionary – by James Boielle, B.A.


 English- French words -Tamil beat- abattre- poattu adiththar;thattuthar ; thapputhar; letters are jumbled. 

* beat- battue- poattu adi 

* beau – pai ; paa . belle – polam 

*5.broken- abattu- poaattu udaiththidu /to break 

* meet- aboutir- paaththiduthar join- aboutir -pinaiththar burst- aboutir- pottuthar ; udaithar .

9.buying- achat- edu pay- acquitter-kattanam kattuthar ; kattanam-   fess; kattuthar- pay.

11.skillful- adroit- thiran udaiya ; thiran- skill; udaiya  has. 

* worship- adore- thuthiththar ; aadarsh .

*13.dread- affre- peeru /fear; paer achcham ;paer- big; achcham- fear . 

* move- agiter- ukaithar ;  kathiththar ;  iyankuthar .

* shake- agiter- kidu kiduththar ; letters are read more than once. 

* swing- agiter- uookkuthar 

* torment- agiter- kaaithar 

* heave- agiter- oaankuthar ; kakkuthar . 

19. to debate- agiter- vaakku aaduthar ; ka= va; va= ka; vaathiththar . 

 * wave a flag- agiter- kodi yaei  aattuthar   ;kodi- flg-  aattuthar- to wave. stir- sagiter- kinduthar 

*22.young raw girl- agnes- kanni /virgin girl 

23.watching- aguets- kattu ; kanndidu ; kann kaaniththidu ; kavaniththidu; ka= va; va= ka. 

*24.grandmother- ayeule- aayaal 

25.morning dew- aiguaille- kaalai pani ; kaalai- morning; pani- snow. 

26. love- amour – eeram; letters are in reversed order; amorous; eros= eeram.  

27. air- air- uyir 

* add/ join - ajouter- saeththiduthar 

29.alphabet-alphabet- ezhuththu/ letter

30.mind- ame- mana

31.fine /penalty- amende – thandam; letters are in reversed order. 

* be broken- samortir- muriththar /to break 

33.pine apple- ananas- annaasi 

34.glance- aperqu- oru paarvai paarkka; letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka ;  oru- one ; paarvai- seeing / vision; paarkka- see . old piece of antiquity- antiquaille- pandaiya kaala pandam ; pandaiya- old; kaalam- time ;pandam- item . be in sight- ap paraitre- paarththiduthar / seeing 

37.footless- a pode- paatham inmai ; paatham- foot; inmai- nil. 

*38.height- apogee-pokka

39.appetite- appetit- pasiththida 

*40.stomach- appetit- poththu 

41.desire- appetit- petpu; apiththiyaei. 

42.after/ what then - apres- appuram; pinnar.

43.clay stone- ar gilo lithe- erukiya kali munn kattikal ; letters are jumbled;   erukiya- become  hard ; kali munn- clay ; kattikal- clods .

44.clat pit- ar gili ere- erukiya kali koarai ; letters are jumbled; erukiya- hard; kali – clay; koarai- pit. 

45.clay/ potter’s clay- ar gile- kuyavarin kali munn; kuyavar- potter; kali munn- clay soil ; letters are jumbled  ;ka= va; va= ka. 

46.aroma- arome- narumana

47.aromatite- aromatite- narumanam udaiyayathu ; udaiyathu- has got. 

48.fragrant /aromatical– aromatique- narumanam   udaiyathaaka arrest- arreter- sirai yir iduthar /to imprison; sirai- prison. stop- arreter- niruththuthar 

51.stopped- arrete- niruththu /stop 

52.agreed upon- arrete- yaettrida ; letters are jumbled ; oru pada .

53.coming- arrivee – vara ; letters are in reversed order. 

54.arrival -arrivage- vrukai; letters are jumbled. pair- assortir- joadi  saerththar ;  letters are jumbled; joadi- set /pair ; saerththar – to unite.

*56.workshop / gang of workmen - atelier- thozhilaalar / workers; thozhir saalai / workshop.

57.archaeologist- archeologue [ - Ra-  ka-  la- ka-]-  akazhvu aaraaichchi ; ka- va; va= ka; letters are jumbled;  akazhvu -   to dig; aarraichchi- research.  

*58.assaulted- attaque- adikka/assault 

 *59.attack- attaque- thaakku 

60.urged- attaque- unthuka 

61.provoked- attaque- thoonduka / provoke begin- attaquer- thudakkutha

* reach/ attain - atteindre-   adainthiduthar  

* reach /attain- attaint- adainthidu touch- atteindre- thoduthar strike / hit- atteindre - adiththar hit – atteinte- adiththidu 

*68.injury- atteinte- adi undaayida  /got injured 

*69.harm- atteinte- theethu undayida ;theethu- evil/ harm 

*70.damage- atteinte- udainthida / broken 

71.withered- atrophie-uthira/ wither ; pattu  poathar ; letters are jumbled. fasten- attacher- isaiththar ; letters are jumbled. stick- attacher- ottuthar 

74.approach- attaque- adaika; annduka.

75.insult/ reproach - attaque- ninthikka 

76.landing- atter rage- karai yaei  adaithar /from the sea; letters are jumbled  ;karai- shore; adaithar- to reach. make land- atterrer- tharai yaei adaithar ; tharai- land; adaithar- to reach; letters are read more than once.  

78.attenuate- attenue- noeitha; letters are in reversed order. throw down- atterrer- etti erithar / throw away; letters are jumbled; etta- away; erithar- throwing. 

*80.strike down- atterrer- adiththar / strike

*81.demolish- atterrer- idiththar 

* destroy- atterrer- adarththar; sithaiththar.

* ruin- atterrer – udaiththar ; thariththar ; thudaiththar ; letters are read more than once.

* mitigate- attenuer -thaniththar 

* gain over - attirer- eettuthar 

* bring over- attire- attuthar / to bring incite- attirer - thoonduthar get- sattirer- adaithar ;  thaeduthar ; saaththiththar  /achieve .

* win- attire- aduthar ; aattuthar . win- sattirer- saathiththar; jeyeiththar . 

* appoint- attitrer- iduthar; amaiththar.

*92.abuse- aubade-paadu ; paei paattu .

*93.trough- auget- akadu auteur- theetiyavar ; theettu-  write; theetiyavar-  writer; iyattriyoar /author.

*95.source- auteur- uoottru ; aathaaram ; thoattram ; muthar .

96.maker- auteur- seithoar 

97.others- autrui- mattroar 

98.informed- averti  ariviththidu / to inform  ;letters are jumbled. inform- avertir- ariviththar; letters are jumbled.

100.prattle- babil- pillai mozhi ; pillai- child; mozhi-  language/ speech .

101.chatter- babil- alappu ; letters are in reversed order. 

102.drum stick- baguette-kadippu ; letters are jumbled; kottu thadi- kottu-   drum; thadi- stick.  

103.small stick – baguette- thadi kampu  /stick ; letters are jumbled ;podi kattai; podi- small; kattai- stick . 

* bind up- bander- pinaiththar 

105.head band /frontlet- bandeau -neththi pattam; letters are jumbled; neththi- forehead; pattam- frontlet. 

106.ferry boat- bar guette  payaniyar kadaththu ; payaniyar- passenger; kadaththu-  boat .

107.boat- barque- pakuri ; letters are jumbled. 

108.boat- bateau- theppam; letters are in reversed order. 

109.chief police- barigel [Italian] –uyar/ periya   kaavalar ; letters are jumbled ; ka= va; va= ka.  kaavalar- police.

110.battle/ fight - bataille- adal ; padai eduththal – in invade/ to wage a war; padai- army.

111.fight- batterie- aduthar ; poar idu ; letters are jumbled  ;ethir- war .  

112.beating the drums- batterie- tappu thattuthar; letters are jumbled; thappu- drum; thattuthar- beating. 

*113.stupid person- bat - paethai throb- batter- thudiththar 

* bebe- paappa dig- becher- pari peck- bequeter- koththuthar 

118.kind/ kindness- bene vole- anpu ulla ;  letters are jumbled; anpu- love/ kindness; ulla- has. 

119.beloved- bien voulu- anpu ulla; anpu ullaval ; bien =anpu ; letters are jumbled. 

* gain- beneficier- payan pera 

121.beneficiary- beneficiaire- payan peruvoa

*122.good / benefit- bien- payan 

*123.boon- bien- payan 

*124.benefit- bienfait- payan paadu  

* take advantage / of any one’s goodness – bonte- payan adaiya 

 126.kindness- bienfait- anpu udaiya ; anpoadu .

*127.fool- bete- paethai 

* biere- peerai /water 

129. bifurcated- bifurquer- eru kavaru ; eru kooraakku; eru pirivaakku  ;eru- tow; pirikka- divide . 

130.kid- biquet- kutti aadu ;kutti- small ;aadu- goat 

131.she goat- bique- penn kam ; penn-  female; kam- goat 

132. drink- boire- paruku 

* boite- petti 

134. excellence- bonte- nayaththoadu ; panpu udaiya ; naya paadu ;  padinam  ;letters are jumbled.  

*135.jump- bond- paainthidu 

*136.brothel- bordel- paraththai  il/  illam ; paraththai- prostitute ; illam- house. 

* eyed - borgne- oru kann  ;oru – one; kann- eye. 

138.lady’s maid- bonne- pani penn ; pani- work; penn- girl 

139.lady’s private room- boudoir-  penn in  thani arai ; penn- girl/ woman; thani- private; arai- room ; pendir arai  ;pendir- women.

140.thicket- bosquet- seeththai -k-kaadu ; letters are jumbled. 

 141.grove- bosquet- sei kaadu 

*142.bundle- botte- pothi

 *143.step of a coach- botte- padi 

 *144.thrust- botte- pathi 

 145.truss- botte- idai poottu /girdle; letters are jumbled; idai- waist. 

 146.tying up in bundles – bottelage-  pottalam   kattauka; letters are jumbled;   pottalam- bundle; kattuka- to bundle / tie .

 147.dirt- boue- poosu 

 148.bunch/ cluster- bouquet – koththu 

*149.bouquet- bouquet- poo koththu ; poo-  flower; koththu-  bunch .

150.flower vase- bouquetier- neer poo kudam ; letters are jumbled; poo-  flower; neer- water; kudam- pot. 

151.flower girl- bouquetiere- poo koodai- k-kaari/ girl with the flower basket; letters are jumbled; poo- flower; koodai- basket- kaari- girl / woman.

152.great bell- bourdon-  periya uru udaiya  mani   ;periya- big; uru-  size ; udaiya- has; mani- bell.

153.cow dung- bouse- pasu saani ; pasu-  cow; saani- dung .

* put- bouter- poaduthar 

* boutique- potti -k-kadai/ pettikkadai - petty shop; podi – small; kadai- shop . keeper- boutiquier- potti / petti-k-kadai-k-kaarar ;  letters are jumbled; letters are rread more than once ; kadaikkaarar-  shop  owner. 

157.poetry made on given rhymes- bout rime-  paattu muran /ranam ; paattu-  song; muran ; a kind of rhyme ; letters rein reversed order .

158.courageous man- brave – maravan ; poar maravan  ;poar- war ; maravan-  hero. 

158.wood- et- Brazillet [ Brazil wood] – thadi ; letter is read more than once. fight- bretaill er-  poar purithal ; letters are jumbled; poar- war; purithal- doing. 

*160.fighter- bretteur- poar iduvoar 

161.long sword- brette- periya patta / big sword; periya- big; patta- sword. 

162.troop- brigade- poaer yaeru  koottam ; paor- war ; poar yaeru- warrior; koottam- group/ crowd .

163.gang- brigade- perun-k-koottam ; periya- big; koottam- crowd. 

164.corporal of cavalry- brigadier –poar koadara   padai inar ; letters are read more than once;  poar- war; koadaram- horse; padai- army ; padai inar- soldiers .

*165.pluck- brio- pari 

 *166.go- brio- priya 

167.toast- brinde- poriththidu 

168.noise/ sound- bruit- arattu ;  eraithar ;uraiththar ;aariththar  ; araithar ; letters are read more than once. 

169.clamour- bruit- aar pariththar ; letters are read more than once. bruit- uraiththidu 

*171.quarrel- brouille- purali 

*172.pit hole- bure- poarai 

173.pitcher- buie- paanai / pot 

174.jug- buire- paari /liquor jug 

175.child’s excrement- caca- kakka secrete- cacher- sura 

177.tattling- caquetage- kathai adikka; letters are read more than once; kathaikka- to speak. chatter- caqueter- kathai adiththar gossip- caqueter- kisu kisuththar; letters are read more than once. 

180.carbon- carbone- kari munn ; karimam ; kari- soot/ black .

181.this- cet- ethu 

182.that- cet- athu give- ceder- thara 

184.most certainly/ surely – certes-uruthi 

185.certainty- certitude- uruthi paadu 

186.intelligence- cerveau- arivu 

187.cephalic- cephalique- enpu kalam/ bony vessel; letters are jumbled; enpu- bone; kalam- vessel.

*188.shawl- chale- seelai 

189.plow- charrue- yaeru 

190.prison- charter- sirai yiduthar / to imprison; sirai- prison.

191.pure- chaste- thooya flog- chattier- saattai yaar adiththar; saattai- whip; adiththar- beat; letters are read more than once. 

* /warm- chaud- soodu 

*194.heating- chaude – sudu  

*195.roasted- cuit- cuttathu  

196.cooked/ done - cuit-   samaiththathu ; seithtathu  ;seithaachchu / done 

197.baldness- chauvete- sottai 

*198.residence- lieu- ill/ house 

199.watercourse- chenal- naalaa couple-chaudier- joadi saeththiduthar ; joadi- pair;saeththidu- to join .

201.slippers- chaussure- seruppu 

202.small broken piece of wood- chicot- sinna kattai/ small stick; sinna- small; kattai- wood. chien- naai 

* / summit- cime- uchcham 

* cite/ quote - cite – suttu quote /to be priced – coter – suttuthar ; nodaithar- sale. 

*207.tribe- classe- kuzhu 

208.classic– classique[ -  ka – la-  sa- ka- ] – sevu- ilakkanam ; letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka. 

209.mercy / leniency - clemence-manasu  ilakkam ; letters are jumbled;  manasu- mind; ilakkam- leniency  

*210.core- coeur-karu  

211.collar of coat- collet- kazhuththu pattai ; kazhuththu- neck . seize anyone by the neck- kolte /colleter- kazhuththai pidiththar ; pidiththar- to catch; kazhuththu- neck .

*213.rope making- corderie- kayeiru thiri ;kayeiru-  rope; thiri- twist .

214.gravy- coulis- koozh; kulampu;  gravy - kari kurumaa  .

* add- coudre- saeththiduthar stitch- coudre- theiththar 

217.knife- couteau- kaththi 

218.brief- court- kuriantha 

*219.cry- cri- karai 

220.crying- criard- karaithar ; letters are jumbled .

*221.crying- criant- karainthidu /to cry 

222.dirty- crotte- karai udaiya; karai- dirt; udaiya- has. get dirty- crotter- karai adaithar 

*224.muddy- crotte- saeru udaiya ; saeru- mud; udaiya- has. 

*225.swelling- crue- kuru 

226.culture- culture [- ka- la -the- Ra-]- kuzhu nadai murai vazhakkam ; kuzhu- group ; vazhakkam – customs .

227.cultivation- culture [- ka- la -the- Ra-]- vaelaanmai seithar ; ka= va; va= ka ;vaelaanmai- cultivation; seithar- doing; vaelaan thozhil   seithal  ;thozhil- work; seithal- doing. 

228.cultivation- culture [- ka- la -the- Ra-]-payir vilaiviththar - to grow crops; letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka; payir- crops 

229.tillage- culture [- ka- la -the- Ra-]- kalappai yaal   uzhuthar ; kalappai-  plough; uzhuthar- tillage .

230.husbandry- culture [- ka- la -the- Ra-]- kaal nadai   valarththal – animal husbandry ;   letters are jumbled; ka= va; va =   ka; kaal nadai- cattle; valarththal- to bring up .

231.growth- culture [- ka- la -the- Ra-]- valarththar ;   letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka   ; nunn uyiri  valarththal ; nunn uyir- microorganism. 

232.growth- culture [- ka- la -the- Ra-]-perukkuthal ; letters are jumbled. culture [- ka- la -the- Ra- ] -kalvi kattridu/ kattral ;  letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka. ; kalvi- education; kattridu- learn.

234.dice- de- undai dation- thanthidu ; letters are jumbled. 

* date- thaethi 

237.tetter- dartre- thoar thaemar ; thoar- skin; thaemar/ thaemal – tetter; padar thaamarai / fungal infection. decrease- decroitre- kuraiththiduthar; letters are jumbled.

*239.defeat- defaite- uoothi poadu nauseate – degouter- kumattuthar ; letters are jumbled. 

241.tooth- dent- thantham 

242.democratic – democratiqe / democracy [ -the -ma - ka   -Ra-sa-]-  kudi aatchchi murai ; letters are jumbled;  kudi-  people; attchchi-  rule; murai- method. depart- departir- purapaduthar ; letters are jumbled. separate- deparier- piriththar ; letters are jumbled. 

* undress- deparer- uduppai uri ; uduppu- dress; uri- strip. 

*246.naked- depouille- uduppu illai /no dress ;uduppu - dress; illai- nil. 

* undress- devetir- udai yaei avuththiduthar ;udai- dress; avuththiduthar- to remove. rob -derober- pariththar ; letters are jumbled. divide/ distribute- departir- piriththiduthar /divide; letters are jumbled;  piriththu tharuthar /distribute . depouille- thole 

251.spoil- depouille- paazh aayida ;letters are jumbled. 

252.godly- devot- theiva thanmai ; theivam- god; thanmai- nature. 

253.god- dieu- theivam ; thee vadivam ;thee- fire; vadivam- fire ; dheivu ; dheiviyam[?Skt]   . 

254.divinity- divinite- theiva thanmai udaiya ;theivam- god; thanmai- nature; udaiya- has. 

255.god /goddess- deite – aaththa/ goddess; full form is aathaal. diademe –pattam 

* diete- theettai dine- diner- thinnuthar ; dine= thinnu .

*259.eater- dineur- thinnuvoar 

260.deserving /worthy- digne- thakuthiyaana dike /to dam - diguer- thanni yaei thaekkuthar ; thanni- water; thaekku- to block .

*262.dike /dam- digue - thaekkam / reservoir; thanni thaekkam ;thanni- water. 

*263.obstacle- digue- thadakku 

264.mound- digue- muthuku speak- dire- nodiththar 

* tell -dire- yaaththar 

*267.say- dire- oaathuthar 

* write- dire- theetuthar think- dire- ennuthar name- dire- peyar idu ; letters are in reversed order; peyar- name; idu- give. decree- dire- theerppu /decree; theerppu thara; aanai iduthar. 

272.goddess- dive- thaai theivam/ mother goddess; thaai- mother; theivam -god; devi [?Skt]; devan- god ; root word is  thee vadivam; thee- fire; vadivam- form  .

273.said- dit- oaathiyathu sleep- dodo- adainthidu ; paduththidu .

*275.plump- dodu- thadiththa 

*276.deceit- dol- yaeiththal 

277.homely- domestic- kudiththanam; letters are jumbled.

278.residence- domicile- illidam ; letters are jumbled.

279.donor- donateur- thanthoar / one who has given; dhaanam thanthoar . don- thanthidu – to give; dhaanam [Skt] .

281.cloth- drap- ottru /clothe

282.clothed- drape -uduththuthar /wear; poarththidu; letters are in reversed order. 

283.struggle- duel- thaththaliththal ; letters are read more than once; allaadu ;letters are in reversed order. 

*284.bare floor- dure- tharai /floor 

* continue- durer- thodaru ; thodaruthar . listen /to pay attention - ecouter- kavaniththar ; ka= va; va= ka; kavaniththu kaettiduthar . hear- ecouter- kaettiduthar  ;kaathu koduththu kaettiduthar; kaathu- ear ;kodu- give; kaettiduthar- hearing .

288.on the lookout- ecoute; kann kaaniththidu ; kavaniththidu ; ka= va; va= ka. write- ecrire- keeru; kirukku . 

290.written- ecrit- keeriyadu ; kirukkidu .

291.writing- ecriture- keeruthar ; kirukkuthar  

292.hand writing- ecriture- keeriduvoar 

293.writer- ecrivain- keeruvoan 

294.bowl- ecuelle-kalan 

*295.afraid-effraye- peeru /fear 

*296.consideration- egard- karuthu ; karuthuthar  ;letters read more than once. 

* eglise- koa il /temple; koa- king/god; il-house.

*298.dripping- egouttage - kottuka; vadika; ka= va; va= ka. 

* drip- egoutter- kadaithar ; kottuthar ; vadithar ; ka= va; va= ka. 

300.falling of water- egout- thanni kotta ; letters are jumbled; thanni-  water; kotta- to fall /drop. 

301.sink- egout- kudavam; ka= va; va= ka. 

*302.sewer- egout- saakkadai 

*303.drain- egout- kudi ; vadi ; ka= va ;va= ka .

304.elastic - elastique- ezhukka koodiya ; letters are jumbled; nekizhvu udaiya .

305.elegy- elegie- azhukai pann ; azhuka- to wail; pann-  song; ezhavu  pann; ka= va; va= ka. 

306.vomit- emetique- kumattuka / nauseate; letters are jumbled. 

307.eminent- eminent- maenmai uydaiya 

*308.soft- emmielle- mel; menmai ulla. inquire- enqueter – vinavuthar ; letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka. 

310.head- entete- mandai ; mandai oaadu ;mandai- head; oaadu- skull bone .

311.epithet- epithete- pattam pick- epoutir- eduththar 

312.terror- epouvante- paem vanthida / payam vanthida  ;paem/ payam- fear. scare- epouvanter-  paem/ payam[Skt] vanthiduthar / to have fear; paem-  fear; vanthida- to come/ to have .  

* cut up- equarrir- keeru /to cut 

*315.eroded- erode- ariththida 

316.squad/ gang- escouade- koottam 

317.sharper- eskro- koor; koormai .

*318.floor /story - etage- adukku 

*319.layer-etage- adukku 

*320.vice- etau- theethu 

* quench – eteindre- thaniththar extinguish- eteindre- anaiththiduthar; letters are jumbled. put out- eteint- anaiththidu; letters are jumbled.  

325.summer- ete- uttanam 

*326.affliction- douleur – thoyyial ura ;thoyyial – affliction ; ura- to have.

*327.cloth- etoffe- uduppu /clothe 

*328.emaciated- etoile- thoththal 

*329.stout- etoffe- thudippu 

330.ticket- etiquette- kattana attai / seettu ; letters are jumbled. choke- etouffer- adaiththar etude- oaathidu; padiththidu . study/ learn- etudier- oaathuthar; padiththiduthar .

*334.sheath- etui- thuthi 

335.etymological- etymologique- [- the- ma - la - ka-]- sol  muthal aakka   vilakkam  /elakkanam ;  letters are jumbled; sol- word;  muthal-   origin/ first  ;aakkam-  formation; vilakkam- explanation ; elakkanam-  grammar ;  ka= va; va= ka. 

*336.awakening- evil- vizhi/ awake.

337.exceed- exceeder –kadaththar; kadanthiduthar ; mikuthar .

338.making- fabrique- uruvaakku / make; uruvaaakkam/ making; ka= va; va= ka. 

*338.bundle- fagot- kattu 

339.idle story- fagot- kathai /story ; vetti katathi / useless story ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*340. flat- fade- pattai 

* err- faillir- pizhai ura 

 *342.fault- faille- pizhai 

* do- faire- puriya 

* bear- faire- poru; paeru ura.

 * have children- faire- paeru  peru ; paeru- wealth/ children ; pera- to have.

 * receive- faire- peru practice/ exercise- faire – payirchchi peru ; letters are read more than once. form- faire- uru peru ; letters are in reversed order; uru- form ;peru- to have. grow- safaire- uyaru 

* look- faire- paaru 

*351.doing- fait- padu /do 

352.made- fait- padaippu ; padaiththathu . famille- illam; letters are in reversed order. 

354.burden -fardeau- peruththa sumai  ;peruththa- big; sumai- load/ burden ; peruththa  paaram .

*355.hardship - fatigue - paadu paduka; letters are read more than once.

*356.toil -fatigue –paadu paduka 

357.boon- faveur- oaara vaaram; letters are read more than once; varam .

358.fatigue - fatigue – thakai ; thuyakkam ; thookkam; thakaivu; ka= va; va= ka; asathi adaika ; asathi- fatigue; adaika- to have..  

359.weariness- fatigue -thakai; thookkam .

360.favorite- favori – viruppam ; letters are jumbled; paer aarvam .

*361.fault/ mistake- faute- poththu ; poaaththu ;  thappu ; letters are in reversed order ; apaththam [?Skt] .

362.fairy like- feerique- paei uruvam aaka ; paei uru – fairy ; paei- ghost; uruvam- figure.

363.fairy- fee- paei/ ghost  

* imagine- feindre- punaithar ; ninaiththar ; ennuthar .

365.pretence- feinte- nadi ; nadippu ; letters are jumbled. pretend- feindre- nadiththar ; letters are read more than once.

367.female- feminine- penn mani; letters are jumbled; min.

368.female- femelle – pompala; mayili ; melliiyal ; maalai .

369.feminine- feminine- penmai; letters are jumbled.

370.girl- fille- penn pillai ; penn- girl; pillai- child.

371.daughter- fille- penn pillai; penn- girl; pillai- child.

*372.offspring- fille- pillai /child 

373.lass/maiden – fille – ilam penn ; ilamai- youth; penn- girl ; letters are jumbled. 

374.son- fils- aan pillai; aan- male; pillai- child.

375.childfils- pillai  

*376.cleft/ crevice- fente- ponthu 

377.leaf- feuille- ilai 

378.foil- feuille- ilai 

379.pride- fierte- perumai yaoadu 

380.proudfier- perumai 

381.famous- fier- peyar ariya/ name is well known; peyar- name; ariya- know. /ready money- finance – panam ; cash= kai kasu ; kai- hand; kaasu- cash. 

383.puddle - flaque - kaluzhi; letters are in reversed order. 

384.forest- foret- pottrai ; letters are jumbled.

385.fortune- fortune- paeru adainthida ; letters are jumbled; paeru- wealth; adainthida- to attain. 

*386.strong/ hard – forte – paer uruthi ;paer- big/ great ; uruthi- strong .

*387.fool- folle- pullan 

388.thunder- fouder- idi idiththar; idi- thunder; idiththar- to thunder.

389.great warrior- foudre- padai yaeru ; padai- army ;Padai Aatchchiyar ; ruler of army / warrior caste  of Tamil  Nadu; poar padai yaeru - warrior ; poar- war .

* dig- fouir- pari 

391.thicket- fourre – puravu 

* fry- frire/frai- pori 

393.running away /flight - fuite- oaadi  poaeidu ; letters are jumbled; oaadu- run; poaeidu- gone ;oaattam  pidi . 

* fly- fuir- para  

* flee- fuir- para 

*396.benefit- fruit – paeru adaiya ; paeru- benefit; adaia- to have. search out- fureter- thaedi paarththar; letters are jumbled; theasu- search ; paaru- look/see.

*398.fleeing/ flying- fuyant-paainthidu 

*399.flat bottomed barge- gabare- kappar/ kappal – ship 

*400.swelling- galbe- kazhalai 

401.hole- galetas- kuzhi udaiya /with hole; kuzhi- hole; udaiya- has. 

402.boy- gamin- aan makan ; aan- male; makan- son.

403.girl- gamine- mankkai ; letters are jumbled. 

404.bowl- gamelle- kalam; letters are jumbled. guard/ protect- garder ; kavar kaaththiduthar ; letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka ;kaaththiduthar- protect.

*406.manger- gate- kaadi rejoice- se gaudir- kondaaduthar 

*408.spoiled- gate-ketta ; makkida .

*409.damaged- gate-kaedu adaiya 

 *410.tainted- gate -kuththam udaiya 

* spoil- gater- keduththar 

* hurt- gater- kadiththar injure- gater- kaayam adaithar ; kaayam- wound; adaithar- to have.

*414.spoiler- gateur- keduththoar 

415.spoil all- gate tout – anaiththai -yim kedeu ; anaiththum- all.

416. honey comb- gateau- thaen koodu ; thaen- honey ; letters are jumbled. 

417.landing- gate- adaika /reach; letters are in reversed order. 

418.steps/ stairs- gat - padi kattu ; letters are in reversed order. 

419.gazette- gazette- seithi  kaakitham   ;seithu kaditham ; seithi- news; kaakitham- paper; kaditham- letter ;letters are jumbled. 

420.giant- geant- kundan/ stout person 

421.hen- geline- kozhi 

*422.pole /staff- gaule- kazhi 

423.small pole- gaulette – kutti kazhi ; kutti- small; letters are jumbled.

424.small wood- gaulis- sinna kazhi ;sinna-  small; letters are jumbled. 

* wait for- guetter- kaaththiduthar ; kaaththu kidathther .

*426.little /not much/ very few-- guere- kuraivu ; ka= va; va =ka. guet- kanndidu; kann kaanithidu watch- guetter- kaanuthar ; kann kaaniththar. 

*429.dark /colour- gros- karu;  karuppu ; karu niram ; karu- black; niram- ray/ colour. 

*430.pregnant- gros- karu ura ; karu-  embryo .

*431.complaint- grief- kurai 

432.hail- grele- kar mazhai ; kar- stone; mazhai- rain 

*433.grain- grain -kuruni 

434.small quantity- goutte- konjoandu 

*435.dropgoutte- kotta 

436.hut- gourbi- koorai akam /thatched home; akam- home; giraha. 

*437.neck/ of a bottle- goulot- kazhuththu/ neck 

438.water channel- goulotte- vadi kaal ; letters are jumbled;  ka= va; va= ka. 

*439.drinking- godaille- kallu kudiththal ;  letters are jumbled; kallu-  toddy ;kudiththal-  drinking. 

440.tippler- godailleur – kadum - kallu kudiyar ; letters are jumbled ; kallu- toddy ; kudiyar- drinker; kadumai- severe.

441.power of the sword- glaive- kai vaal  valimai  ; letters are jumbled -  kai -  hand ; vaal- sword;  valimai- power. 

442.small cup- godet- kutti koappai  ; kutti- small; koappai - cup . 

443.dross- glette- kaalitham ; kazhi kadai  ;letters are jumbled.

* glebe- keeezh; akalul .

*445.home- gite- kudi 

 *446.bed- gite- kidakkai /cot  

447.refuge – gite- kathi ; akathi- refugee;  othukku ;thikku  ;letters are in reversed order.

448. lodge- gite- viduthi ;ka= va; va= ka. 

 * sleep-se giter- kidaththar 

* house- giter- kudi yaeru ; kudi iru .

 451.clown- gille- koamaali 

* dance- gigotter- kooththaaduthar 

 453.shower/ hail shower – giboulee-kal mazhai pozhiya ; kal- stone; mazhai- rain; pozhiya- to shower/ pour .

454. jail- geole- kaaval;ka= va; va= ka. 

455. jailer- geolier – kaavalar;ka= va; va= ka. 

456.tribe / people- gent- kudi inam; letters are jumbled. 

457.folk- gens- kanam / ganam 

*458.knee- genou- kanu

459.nature- genie- kunam 

460.dress- habit- patti /cloth; puttam ; padaam /cloth.

461.bold- hardi –uruthi ;theiriyam ; uram udaiya ; uram- bold; udaiya- has. 

462.haughtiness- hauteur- thimir 

*463.what- hein- enna 

*464.time/ hour- heure- oaarai 

465.heir-heritier- urimai udaiyoar; urimai- rights; udaiyoar / those who have. 

466.hiccup- hoquet- vikkida ; ka= va; va= ka. 

467.shame- honte- naanaththoadu  /with shame; naanam- shame 

468.basket- hotte- koodai; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

469.marriage- hymen- mana hypotheque- adaku 

471.mind- idee- manathu; athaan/ soul; paththu; poatham.

472.head- idee- mandai ; mudi ; maedu .

473.plan- idea- thittam 

474.idiot- idiot  -matti 

475.impolite- impoli- panpu illaamai ; letters are jumbled. 

*476.bowl- jatte- satti/ pot 

477.dancing- jete- aadu /dance 

478.cast- jete- sinthu cast- jeter- sinthuthar; uthira.

* mold- jeter- achchu eduthther shoot- jeter- yeither; suduthar /fire. unite- joinder- inaiththar ; onnaayiduthar . put together- joinder- onnaa iduthar 

* join- joinder- saenthiduthar connect- joinder- inaiththar 

* meet- joinder- santhiththar 

*487.joint- joint- santhu; moottu santhu; nuda/ nodi santhu ;  letters are jumbled ; moottu/  nudam/ bone joint .

*488.junction- joint- santhi; santhippu 

*489.young / junior- jeune- sinnaan 

*490.very young- jeunet- sinnathu / young/ small 

*491.pretty/ good - joli-ezhil ; saayal . journee- naar; letters are in reversed order. 

*493.porcelain clay – kaolin – kali munn -clay; letters are jumbled. 

*494.a kind of spice- kari- kari /spice; narai kari.

495.palace of the czars at Moscow- kremlin- mannarin maalikai ; letters are jumbled;  mannar- king; maalikai- palace ;czars- arsar ; letters are jumbled. 

*496.cyst- kyste- katti   

497.swaddling cloth- lange- lunkki ;  kaili  ; letters are in reversed order.

498.cloth- linge- kalinkkam ; letters are jumbled. 

499.lake- laque- ilankku ; kulam; letters are in reversed order.

500.little lake- laquet- aazham illa kuttai /shallow lake; aazham- depth; illai- nil; kuttai- lake. 

501.wash- lavage- kazhuvuka ; letters are jumbled .

502.lawful- legitime- ozhunkku udaimai 

503.leprosy- lepre- perum nasal; letters are jumbled; periya/ big; nasal- disease.

504.rise- leve- yezhu 

505.raising- levage- ezhuka 

* lieu- uzhi ; il ; ayal; ellai ; nilai 

* lieu- il 

508.liter- litre – alaththar / to measure 

509.kilo- kilo- alakka /to measure; alaku ; letters are in reversed order. 

510.lodge- loge- algu /to stay 

511.moon- lune- nila; letters are in reversed order. 

512.moon struck/ lunatic - luna tique- nila thaakkida ; thaakkida -to strike. logis- illakam  

* struggle- lutter- alladuthar 

* struggle- lute- allladu lord- maitre-munn udaiyaar ; munn- land; udaiyaar-  holder.

517.madam- madame- moothaayee amma / great mother 

518.madonaa- madone-- moo thaayee annai / mooththa annai -   great mother ; mooththa- elder; annai-   mother.

519.male- male-aampla

520.manly- male- aanmai ulla ; aanmai- manly ness; ulla- has. 

*521.mother- maman- amman 

*522.breast- mamelle- mulai 

523.full breasted- mamelu-maa mulai ; maa- big; mulai- breast . mangue-maankaai- maa- big; kaai- green unripe fruit. tree- manguier- maan-k-kaai maram ; maram- tree. 

526.mania- manie- mana noaei- manam- mind; noaei- disease. 

527.mackerel – boat- maquilleeur-marakkalam / wooden boat ;  letters are jumbled ; maram- wood; kalam- boat  /ship .

528.cloak/ mantle- manteau- mundu ; moodu thuni ;  letters are jumbled ; moodu- to cover; thuni- cloth. 

529.march /progress/advance- marche- munnaeru 

*530.water - maree- maaree 

*531.shower- mars- maari 

532.puddle / margouillis - munn saeru  kulam ;   letters are jumbled ; munn- soil ;saeru-   mud; kulam-  pond. 

533.soldierly /martial- martial- mara thanmai  ulla ; mara thanmai- valour ; ulla  has. 

*534.dead- mat- madiya/ die  

*535.flat- mat - matta

*536.dull- mat- matha mathannu  ; mantham ; madamai . pollute- masturber- mutti adiththar/ masturbation; mutti- fist; adi- beat.

538.noon- midi – idai maiyam ; letters are in reversed order; mathiyam [Skt] . 

539.early- matin- munthiyae ; letters are jumbled. 

540.monkey- matou- manthi 

541.mother- matrice- maathiru;thiru- holy; maa- big/ mother.

542.matron- matrone- mathiru annai ;annai- mother. 

543.maturity- maturite- muththuthar ; letters are  jumbled.

544.medullar/ pithy - medullaire- maiyaththil  ulla    moolai soaru / medulla ; maiyam- centre; moolai- brain ; soaru- pith . 

545.middle- medium- idai maiyam ; letters are jumbled;  maththimam [Skt] 

546.mid/ middle- mi- maiyam 

547.fight- melee-malaippu/ fighting 

*548.mental- menatal - manathaal ; mind- manathu. 

549.sea- mer- munneer ; meeram .

550.mother- mre- ama mara mets- uoottam ; letters are in reversed order;  amutham ; amidam 

552.mother country- metropole- maa thiru palli ; maa thiru- mother. 

553.soldier /military - millitaire- malaithar /fight.

*554.monk- moine- muni

555.monks- moinerie- munivar 

556.moleculuar- moleculaire- 

557.molar tooth- molaire- mellara / to chew 

558.soft- mollet – menmai  ullathu / has softness.

* monde – maanathan 

560.mankind- monde-maantha inam ; inam- race. universe- monde- andam / universe ; letters are jumbled. 

* rise up- monter- munthuthar

*563.rise- montee- munthidu 

564.mount/ mound - mont- munn maedu ; munn- soil; maedu- mound .

565.haughty look- morgue – muraikka 

566.death/dead- mort- marainthida / disappear; mariththida . die- mourir- maraiya / disappear 

568. moustache- moustache- meesai udai; meesai- moustache; udaiya – has. 

* grind /to mill- moudre- maavu/ maa idiththar; maavu- flour; idiththar- pound 

570. soft- mou- menmai 

* spot- mouche- machcham/ mole snuff- moocher- mukaru /sniff 

573.mosquito- moustique- kadikkukm kothuku ; letters are jumbled;   letters are jumbled; kadi- bite; kothuku- mosquito 

*574.mute/ dumb- muet- uoomai aayida ; uoomai- dumb; aayida- to become. 

575.sheep/ mutton - mouton - maedam 

576.change- mutation- maaththu; maaththanum / to change .

577.mutability- mutabilite- maaththum thanmai ullathu ; letters are jumbled; maaththu- to change; thanmai- nature; ulllathu- has. 

578.mythic- mythique- thonma kathai ;thonmam- myth; kathai- story .

579.myth- mythe- thonmam; letters are in reversed order 

580.mythology- mythologie- thonma kalai iyal ; kalai iyal- science. 

581.swimming- naga- neenthuka 

582.swimming- natation -neenththidu ; letters are jumbled. 

*583.swimming- natatoire- neenthuthar plait- natter- pinnuthar plait- natte-pinnidu 

* be born /to come into the world- naitre- eenuthar/ beget  

*587.natal- natal- eenuthal 

 *588.nun- nonne- annai 

589.young nun- nonnette- sinna thaai ; sinna- little; thaai- mother.

 590.number- nombre- ennum murai / enn murai;  ennu- to caluculate; enn- numerical number; murai- method .

 591.niece/ cousin - niece- machchinan /cousin/ brother-in-law   ; machchinichchi ; letters are jumbled;  /cousin sister/ sister-in-law. 

592. nest- nid- nidam 

593.entirely- net- anaiththum 

594.neatness- nettete- naeththi ; full form is naerththy.

595.negro- negre- kariyan; letters are jumbled; karuppan ; karu- black. 

*596.undress- neglige- ani yaei kalaika ;ani- dress; kalaika- to remove. 

597.nerve- nerf- narampu 

598.navigator- navigateur- 

599.obesity- obesite- thadiththa 

*600.lustre- oeli- oli ; el.

601.wild goat – oegagre -karumai / goat;kori- sheep . 

602.smell- odeur- naattram 

603.nail /fingers / claw- ongle- kai kaal nakam;  letters are jumbled; kai- hand; kaal- foot; nakam- nail. 

*604. you- on- nee; un- yours.

* on- onnu work- operer- pani puriya; pani- work; puriya- to do .

607.optic- optique- kannn udaiya; letters are jumbled; kann-eye orange- naaran-k-kaai;  naara- smell . tree- oranger- naaran-k-kaai maram ; maram- tree. man- oranger- naaran-k-kaai kaaran; kaaran- man. woman- orangerie- naaran-k-kaai kaari ; letters are read more than once; kaari-   woman . colour- orange – naaran-k-kaai  vannam ; ka= va; va= ka; naarankkaai- orange; naara- smell ;  vannam- colour. 

 *613.orator- orateur- urai aattruvoar / speaker; urai- speech. 

 * or- urai 

*615.border- oree-oaaram 

616. east/ rising- orient –uyarnthida – raising; naayiru  uyarnthida ;letters are jumbled; naayiru- sun .  

 617.oriental /eastern- oriental – uyaernthiduthal – raising. 

 *618.arrogance / pride- orguell- serukku ulla 

 * spread- ouvrir- viriya 

 *620.take away /take off – oter- eduththar 

 621.hostage- otage ; pinaiya  kaithi ; letters are in reversed orderkaithi- prisoner. 

*622.pledge- otage- adaku 

623.Dutch gold- ori peau – irumpu / gold/ iron  

624.bread- pain – poanam / food ; poajan  .

625.peer- pair- nanpar/ friend  ; oppar/  people  who are  equal  .

* of a book- page- pakkam graze- paitre- pur maeither  ;letters are jumbled; pur- grass; maeither- graze. 

*628.palace- palais- palli 

629.pandora- pandore- panda arai / store room;pandam- items; arai- room 

630.palm tree- pal mier- panam pazha maram/ palm fruit tree ;panai- palm ; maram- tree; pazham- fruit 

631.palm leaf- palmette- panam pazha thadi oaalai ;  letters are jumbled; panam pazham- palm fruit; thadi- tree; oaalai-  leaf; letters are jumbled. 

632.pope - pape- appan 

* papa- appaa

*634.bundle- paquet-kattu 

635.packet- paquet-kattu

636.parcel- paquet- kattu ;eduppu kattu ; letters are jumbled. 

637.mail- paquet- kaditham; kaththu . 

*638.lump- paquet- katti. pack up- paquet- kattu ; moottai kattu ; letters are jumbled. 

* bundle- pa queter- kattu kattuthar ; kattu- bundle; kattuthar- to bundle up. 

641.boast- parade- peeththuthar ; letters re jumbled;  perumai adi.

642.forgiveness- pardon- poruththidanu

643.parasite- parasite- ottu uyir unni ; letters are jumbled. 

644.parotid- parotide – thaadai  echchir  surappi; letters are jumbled; thaadai- jaw;  surappi-  secretory   gland  ;echchi- saliva .

645.mumps- parotidite- thaadai echchir surappi thattammai / thadippu ; letters are jumbled;thattamai- mumps ; thudippu- swelling. 

*646.share/ partition- partaga- piriththiduka 

647.distribution/division - partage- pakirnthiduka ; letters are jumbled. 

* divide- partir- pirithther 

649.parturition/ birth - part- paeru  adiya   /to have baby ;paeru -wealth /fortune/ baby ; adaiya- to have.

*650.going/ leaving - partir- pirither 

* depart /to part - partir- peyarther; pirithar ; purappaduthar ; letters are read more than once. 

 *652.gone- passe- poaachchu; poaayaachchu .

*653.dead- passe- poayaachchu 

*654. to pass away/ die - passer- poaei saera  

655. to die- perir- uyir piriya ;  letters are jumbled; uyir- life; piriya- depart 

 656.pastor/ shepherd- pasteur- idaiyar 

*657.shepherd- patre-Idaiyar 

 658.foot/ leg – birds and insects- patte- paatham 

*659.flap – patte – pattai 

660.affecting /touchingpathetique- paathikka / affecting; ithaththai   paathikka; letters are jumbled; ithayam- heart ; ithaththai thoduka/ thaakka/paathikka.   

661.pathology- pathologie- idumpai kalai iyal ;  letters are jumbled; idumpai- disease; kalai iyal- science.

* suffer- patir- paadu  paduthar ; letters are read more than once. feed- paturer- uoottuthar ; paththam  uoottuthar; paththam- food. 

664.poverty- pauvrete- varumai udaiya; letters aer jumbled; varumai- poverty; adaiya- to have /attain. 

*665.pain- peine- pini 

666.thief- pegre- kariyar 

667.hanged/ hung- pendu- nandida 

*668.pericardium- peri carde- kuruthi pai urai ; letters are jumbled ; kuruthi- blood; pai- bag; kuruthi pai-  blood bag/ heart; urai-  cover. 

*669.pearl- perle- paral 

*670.ruin- perte- paarida ; paaru- ruin  ;uooru adaiya ;uooru- ruin ;adaiya- to attain. 

*671.smallness- petitesse- podisu 

*672.little child - petit –podiyan / little boy; pottai-girl.

673.dear- petit- anpudaiya 

*674.stony/rocky - petree-[Arabic] – pottrai 

675.kneaded- petri- pisaithar /kneading 

*676.rock oil/ petroleum- petrole- paarai  thailam / petroleum ;paarai- rock; thailam-  oil. 

*677.break - peter- poattu udaiththar 

678.crack- peter- oaattai adaithar snap- peter - odiththar  

* fart- peter- pothaer/ passing  

*681.fart- pet- poaeida/ to pass 

* burst- peter-  pottuthar 

*683.petal - petale- poo ithazh ; poo- flower.

*684.fear- peur-peeru 

685.phallic- phallique- aan kazhai/ male stick;aan- male; kazhai- stick ;   letters are jumbled; linga 

686.pharaoh- pharaon- Paraiyan ; Raayan .

687.philology- philologie- mozhi  kalai   iyal ; lettersare jumbled;   mozhi-  language; kalai-  arts /science. 

688.phonetic- phonetique- kaetkkum thoni peck- picoter- koththuther

690.pricked- picote- kuththa 

691.foot- pied- paaatham; adi.

*692.track- peid- paathai go on foot- pied- podi nadaiyaa adi poadu; podi- short; nadai- step; adi- foot; poadu – do. stick to one’s work- pied- pani pannida ; pani -work; pannu- do . away- pied- oaadi poaeida ; letters are jumbled;  oaadu- run; poaeida- gone . kick- pied- uthai poadu; letters are jumbled; uthaikka= to kick. stamp- pied- poattu mithi foot- pied- sappai paatham ; paatham- foot. 

*699.rock- pierre- paarai 

700.broken stone- pierraille- paarai sillu  

701. piety - piete- paththimai 

* piety- pidi 

 703.pillar- pilier- nilai paeru ; letters are jumbled;  nilai   pera / to be stable.  

704. pillage- pillage- kollai ; letters are  in reversed order. 

705.poets - pinde- pandithan / poet; pann paadi; pann- song; paadi- singer. 

706.poet / poetess- poete ; paattu paadi/ singer  ; paattu- song; paadu- to sing;  paadini / poetess .

707.poetics- poetique – kathai  paattu thanmai/ kunam ; kaviththuvam ; letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka;   kathai – story ; paatttu- song  ;thanmai- nature. 

708.poetaster- poetereau- pun paattu paaduvoar ; pun- lowness. piot- pattai /toddy 

710.sour wine- piquette- kaadi pattai ; kadi- sour; pattai- toddy  ;letters are jumbled. mark off- piquer- kuri /to mark 

712.marker who notes down the names of persons absent- piqueur- peyarai kurikkiravar ;   letters are jumbled; peyar- name; kuri- mark ;kurikkiravar- one who marks .

713.peg/ stake- piquet- kattai 

714.spotted /dotted- piquete- pottu pottaaka; letters are jumbled. 

715.udder- pis- paachchi /breast 

716.track – piste- paathai /path

*717.board/ slab- plaquette- palakai kattai /wooden board; kattai- wood; palakai- board rain- pleuvoir -urai pozhiya ; letters are jumbled;  urai- rain ;pozhiya- shower 

*719.rain- pluie- peyal; pozhi.

720.bag- pouche – pai poisson- paasi 

722.pole [ geog ]- pole- pulam 

723.polished/bright - poli- pala palannu ; pala palappu .

724.politic- politique [- pa – la- the - ka-]- kudi iyal ; letters are jumbled; kudi-  people/ civil ; iyal- science ; pankkiduthal -distribution ; pankku idum kudi iyal/ method of  public distribution; pankku- share  . 

725.gate/door - porte- thirappu; letters are jumbled.

*726.pore-pore- purai 

*727.person possessed- possede  paei pissu pidiththida ;paei pisaasu- ghost; pidiththida – to possess. 

728.mad man- possede- piththan stove- potager – kari aduppu ; aduppu- stove ; kari- coal ; adupaankkarai- kitchen ; letters are jumbled. garden- potager- kaai kari thoattam ;  letters are jumbled ; kaai kari- vegetables; thaottam- garden ; aduppaankkari thoattam/ kitchen garden. 

*731.swollen- pote- pudaiththida 

*732.big- pote- beththa pillar- poteau- thadi ;  muttu thadi ; thadi- post/ timber ; muttu- to support.

734.plump- potele- thadiththal 

735.louse-pou- paen 

* powder- poudrer- podi thther see /look – pourvoir- oru paarvai paaru ; letters are jumbled;  have a glance   ;paarvai- vision  ;paaru- see   ; paarvaiyir. 

738.meadow- prairie- pur tharai ; pur- grass; tharai- ground.

739.practice- pratique- payirchchi edukka / to practice.

740.prostitute- putain- potti ; paththini [Skt] – chaste woman .

*741.prostitute- prostituee- paraththai 

742.stinking- puant- naaththam 

743.stink- puanteur- naarida; letters are jumbled. 

744.itch- psora- soriya 

745.itchy/ psoric- psorique- sorika; arikka.

*746.protest- protet- poaaraadu 

747.propagateur /spreader – propagator- parappukindravar; letters are jumbled; parappuka- to spread; ka= va; va= ka. 

748.spread – propagation – parappiduka / propagate; letters are jumbled; gain- profiter- paeru adaithar 

750.profitable- profitable- paeru adaithal ; perum payan adaithal ;periya big; payan- benefit; adaithal- to have. 

751.gain- profit- paeru adaiya 

* bear- produire- paeru  peruther ; paeru- baby/ child  ;peruthar- to get/ receive.

753.produce- produit- padaiththar ; letters are jumbled ; payir seithidu ; payir- crops; seithidu- do ; payaththar ; urpaththi ; letters are jumbled. 

754. to practice- pratique  payirchchi edukka ; letters are jumbled; payirchchi- practice; edukka - to have. 

*755.professer – professer- paer aasiriyar ; periya- big; aasiriyar-   teacher. 

*756.prize- prise- parisu ; root words  is   paeru pera ;paeru- fortune /wealth /gift; pera- to receive.

*757.taking- prise- peru 

*758.taker- preneur- perunar take- prendre- peruthar burn up- prendre- erinthiduthar / burning freeze- prendre- urainthiduthar curdle/ milk- prendre-  paar purai   adainthiduthar ; letters are jumbled ; paar- milk ;purai- curdle ;adaiya- to attain. snatch- prendre- pariththar act- prendre- purinthiduthar; letters are read more than once. fetch- querir- konaru 

* ask for/ beg- queter  kaettiduthar ; kenjuthar ; kai eduththar / beg . go in quest /search- quete- thaeduka ;  letters are in reversed order; vaetkai ; letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka. 

768.quit/ give up - quitte- kai vidu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

769.share/ quota- quotite /quitter-othukkiyathu; othukkeedu ; othukkuthar - 

770.kick- ruade- uthaiththar; letters are in reversed order. 

771.way /road- route- theru / street; letters are in reversed order; rastha. 

*772.burning- roussi- eriya 

* burn- rotir- erithar/ burning; eriththiduthar .

* roll/ roller /cylinder- roulis- urula 

*775.rolling- roulage- uruluka / to roll

*776.rolling- roulade- uruluthal ; letters are read more than once .

*777.roller- rouleau- uruli 

778.rotate- rotace- suttru ; letters are in reversed order. 

*779.roundness- rondeur- urundai uru ; urundai- round; uru- form . 

*780.roundish- rondelet- urundai yaa ullathu 

781.rounded chisel- rondelle- urundai uli ; urundai-  round; uli- chisel .

*782.round shield/ rundle - rondelle- urundai thole/ daal; thole- skin ;daal- shield. 

*783.round- rond- urundai roam- roder- thirithar; letters are jumbled.

785.king- roi- arasan ; raayan .

786.haughty- rogue- serukku 

787.laugh- risee /ris- siri- letters are in reversed order. risette-siriththidu  ;letters are jumbled. giggle- rioter- siriththar ; giggle= kekkalikka .

*790.rice- riz- arisi 

791.river- riviere- uvar neer; letters are jumbled; neer- water.

792.screen- rideau- thirai; letters are in reversed order. 

793.riches- richesse- seer; letters are in reversed order. dress- re vetir- seerai  uduththuthar ;serai- cloth ; uduththuthar- to wear. 

795.request- requete- koariduka ; letters are jumbled. 

796.creeping- reptile- uooruthal 

797.queen- reine- raani [Skt] ; penn arasi ; penn- female; arasi- queen. 

798.chief- reis- arasan/ king; raja; raayan; roy. 

799.ray- rayon- niram; letters are in reversed order. 

800.scratch- rature- sorithar 

801.drum beating- ra tata- parai yaei thattu; parai adiththidu ; parai- drum;thattu- to beat . 

*802.rare- rare- ariya 

* moisten/ make damp - ramoitir- eeram adaithar  ;eeram- moisture; adaithar- to attain. 

* grow- raider- uyaruthar 

805.arrack- rack – sarakku 

806.suture- suture- theiththar 

807.surety- surete- uruthi suite- saainthidu 

809.sugar- sucre- sakkarai 

810.jump- saut -saadu jump- sauter- saaduthar 

812.jumper- sauteur- saaduvoar 

813.knowledge- savor- arivu ; letters are in reversed order. 

814.sedative- sedate- amaithi adaiya separate- separer- piri divorce/ part- separer- piriya 

817.gang- sequelle- kuzhu place- situer- iduthar 

819.sun- soleil- elli 

820.copper- sou- seppu 

*821.unite/ join /to solder- souder- saeththiduthar 

*822.sudden- soudain - sattena 

823.anxiety- soucci- achcham /fear 

* smile- sourire- siri 

825.deaf person- sourd- sevidar ; letters are jumbled. remember- souvenir- ninaivu ura; letters are jumbled. 

* kick the bucket- sauter - seththiduthar /to die 

828.stewed- saute- sunda seithathu ;sunda- stewed; seithathu- made. 

829.satiety- satiete- thaninthida 

*830.tailor- tailleur- theiyalar reduce to silence – tair- amaithi adaithar ;amaithi-  silence; adaithar- to attain. 

832.drum- tambour- thomaram ; letters are jumbled. slap- taper- thapputhar;adi poaduthar ; letters are jumbled. 

834.slap- tape- thappu; adi poadu; letters are jumbled. tap / pat- tapoter- thattuthar 

836.tillage- teillage- uzhuthiduka; letters are jumbled.

*837.dress - tenue- thuni/ cloth 

838.ground- terrain – munn tharai ; letters are jumbled. 

* terre- tharai hair of head - tete- mandai mudi ; mandai- head; mudi- hair . 

*841.similar- tel- oththu ulla 

*842.body- tige- udakku; thaekam. become cool- tiedir- thanithar shooting- tir- suduthar 

845.tiger- tigre- kodu vari ; letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka. 

*846.cloth /curtain- toile- thuyil 

*847.robe /gown- toge- udukkai-dress; thokku /cloth. strike- toquer- thakkuthar thodukka; letters are read more than once. 

849.touched- toque- ithaththai  thodukai ; ka- va; va= ka ; ithayam- heart  ; thodukai- touching . 

850.touche- touche- thodu touch- toucher- thoduthar 

852.completely- tout- moththamum 

*853.treasury- tresor -thirai saeri ; thirai /thiru - wealth. 

854.tune/ tone - ton – thoni 

855.hole- trou- thuruvu kill- tuer-aduthar; thudaiththar ; maaiththar ;sithaiththar .

857.killing- tuage- othukku ; idikka ; madakku ; kaathai ; letters are in reversed order. tube- tho

* un- onnu 

*860.united- uni- onna 

*861.valiant- vaillant- vallamai vaaintha 

862.valour- vaillance – vallamai yaana 

*863.vain- vain- veen 

864.variety – variete -vevaeru vithaththir ; letters are jumbled. vary – varier – vaeru 

866.come- venu - vaa

*867.dressing room- vestiaire- udai  uduththara /soodum  arai ; udai- dress; uduththu- to wear ;  sooduthar- to wear  ;arai- room .

* cloth /to dress- vetir-   udai uduththuthar ; uduththuthar- to wear .

*869.dressed / clothed- vetu – udai uduththiya ; udai- dress; uduththiya- dressed.

*870.hole- vide- oaattai 

871. victory- victiore- vettri adaika; letters are jumbled; vettri- victory; adaika- to attain.

 872.old /aged - vieux- vayasu aakiya 

* ville- vaeli /village 

874.way- voie- iyavai; letters are in reversed order.

875.driver- voiturin- voattunar; letters are jumbled. 

*876.adore- adorer- thuthithther 

*877.alert- eveille- vizhippu 

*878.alive- eveille- vaazhu/ be alive 

879. arrival- arrivage- varukai ; letters are jumbled. 

 880.astrology-astrologie- sudar kalai iyal ; sudar= star ; kalai  iyal -  science; 

 881.Atlantic- Atlantique- [ -the- la -an -the - ka- ]- kadal thanni; kadal- sea; thannni- water. 

*882.attain- atteindre- adainthiduthar 

 *883.attainement- portee- paeru  adaiya poupee- paappa  

* – oter- thaduthther

*886.beget- produire- - paeru  peruthar ;  pirapiththar ; paeru- baby  ;adaithar- to have .

*887.beget- faire naitre- paeru  eenuthar ; paeru-  baby /wealth; eenuthar- to deliver. 

888. behind- apres- puram

*889.big- fer- periya 

890. bite- piqure- kori 

891.bracket- brakete- adaippu kuri ; letters are   jumbled ; kuri- symbol . 

892.braid- soutacher- sadai iduthar 

*893.bundle- botte- pothi 

* burn [ bricks]- cuite- sudu 

*895.cartilage- cartilage- kuruththu  ellu aaka  /as a tender bone ; kuruththu- tender/ ellu- bone.

 896.castle- chateau- koattai 

 897.cigarette- cigarette- pukai suruttu  ; letters are jumbled;  pukai- smoke ; suruttu- roll .

*898.collect- quete- koottu; koodu .

*890.collect- queter- koottuthar 

 891.gathering- quete- koottam ; kotti .

*892.gatherer- queteur- koottam koottuvoar ; koottam- meeting; koottuvoar- one who gathers ; koeithiduvoar / gatherer.

 893.corn- grain- kuruni ; kurunai . sommet- mudi agiter- kooththaaduthar ; kooththaadiyar- dancer. 

 896.depart- quitter- neenkkuthar ; poakuthar ; oaankuthar .

*897.destroy- peredre- paraithar 

 898.die- seteindre- seththiduthar 

899. divulge-  divulguer- veli-aakkuthar ; letters are jumbled.

*900.fetch- tour- attuthar / bring 

*901.fry- friture- poriththar 

 902.allure- gait- mayakkidu 

*903.air- gait- kaaththu /wind 

 *904.grain- gale- koola

905. gap/ breche- vide- vedippu ; idaivu ;  letters are in reversed order. 

*906.get- fair- peru cadeau- kodai 

* dor- udar / udal 

 909.goitre [ - ka- the -Ra-]  kandaa kaedaiya  thoattram udaiya   surappi katti ; letters are jumbled; kandam- neck;  thoattram- appearace  ; kaedayam- shield ; surappu-  secrotry gland ;katti- swelling .

910.holy- benit- punitham [Skt] ; thooimaiyaaana ; letters are in reversed order. 

*911.hut- baraque- purai akam ; purai- hut; akam- home.

*912.look- paraitre- paarththiduthar 

913. maiden - guillotine- kanni  kazhiyaatha  penn ;   letters are jumbled; kanni thanmai- virginity ; penn- girl  .

*914.medulla- moelle- maiya moolai/ midlde brain ; maiyam- middle; moolai- brain; medulla- maiyaththil ulla moolai . 

915.merge- seteindre- saenthiduthar ; letters are jumbled. 

916.mortuary- mortuaire- marainthoar / mariththoar   arai; marainthoar-  dead persons ;arai- room .

*917.need- devoir- thaevai ura 

*918.oneness- unite- onnaayida 

919. observance - pratique- pin pattruka ; letters are jumbled. 

*920.paid- acquitte- kattiyathu  ;kattanam  kattiyathu- kattanam- fees; kattiyathu- paid. 

921.pair- paire- eru paeru ;eru- two; paeru- persons;   eru napar   . 

922.parliamentary – paar aalu mandra ththu  ;letters are jumbled; paar- world; aalu- to rule ;   mandram- assembly. 

*923.partition- partage- piriththiduka 

924.pathos- pathetique- thunpam mikuntha ; letters are jumbled; patho- thunpam; mikuntha- excess.

925.proudly- fierement – perumai yoadu 

926.puberty –puberte pooppu adaithar ; letters are jumbled. 

*927.reach- setendre- saenthiduthar 

928.revenue- revenue- varumana; letters are jumbled. 

929.ridge – sommet- maedu 

930.ripeness- maturite- muththuthar  ;letters are jumbled. 

931.rogue- coquin – kayavan ; letters are jumbled ;ka= va; va= ka ;rogue =  kayavar;    ayaokkiyan.

932.scoop- oter- thaonduthar  

933.shield- egide- kaedayam 

*934.shrink- serider- siruthtar ;  shrink= sunukka 

*935.slab- plaque- palakai 

 *936.stylish- elegant – azhagaanathu/ beautiful; elakkanam kondathu ; letters are jumbled. 

 937.superior-- superieur- periyoar/elders 

*938.under- aide- adi  

939.weaving- tissage – neithiduka 

940.wooded- boise- pochchai/ woods 

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