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List of Tamil words in Hindi language

List of Tamil words in Hindi language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


                       List of Tamil words in Hindi language 


     DR. Variankaval Ramasamy Annadurai; MD; DPM;


Hindi or more precisely Modern Standard Hindi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken chiefly in the Hindi Belt region encompassing parts of northern, central, eastern, and western India. Hindi has been described as a standardised and Sanskritised register of the Hindustani language, which itself is based primarily on the Khariboli dialect of Delhi and neighbouring areas of North India. Hindi, written in the Devanagari script, is one of the two official languages of the Government of India, along with English. It is an official language in 9 states and 3 union territories and an additional official language in 3 other states. Hindi is also one of the 22 scheduled languages of the Republic of India. 

Hindi is the lingua franca of the Hindi Belt. It is also spoken, to a lesser extent, in other parts of India (usually in a simplified or pidginised variety such as Bazaar Hindustani or Haflong Hindi). Outside India, several other languages are recognised officially as "Hindi" but do not refer to the Standard Hindi language described here and instead descend from other dialects, such as Awadhi and Bhojpuri. Such languages include Fiji Hindi, which has an official status in Fiji, and Caribbean Hindustani, which is spoken in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, and Suriname. Apart from the script and formal vocabulary, standard Hindi is mutually intelligible with standard Urdu, another recognised register of Hindustani as both share a common colloquial base. 

As a linguistic variety, Hindi is the fourth most-spoken first language in the world, after Mandarin, Spanish and English. Hindi alongside Urdu as Hindustani is the third most-spoken language in the world, after Mandarin and English.




Clues to read Hindi Words into Tamil 

Letter ‘k’ = ‘v’; v= ‘ka’. 

Add vowels then and there.

Letter ’p’ and letter ‘s’ can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged. 

 Add letters ‘m’ and ‘n’ then and there. 

A consonant letter can be read more than once.

If a same letter occurs consecutively more than once it can be read as a single letter.

By jumbling the letters of the given Hindi word, a Tamil word can be derived. 



Ref; The Oxford Hindi English dictionary;


English- Hindi- Tamil


*1. number/ figure/ point in a game - ank- ennikkai 

* embrace- ank- anaikka 

* embrace- ang- anaikka 

* put on [ cloths] - ang- anika 

* join/ in marriage- ang- inaika ; nikkah . feel shame- ang- naanam maaka 

*7. valuing /appraising – ankan- ennikkai kaana/ to count/to number; kanikka-value. 

*8. numbered- ankit- ennikkai itathu 

9.a small stone- amkrauri -munn kar; munn- sand; kar- stone 

10.a ball- anta –panthu 

*11. bundle- amtiya- moottai 

12.mother- amba- amma 

13.water- ambu – ayam 

*14. unspoken- a kathit- kathaiththidaatha ; kathiththathu- said. 

15.without stain- akalank- kalankkam inmai ; kalankkam- stain; inmai- without .

16.spotless- akalankata- kalankkam kidaiya ; kidaiyathu- without; kalankkam- stain. 

17.without family- a kula- kulaillai ; kulam- family; illai- nil ; letter ‘l’is read more than once .

18.not to be eaten – akhadya- kdaiththida kooddathu ; kadi- eat; koodaathu - do not 

*19.un counted- a ganit –kaniththidaathu 

20.having no shelter- a gatik- kottakai kidaiya; kottakai / shelter; kidaiyaa- without; letters are read more than once. 

*21.chief/ leader - agla- kizhan 

22.generation/ descendants- agla- kilai/ branch; kulam/ family; kaal vazhi / lineage; ka= va; va= ka. 

23.border/ garment- acra –karai obstruct- atkana- thadukkanu stick- atkana- ottuka 

26.hesitation – atak- thayankka 

27.obstruction-atkav- thadai idukavae / to block 

28.prevention- atkav- thadukkavae 

**29. grove /forest- atavi- adavi 

*30. a sheet- atti- yaedu 

31.upper room- atari- maaddi arai ; room- arai; maadi- storey. 

*32. un broken- atut- udaiyaathu 

*33. pushed about- athel- thallu / push place- adda-idam 

*35. minute/atom - anu- nunniya/ nano 

36.not given- a datt- thanthidaathu 

*37. un punished- a dand- thandiththidu / to punish; thandiththidaathu / unpunished. 

*38. to increase- adhika- yaeththuka  

39. to control / ruler/ authority/ official - adhikar- adakkuthar /to control 

 *40. down/ below- adho- adiyae 

*41. read/ studied- adhit-oaathidu 

*42. un counted- anginat- ennikkai kaanathu 

 43.not thought of- ancita- ennidaathu 

 44.unperforated/ un pierced- anbedha- poththidaathu 

*45. fire/ flame - anal – anal 

 *46.end/ tip- ani- nuni; munai.

 *47. incomparable- an upa mey- oppumai inmai ; inmai- without ; oppumai- comparison. 

 48.wet nurse- anna- annai/ mother 

*49. food- ann- uoon; annam. 

 * ann- aan 

 51.wrong path- a path- theeya paathai; theeya- bad; paathai- path 

 52.later- apar- pinnaar; appuram.

 *53. looking for- apeksa- paakka 

 * present time - ab- eppo 

 55.eye brow- abru- puruvam 

*56. father- abba- appa 

*57.not divided- a bhakt- pakuththidaathu; pakuththidu- to divide. 

*58. fearlessness- abhiti- peethi inmai;peethi- fear; inmai- without .

*59.not intoxicated – a matt –matai adiththidaathu 

*60. immortal- a mar- maraiyaa 

*61. immortal- a martya –maraiyaathu 

*62. paradise- a mar- maruma

63.without measure- a matra- maaththirai inmai; inmai- without; maaththirai- mesure.  

*64. root less- a mul- mulai illai; illai- without; mulai- root. 

*65. mother- amma- amma 

66.roar- arrhat- urumidu 

67.sun- arun- naayiru; letters are in reversed order. 

68.wealth- arth- thiru; letters are in reversed order.

69.meaning- arth –karuththu 

70.prosperity- arth- seeradaiya 

71.throne- ars- aroi anai; ari- lion; anai- seat /pillow 

72.delivered/ offered- arpit- oppadaiththar ; letters are jumbled. wail- allana- azhanum 

* accept- avadhar- voththuiduthar 

75.stupidity- a vidya- viththai inmai ; inmai- without; viththai- knowledge .

*76. un achieved- a siddh- adaiyaathu; saathithidaathu .

*77. without content- a sara-saaram inmai ; saaru- essence; inmai- without. 

* fire/ a weapon- astra- suduthar /to fire; yeithar /arrow.

*70. self/ego- aham- akam 

*71. pond- ahri- yaeri 

* fold/ cloth- amt- madi 

*73. joint- amt- mutti  

*74. collusion- amt- moatha 

*75. knot- amthi- mudi 

76.nodule- amthi- mundu 

77.nipple- amthi- madi /breast/ lap 

*78. confused- akul- kuzhappa 

* dry- ag- kaaya 

*80. very hot/ season - ag- kaaya incite anger/jealousy - ag- kaaya 

* suffer pangs of hunger- ag- kaaya 

*83. arrived- agat- yaekida 

*84. house- agar- koorai akam / hut 

*85. a blow- aghat- kuththu 

86.injury- aghat- kaayam adaiya ; kaayam- injury; adaiya- to have. 

*87. killing- aghat- kaathu 

88.spiritual guide/ professor-acarya- aasiriyar / teacher

89.paternal grandfather- aja- iyanin iyan /achchan  / father’s father  ; iyan- father ; achchan- father. 

90.paternal grandmother- aji- iyanin  annai / aachchi ; iyan- father; aachchi-  grandmother.  

91.command/ order- ajna- aanai 

*92. meal- ata-  uootti ; theettai ; theeni .

93.flour- ata –idiththa maa; maa- flour; idi- to pound. 

* grind/ pound- ata- aattu; idi.

*95. covering- ar- urai atisi-thee 

*97. distressed- atur- thuyar ura  

98.respect- adar- mathiththar ; ennuthar .

99.half- adah – paathi

100.first- adim – motha; letters are in reversed order. 

101.base/ foundation- adhar- adi tharai ;adi- under; tharai- floor. adhar- muttu thara /to support 

103.settled place- abadi- patti 

* ami- maa

105.cowherd- abhir- aayar near a mountain- amalak- malai akam ; malai- mountain; akam- village.

107. income- aye –aayam 

*108.nurse- aya- aaya/ mother  

109. prepared - ayita- padiththathu  ;seiththathu.  

110.arms- ayudh-padai ornament for forehead-ar- aaram/ necklace

*112.spoke- ar – aarai; aaram. 

* saw-ar- aru 

*114.small saw-ar- ari 

115.enemy- arati –ethiri; letters are in reversed order. 

* mount – aroh- yaeru 

*117.mounted- arohit- yaeridu 

* al- il 

* alay -il alam- gnaalam -ala- nalla 

*122.tool- ala- uli come- av- vaa; letters are in reversed order. 

*124.sound/ noise- avaz- voasai 

*125.residing- avasika- vasikka 

*126.covered- avrt- urai ittathu; urai- cover.

127.resting place- asay- saaya /to rest 

128.seated- asin- saayanum / to take rest 

129.blessing- asirvad- seer vudaiya; ser- prosperity; udaiya-has ;seeroadu iru . 

130.refuge- asray- saera /to reach /join; saranam .

131.association- a sang- onnaaku /to become one /to gather.

*132.asset- asti- soththu 

* ahar- irai 

134.made joy- a hladit- kaliththidu 

135.causing joy- a hladak- kaliththiduka ik- ennikkai onnu ; onnu- one; ennikkai- numerical number. 

*137.collected/ gathered together-  ikattha- koottiyathu 

* collect- ikattha- koottu 

139.envy/ jealousy- ikkas- kaaya 

140.other-itar- mattra; ithara.

* worship- ibadat- paadidu 

141.region- ilaqa- kizhalai ; letters are in reversed order. 

* inghe- inkkae 

*143.spear/ lance- ithi- eetti 

*144.addition- izad- saeththidu /to add 

*145.created- ijad- seithathu/ made  

146.looking at- iksan –kann kaana ;kann-  eye; kaana- to look. astrologer- iksanik –kanakkan ; kanakku- calculation.

148.presenting a gift- isar- seer / riches destroy- ukatna- kedukkanum dig up –ukatna - kendanum cut out- ukatna – kaathanu abuse- ukatna- kadinthidu ; letters are jumbled. 

*153.spoken- ukti- kathaiththathu 

*154.speech/ language- ukti- kathaippu 

*155.story- ukti- kathai 

*156.break off- ukhat- koattu/ break 

*157.production- ugat- aakkiyathu / made 

158.filed of sugar cane- ukhari- karumpu 

*159.high/ upper- ucc- uchchi 

160.uttered/ pronounced - uc carit- sor edu; sor uraiththidu; sor- word; edu-take; uraiththidu /utter; uchchariththidu / pronounce 

161. light - ujala- oli guess at- utak- enniduka 

163.flying- urant- paranthida to fly- uraka -parakka/ fly  

165.Oriya language- Uriya –urai/ speak 

* utar – thurai 

*167.following/ subsequent– uttar-thodarum ; thodara / to follow .

168.produce- ut patti- padaiththidu /create; letters are jumbled. 

169.produced- ut padit -padaiththathu /created; letters are jumbled. 

170.produced- ut panni- panniyathu; letters are jumbled. 

171.a spring- uts- uooththu 

172.pouring of water / funeral right- udak- uooththuka/ pour 

173.holding water- uda dhi- thanni udaiya ; thanni- water; udaiya- has.

174.disclosed/ revealed- ut ghatit- eduththu kaattu 

*175.similarity – upa ma- oppumai 

* deliver- udhar- eedaettru  ; thara / give .

*177.title- uphadi- pattam 

*178.diploma certificate- uphadhi – pattayam 

* uphadhi – pattam; padippu.

*180.breast/ heart- ur- uran /  uram /breast ;  uyir/ soul .

*181.owl- uluk- vallookam 

*182.drowsiness- umgh/umghana –mayakkam / mayankkanum 

*183.mortar- udukkala- idi -k-kal; idi- pound; kal- stone. udes- thaedu 

*185.foreign- upari- pura; pura .

*186.outer- upari- puram ; pura .

187.united/ together - ek- onnaaka 

*188.crow- ek- kaakka

*189.assembling- ekatr-kooduthar 

*190.small boat- ektha- kadaththu / boat  /ferry 

191.withdrawn-ekanti- othunkki ; letters are in reversed order. 

*192.cardamom- ela- yaelam 

*193.vomiting- ok-kakka / to eject out aka

*195.a hut- obri- purai 

*196.end/ limit- or- eeru 

197.woven- ot- neitha 

198.gain- ot- etta; eettu/ to gain .

199.lip-osth- uthadu 

200.stones- kankar- karunkkar / blue metals; letters are jumbled. 

201.bracelet- kankan- kankkanam/ armlet  

202.neck- kanth- kandam; odunkkiya/narrow; letters are in reversed order. 

203.necklace- kanthi- kandikai 

*204.armpit- kaks- kakkam of a river- kacher- karai 

* colour/ black- kajra- karu 

* peck- katka- koththuka 

* enclosed inhabited place- katra- koattai uoor; koattai- fort; uoor- village /city. be killed/ to be cut off- katna- kaathanum 

*210.biting- katau- kadi /bite 

211.knife- katni- kaththi 

212.waist- kati- kadi; kadi thadam .

213.girdle- kati- idai kattu ; letters are jumbled. /area- kati- pakuthi ; letters are in reversed order. 

*215.small dagger- kateri – kuththu koadari 

*216.harsh- katu –kadumai ; kodiya .

*217.bitterness- katuta- kaiththida

*218.vessel/ wood - katiya – kattai kudam ; kudam- pot ; letters are read more than once 

*219.strong/ hard- katta- kadina 

*220.wood- kath- kattai 

*221.wooden platter- kathiya- kattai thattu; kattai- wood; thattu- plate. 

*222.wooden tub- katha uti- kattai thotti; thotti- tank.

223.wooden bowl- katha uti- kattai kadi; kattai- wood; kadi- bowl.

224.difficult- kathin- kadinam 

*225.wrist ring/bracelet - kara- kai kaarai ; kai- hand. 

*226.angry- karva- karuva 

227.repeated/ continuous cracking loud sounds- karakar –kara kara 

228.vessel for butter milk- khada veni- vennai kadaiyim kudam ; letters are read more than once; vennai- butter; kadaiya- to churn; kudam-   pot. 

* kadai 

230.small straw basket- katni- koodai/ basket 

*231.cutting- katar- kaathuthar 

*232.scissors- katarni –kaththari 

*233.clipping- katra- kaththari/ to clip 

*234.drop/ liquid-qatra- kottuthar 

* tell-kath- kathai compose poem-kath- kathai paattu kattu; kathai- story; paattu- song; kattu- to compose; letters are rad more than once.  

* reproach- kath- kadi 

*238.knife-katti- kaththi 

239.murderer-qattal- kaathiya aal; kaathu- murder; aal- person. 

*240.murder/killing- qatl- kaathuthal 

241.fine linen cloth- katen- kottai thuni ; kottai- cotton ;thuni- cloth 

*242.kind/ type- qata- koottam 

243.cost for spinning- katai- koodu katta kattanam; letters are read more than once;  koodu katta- to spin; kattanam-  cost.

* katha-kathai ; sankathi .

*245.tale- katha –kathai 

*246.conversation- katha- kathaippu 

248.classical dance- katha kali –kooththu kali; kooththu- play ; kali- enjoy/to play  .

*249.uttered- kahit- kathiththida 

*250.defective- kad- kaedu 

*252.trouble- kad- kaedu 

*253.wicked- kad- ketta ; kodiya .

254.avaricious- kad- kattaani /avaricious person

*255.useless/poor quality grain- kad- koathu 

256.destroying- kadan- kaedaana / destroyed 

*257.crowd- kadamb-koottam 

*258.banana- kadali –kathali / a kind of banana 

* kanya- kanni 

*260.little/ few- kam- kammi 

261.blacksmith- kamar- karumar ; letters are jumbled.

*262.workman- kamera- kammiyar ; root word is  kam= aakkam/ production . 

263.doer/ maker- kar- aakkukiravar / make; aakku- make; ka= va; va= ka. 

*264.deduction- karda- kuraiththidu 

265.guard- qaraval-kaaval kaarar/ a guard; letters are jumbled; kaaval- protection. 

* kariya- karu 

267.blemished/ disgraced- kalankit –kalankkam udaiya ; udaiya- has;  azhukku/ dirt= kalankkam/ blemish  ; letters are in reversed order. 

268.pen/ painter’s brush- qalam – mai kole ; mai- ink; kole- stylus  ;letters are jumbled. 

*269.waterpot- kalsa- kalan ; kalayam .

*270.a rounded ball- kalsa- koala

*271.quarrel- kalah- kalaham ; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. kala- kalai 

273.flower bud- kali- mukizh kalisa

* kalol- kaelal 

276.want- kasr-kurai  

277.fault- qasur- kurai 

*278.cawing of crows- kaga- kaa kaa

*279.crow- kag- kaakka

* destroy- kat- kedu 

*281. pungency- kat- kaattu 

282.separation- kat- kavadu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*283.slice- kat- kaathu 

284.section- kat- kavadu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*285.damage- kat- kaedu 

*286.loss- kat- kaedu 

*287.cut- kat- koattu ;vettu; ka= va; va= ka. 

288.remove/ delete- kat- neekkidu 

*289.carve- katna- koththanum 

*290.stinging- katu-koththu; kadi/ bite. become dry- katu – kaainthida 

*292.body- kathi – kattai 

*293.buffalo- kara- kaaraa

*294.buffalo- kadda- kedaa/ he buffalo 

*295.distressed- katar- kaedu ura eyed- kana- kann onnu ; kann- eye; onnu- one. 

*297.sexual desire- kam- kaamam ; kaaya- hot. 

* kam- kammiyam root word is aakkam/ production. 

*299.saying- qayl- kuyilu 

300.rule/ law - qayda- kattu paadu 

*301.body- kaya-  yaakkai ; kaayam 

302.cause/ means/ instrument -karan- karuvi yaana / instrumental 

*303.time/ season- kal- kaalam 

304.death- kal- kazhiya / passed 

305.messenger of death- kal- kaalan 

306.spending time- kal- kaalam kazhiya 

307.eternal- kal- ekkaalmum 

308.cell/ solitary room- kal- kaaval/ prison  

* of the snake in the river Jumna- kali – kaal ili /without leg; kaal- leg; illai- without.

310.peak- kastha- koadu; mukadu .

311.mark/ limit- kastha- koththam / limit; kaattai/ limit; kaadu/ limit.

*312.coughing- kas- kakka  ;kaasam   /sputum.

*313. little- kincit- konjoandu 

314.a piece- qid- kandi 

* cut into pieces- kirca- keeru / cut; keeruka. 

*316.bud/ sprout- killa- kilai 

*317.large earthenware vessel- kunda- kundaan 

*318.door fastening staple- kunda- kondi 

*319.a pool- kund- kundu 

*320.stone pot- kundi –kundaan 

*321spear/ lance- kunt-kuntham 

322.well- kuam- koovam ; ka= va; va= ka. kukur—kukkuran ; root word is kuraikka- to bark. 

*324.pounded- kutvana- kuththa vaenum 

*325.pounding- kutai- kuththu 

*326.price for pounding- kutai- kuththu kattanam; kattanam- cost; letters are read more than once. 

327.cottage- kuti- kottakai ; letter ‘k’ is read more than once. 

328.hut- kuti- kudi; kudisai ; kudi sei; sei- make; kudi- hut. 

329.hut- kutir- kuderam ; letters are jumbled. 

330.hut- kuri- koorai akam ; akam- house; 

*331.granary-kuthiyar- kuthir 

*332.axe- kuthari- koadari jump- kudakna- kuthikkanum 

*334.jump- kudai- kuthi 

*335.rotting-kuthra- keduthar 

336.heap- kup- kuvippu; ka- va; va= ka. 

*337.angered- kupit- kopa pada; root word is kaaya .

*338.pickaxe- kudali-  kunthaali;  koadali   /axe 

339.water lilly- kumud-kaya yaedakam ; kayam- water; yaedakam- flower ; letters are jumbled; kaya poo  mottu ; mottu- bud; poo- flower.  

340.lotus- kamala – kaya mukulam ;  letters are jumbled. mukulam- bud ; kaya malli ;   kayam- water. 

*341.lady- kuriya- kaarikai ; letter ‘k’ is read more than once. 

*342.tribe- kul- kulam 

* house – kul- kula

*344.lineage- kul – kaal vazhi ; kilai ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*345.potter- kulal- kulaalan ; root word is kalan / pot. 

*346.cap- kulah- kullaai ; root word is  kalan / skull. cream- qulfi-inippu  pani koozh ; letters are jumbled; pani- ice; koozh/ liquid ; inippu- sweet .

348.good family- kulin- nalla kulam; nalla- good; kulam- family; letters are jumbled. stream-kulya- kaal vaai; ka= va; va= ka. 

*350. peak / summit- kut- koadu; mukadu .

* kuvalay- kuvalayam 

* water lily- kuvalay-kuvalai 

353.happy- kusal- kali; kalippu

*354.hole- kuhar-koarai 

*355.dirt- kura- karai 

*356.lake- kul-kulam  

*357.flag- ketu- kodi 

358.sexual intercourse- keli- kalavu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

359. chief police officer of the city- kotaval- kaval koodam/ police station; letters are jumbled; kudi kaavalan- police man; kaavalan- police; kudi- village/ town.

360.confinement/ imprisonment/ capture - qaid- kottadi / prison; adaikka/ imprison; letters are in reversed order.

361.prisoner- qaid- kaithi ; root word is  kottadi / prison 

*362.end/ point- koti- koadi 

363.small fort- kotla- koattai koththalam ;koattai- fort; koththalam – sentry point.

364.hollow- kotar –kudaithar / to make hollow 

*365.fort- kot- koattai 

* cuckoo-kokil/ koyl - kuyil; root word is kooval /cry /shout.

*367.a large room- kotha- koodam / hall 

*368.square/game board- kotha- kattam 

*369.a brothel- kotha- kooththiya / dancer/ pros 

*370.angle- kon- koanam 

*371.anger- kop- kopam; root word is kaaya .

*372.anger- koh- kaaya 

373.stomach- kothla- kudal/ intestine 

374.weaver- kori- kaarukar 

* hollow out- kol- kuzhi aakku ; kuzhi- hollow; aakku- make; letter ‘k’ is read more than once.   

*376.narrow lane- koliya –akalul 

*377.vegetables- koyar-kaai kari  

*378.Hindu community of weavers-koli- kai kolan ; kai- hand; kole- stick ; Senkunthar community . 

379.constipation- kosth- kutha kattu ; kutham- rectum ; kattu- block . 

*380.hump- kuhan- koon 

381.moon light/ night lotus kumatha - kau mudi- ; mathi- moon; kaaya- to shed light ; kaya poo mottu ; kayam- water; poo- flower; mottu- bud. 

* eat- kaur – kori /gnaw 

*383.a border- kyari-karai  

*384.weeping – krandan- karainthidanum  

385.angry- krodhit- karuvida ; ka= va; va= ka.  

386.a moment- ksan/ khan – kanam ; root word is  kann imaikka; kan- eye; imaikka- wink . 

*387.tuberculosis- ksay- kaasam ; root word is kakka / to cough .

*388.a planet- khagol- koalam rattle- khatakna- kada kadannu 

*390.rattling- khatka- kada kadakka ; letters are read more than once. 

*391.bed- khat- kidakkai / cot; letter ‘ka’ is read more than once; root word is kidakka/ to lie down. 

*392.bed- khatola- kattil/ cot; root word is kidaththal/ to lie down 

393.clatter/ noise- khat- kada kada ; letters are read more than once. 

*394.wife and family -khatla- kudi illaal; kudi- family; illal- wife. 

* spoil- khatai- kedu 

*396.mistake/ fault- khata- kuththam 

*397.danger- khatra- kaedu tharum 

*398.line/ mark- khat- koadu 

* dig- khanati/ khanta – kendu 

*400.a letter- khat- kaditham 

401.2nd varna of Indo Aryan society – Ksatriya-koottaththaar /army 

402.hollow- khadda- kudaiya /to make hollow 

403.a pass- khadd- Kadavu; ka= va; va= ka. 

404.confusion- khalbal- kuzhappam ulla ;kuzhappam-  confusion; ulla- having. / to be eaten-khadya – kondi ; kai thodu /eat ; kai-  hand; thodu- touch.

*406.thick coarse cotton cloth- khadi- koadi thuni 

*407.lord/ prince/ title of Pathans - khan- koan 

*408.saltiness- khar- karippu 

*409.saltiness- kharipan- karippaana 

410.mange/an itch - kharis- karappaan 

*411.hoarseness/ throat- kharis- kara karappu ; letters are read more than once. 

*412.moat- khal- akazhi 

*413.empty- khali-kaali 

*414.sound of laughter-khil khil - kala kala 

415.husband- khavind- kondavan; letters are jumbled. 

*416.sportsman- khilari- kaelar 

*417.parched grain /rice- khil- koolam 

418.farmer who owns his land- khud- kudiyaanavan ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*419.lines- khutut- koadu udaiya ;koadu- line; udaiya- has. 

*420.kind of ear ring- khutila- kaathu oalai ;  konthalam ; - kaathu kumizh ; kaathu – ear ; kumizh- stud. 

*421.pecking- khutak- koththuka 

*422.pecking- khut- koththu 

* be carved- kadna- koththanu

*424.carver- khati- koththan ; koththu/ carve .

425.a gap- khuddi- idukku ; letters are in reversed order. 

*426.excavating- khudai- kudaiya 

*427.carving- khudai- koththu 

428.cause to be engraved- khudana- koththanum 

*429.the foot/ leg of a bed- khur- kaar khurak- korikka/ eatables/snacks 

431.opening- khulai –neekkal kill- khan- konnu 

433.harvest- khat- kaathu / cut; vettu/ cut; ka= va; va= ka. 

*434.small village- khata- kudi ; kudi kaadu; letters are read more than once. 

*435.small village- khera- kurichchi 

436.village- khetak – kudi kaadu ; letter ‘t’ is read more than once. 

437.shield- ketaka- kaedayam ; kiduku- skin .

*438.field- khet- koattam 

439.battle field- khet- katchchi 

*440.a trough- khel- akazhi 

441.fisherman- khevat-koa vaedan 

442.young bullock- khaila –kaalai 

443.bird’s nest- komta- koodu 

*444.something hollow- khokhla –kuzhiyaa 

445.bad- khota- ketta ; kettathu . 

*446.fraud- khot- koathaattu 

*447.falsehood- khot- kattu 

448.coconut shell/ skull- khopri / khopra—kopparai ; periya kaai  ; letters are jumbled; periya- big; kaai- coconut. 

*449.small room- kholi- kaal 

*450.cavity/ hollow- khol- kuzhi 

451.cloth- khol- maekalai 

*452.eating- khor- kori/ gnaw 

*453.large metal vessel- gan kal- kanima kalan ; kanimam- metal; kalan- vessel. 

454.a knot-ganda- kattu 

455.water pot- gagri- karakam ; letters are jumbled. 

456.sound of gulping- gat- kada kada  

457.hard lump- gatta- katti 

458.large seed- gatta- kottai; vithai; ka= va; va= ka. 

459.wrist joint- gatta- mani kattu 

460.anger- gazap-kaaya ; koapa .

461.bracelet- gajra- kai kaarai; kai- hand. bundle together- gathri- kattu kattuthar ; kattu- bunger; kattuthar- to bundle. 

* bundle up- gathiyana-  kattu kattanu

*464.small bundle-gatthi- kattu / bundle 

*465.bundle- gadd- kattu 

*466.bunch- gadd- koththu 

*467.collection- gadd- koottam/ kuttam ; koatti. 

468.pack / of cards- gadd- seettu kattu 

469.heap- gadd- kuttam; kuviththidu; ka= va; va= ka.

* gathan –kattanum / to construct; kattu maanam /construction 

* come together- gathna- koodanum 

*472.cause to be joined- gathvena- kooda vaenum 

473.cause to be fastened- gathvena- katta vaenum 

474.manner of structure- gathv- kattu amaivu ;  kattu /structure ; kattu amaippu/ structure . 

*475.well-built of a person- gathila- kattu udal; udal- body.

*476.hole- garha- koarai 

477.shepherd- gareriya- koanaar 

*478.calculating- ganak- kanakku kaana ; kanikka. 

*479.counting/ calculating- gana- kani ; ennuka ; letters are in reversed order. 

*480.dancing girl/ prostitute- ganika- kanikai 

481.astronomy-ganit – vaan kanitham ; ka= va; va= ka; vaan kanakkidu ; kanakkidu – calculation ; vaanai kaniththidu . 

482.maths- ganit- enn kanakkidu ;  letters are jumble; kaniththidu ; enn- numerical num,ber; kanakkidu /to calculate  

*483.gone- gat- yaekida

484.a type of song and its accompaniment- gat - kathai paattu ;kathai- story ;paattu- song. 

* beat- gat- kottu 

* dance to music- gat- kooaaththadu /dance do last rites- gat- kadan / rites

* as offered by god -gati -kaaththida / protect 

*489.means- gati- kaattu 

490.period of time- gati- kidakkai 

491.shelter- gati- thikku ; othukku ; letters are in reversed order. 

*492.manner- gati- kathai ;kadan .

*493.ending- gat- kadaisi 

494.disease- gad- kidai paadu 

* gada- kattai 

496.beggar- gada- kai yaenthi ; kai-  arm; yaenthu- to hold. 

497.crowbar- gadela- koonthaali 

498.traitor- gaddar-  kaedar ; kaatti koduppoar ; letters are rad more than once..

* put a bandage- gaddi- kattu idu ; kattu   kattu; letters are read more than once. 

*500.bandage- gaddi- kattu 

501.large bundle of paper- gaddi- kaakitha kattu ; kaakitham- paper; letters are read more than once.  

*502.donkey- gaddi- kaththai 

*503.estimate- gani- kani 

504.coarse sacking/ gunny- gani- koanai paei ; pei/ bag 

* gulp/ food- gapka- kappuka 

*506.poverty- garibi- kurai 

*507.the womb- garbha – karu pei ; karu- embryo; pai- bag 

*508.foetus/ embryo- garbha- karu ; karu appam .

509.pregnant- garbha- karu vura 

510.pregnant- garbhavati –karu vundayida ; karu- embryo; undayida- to become. 

511.pregnant- garbhini -kar vaana penn ; penn- woman ;karu vaana-  with developing embryo .

512.neck- gal- kazhuththu 

513.voice-gal- mukkal 

*514.lane- gale- akalul 

*515.flock/ herd- galla- kuzhu 

*516.grain- galla- koolam 

*517.bunch- gahal- kulai 

518.region of gandhar- Gandhara- kanndiyur ; kundoor .

519.ewe- gadar- kidaari 

520.cheek- gal- kavil 

* perish- gal- kizhiya 

522.chitchat- gitpit- kathai adi 

*523.dwarf- gitta- kuttai 

*524.counting-ginti- enniduka; letters are jumbled; kaniththidu . count-ginna- ennuka ; letters are in reversed order;  kani ; kanakku . 

*526.speech- gira- kooru/ tell; koorukai / saying.

*527.end of a garment- girah- karai 

*528.mountain- giri- kar/ stone 

*529.clay- gil- kali 

*530.viscous/ slimy- gilgila- kuzha kuzha 

531.a group- gut- kootta

532.lovely girl- guddi- kattaichchi 

*533.quality/ virtue- gun –kunam be tattooed- gudna- pachchai kuththanum 

*535.anus- guda- kutha oattai ; kutham-  rectum; oaattai- opening. 

*536.crossing/ river- gudara- kadaththar / crossing 

*537.pellet- gulela- koali 

*538.a ball- gulla- koalam 

*539.short stick- gulli- kazhi /stick  

540.bathing- gusl- kuli 

*541. excrement- guh- kakka 

*542.cave- guha- kukai 

543. noise- hul- oli / sound 

544. cry- hul- azhu

*545.bull/ ox/ cow- go- koa

546. terror/fright- haul- gili ; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ’a’.

.leg- gor- kaar 

*547.embrace -god - katti anai 

548.cattle enclosure- gota- matatu kottakai ; maadu- cattle. 

* got- kudi 

* linage- gotra – koottaththar/ people of the group  

*551.flock- gol- kuzhu 

*552.lump- gol- kazhalai 

553.a pill- goli- kulikai 

*554.large globular earthen vessel- gola-kalan 

555.meeting /assembly- gosthi – koottam 

* gaur- akkarai 

557.cowshed- gohal- koa illam; koa saalai ; koa-  cow; illam- house. 

*558.cry- gohar- karaiya 

*559.sparrow- gauraiya- kuri ee 

*560.cow herd- gvala- koa kaavalan ; kaavalan- protector. 

561.small metal pot- ghanta- kundaan 

*562.large water jar- ghat/ ghata- kudam 

*563.a troop- ghata- koottam 

*564.canopy/ palanquin- ghata- kudai 

*565.death rattle/ from throat- gharra- ghar ghar 

*566.snore- gharrata- kurattai 

567.rumbling sound- gharghar- khara khara 

568.small- ghaghra-kuru 

569.damaging/destructive - ghatak- kedukka/ to destroy 

*570.killing- ghatak- kaathuka 

*571.lying in wait- ghati- kaaththu kida mix up- ghal- kuzhappu 

*573.mixing- ghol- kala / to mix 

574.jumble- ghal- kuzhappu ; kalaikka ; kalakka .

*575.murderous- ghalak- kolluka/ to kill 

576.cluster- ghaud- koththu 

577.wheel- cakr- kaar 

*578.quickly/ suddenly - cat- sattu nnu 

*579.quickly- catpat- sat put nnu 

*580.sudden death- cat- sat nnu seththida; seththida- to die; letters are read more than once.  

581.snap- catak- sodukku ; nodikka ; odikka .

582.loud- cataka- saththamaaka ; oaasai udaikai 

583.upper thigh- cadda- thodai 

584.underwear- caddi – siththaadai 

585.flat- capta- pattai; sappatai .

*586.cause to go- calvena- sella vaenum ; sellu- go. who goes- calvaiya-seeluvoan 

588.moon- camd- mathi summit- camd- mudi 

*590.earthen vessel- cati- satti 

591.shrewdness- caturi- thiramai 

592.trick- cal- soozhchchi 

593.cunning/ a trick- calaki-soozhchchiyaaka 

594.thinking- cintak- enniduka 

595.thinking- cintan- ennidu 

596.letter/ note- citthi-settu; yaedu . 

*597.vulva- cur- siri 

*598.large coil of hair- cutta- sadai 

*599.gathering- cunnat- saenthathu / gathered 

600.small fragment -cunni-sinna yaethi ;yaethi- fragment; sinna- small. 

* uchchi 

602.blouse- coli –seelai/ cloth 

603.little/ small- chut- sinnathu 

*604.matted hair- jata- sadai 

605.a man- jan- aan

606.birth- jani- sinai eenu ;eenu -to give birth; sinai- baby .

607.mother- jani – annai 

608.time- zamana- mani zar- urai 

610.youth- javan- sinnavan / little one 

*611.adultery- jara-soara combine- jutana-saeththidanu

*613.a join- jor- saeru/ to join 

*614.adding- jorti- saerththidu 

*615.addition- zyadati –saeththidu 

* increase- zyada- yaeththu ;saeththidu. 

617.alms-zakat- kodai 

*618.wound-zakhm-kaayam beget- janna- eenu / to give birth;sinai eenu  ;sinai- baby .

*620.mother- Janani- annai 

621.midwife- janai- annai / mother 

*622.paradise- Jannat –saen naadu zamin- munn 

*624.a little of- zara- siriya 

625.water- jal – aal jalp- sollu/ say 

627.district- zila- pozhil 

628.saddle- zin- saenam 

629.pocket- jebi- pei 

630.kinsman- jianti -inaththoan 

631.jerk- jhatka- thidukkam 

632.hairy- jhamura- mayir / hair 

633.pubic hair- jhamt- mudi / hair 

*634.a shower- jhari- soriya 

635.anger- jhar- seera /fury be bent down – jhukna-kuni 

637.fresh- tatka- puthithaaka 

*638.screen- tatri- thirai 

*639.woven- tatti- thaiththa 

*640.shutter- tatti- adaiththidu /to shut 

641.sound of dropping- tap – thoppu nu 

*642.sound of a drum- tamtam- dum dum  

* throb/ to shoot with pain- tahak- thudikka 

*644.a kick- tahoka- uthaikka 

*645.a light blow/ slap-tahoka- adikka/ to beat 

*646.postponing-tal- thalli iduthal ; letters are read more than once. cause to stop /detain -tikana- thadukkanum ; adaikkanum . stay- tikna- thankku ; letters are jumbled. 

*649.clacking of the tongue- tiktik- tak tak 

*650.thrust- tilla- thallu 

*651.a stump- tunda- thandu 

*652.breaking- tut- udaiththidu/ to break; udainthida / breaking 

* break- tuk- udaikka support- tek- thaankku support- tekna- thaankku ; letters are jumbled. 

*656.obstruction- tok- thadukka /to obstruct 

*657.stopper- topi- adaippu 

*658.cold/ cool- thandha- thanuththa 

*659.satisfied- thandha- thaninthida 

*660.sound of knocking- thok- tak tak nnu thattuka; thattuka- to knock 

*661.cheating- thagi- thettuka place- thamav- idam 

* thik- oththathaaka 

*664.earthenware water pot- thiliya- thaazhi 

*665.beating- thukai- adikkai 

*666.the chin- thuddi- thaadai 

667.a kind of drum played with left hand along with tabla – root word is thapputhal / beating

*668.a knock- thes- idi; thattu. push- thelna- thallanum 

*670.push- thel- thallu ;  thalluthal ; idiththal .

671.tripping- thokar- thadukkuthar ; idaruku – letters are jumbled. 

*672.a sting- dank- theenduka / to sting 

673.punishment/fine- dand- thandanai 

674.a step/ stride- dag- adi edukka/ take a step; adi- foot; edukka- take.

*675.stalk/ stem - dandi- thandu 

*676.staff/pole- danda- thanda dabba- petti; letters are in reversed order. 

*678.small drum- damuru –thoa mara

679.deceive- dakha- yaemaaththuka ; yaeiththiduka . attack by robbers- daka- odukku/ rob proclaim by beating the room- dug dugi udukkai thattuka; udukkai- drum; thattuka- to beat. 

682.small boat- doni- thoani 

*683.rocking- dol- aattuthal 

684.large drum- dhakka- udukkai 

*685.a push- dhaka- idikkai 

*686.pouring out- dhalai- uooththuthal 

687.bold- dhith- thidam 

*688.loose/ flabby- dhila- thola thola 

*689.husband- dhola- thozhan 

*690.friend- dholan- thozhan 

*691.the body- dhola- udal 

692.large drum-dhol- root word is adiththal / beating stare- takna- uththu kaana 

*694.stitching-together - tagai- theikka / to stitch 

695.cause to be stitched together-tagana-theikkanum /to stitch 

*696.sound of tearing – tar- dar 

*697.solitary/ lonely/alone – tanha- thaniya 

*698.daughter- tanaya- thanaiyei 

*699.son-tanay- thanaiyan 

700.throb- tapak- thudikka 

701.small drum- tabla- root word is thapputhal / beat 

702.completed- tamam- mudiya/ to complete; letters are in reversed order. 

703.complete /entire- tamam- moththamum; letters are in reversed order. 


 *705.bottom- tala- adiyil 

*706. bottom of the foot- tala- adi thole; adi- foot; thole- skin. 

*707. pond- talai- thollam 

*708. floor/ of the building - talla –thala

*709.a layer- tah- yaedu 

710.fresh- taza- puthusu 

711.father- tat- thanthai 

712.lotus/red - tamaras –thamarai 

*713.copper- tamr- thamira tara- thee uru ; thee- fire; uru- form ; thee- fire .

*715.clapping the hands- tali- thattuthal 

*716.clapping the hands- tada- thattu 

* be locked- tala- adaiththal break in to a house- tala- udaiththal 

*719.pot belly- tund- thonthi 

*720.potbellied- tundil- thonthi ulla 

*721.stammering- tutlai-  thattuthal  

*722.causing to be broken – turai- udaithar 

*723.equal /similar- tulya – oththu ulla 

*724.similarity- tulyata-oththu ullathu 

*725.getting weighed- tulai –edai iduthal ;edai- weight; letters are read more than once. . 

*726.parrot- tuti /tota – thaththai 

727.mature- taiyar- muththuthar 

728.produce- taiyar- padaiththar ; thayari. 

729.prepare- taiyar- seithar 

*730. breaking- tor- udaithar 

731.water- toy- thanni 

*732.a towel- tauliya- thuyil 

*734.shaking- thar thar –athiruthar 

*735.a slap- thappar- thapputhar

* beat a drum- thap- thappu 

737.slap- thap- thappu

*738.bottom- thah –adi 

*739.pillar- thuni – thoon 

*740.sound of spitting/ shame- thu – thoo thoo 

741.rhythmical beating of time with foot -thei thei- adi edu; adi- foot; edu- take.

742.tusk- dant- thantham 

*743.sentenced/ punished- dandit –thandiththidu 

744.punishing- dundan –thandanai 

*745.south- dakkini- thekku 

746.paternal grandfather- dadiya-thanthai yin thaaththa ; thanthai- father; thaaththa-   grandfather.

747.paternal grandfather’s house- dadihal- thanthai yin thaatha udaiya il ; thanthai- father; thaaththa-  grandfather ; il- house. 

*748.swelling- dadora- thadiththar 

*749.adoptive -dattaki- thaththu edukka 

750.given- datt-thanthida 

*751.large tambourine without cymbals- dapu- thappu 

752.door- dar- thirappu 

753.hole- dar- thirappu 

754.poor- dari dra – thiru indri; thiru- wealth; indri- without.

*755.sea/ river- dariya- thirai 

* achieve the impossible – dariya- adaithar / to attain 

757.position/ rank- darja- tharam 

* fell distress- dard –thuyar adaiya ;thuyar- distress; adaiya- to have. 

759.sight- dars- thiriya/ visible

* dalal-  idai all / middle man; idai- middle; aal- person. 

*761.leaf- dal- thazhai 

*762.petal- dal- ithazh 

*763.thick- dal- thadiththu ulla 

764.ten- dah- paththu 

765.burning- dehak- thee iduka/ to burn; thee- fire. 

*766.shaking- dahal- aaduthal 

767.wet nurse- dai- thathi ; uoottu thaai ; uoottu-   fed; thaai- mother. 

* burn- dadh-thee idu; thee- fire.

*769.grain- dana-   thinai/ millet/ grain  

* be given- day- thaa /give 

*771.direction- dik- thikku 

*772.river bank-diyara- thurai  /ford 

773.divinity- divyata- theiva thanmai ; theivam- god; thanmai- nature. 

774.afflicted by grief- duhkhit –thukkam adaiya 

775.sad/ grief- dukhi- thukkam 

*776.bad time- dukal- theeya kaalam  ;theeya- bad; kaalam- time. 

*777.driving away/ by saying dut - dutta- oaattidu 

* duniya- thinai 

*779.distant/ remote - dur- ettaththir 

780.god- devata- thee vadivu /fire form theivam; thee vadivu; letters are read more than once; letters are jumbled; thee- fire; vadivu- form 

*782.demon- dev-theeyavan/ bad person; theeya- bad.

*783.torch- teveti- thee vatti 

*784.goddess- devni- theiva annai ;annai- mother; theiva- divine .

*785.body- deh- thadi 

*786.mother- daiya- thaai 

*787.cradle- dola-  thottil ; thooli .

788.fault- do– thappu des- thinai 

*790.running- daur- oaaduthar 

* run- dha- oaadu 

* strike- dhakka- thaakku 

*793.impact- dhakka- thaakkam 

*794.pushing and shoving -dhakka- idikka / to push 

* beat fast/ heart/ palpitation - dhak dhak- takku takk nnu  thudikka 

*796.body- dhar- udar knock at- dhar- thattuthar ;idiththar .

* weigh- dhara- edai iduthar; edai- weight; letters are read more than once.

*799.vice- dhat- theethu 

*800.act of driving away- dhata- oaattidu 

*801.loud sound- dham- dum 

802.wearing- dhar- uduththuthar 

* dhar- tharai 

*804.placing- dharai –iduthar 

*805.assault- dhar- adiththar 

806.a swing- dhaga- aaduka/ to swing 

*807.flow- dhar- oaaduthar 

* sharpen- dhar- theettuthar 

* away- dhavit- oaadi vida ; oadu- run . 

*810.river- dhuni- thanni /water 

*811. shaken- dhut- aadida 

* -dhenu – thinai 

813.deceit- dhoka- yaeththiduka 

814.nail- nakh – nakam 

815.reed- nar- naanar 

816.reed- nal- naanal 

817.gain- nafa- payan; letters are in reversed order. nar- oru aan ; letters are in reversed order;   oru-  one; aan- man . pipe- nali/ nala – naalaa 

820.drama- natika- naatakam

821.master/ husband- nath- aandai /ruler 

822.bread- nan- uoon / food 

823.maternal grandmother- nani- annai yin annai / mother’s mother; annai- mother.

824.woman- nari- naari 

825.water channel- nala- nalaa

826.boat-nav- naavaai 

827.bamboo- nigali- moonkkil 

828.look/ glance- nigah- noakku 

829.resting place- nilai –nilaiyam 

830.water- nir- neer 

831.cooked- pakka- aakku / to cook cook- pakana- aakkanum 

833.ripeness- pakai- kaniya 

834.side- paks- pakkam 

835.cloth/ garment—pat- patti ;  padaam ; puttam .

*836.flat- pat- pattai 

837.document- pat- yaedu ; patta; pattayam .

* close the door- pat- poottu beat/ as rain – patpatana – pata pata ena 

840.strip - pati- pattai 

*841.village/ town- patt- patti 

*842.woven silk- patt –pattu 

843.headman of the village- pattikila-  patti kizhan ; patti- village; kizhaan- leader. 

*844.flat bottomed boat- patella- pathalai ; pattai yaai adi ulla punai ; pattai-= flat; punai- boat; adi- bottom; ulla- has. 

*845.deed- patta- patta 

*846.strap- patta –patti 

847.ear ring- patta- thoadu 

*848.blade- patta- patta 

*849.division of cultivable land into stripes- patta- paaththi 

850.reader- pathak -padikka/ to read 

* be read- pathya- padiththidu 

* pathit- padiththidu 

*853.examining/ review/check/ to test - partal- paarththal  

854.vulva- patna- pundai ; letters are jumbled. 

855.wife- patni- pondaatti; letters are jumbled.

856.track- pata- adi thadam ; paattai .; paathai .

*857.port city- pattan- pattinam 

858.foot- pad- paatham; adi. 

*859.poetry- padya- paattu /song 

*860.small rowing boat- pan- punai 

861.journey- payanak- payanikka/ to travel; payanam- travel.

*862.foreign- par- purani ; pura . 

863.a wall around a town – par kota- koattai puram ; koattai-fort ; puram- town .

*864.inspection/ test- parakh/pariksa- paarkka 

865.paternal great grandfather-pardada- thanthai yin /thaathai yin /aththaa vin periya thaaththa ;   letters are jumbled; letters are read more than once ;thanthai- father; periya- big/ great ;thaaththa- grandfather.

866.paternal great grandmother- pardadi- thathai yin periya   paatti / aaththaa  ;thathai- aththa/ father; periya- grand;  paatti- grandmother. 

867.maternal great grandfather -parnana -annai yin   periya  mooppan  ; letters are   jumbled; letters are read more than once; annai- mother; periya – great; mooppan-  elder. 

868.maternal great grandmother -parnani –annai yin periya naani ; letters are jumbled; letters are read more than once; annai- mother; naani- annai yin annai / maternal grandmother .

869.great granddaughter- par poti – periya peyarththi ; letters are jumbled; periya- great; peyarththi- granddaughter. 

870.great grandson- parpota-  peyar udaiya  periya paeran ;  letters are jumbled; periya- big; paeran- grandson; peyar - name; udaiya- has .

* flee- para- para/ fly 

872.laterpar- appuram; pinnaar.

873.highest- param- perum uyaram ;perum- great; uyaram- height. 

875.bird- parinda- parantha/ flown  

876.a story incorporated in another -pari katha- pura   kathai ; kathai-  story ;pura- sub .

877.called/ named- pari kyat- peyarai koovidu ; peyar- name; koovidu- call. 

878.fairy e- pari- paei uru ; paei- ghost; uru- form. 

879.pure state/ quite cleansed - pari suddh- periya thooimai ; periya- great ;thooimai- cleanliness / purity. 

880.beyond- pare- appaar 

881.dove- parevu- puraa pollute- palid- puzhithi adaiya lizard- palli- palli 

884.clothes- phanai –punai 

885.rock- phar- paarai 

886.faeces-pa- pei 

887.syrup- pag-- paaku 

888.side- pakha- pakkam study- path- padi ; root word is oaathu /recite 

890.lesson- path- paadam

891.text book-pathya- paada yaedu; yaedu- book; paadam- lesson . 

892.quarter of a stanza- pad- paththi 

893.breaking wind- pad- poaida/ passed 

*894.far side- par- appura

*895.father-papa- appa 

*896.a ball- pind- panthu 

897.ball of meal- pind- undai 

898.become pregnant- pind- undaayida 

899.father- pita-peththa  thanthai ; peththa- begotten ;thanthai- father.

900.paternal grandfatherpitamah- [ pitha makan] - thanthai  yaei peththa / padaiththa  mooththa  thakappan  ;  letters are jumbled; thanthai- father; peththa- begot ;thakappan- father; padaiththa- created; mooththa- elder  .

901.paternal grandmother- pitamahi- [ pitha maka ]   thanthai yaei  peththa / padaiththa  mooththa  movu-vai  / father’s mother;  letters are jumbled; letters are read more than once; thanthai- father;  movu-vai  mother;  ka= va; va- ka ; peththa- begot; mooththa- elder .

*902.bile -pitt – piththa

903.dear- piya- anpae 

*904.venerable old man- pir- periyoar 

*905.rump- puttha- puttam; root word is pudaiththa/ bulging 

*906.large village-pura- puram 

907.bridge- pul –paala separate- prthak- priththiduka 

* peti- petti 

*910.small box- petika- pettakam 

911.belly- peta- iduppu; letters are in reversed order; idai/ waist.

912.belt- peti- iduppu pattai; pattai- strip; ottiyaanam / for female 

913.take of the belt- peti- iduppu pattai yaei edu; letters are read more than once; edu- take off. 

914.having a stomach- petu- paththu/ stomach; soaththu   pei / rice bag  ; letters are jumbled  ; saatham -  cooked rice/ food; paei- bag .

915.walking on foot- paidal – nadai poaduthal 

*916.produced- paida- padaiththathu 

*917.create- paida- padai 

918.born- paida- peththidu /to beget 

*919.bundle- pot- pothi 

*920.young of an animal/young children - pota- podi ; podisu .

*921.gate of the town- pol- puzhai 

922.displayed/ revealed- pra katata- piriththu kaattu; letters are jumbled; piri- open; kaattu- show. 

923.loud sound- pra nad- periya naatham; periya- big; naatham- sound.

924.obstacle- pratyuh- periya thadai; periya- big; thadai- obstacle. 

925.first/ primary- pratham – muthar ; letters are in reversed order. 

*926.famous- prathit- periya paeru udaiya ; periya- big; paeru- name; udaiya- has. 

927.made wide and broad- prathit- parantha 

*928.splitting- pra dar- pirithar 

929.province- pra desh-    periya thinai; periya naadu ;periya- big; thinai- land; naadu- state .

930.fault/ sin- pra dos- periya thappu ; periya- big; thappu- fault. 

*931.chief/ leader- pra muk-peru makan ; peru- great 

932.disaster/dissolution of the world at the end of kalpa- pra lay-  perum uoozhi ; perum- big; uoozhi- deluge .

*933.chief/ important personage- pra var- periyavar /elder

934.technique- pra vidhi-  puriyim viththai -puriya- to do; viththai- technique .

935.hero- pra vir- poar  veerar / warrior ; poar- war ;veerar- warrior ; perum verar ; perum- great.

936.fame / glory- pra samsa- perum uchcham ; perum- grat ;uchcham- fame. 

937.province- prant- perunthinai ; p.eriya- big; thinai/ duniya- area/land /state. creature- pirani- uyir inam 

939.looking at- preksa- paarkka prem- eeram 

*941.grown up/ adult- parudha- perithaayida 

*942.sifting/ winnowing- phatkan- pudaikkanum  /to sift be torn- phatna- peintha ; letters are jumbled. 

944.division- fariq- pirivu; ka= va; va= ka. 

*945.board- phalak –palakai 

*946.blade of a sword- phal- pal 

947.gain- pha- payan 

*948.production of results- phalna - palan 

949.door- phalsa- puzhai / opening/ gate 

950.having produced fruit- phalit-  pazhuththathu/ripen  ; pazham ullathu; ullathu- has; pazham- fruit. 

*951.having fruit- phali- pazham ulla; pazham- fruit; ulla- has. 

952.benefit- fayda- payan udaiya; udaiya- has; payan- use. 

*953.split- phar- piriya

*954.split of – phal- pila 

955.suitable/ fitting- phit- oththa 

*956.separation- firaq- pirikai 

957.single/ solitary/ lone - phuttail- oththai yil 

958.boy’s penis- phunni- sunni 

*959.bursting open- phut- pottida act- fel- seyal

*961.eruption on the skin- phora- pori 

*962.tied/ bound- band- pinaiththidu/ bind  

*963.tie- bandh –pinaiththidu 

964.a goat- bakri- karumai 

* go- bag – poaka 

966.armpit- bagl- kai kuzhi ;akkul; ka- arm; kuzhi- pit. 

967.large/ big /elder - barka- - perisaaka 

*968.big- bara- periya 

*969.great- bara- periya 

*970.senior- bara- periyoar 

*971.increase- barhat- perukida ; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as  ‘a’.

*972.increase – barhav- perukkavae 

*973.increasing- barhai – peruka

*974.swelling caused by wind or liquid- batauri – pudaiththar /to swell

*975.decoration- banak- punaika 

* be made- banna – pannu/ make 

* decorate- banav- punaivu 

978.synthetic-banavti- panniyathu banij- panniyam 

*980.merchant- baniya- panniyan 

*981.wind/ storm-bayari-  puyar 

982.blessing/ abundance- barkat- perukida 

*983.rope- barha/ barra- puri 

984.sister/ term addressed to woman- bahna- pennae 

*985.outside- bahir- puram 

*986.sea- bahr- paari; parappu; paru ;  paeru  .

*987.weaving- banu-pinnu/ knit 

*988.child- bal- pillai 

989.a girl- bala-penn pillai ; penn-  female; pillai- child. 

990.daughter- bitiya- peththa penn ; peththa-  beget  pottai   /female

991.son- beta- peththa aan ;aan- male; peththidu- to beget. 

*992.of mature age/to reach adolescence- - balig- aalaka

*993.taking leave /to die - bida- poaeida 

*994.bedding- bistar – paduththar/ lying down; paai iduthar; paai- mat; iduthar- make. 

* plait- bunna- pinnu 

996.elder sister- bubu – paappa 

*997.piercing- bedh- poththida 

*998.piercing- bedhak- poththiduka 

*999.body- boti- pothi ; puthai . 

1000.billy goat- botu- aadu/ sheep 

1001.young camel- botu –ottai / camel; podi ottai‘;  podi /small/ young. 

1002.speech- bol - sollu 

1003.sound- bol – oli 

1004.language- bol – sollu 

*1005.divided- bhakt- pakuththathu 

*1006.division- bhakti – pakuthi 

*1007.sharing- bhagi- paku 

1008.share/ divide - bhag- pankku 

* angle- bhag- paakai 

1010.human skull- bagal- enpu kalam; enpu- bone; kalm- vessel.

*1011.war-bharath -poar idu/ to wage a war; poar- war. 

*1012.speaking- bhasi- paesu /speak 

*1013.spoken- bhasit- pasiyathu 

*1014.speech- bhasa- paechchu 

*1015. fear- bhiti- peethi 

* bhuvi- puvi bhu- punn

1018.hungry- bhukka- pasikka 

*1019.kettle drum- bheri – parai/ a kind of drum.

1020.stupid - bhomta- moodan 

*1021.stupid- mandu- mandu; mathi eenan / letters are jumbled. 

1022.slow / sluggish- mand- mantha

*1023. precious stone- mani- mani 

1024.title of goddess Parvathi- Mangala- Kaali Amman; letters are jumbled. 

1025.glad event / marriage - mangal- mana vizha; ka= va; va= ka. 

1026.planet Mars- mangal- sem munn koal ; sem munn- red soil ; semmai- red; munn- soil ; koal-  planet .

1027.Tuesday- mangal-  sem munn  kolaukkaana kizhamai ; kizhami-0 day ; koal- planet ; sem munn- red soil.

*1028.pitcher- mangal- munn kalam /earthen vessel; munn- soil; kalam- vessel. 

1029.marriage thread worn by bride- mangal-   mana kazhi/ mana kaazh  ; manam- marriage ; kazhi/ kaazh - thread ;  mangal- mana koala nool / ani kalan / mana naal nool / ani kalan ; mana vizha ani kalan ; manam- marriage; vbizha- celebration; koalam- appearance; naal- day  ;ani kalan-   ornament; nool-  thread; letters are read more than once.  

1030.maize- makaa- makkaa cholam 

*1031.a small mug- matakna- mat kinni 

*1032.mud house- matkotha- mat kudi ; kudi- house; mann- caly . 

1033.earthen pot- matki- matkuda; letters are read more than once. 

1034.clay soil- matiyar- mat tharai/ clay floor; tharai- floor. 

1035.mind- mathi- manathu 

1036.churning stick- mathni – maththu madad- muttu thaa /to support; muttu- support; thaa- give. 

*1038.mind- man- mana

*1039.dying /death- mar- maraiya / disappear 

*1040.death- marg- maraika /to disappear; maraika becomes maerkku west. of the southern end of western ghats – malay –malai / mountain; Malabar= malai puram.

*1042.jasmine- mallika-mallikai 

*1043.wrestler- mall- mallan 

* masi –maei  

*1045.mother- mahtari- maa thiru 

1046.woman- mahila- penn makal 

*1047. bud - malati- mulaiththida 

mother- mam- amma 

*1048.mother- mata- moo thaai/ great mother; thaai- mother. 

*1049.maternal uncle- mama- maama; maaman .

* die- mati – madi 

1051.body /dead body- mati- muttai / body ; mattai- dead body .

*1052.kind of drum- madal- maththalam; root word is moththuthal/ to beat.

*1053.honour/ respect/ pride- man- maanam 

*1054.honour/ respect- manit- maanam udaiya; maanam- respect; udaiya- has. 

1055.moon light- malati- mathi oli ; letters are jumbled; mathi- moon; oli-  ligh t; maalai mathai /evening  moon;   letters are jumbled; maalai-   evening; mathi-  moon. 

*1056.bud - malati- mulaiththida 

*1057.a kiss- mitthi/ mittha- - muththam 

1058.leader/ chief- mir- mannar / king 

*1059.a fish/ Pisces - min – meen 

1060.tall tower-minar- maanam uyara ; maanam- sky; uyara- raise .

1061.shaven head- mund- mottai mandai ; letters are read more than once; mottai- tonsure; mandai- head. 

* mukut- makudam ; root word is mukadu- peak. 

*1063.bud/ blossom- mukul – mukulam; mukizh.

*1064.face- mukh- mukam

*1065.front- mukh-mukappu  

1066.moustached- muchandar- meesai undaathar / growth of moustache; meesi- moustache; undaathar- developing.  

*1067.fist- muth/ mutthi—mutti 

1068.want to urinate- mutas- mutta / protruding/ bladder 

1069.good fortune- mu baraki- perukkam ; letters are jumbled. 

*1070.saint- muni- muni 

* be broken/ snapped- murak- murikka 

*1072.twist- murak-murukku  

*1073.shutting/ fastening- mumd- moodu 

1074.bundle- mutha- moottai 

*1075.root/ original/ origin - mul –mulai 

*1076.original language- mol- moola mozhi ; moolam/ original; mozhi- language ; letters are read more than once. 

*1076.radish- mulak- mullankki 

*1077.corner- mula- moolai 

1078.dead- mrt/ mrytu- maraintha / disappear 

*1079.stomach- meda- moadu 

*1080.intelligence- medha- mathi megh- mukizh 

1082.fine flour- maida- idiththa maa ; idaiththa- pounded; maa- flour; letters are in reversed order. 

*1083.inferior in quality- mota- mattam 

1084.thick- mota- moththamaa ;thadimai ; letters are   in reversed order.  

*1085.stupid- mota- madamai 

*1086.pearls- motiya/ moti – muththu 

*1087.pearl of speech – moti- muththu muththaa 

*1088.tears-moti- muththu- tear drops /allegory 

1089.peacock- mor- mayil ; la= Ra; Ra= la. 

*1090.enchanting- mohak- mayakka 

*1091.silent- maun- ‘umm’ ena 

*1092.fame- yas- uchcham 

*1093.combined/ joined/ united- yukt- koottiya 

1094.fight- yuddh- adu 

*1095.joined- yojit- saeththidu/ to join 

1096.protecting- raksak- uyir kaaka  ;uyir- life; kaaka- to protect .

1097.rejected- radd- maruththida 

1098.chariot- rath – thaer; letters are in reversed order. 

1099.juice- ras- saaru; letters are in reversed order. 

*1100.divine mercy- rahmat- erakkam udaiya ; letter ‘h’ is read ad ‘k’  ;erakkam- mercy. 

1101.merciful- Rahman- erukkamaana 

*1102.king- raj- arasan 

*1103.kingdom- raj- arasu 

1104.title of king- rana- arasan ; raayan .

*1105.night- rati- eruttu/ dark 

1106.form- rup- uru 

*1107.risen- rurh- yaeru 

*1108.mounted- rurh-yaeru

*1108.soul- ruh- uyir

1109.body hair/ animal hair/ wool- royam- mayir; letters are in reversed order. latth- neela thadi ; neelam- long; thadi- stick

*1111.not/ without- la- illai 

*1112.killing- vadh- vathai; kaathu; ka= va; va= ka. 

*1113.rolled- varit- uruttu /to roll 

*1114.bracelet- valay- valayal 

*1115.encircled- valayit- valaiththidu / to encircle. 

1116.curved- valit- valaintha 

* vahati- voadai 

*1118.river channel- vadi- voadai/ stream  

*1119.speech- vak- vaakku 

*1120.heir- varis- vuriyoar / those who has the rights.

*1121.farewell- vidai- vidai thaa 

* break/ heart- vidar- udaithar / breaking 

*1123.knowledge- vidya- viththai ; root word is viththu /   vithai .

* pierce- vidha- voattai idu /to makea hole; voattai- hole; idu- make . 

1125.learned- vidvan-   viththai udaiyoan ; udaiyoan- one who has. 

*1126.form/ type-vidha-vadivam ; vitham. 

*1127.manner/ method / rule / law- vidhi- vithi 

*1128.remover of obstacles- Vinayak- vinai neekki ;neekku- remove; vinai- action .

1129.road- vidhi- veethi ; Kadavu; ka= va; va= ka. 

1130.brave- vir- veeru 

*1131.courage-virata-  veeru udaiya ; udaiya- has .

1132.success- uruddhi- vettri; letters are jumbled. 

*1133.increased- uruddhi- yaerida 

*1134.speed- veg- vaekam 

*1135.piercing /for wearing jewels- - vedhak- voattai iduka/ to make hole; voattai- hole; iduka- make. 

*1136.pain-vedena- vaethanai 

*1137.time/ period- vela- vaelai omen- sagun- kanippu 

1139.astrologer- saguniya-kaniyan 

1140.enemy-satru –ethiri 

1141.a song- sabd- paattu 

1142.lying down/ sleeping - sayan- saayanum/ to repose

1143.body- sarir- uru /alcohol- sarab- saarayam; root word is saaru/ juice.

*1145.urban/ municipal/ town -sahri- saeri vegetables- sak- pachchai- k-kaai ; pachchai- green; kaai- vegetable. 

1147.a poet/ poetry - sayr- seer/ metre in poetry 

1148.leopard- sardul- siruththai puli 

*1149.shawl- sal- seelai 

*1150.type of rice – sal- sal / paddy 

*1151.body of language-/ scriptures -sastra- sooththiram 

1152.versed in sastra- satri- sooththiran 

1153.complaint- sakayat –kuththam 

*1154.crest- sikhand- kondai 

*1155.peak/ summit- sikhar- sikaram; kari uchchi ;  letters are jumbled; kar- mountain/tone; uchchi-  top. 

*1156.penis- sisn- sunni ; sisunam .

1157.infant- sisu- saei 

1158.milk- sir- surappu /secretion 

*1159.juice- sira- saaru 

1160.pure- suddh- thooimai 

1161.devi/ evil person - seitan- theeyoan  

1162.mourning- soki –soaka 

1163.piercing- saukat- kuththu 

1164.dark/ black- syam- mai 

*1165.prosperity /wealth- sri- seer 

1166.coming together/ joining – sang- onnaaku / to become one 

*1167.counting- sankhya-ennuka sangat- onnaa koodiya  koottam ; onna- together; koodiya- assembled; koottam-  group 

1169.sexual intercourse- san gat- onnaa koodu ; onna- together; koodu- to join. 

1170.come together/ joining together- san gat- onnaakidu / to become one.

1171.friend- sani gatiya- onnaa koodiyoan 

1172.drama/ song with music/ dancing- san git- kathai  paattu paadi kooththaadi nadikka ; letters are jumbled;  kathai- story ; paattu-  song; paadu- sing; kooththaadu- to dance; nadikka- to act. 

*1173.union- sandhi- saenthidu / to join; onnaayidu /to become one.

*1174.evening- sandhi- santhi; root word is santhippu / meeting. 

1175.established doctrine- sam pra day- maarpu padi ; letters are jumbled. join/ connect- sam bandh –pinaiththidanum / to bind; letters are jumbled. 

1177.region- sam bhag-paakkam; letters are jumbled. 

1178.doubting- sam sayalu-iyam ulla ; iyam- doubt ; ulla- has.

1179.bad/ vile- sa kat- kettathu 

1180.distress- saket- kaedu 

1181.early morning- sa kal- kizhakku  velukkum kaalai  vaelai ; ka= va; va= ka; kizhakku- east; velukka- to become white; vaelai-  time; kaalai- morning . 

1182.belonging to the same family – sa kul – kulam onnae ; kulam- family; onnae- one. 

1183.violence/ severity - sakhti ; kadumai; kodiya .

1184.hard/ stiff/ strong - sakht- ketti/ kaattam 

*1185.grievous- sakht- soakththoadu 

1186.difficult- sakht-kadinam 

1187.of the same gotra- sa gotra- oththa koottaththaar; oththa- similar; letters are read more than once;  koottaththaar- group of people. join together- satna- saethidanum/ to join; saenthidu /to join; letters are jumbled. satti- santhai 

1190.pillar- satun- thoon 

*1191.destroyed- satura- saetham ura 

1192.sound- sada- saththam; oaasai udaiya ;oaasai- sound; udaiya- has. 

* be made- sadhna- seithidanum 

1194.fruitful -sa phal –pazham unripe - sabez- pachchai /green 

1196.time- samay- mani 

1197.lake/ pool- sar – yaeri 

1198.Goddess of language- sarasvati -  urai   yaadu / to speak. 

1199.river- saravati- neer voadai ;neer- water; voadai- stream .

1200.whole/ entire- sarv- aravae / entire/ leaving nothing /wellbeing-/ health – salamati—nalamoadu / with health; nalam- helath; udaiya- has.

*1202.frightful / to be feared- sahm- achcham 

*1203.sound- sahi- oaasai 

1204.breathing- sams- moochchu 

1205.master/ lord- saim – yesamaan 

1206.before/ Infront- samne- munnai 

*1207.essence/ substance- sar – saaru 

*1208.river- Sindhu- sinthu/ drop/ sprinkle 

1209.Sinhalese language- simhali- mozhi 

1210.blowing the nose- sinak- sinthuka 

* sleep- sukh- saaika / repose make dry- sukhana –kaayanum /to become dry 

1213.carpenter- suder- thachchar; letters are jumbled. 

*1214.needle- sui- uoosi 

1215.thread/ cord /string- sutra- saradu ; letters are jumbled. 

1216.prosperous merchant- seth- Chetti/ trader /trading community; yetti ; Saettu . sainya -ani 

1218.spring- sota- uooththu thala thinai 

1221.level/ grade- star- thara

*1222.tasted- svadit- suvaiththathu /tasted 

*1223.tasty- svadak- suvaiththiduka/ to taste 

*1224.tasty-svadal- suvaiththal/ tasting hatti- kadai ; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ . 

*1226.plough- har- yaeru 

*1227.ploughing- harai- yaeru 

*1228.ploughing- harati- yaeru oaattu where ploughing is done- haratar- yaeru oattuthar /to plough 

*1230.plough- hal- uzhu 

*1231.killed- halak- azhikka 

*1232.yes- ham- aam cry- hav- koova 

1234.hiccup- hikka- vikka ; ka= va; va= ka. 

1235.smoking tobacco through water- huqqa –pukaikka /to smoke 

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