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List of Tamil words in Hittite language

List of Tamil words in Hittite language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


List of Tamil words in Hittite language 


            Dr. Variankaval Ramsamy Annadurai; MD; DPM;   


Hittite (natively nesili / "the language of Nesa", or nesumnili / "the language of the people of Nesa"), also known as Nesite (Nesite / Neshite, Nessite), was an Indo-European language that was spoken by the Hittites, a people of Bronze Age Anatolia who created an empire centred on Hattusa, as well as parts of the northern Levant and Upper Mesopotamia. The language, now long extinct, is attested in cuneiform, in records dating from the 17th (Anitta text) to the 13th centuries BCE, with isolated Hittite loanwords and numerous personal names appearing in an Old Assyrian context from as early as the 20th century BCE, making it the earliest-attested of the Indo-European languages.

By the Late Bronze Age, Hittite had started losing ground to its close relative Luwian. It appears that in the 13th century BCE, Luwian was the most-widely spoken language in the Hittite capital, Hattusa. After the collapse of the Hittite New Kingdom during the more general Late Bronze Age collapse, Luwian emerged in the Early Iron Age as the main language of the so-called Syro-Hittite states, in southwestern Anatolia and northern Syria.

Hittite is the modern scholarly name for the language, based on the identification of the Hatti (?atti) kingdom with the Biblical Hittites (Biblical Hebrew: *????? ?ittim), although that name appears to have been applied incorrectly: The terms Hattian and Hattic refer respectively to the indigenous people who preceded them and to their non-Indo-European Hattic language.

In multilingual texts found in Hittite locations, passages written in Hittite are preceded by the adverb nesili (or nasili, nisili), "in the [speech] of Nesa (Kanes)", an important city during the early stages of the Hittite Old Kingdom. In one case, the label is Kanisumnili, "in the [speech] of the people of Kanes".

Although the Hittite New Kingdom had people from many diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, the Hittite language was used in most secular written texts. In spite of various arguments over the appropriateness of the term, Hittite remains the most current term because of convention and the strength of association with the Biblical Hittites. The endonymic term nesili, and its Anglicized variants (Nesite, Nessite, Neshite), have never caught on.



 Clues to read Hittite words into Tamil; 

Letter 'k'= 'v'; 'v' = 'k'. 

Add vowels then and there. 

Add letter 'm' and letter 'n' then and there. 

 Letter 'p' and letter 's' can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged.

 A letter can be read more than once.

If a letter occurs consecutively more than once the letter has to be read only   once.



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 2. Hittite Vocabulary - By David Michael Weeks -- University of California, Los Angeles 

3.An Etymological Dictionary of the Hittite Inherited Lexicon 

4.Hittite etymological Dictionary -Jaan Puhvel- words beginning with A, E,I,H, K, L,M,N and PE.

5. The Hittite Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago - volumes L,N, P and S. 

English- Hittite words - Tamil 

*1.hostile action- pahheski- pakai/ hostility 

 *2.hateful- pukk- pakai/ hate 

 *3.spring/ fountain- wattaru- uoottru 

* go- pa- poa 

 * come- uwa- vaa 

*6.behind- appan- pin  

7.after- appan- pinn

* go behind- appan pai- pinnae poa  

*9.behind- / backwards- appanda- pinnanda  

*10.walk behind- appanj tiya- pinnadiyae adi edu  ;adi edu -walk  ;adi- foot; edu- take; pinnaadi- behind. follow /to go after- appanda pai - pinnanda poa /to go behind  

* go in font of / opposite - menahhanda- munnaanda poa ; munnadi- front.

13.go behind- appant- pinnaadiyae poa ; pinnaadi- behind.

*14.go quickly- kattan p- kada kada nnu poa 

*15.go with- katta[ n] p-   kooda poa ; kooda- with; poa- go.

* go- katta [n] - yaekidu 

* go to house- kattant- kudiyaanda poa ; kudi- house; poa- go; veettaanda poa; ka= va; va= ka; veedu- house.

18.go back- pai appap-  pinnae poa; letters are jumbled;  ; pinnae- back.

*19.going- pitteya wwara - poaeittu vara ; poaida- to go; vara- to come .

*20.before/ opposite- menahhanda-  munndaanda ; munnaadi .

*21.after/ later- aparai- appuram 

22.angry- sanza- sinam 

* climb  up- sara pai- yaeri poa ; yaeru- to climb . go up- park - yaeruka 

* climb- up- ark- yaeruka go down- kattanda pai- to go near; kittae- near/ close.  keezhaanda poa/ to go down; keezh- down. go out- para pai- puram poa / to go outside 

* be destroyed- katta pia- kettu poai   /destroyed

* be lost- katta pai- kaanaathu poa 

*30. give- piya- paya pitta- itti call- palahh- azhai cry out- palwai - azhuvu/ weep; uoolai vai/ howl; oalam vai  /wail . 

34.ram- udu sir-   semmari aadu ;  words are misplaced.

*35.ox- gud - kedaa/bull  ;  kottiyam/ bull  ; kuththam / bull 

*36.bull- gudmah - kottiyam 

* take-  da- edu 

* put- dai- idu 

39.air/ breath-  para- uyir; piraanan [?Skt] ;air. 

* step-  tiya- adi edu/ take a step; adi- step; edu- take ; letter is read more than once.  

* grow- park- perukka; perusaaka . raise- park- uyaruka become tall-  parkuess- uyaramaku 

*44.remove- park - pirikka  ;  peyarkka 

45.*to disentangle- partai- piriththidu 

*46.a type of cloth/garment - partuitta- paruththi aadi/ udai ; paruththi- cotton; udai/ aadai- clothe.

*47.foot- pata - paatham; adi .

*48.foot- padumma- paatham 

49.sole of the foot- patalha- paatha adi thole; paatham /adi- foot; thole-  skin/sole . dig- pidda- thoandu 

* fetter- patalhai- poottuthal; pinaiththal ;   thalai iduthal; letters are read more than once. . tie feet/ fetter- patalliya-   paathaththai pinaiththal ;patham-  foot; pinaiththal- to tie; thalai iduthal  . 

* tie onputaliyae- piniththal ; pidiththal .

*54.offering- padushi- padai 

*55.offering- paddusriya- padaiththar piyatar- padaiththar ;thara /give ;tharuthar / giving ; letters are read more than once. send- peiye- anuppu send- nai- anuppu 

*59.arrive- tiyazi- adaiya 

60.a herb- pililisa- pachchilai  ;letters are jumbled; pachchai- green; ilai- leaf. 

61.justice- pendihi- neethi ;thandanai /punishment   ;letters are jumbled 

62.presents/ gift- pippessar- parisu; letters are jumbled.

* / temple - per- purai 

* parn-  puraiyan 

* purulli-  puraim ul 

* name- pipita-  patti / village

* place- dai- idu erect- tittanu- naattu ; letters are in reversed order. 

69.arrive- ar- saera run- piddai- oaadidu ; oadi poaeidu ; letters are jumbled. flee from before - piddai ; oaattam pidi / flee   ;thappiththu oadu/ escape; letters are jumbled. 

*72.flee before- watku-  voadiduka /run away  

73.jump away - watku - thavuka/ jump ; letters are jumbled. flee before- pars-  para / to flee fly- piddai- paainthidu 

* run /race- piddai ; oaatta  poatti; letters are jumbled;  oatta  panthayam/ running race   ; panthayam/ poatti - race; oaattam- running .

*77.rock- peru - paarai 

*78.delivering - pe/ iskattalla-koduththal; poai koduththal 

79.deliverer- pe/ iskattalla- poai  koduththidum aal; koduththidu- deliver; aal- person 

*80.location peda- pudai 

81.river- id- thuni; nathi; oadai /stream. pay- piddai - peithidu /give 

*83.render- piddai- oppadai 

84.elope with a woman- pittinu  -pennoadu  oaadi poaeida; letters are jumbled;   penn-   girl; oaadi poaeida - run away 

*85.gate- puhla- puzhai  

86. important festival- purulli-peru naal; peru- big/ great ;nal- day. 

*87.ruin- pupulli- paazh

 88.lump- puti- pudaippu /swelling 

* swell /fermented dough- putkiya- uppiduka   

* swell/ boil /tumor- putkiya- pudaikka 

91. penis- lalu- poolu  

* shine/ glisten - lalukke- elku ; jolikka; pala palakka . glow- lapp- azhalu 

94.loosing- latar- izhanthiduthar fell- lilak-  keezhae vizha ; letters  are in reversed order; ka= va; va= ka; keezhae- down ;veezha- to fall. 

*96.light- luha- oli 

* close- istap- saaththu vanish- ma- maayam 

*99.epithet of the goddess- mahit -  moothaai ; mooththa-  elder; thaai- mother; maatha 

*100.approach- tiya- adu 

* reject/ refuse- markiya- marukka 

*102. mild/ gentle- minu- men 

*103.much/ greatly - mekk- mikka 

104.large numbers- mekki - mikka ennikkai ; ennikkai- numbers. 

105.honey- milit -malai thaen ; malai  - mountain ;thaen- honey .

* say /speak- te- oaathu tie / with red wool- mitai- mudi idu /to tie 

*108.unite- nai-inai 

109.cradle- niniyall-  yaeniyil /in the cradle ; yaenai- cradle .

*110.remove- ninink- neekku 

*111.drenching - ninga- nanaikka quench one's thirst- nink- - naakkai naniakka   ;naakku- tougue; nanaikka- to make wet . nepis- napam  

*114.arise- arai- yaeru 

*115. to eat up- ed- thuei  /eat call up- kalliss- azhaikka ; letters are in reversed order. drag up- saliya- izhu /to drag 

* put in- takku- iduka  

119.covered- tiya- moodiya be completed- tiya- mudi 

* bring- uda- attu 

122. the kings- sarrena - arasan  /king; letters are jumbled .

123.attribute to the goddess- mutursi-  mudi arasi  /crowned queen ; mudi- crown ;arasi- queen .

 *124.aganni- / bowl - kinni 

 *125.vessel- kulli- kalam 

*126.bowl- utul- yaethal 

*127.bowl- kappi- koappai / cup 

 *128.urine- sehur- siru neer  ;neer- water; sirumai- lowness. push from behind- appanda- pinnaadi unthu/ to push behind ; pinnadi- behind; unthu- push . 

*130.a city- sara- seari /village/ city 

131.container- gudu -kudam/ pot ; koodu- case ; kuduvai ; ka= va; va= ka. 

132.bull- gud mah - kada maa/ wild cow seal- sutai -adai 

134.plug up- sutai- adai 

*135.brains- mal- moolai/ brain 

*136.spittle- issalli- echchil die- ak-  saakai ; maaika .

138.death- akkatar- kann adaithar ; kann-  eye; adaiththar / to close.

139.container of water- akutalla-kudi   thanni  kalam-  container for drinking water  ;  kudi- drink thanni- water  ;kalam- vessel  ;letters are jumbled. 

*140.mother- anna - annai 

141. motherhood- anniiatar- annaiyin idaththir/ in the place of mother  ; annai- mother; idaththir- place 

*142.thus- apati- appadiyae 

 143.right/ properly - ara- sari ; muraiyaa .

* mount /copulate - ark- yaeruka cover- ark- maraikka  

* cut off - ark- arukka /to cut  ;murikka/ to cut/ break.

147.divide- ark- pirikka 

*148.perforates- hattai  - oaattai idu /to perforate  ;oaattai- hole; idu- make. 

* saw- ardu- aruththidu 

* saw- aruduuar - aruththar 

* saw- ardala- aruththal 

*152.high- aru- uyarae

153.father- atta -thanthai ;thathai; aththa ; dady 

154.watchman /guard- uskis kattalla- kaaval kaaththidum aal ; ; ka= va; va= ka; letters are jumbled; kaaththida- to guard/ protect ; aal-   person ;kaaval- protection .

*155.drinker- akuttara- kudaiyar  ; kudikkaaran 

* ekku-kokku ;  koanam. 

* feed- edrijea - uoottuthar

* bow down - kanen iiea- kuniya offer- haink- kaanikkai /offering ; letter 'h' is read as 'k' and not as 'a'. 

161.corral /horses - hali- laayam 

162.clay- halina- kali munn; kali - clay ;munn- soil   ;letter 'h' is read as 'k' and not as 'a'. 

*163.forehead- hant- neththi 

* happira- paer uoor/ city ; periya- big; uoor- village . 

* grind- harr- -arai 

166.bone- hasti- asthi ;  enpu sattam  ;enpu-   bone; sattam- frame .

*167.smite- hatalai- adiththal 

*168.bolt/ lock- hattalu- - thaal ; thali du /to lock ; thaalppa

* shut / close- hatk- adaikka 

*170.prick- hattara-  theiththar 

* write- hatrae- theettuthar order- hatrae-aanai iduthar ; aanai- order; iduthar- make. 

173.of the moon- hila- al / moon 

174.of the sun- hila -el / sun ; root word is oli- light. pluck- huetti- aainthidu 

176.truly/ indeed - imma - unmaiyaa 

177.indeed- immakku- unmaiyaaka

* do / make- iss- sei 

179.master/ lord- isha- yesamaan 

180.lady/ mistress- isha- yesamaani 

* tear/ split- iskali- kizhi 

* cut- karisiiea- keeru 

 * cut- kuer- keeru 

* cut off- karate- keeridu /to cut smear/ anoint- iskiiea- poosuka 

*186.smear-ap- appu spread- ispar- parappu block- istap- thadu

*189.evil- adduua- theethu 

*190.evil- adduual /atuwali- theethu ulla / evilness 

*191.evil- adduualahit/atuwalada- theethu ullathu / evilness ;theethu- evil; ullathu- having .

*192.evil - atuwa [ Hluw ] -  theeyavai/ evil 

193.way- itar- thira

*194.kinsman- kaina- kaenmai consume/ devour- karap- kori /eat /gnaw 

196.shrine/ chapel- karimn - koair munn ; koair- temple; munn- land /soil 

* be angry- karpi - karuppu pluck- karp iiea- parikka; letters are in reversed order. 

199.hunger- kast- kaainthida 

200.excellent- sarku - seer miku 

*201.with/ alongside - katta- kooda dismiss- katterahh- -neekkuthar 

203.remover of evils- nakku- neekku /to remove 

204.enmity- kurur- karuvu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*205.enmity- kattu- kaattam / hostility 

*206.knee- ganu- kanu 

*207.heart- kardi- kuruthi pai /blood bag  ; kuruthi- boll; pai- bag .

*208.core- ker- karu 

209.hand- kisr- karam [Skt] ; maerkkai /arm ; maer- upper; kai- hand .

*210.washbasin kueluu ana-kazhuvu yaenam ; kazhuvu -wash; yaenam- vessel . write- gulis- kili ; laeki [Skt] ; letters are in reversed order gurta- kudi iruppu/residential place; letters are jumbled. gurta- koatttai mathir ; koattai-  citadel; mathir- wall .

*214.wall- kutt- kuttiyam 

*215.woman- kuuan- kanni 

*216.woman -feminaanati [ HLuw]- pommanatti 

*217.cow- kuuau- koa 

218.speech /talk- lala- sollu 

219.still/ yet- nuua- innu

220.crier, a participant in festivals who cries out- pa luatt alla -azhuthidum aal ;azhuthidu- cry; aal- person. disperse- parasess-piriya 

*222.look out- parauuatalla- paarththiduthal   /looking 

* bury- padda- puthai 

224.knot- pittula- mudi iduthal / mudi  poaduthal 

*225.tightness- pittuliia- pidiththal 

*226.powder- puuatti - podi heed- sakk- kaekka know- sakk- kaana look/ see- sakuuaiea-kaanu 

230.sign/ omen - sagai - sakunam ; soosakam ; sokina; theechcha kunam/ bad omen  

231.characteristic/ feature - sagai- kunam give a sign- sakiiea- sai kai  kaami / to give a   signal ; kaami- show; saikai- signal;   soosakam /sign /signal  . 

233.eye- sakuua- kann

*234.a well- sakkuni- kaeni 

* have sexual intercourse [ illicit] - salik- ozhukka/ sexual intercourse 

* rest/ sleep- ses- saaya ;sayanam [/Skt] 

237.thread- sail- izhai 

238.a kind of grain- sumes- saamai / little millet

* resemble- dakk- oththa thaaka 

*240.agree- taksulae- oththukollu

* pray to- talliiea- thuthithal 

*242.speak- tar- oaathuthar dance- tarku- kooththaaduthar ; letters are jumbled. 

* taru- aaduthar 

 *245.threw away - tekri- thookki eriya ;eriya- throw.

* bind- tiiea- yaaththidu 

* thunder- tith- idi idiththida ; idi- thunder; idiththida- to thunder. 

*248.thunder- tethiski- idi idikka  /to thunder

*249.thundertethessar- idi idiththar ; idi- thunder; idiththar- to thunder. 

*250.body- tuekk- udakku ; sadakku ;  kattai; letters are in reversed order; thaekam [?Skt] .

* play- tuskiiea- aaduka 

*252.far-tuua- etta tuzzi-  thoosi padai- front line soldiers. 

* hide- ulae- oliya  

* burn- ur- eri 

* utne- thinai 

257.water- uatar ; thanner   ;thaaram .

*258.water- uiten - thanni 

*259.ask foruekk- kaekka 

260. day- siuatt- aatchchi; letters are in reversed order. 

* be frightened- uerit- arattu ;  veruttu ;  uruttu ;  achchu uruththu 

* be frightened- werite-veruttu ; virattu .

263. year- uitt- aandu ; aththam .

*264.falcon- kalli kalli- kazhauku / eagle 

265.pot- galdi- mat kalam / earthen vessel;letters are jumbled; munn- clay ;kalam- vessel .

* rub- tattarae- thaeiththar 

267.closed group- kal uti- thani  kuzhu / separate group / individual group ;letters are jumbled; thani- individual   ; kuzhu- group. 

*268.womb- karat- karu petti ; karu-  embryo; petti-  box. 

269.rack/ shelf - kestu- adukku; letters are in reversed order. 

*270.hollowed/ holed - gullanti- kuliyaanathu ; kuli- hollow/ hole 

* kuwan- akkan ; yekinan ; kukkan ; naaikkan ; letters are in reversed order.

272.bridal gifts- kusta- mana kodai ; manam- marriage ; kodai- gift .

*273.foal/ colt- kurka- karkki/ horse 

*274.blood- ishar- soari 

*275.signal to- iskittahh- sai kai kattu ; saikai- signal; kattu- show.

276.spit - ispatar- echchi  thupputhar /to spit; echchi- spittle; thupputhar- to spit; letters are jumbled. 

*277.runner- ittaranni- oddaravan 

278. gift- iwru- kai urai 

* isparr- para 

280.sun- Istanu- aathiththan; anjittan; sandan ; letters are jumbled;Aten [Egypt] .

281.till- haras- yaeru/ to plough 

*182.make a hole- hatt- oaattai idu; oaattai- hole; idu- make. 

*283.prick- hatta- theiththida .

284.container for honey- hutni kki- thaen kinnam; letters are jumbled; thaen- honey; kinni- bowl/ cup 

285.roaming ground- lattu- -alainthidum idam  ;alainthidu- to roam; idam- place. break- lukkattu- kizhakku  veluththida ; kizhakku- east; veluththida- to become white; ka= va; va= ka; letters are jumbled. . 

*287.mountain- kalmara- kal maeru ; kal- stone; maeru- mountain 

288.meadow- wellu-pull veli- pull- grass; veli -space. pahur- neruppu ; letters are in reversed order. 

*290.marry- hamenk- manakka 

* naniya- annan /elder brother.

*292.chicken- gal- kozhi 

*293.sleep- katta[n] - kida 

294.cure/ heal - saktai- kunam aakida ; sukam [ /Skt] aakida ; kunam/ sukam- health- aakida- to become .

* tray- pattar- paaththiram/ vessel 

*296.eatingadatar- thueiththar 

* adanna- thinnu/ dine 

*298.without having eaten- tanga rant -thinkaama erunthda ; thinkka- to eat ;thinkkaama- not eating.

299.tailor- lu  tug -   udukkai theikkum aaal; udaukkai- dress; theikka- stitch ; all- person ;letters are jumbled. 

300.fuller- lu  tug-   udaukkai thuvaikkum aal; ka= va; va= ka ;thuvaikka- to wash' letters are jumbled. 

*301.cloth- tug- thoakkai ; udukkai 

302.towel- gad- kai thundu ; kai- hand; thundu- towel ;kai kuttai -kerchief 

303.plow- teripp- - yaeridu /to plow; ; yaeru oaattu ; letters are in reversed order; yaeru- a plough. 

304.brick- kal pas sana - senkkal ; letters are jumbled. 

305.become- kis- aaka 

306.abandon- tarna ; thuranthidu ; niruththu; letters are in reversed order. 

307.silence- dudu-amaithi 

308.quietly- duddumili- amaithi ulla; letters are jumbled; amaithi- silence; ulla- having. 

309.weave- takkes -thunnuka ; neithiduka .

310.join together- takkes-  ottuka ; onnaa kooduka; letters are in reversed order. 

*311.edge- arha- oaaram /rim 

*312.grown man /adult- mayant- maaanthan/ human being / man; manithan [?Skt] 

313.grown to manhood- mayantes- maanthan aayidu   /to become a man ;aayidu- to become. 

*314.narrow- hatku- odukka

315.deep- halluwa- aazhaulla; aazahm- depth; ulla- having. tekkussai- eduththu kattu ; lettersa re read more than once ;kaattu- show;   kaatchchi  paduththu  /to exhibit ; letters are jumbled; kann katchchi - exhibition.

317.brave- tarhuili- theeram ulla  ; thaeiriyam ulla ; theeram-  braveness ; ulla- having ; uruthi ulla ; tar- urthi- letters are in reversed order; uruthi-strength . 

* praise- walliyatar- vaazhththuthar 

*319.strong- walli- vazhu ;  valimai 

320.think- hatta- ennidu 

321.know- gnes- kaanu 

322.clay tablet- tuppi- pattayam/ tablet; letters are in reversed order; root word is  pathi- to inscribe . 

*323.print- siyattal- achchu adiththal 

* uru- uoor 

325.decree- hatrai/ tbariya- theerppu 

*326.murder- kunatar- konniduthar ; kondri duthar [ full form] ; letters are read more than once .

* support- mat- muttu thaa ; muttu- support; thaa- give. 

*328.above- sra- usrae  

329.abundance- lulu- malai 

330.abundance- iyata- eettam defeat- tarhu- thoarkk

*332.adorn- unu ; aniya 

*333.decorate/ to dress unnuwai- anivi 

* put on [ Lith] - auti  - uduththu 

* put on /shoes[ OCS] - obuti-  poadu 

336.announce- tarkummai-  therivikkanum  /to announce  ;ka= va; va=ka ;therivikka- to announce .

337.announce- haluganna- veliaakknum /reveal; ka= va; va= ka.

338.anxious- pittulliea-  pathai pathaiththal ; letters are read more than once. approach- manikuuahh- anuka 

* ud- idaththu 

* your home- katti tti - kudi iduththu ; kudi- house.

342.back- eprei- puram beat- tupi- adi  ;thappu .

344.soma/ body- tsh- thadi tsh- theettai 

*346.becomeueet - aayidu 

347.bird- peri; parappana ; paravai ; para- to fly. 

* build/ a wall- kustara- kattuthar/ build; kottiyam kattuthar; kottiyam- wall. takes- kattu ; letters are in reversed order. gather- takes- koottu ; letters are in reversed order. buy- usiti- edu 

352.instruct- weriya- arivurai / instruction; letters are in reversed order.  

*353.say- wer- urai invite- talliya- azhaiththal  ;letters are in reversed order.  

* arrest- sarada- sirai idu / imprison; sirai- prison; arrest =sirai idu  ;letters are jumbled. 

*356.cow- kuali- kaali 

357.create- aniya- pannu 

*358.crush- kuskus- kasakka 

* curse- tataria [Luvian] - thittuthar 

*360.ruin- aggatar- kaedu adaithar ; keduthar .

*361.dirt- sakhar   karai  

362.disappearharkiya - maraika 

*363.disappear- mar- maraiya 

*364.disease- inan- noai 

 365.engraving- kultsi- koththuthal ; letters are jumbled. 

366.enemy- kur- karu- ththavan 

367.elderly / old- mehuant- muthiyoan; letters are jumbled. 

* kl - keezh 

* away- watkunu - voatti viduka ; letters are read more than once. 

*370.distress- uda- thaaa ;  thuni ;theethu ; yaetham .

*371.excuse- parkunu - porukkanum 

*372.fartuala- ettaththil 

373.far away- tuwala- tholaivil ; letters are jumbled. 

*374.farther/ beyond- para- appaar become famous- isduwa- uchcham adaiya; uchcham thoda  ;uchcham- fame/ top; adaiya- to reach. 

*376.father- abi- appa 

377.fate goddess- kulsa/ kultsa- kaali / dark goddess; kaalam- time; kaali aaththal ; letters are jumbled ;aaththaal- mother.

378.genitals- genzu- kunju/ boy's penis 

379.former- analai- munnal 

*380.given- piyant- peenthu/ give 

*381.give- piana- paani 

382.gracious- karitiea- karunai udaiya  ;erakkathoadu   ;letters are jumbled.

treat as a group- kalutieea- kuzhu va nadaththu; kuzhu- group ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*383.a certain hairdo- sieti- sadai 

384.harvest- kuer- arukka/ to cut; letters are in reversed order.

385.of the dead- akta [Lyd]- keda /death 

*386.killed- kunant - konnida ; kondrida/ full form 

387.kind-hearted- kentsuwala - kanintha ullam ; kanivu- kindness; ullam- soul / mind.

388.daggar- gir- kurukkai 

389.language- lala- mozhi 

390.large- urai- periya 

*391.look after- appa tiya- paaththidu 

392.look without acting- para aus - paaru /look 

393.look out- prauwdla- paarththal /looking 

394.moon- arma- eraaman /beauty 

395.mountain- watti- vidaam 

*396.shine- ualae- oli 

*397.moreover- namma- innum 

398.necklace- kuttanalli- kazhuththu ani ; kazhuththu- neck ;ani- a wear  ;kazhuthhu   ani kalan .

* not- le- illai 

400.grown old- wetspant- vayathaanathu / old get old- miyahhuwanta- muthiyavanaayida 

402.oil- saknie- sekku ennai ;ennai- oil; sekku- oil press. 

403.other- taimai- maththathu ; letters are in reversed order. 

*404.person- lu-aal 

405.a plough- akkalan- elaankkali ; letters are jumbled. 

*406.worry- werites- varuththa

*407.write- hat- theettu 

408.wailing woman- taptara- oppaari idum penndir   ;oppari- wail ;penn- woman ; penndir- women ; letters are jumbled. 

409.visit- uwatar- vanthiduthar / coming 

410.capture- kattada- kai paththidu 

*411.step- tiya- adi ; padi /door step  .

*412.sheep- udu - aaadu; udu .

*413.produce- katta -aakkidu 

*414.printing- sasa- achchu 

415. a tree and it's fruit- marasikka-  kani maram; letters are jumbled; kani- fruit; maram- tree. 

416.utter/ pronounce - malta-  mozhinthidu 

*417.a kind of cloth- serha- seerai 

*418.attach- sekuvai- saekkavu

 419.belt- putalli- iduppu thole pattai ; iduppu- hip; thole- leather; pattai- band ;letters are read more than once. 

 420.dismiss- pittalai- anupputhal pisna- aan 

*422.make go- pehute- poaeida 

 423.offence- waskuit- kuththa

*424.shaven- wali- vazhi /shave be done- api- pannu/ do 

426.sleep- ssta- saainthidu /repoae /rest 

* be hateful- puk- pakai 

428.seed- muvita- vithai 

*429.which- ti [Lyc] - ethu 

*430.bowed- knenant- kuninthida 

431.lock man- hatalula -thaal idum aal ;thali du- to lock; aal- person .

*432.back /rear- eprei- puram

433.thereafter [Lyc] - epnte- athen pin ;letters are jumbled. 

434.formerly/ once up on a time- anats- munthaiya ; munnaadi .

435.go- lea- sellu   

436.genitals- parsena- pirappu sinnam / birth mark; pirappu- birth ;sinnam-symbol . 

*437.but- nu- anaa 


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