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List of Tamil words in Hupa language

List of Tamil words in Hupa language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


Hupa "language of the Hoopa Valley people" is an Athabaskan language (of Na-Dené stock) spoken along the lower course of the Trinity River in Northwestern California by the Hupa and, before European contact, by the Chilula and Whilkut peoples, to the west.



Clues to read Hupa words into Tamil;

Letter ‘k’= ‘v’; ‘v’ = ‘k’.

Add/ delete vowels then and there. 

Add /delete letters ‘m’ and ‘n’ then and there. 

Letter ‘p’ and ‘s’ can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged.

A letter can be read more than once.

If a letter occurs more than once consecutively it has to be read only once.




Hupa language dictionary – complied by Victor Galla 


English - Hupa- Tamil 


*1. you- ning- neenkka/ polite /plural / plural- nohn- nee/ singular; letter is read only once.

*3. your- ni- un 

*4.youngest child- kitsey- kadaikutti; letters are read more than once; kadai/ kadaisi- last; kutti- small child.

5.wish- isdo- aasai yoadu / with desire; aasai- desire.

6. where- da ydi - entha idam;entha- which; idam- place.

7.what thing- daydi- enna athu – what is that? enna-what; athu- that.

*8. weave- kitly- kattuthal 

*9. water- tanan- thanni 

10.ocean- to- thaenam 

11. warm water- tos- suda thanni; soodu- hot; letters are in reversed order.

*12.war dance- kitskooththaadu / to dance 

*13. religious dance- chi dilye- aaduthal /dance; thullal /dance. perform a religious dance- diwhye- aadu 

*15. udder- mits- madi 

*16. trumpet/ cornet –yeh kilyol- kuzhal/ pipe 

17.tie / hair- tsiq- mudichhu iduka 

*18. tie -  me kitl owh – kattuthal 

*19. thick- dita:n – thadiththa think so- ay ninsing – ennuka/ think 

*21. this- de- ithu 

*22. swell- tilyol- thadiththal; pudaiththal 

*23. tear apart with your hands- - jil kil- kaiyaalkizhi; kai- hand; kizhi- tear; letters are jumbled.   

24.split/ board –jekil- – pilakka; letters are in reversed order. nilin- naalaa /channel 

26.stoop- ingqo- kunika; letters are jumbled. 

27.sticky – ditseq- ottuka /to stick 

28.take a step- yuntul- nadaththal /walk; nadai aaduthal.

*29. scatter- ch itewatl- thoovuthal 

30.sell- iwak iliwh- vilaikku vikka; letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka.  

*31.cut- iwh qit- kaathu   

*32. rotten- yahs liq- azhukiya; azhuka.

*33. getting rotten- wilgit-   azhukiyathu;paazhaakida 

34.rotten wood- kil gide- kattaimakkuthal; kattai- wood.

* - dah dillah- oaaduthal 

36.ran off/ crowd- te digit – koottaama oaadida; koottam- crowd; letters are jumbled. 

*37. ripe- kiwinte- kanithida 

38.roar - kitsa- koadanai 

39.first menstruation / reaches puberty – kinakiwhda; kanni aakida; kanni- one who has attained puberty; aakida-to become.

40.pile up – dahyik iljeh -adukkuthal; letters are jumbled.

41.gathering/ picking - kyadayne- koeithidanum

42.peck/ bird- yil dik – koththuthal; letters are in reversed order 

*43.over it - mitis- meethu 

*44.old / person - si whdiyan – vayathaana; vayathaanavan / old person.

45.lump- kyomot- katti   

*46. lips- whida- uthadu;letter; ‘t’ is read more than once.

47.leather- dichwil- thole

48.dripping – wultsa- vazhinthida 

*49. laugh- lo- ili 

50.get killed- kilte- kolla pada; kollu- kill.

*51. kick at something- kyol tul – kaalaal uthaiththal; kaal- leg; uthai- kick.

* in- naan 

53.hiccup- whiwhdaywinga–vikkida

*54. hollow- kisol- kuzhiyaa

55.hood- kiseqot- mukkaadu /for female

56.oily-nilwe; nei ulla ground- nin- munn  

58.going off- tedil- poathal 

*59. go around- naydil- nadai aaduthal

60.put into fire- de di- thee idu /make fire; thee- fire;theeyil idu-put into fire 

61. finger- while- viral 

62.fever- chisel- kaai chchal 

63. ear- whijiw- sevi 

64.he drills for fire- kidil wis- theekadaithal; thee- fire; kadaithal- drill.

65. i cut it- setats- seththu / cut

*66.cut- iwhtus- vettu 

67.come to find out- de died- thaedi edu

68.put on /coat – inchiwh – anika 

*69. mouth- we- waai 

*70.cane/ stick - tits- thadi 

71.walk with a cane- kiti whtits;kai thadi yoadu adiedu;kai - hand- thadi- stick; kai thadi- walking stick; adi edu- take a step; adi- step; edu- take. is called- ulye- azhai / call 

73.boiling/ water- kidmut- kothiththida / boiling 

*74. boat- medil- mathalai 

*75.boat dance- ta altul – thoani aaluthal; thoani- boat; aaluthal- dance; oaadaththil aaluthal; oaadam- boat.

*76. weaving/ basket – kit loy – koodai mudaithal; koodai- basket.

77.plate- qayte- sakada

78.pan- kiwat- kudam / pot

* animal- whilinke- vilankku / animal
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