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List of Tamil words in Italian language

List of Tamil words in Italian language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


                List of Tamil words in Italian language 


             DR. Variankaval Ramasamy Annadurai; MD; DPM; 


Italian is a Romance language of the Indo-European language family that evolved from the Vulgar Latin of the Roman Empire. Spoken by about 85 million people (2022), Italian is credited as being the most direct descendant of Latin being the closest to it among the national languages and the least divergent from it together with Sardinian when regional and minority languages are also taken into account. Italian is an official language in Italy, Switzerland (Ticino and the Grisons), San Marino, and Vatican City. It has an official minority status in western Istria (Croatia and Slovenia).

It formerly had official status in Albania (due to the annexation of the country to the Kingdom of Italy), Malta, Monaco, Montenegro (because of the Venetian Albania), parts of France (Nice, Savoy and Corsica), parts of Slovenia and Croatia (because of the Venetian Istria and Venetian Dalmatia), parts of Greece (because of the Venetian rule in the Ionian Islands and by the Kingdom of Italy in the Dodecanese), and is generally understood in Corsica by the population resident therein who speak Corsican, which is an Italo-Romance idiom similar to Tuscan. It used to be an official language in the former colonial areas of Italian East Africa and Italian North Africa, where it still has a significant role in various sectors.



Clues to read Italian Words into Tamil 

Letter 'k' = 'v'; v= 'ka'. 

Add vowels then and there.

Letter 'p' and letter 's' can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged. 

 Add letters 'm' and 'n' then and there. 

A consonant letter can be read more than once.

If a same letter occurs consecutively more than once it can be read as a single letter.

By jumbling the letters of the given Italian word, a Tamil word can be derived. 


Ref- A new Pocket Dictionary of Italian and English Languages - by C. Craglia 


English- Italian - Tamil throw down- abbattere- poaduthar; etta eri ; etta- ata distance; eri- throw. meet with- abbattere- paaththiduthar/ to meet; paarththidu; letters are jumbled. 

* toast- abbrostire- poriththar; porichchu thara ; pori- to fry; thara- give. button- abbottonare - poththaan iduthar; letters are jumbled. 

*5.dress- abito- patti; padaam; puttam.

6.use- abito- payan paduththu 

7.abolished- abolito- azhiththidu miscarry- abortare- paeru sithaithar ; paeru- embryo; sithaiya- damaged. assure- accertare- uruthi thara accept- accettare-yaeththiduthar ; oththiduthar.

11.accepted- accettato-yaeththidu; oththidu acceptor- accttatore-yaeththittor 

13.shortened/ abridged - accorciata- kuraiththathu; letter 'c' is read as 'k'.  

14.decreasing- accoreiatura- kuraithar; letter 'c' is read as 'k'. shorten- accortare- kuraiththar ; letter 'c' is read as 'k'.  

16.wise- accorto- kooru udaiya ; udaiya- has; kooru- sharpness.

17.water- acqa- kayam 

18.ring worm- acori- karappaan ; letter 'c' is read as 'k' . accuse- accusare- kurai kooru ; letter 'c' is read as 'k'

20.careful- accurato- akkarai yoadu ;akkarai- care .

*21. heaped together- accomulato-  kumiththal lie- acqattarsi- kidaththar/ lie down 

*23.spring- vite- vooththu mixed with water- acquetta- kudi thanni ; kudi-  liquor; thanni- water; kudi- to drink; koottu- to mix. acquire/ to get- acquistare -kai adaithar; kai kooduthar. 

26.acquisition- acquisto -kai adaiya ; kai kooda.

* acre /agru - koormai ; kooru .

28.sharply- acremente- koormaiyaanathu ; letter 'c' is read as 'k' .

29.sharpness-acrimonia- koormaiyaana; letter 'c' is read as 'k'.

30.violent- acuto- kodiuya ; letter 'c' is read as 'k'.

31.fever- acuto- kaainthida ; letter 'c' is read as 'k'.

32.pointed out- additato- suttidu point out- additare- suttuthar 

* bring- addurre- attuthar 

* adopt- adottare-  thaththu eduththar adore/ worship- adorare- thuthiththar ; paaduthar. poattruthar burn- adustare- thee iduthar; thee- fire.

*38.air-aere- uyir / life 

39.studied- affettato- padiththathu ; padiththidu /to study; root word is oaathidu / paadidu / to recite  .

40.affection/ love- affetto- anpoaadu 

41.wounded- agghiadato- kaayaadaiya 

* spoil- aguastare -keduththar 

* lie in wait- aguatare- kaaththu kidathar 

*44. lying in wait- aguatato- kaaththidu ;kaaththu kidakka . sharpen- aguzzare- koor sei; kooraakku ; letters are jumbled. aita- oththaasai /aid 

*47. foreigner- alleno- ayalaan 

*48. alienated- alieneto- ayalan aayida 

49.sheep's leather- alluda -aattu thole; ; letters are jumbled; aadu- sheep; thole- leather/ skin 

*50.the soul- alma- ullam 

51.affectionate- ambile- anpulla 

52.covered- ammantato- moodiyathu ; mundu uduththu ; mundu-over  cloth; uduththu- to wear 

53.overing with a cloak- ammantatura- mundu uduththuthar ; mundu- over cloth; uduththu- to wear. 

*54.cloak- ammanto- mundu / over cloth; root word is moodu/ to cover. admit- anmettere- oththiduthar ; yaeththiduthar  ;anumathiththar .

56.marriage- ammogliamento- mana koalam kandida; letters are jumbled; manam- marriage; koalam- appearance; kandida-to see.

57.married- ammogliare-mana koalam ura/ to get married amore- eeram; letters are in reversed order.

*59.walking- andatura- nadai eduththar ; nadanthiduthar .

* walk- andare- nadai eduththar 

*61.going- andante- nadanthida / walking 

62.mind- animo- manam; letters are jumbled; aanma [Skt] 

*63.year- annata- aandu 

64.drowned- annegato- munnkida 

* tie-/to bind together- annodare- inaiththar 

* knit- annodare- neither/ weave; pinnuthar/ knit. 

67.reckoned- annovertao- ennai virar vittu ennu; count with fingers; letters are jumbled; ennu- to reckon; enn- numerical number; virar- finger. foretell- antidire- munthiyae arinthu uraiththar; letters are jumbled; munthiyae-earlier; arinthu - to know; uraiththar- to tell. who opens- apertore- piriththoar ; piriththar - to open.

*70. matched- appaiato- oppudaiya 

71.preparation- apparato- payirchchi edu / to prepare/ to get training 

*72. prepared- apparecchiato- payirchhci eduththa / trained 

*73. preparer- apparecchiatore- payirchchi eduththoar 

*74. preparation- apparecchiatura- payirchchi eduththar 

75.appeared- apparito- yaerida 

76.separated- appartato- piriththidu/ to separate; pirinthida/ separated.

* comparison- appetto- oppu idu / to compare 

78.appetite- appetito- pasiththida 

* desire- appetire- pattru / desire 

80.placed- appostato- poattathu ; ittathu.

81.stitched- appuntato- pinnidu /to knit; thunnidu / stitch; letters are jumbled. 

* open- aprire- piri 

*83.eagle- quila- kazhuku 

* plough- arare- yaeru / a plough; yaeru- to plough.

*85.plough- arato- yaer idu / to plough 

*86.ploughing- aratura - yaeru iduthar 

87.architect- architeto- kattidam kattum koththan; letters are jumbled; kattidam- building; kattu- to build; koththan- mason.  
 88.gilla- clay- kali munn 

89.arrest- arresto- sirai idu ; letters are jumbled; sirai yir adai  ;sirai- prison; adai- to detain/ confine. arrest- arrestare- sirai ir adaiththar ; letters are jumbled;  ;adaiththar- to confine/ detain 

91.proud/ haughty- arrogante- serukku kondu 

92.claimed- arrogate-urimai  koariduka ; letters are jumbled; urimai- rights ; koariduka- ask. burn- arrostire- eriththar 

*94.roast meat- arrosto -eraichchi sudu ; eraichchi- meat; sudu- to roast.

95.sharpens- arrotato- theettuthar ; letters are jumbled. expect- aspettare- ethir paarththiduthar ; letters are jumbled. congeal- assevare-uraiya -astro - thee uru; thee- fire; uru- form.

99.armed with spear -astato- eetti udaiya ; udaiya- has; eetti-  spear.

100.stroke with spear-astata - eetti eithidu ;etti- spear ;eithidu- to discharge.

*101.crafty- astuto- soothu 

*102.sticking- attacco- ottikka ; letter 'c' is read as 'k'. touch- attastare -thoduthar/ touching strike- attastare -adiththar 

* suitable- atto- oththa 

*106.agreeable- atto- oththida 

* stop- atturare-thaduththar shut up- atturare-adaiththar 

*109.grandmother- ava- avuvai 

*110.golden- aureo/ uro- urai 

111.dead- basito- poaeida/ gone; seththida / died; seththu poaeida ; letters are jumbled. 

112.battlalione- battaglione -padai kalin ani; padaikal ani vakukka ; kaalat padaikal ani vakukka ; letters are jumbled; padai-army; ani- group/ troop; vakukka- to form; kaalat padai- foot soldier . beat- battere - adiththar 

114.beaten- battuto- adi patta ; letters are jumbled. 

115.fruitful- beato- payan adaiya ; payan- use; adaiya- to have. 

116.a village- borgata- perukudi ; peiya- big; kudi- village; kudi iruppu / residential area; letters are jumbled .

117.borough / suburb- borgo- uoor pakkam; letters are jumbled; uoorakam.

*118.brothel- bordello- paraththsai il; paraththai- prostitute; il- house. 

119.a shop- bottga- podi kadai ; letters are jumbled; podi- small; kadai- shop. 

120.button- buttone- poththaan; root word is poththal / ponthu - hole; poththu- to close.

*121.bull- brada- eruthu 

*122.troop/ brigade- brigata -poar koottam; poar- war; koottam- troop/ crowd/ group; periya koottam; periya- big. 

* lie- bugiare -poei koora; poei-a lie; koora- to say .

*124.great liar- bugiardone - poei kooriduvoan ; ka= va; va= ka. 

125.deadbody- cedavero- viraiththa kattai; letters are jumbled; viraiththa- rigid; kattai- dead body /wood; letter 'c' is read as 'k' . cane- kukkan ; naaikkan ; naa- toungue . capitale- kai muthal 

*128.small ship- cara vello- siriya vallam ; siriya- small; vallam- boat. tell a lie-carotare- poei kooruthar ; poei-  a lie; kooruthar- speaking/ saying; letter 'c' is read as 'k'.

130.cut- castrare-kaathuthar ; letter c is read as 'k '.

131.castrate- castrare- kaai adiththar ;kaai- testis; adiththar- beating. 

* get/ obtain- cattre- saththiththar ;adaithar.

133.knight- caveliere- koi ulai veerar; letters are jumbled; ; koi ulai- horse; verar- warrior / hero/ brave person. 

134.hole- cavato- voattai 

135.a command- cenno- aanai 

*136.a sign- cenno- sinnam 

137.sure- certo- uruthi 

*138.standing pool- chiana- sunai 

139.key- chiave- saavi 

* shut- chiudere -saaththuthar 

*141.heaven/ sky-cielo- sel 

* whip-ciottare-saattai yaar adiththar ; saattai- whip; adiththar- beating. 

* cite- citare- suttuthar 

*144.quoted- citato- suttida commutare -maaththi thara; maaththi tharuka. 

*146.cup- coppo -koappai 

147.weeping- corrotto- karainthida ; letter 'c' is read as 'k'. 

148.den- covo- kevi ; letter 'c' is read as 'k'. 

149.cooked- cotto- aakkiyathu ; letter 'c' is read as 'k'. 

* cura- akkarai ; letter 'c' is read as 'k'. 

* dante- thanthidu/ to give. 

* donante- thanthida 

* give- dare- thara 

*154.giver- donatore- thanthoar 

*155.given- donato- thanthathu 

* strike/ to beat- dare- adiththar 

*157.word/ spoken- detto- oaathiyathu 

* dieta- theettai speak- dire; oaathuthar ; uraiyaadu ; letters are in reversed order. be distant- distare- ettaththir 

161.goddess- diva- thievam; letters are jumbled; ; root word is thee vadivam; thee- fire; vadivam/ vadivu - form 

* continue- durare- thodaru 

163.continued- durato- thoranthida 

164.strong/ hard- duro- uruthi; letters are in reversed order. 

165.educated- educato- padikka seithidu / educate; kaththu kodu; letters are jumbled.

*166.epithet- epiteto- pattam 

*167.raised- eretto- yaerida 

168.etymology- etimologica [- the -ma - la- ka- la -] - kaathaiyin ilakkanam ; kaathai- word; ilakkanam- grammar .

169.pole cat- faina- poonai /cat bundle off- fagutto- kattu katta ; kattu- bundle; katta- to bundle; pothi iduka;  letters are jumbled; pothi- bundle .

171.scupper hole/ ship- falla- puzhai/ hole; vadi puzhai - scupper hole. 

*172.fault- faulta- pizhai ullathu ; ullathu- has.

*173.false- falso- pizhai 

*174.fault- fallo- pizhai 

*175.fault /error - fallire- pizhai ura 

176.corn- farro-paruppu  

*177.a factory- fattoria- pattarai 

178.thread- filo- izhai 

179.button hole- fondello- poththaan thulai ; letters are jumbled; poththaan- button; thulai-  hole. 

180.a hole- forata- poarai udaiya/with a hole; udaiya- has. 

*181.a hole- foro- poarai 

*182.strong/ sturdy - forte- peru uruthi; peru- big; uruthi- strong.

*183.fried- fritto- poriththathu 

184.pan cake/ omelette- frittata -poriththa  ottadai ; poriththa muttai; poriththa- fried; muttai- egg; ottadai - pan cake .

*185.fried meat - frittura- poriththa uoon; uoon- meat; poriththathu- fried. fly away- fuggire -parakka; letters are jumbled. 

* steal- furare- pari/ rob 

188.stolen- furato- thirudu/ steal; thirudiyathu /stolen.

189.thief- furatore -thirudar; letters are jumbled.

*190.robbery- furto- pariththidu /to rob 

*191.ornament- gala -koalam ; kalan ; nakaikal/ jewel ; anikalan .

192.a hen- gallina- koazhi ; kinni koazhi /guinea hen ; koazhiinaan/ cock . 

*193.cock- gallo- koazhi /hen; aan koazhi; aan- male; koazhi- fowl. 

* blame- garrire- kurai kooru; kurai- fault/ complaint- kooru- say.  

195.scolding man- garritore- kurai kooruthar / to blame; kurai kooriduvoar/ scolder ; ka= va; va= ka ; kooriduvoar-  those who said. 

196.he cat- gatto- kaduvan; ka= va; va= ka. 

197.begotten- genito- eenuduka ; letters are jumbled;    janiththidu [Skt] ; beget= peththu kodu .

198.begotten- genirato-eendriduka ; letters are jumbled;   janiththar [Skt]. 

199.birth- genitura - uyir thoandruka / appearance of life; letters are jumbled; uyir- life; thaondruka- to appear; piranthiduka/ to be born; letters are jumbled.

200.father- genitore- karu undaakkiya thanthai ; karu- embryo; undaakku- make; thanthai- father. 

201.mother- genitrice -karu undaana thaai ; letters are jumbled;  thaai- mother ; karu-  embryo .

*202.genital- genitale -kaana thalam ; kaana-  not seen; thalam-  place ; kaan- see. 

203.progenitor- generatore- karu undaakkiyavar ;  letters are jumbled; karu- child/ embryo; undaakku- make/ create; undaakkiyavar- those who created. 

204.genus/ sort- genere- ina kooru; letters are jumbled; inam- race; kooru- sort. throw- gettare- kidaasuthar ; etta erika; letters are jumbled; etta= at a distance; erika- throw.

*206.thrown- gettato- kidaasidu 

*207.dripping pan- chiotto- sotta / to drip 

208.walking - gita- adi edukka ; adi- foot; edukka- take; letters are jumbled. 

*going- gita- yaekida 

*209.damage/ loss- gitto- kaedu 

*210.ruined- gittato- kaedu adaiya 

211.joyful- giulivitto- kalippu udaiya 

212.merry/mirth - giulivo- makizhavae 

*213.blow- gotato- kuththu / a blow 

*214.grain- grana- kuruni ford- guadare- kadvu thurai / a ford; ka= va; va= ka. 

* opening- iato- oaattai/ hole 

*217.boundless- illi matato- mattu illai; letters are jumbled; mattu- limit; illai- nil. 

218.excessive- immoderate- mitham minjuthar ; letters are jumbled; minja- to exceed; mitham- moderate 

219.unripe- immaturo- muthiraa ; muthiraamai .

220.after- indi- pinthi weave- intessere- neither 

222.woven- intessuto- neithidu 

223.lake- lago- ilinkku ; kulam; letters are in reversed order. give suck- lattare -paal uoottuthar ; paal- milk; uoottuthar- to feed. 

225.suckled- lattato- paal uoottu ; paal-  milk ; uoottu- to feed. 

226.light- luce-oli shine- lusere- olira 

228.moon- luna- nila; letters are jumbled. 

* lament- luttare- azhuthar/wail  

*230.mourning- lutto- azhuthidu /wail 

*231.plenty- macca- mikai 

* / stain- macchia-maasu 

*233.stained- macchiato- maasu udaiya ; udaiya- has. 

*234.mother- madre-maa thiru 

*235.madam- madama- mooththa amma ; mooththa- elder; amma- mother.

* stain- macula- maasu ulla ; maasu- stain; ulla- has. 

*237.midwife/godmother- madrina- maa thiru annai 

*238.breast- mammella- maa mulai; maa- big; mulai- breast.

*239.infant- mammolo- mazhalai 

*240.madness- mania-mana noaei ; manam- mind; noaei- disease. 

*241.a cloak- manto- mundu ; root word is moodu- to cover.

*242.mad/ foolish- matto- madamai 

*243.ripe- maturo- muthira ; muththuthar .

*244.ripen- maturare -muththuthar 

*245.ripened / old- maturato- muthirnthida 

246.memory- memoria- oarmai ; letters are in reversed order. 

*247.feeble/ tender - mole- melliya 

248.universe- mundo - andam ; letters are jumbled; root word is andam= muttai /egg.

* die-morire-  maraiya / disappear 

*250.mortal- mortale- maraithal/ disappear 

*251.change- muta- maaththu ; maaththam/ a change .

* turns- a muta- a muta- maaththi maaththi 

* change- mutare- maaththuthar 

254.changed- mutato- maaththidu/ to change 

*255.groaning- mugolio -mukkal 

*256.ship - nave- navaai 

257.a fleet/ ship- naviglio- naavai kuzhu ; naavai- ship; kuzhu- group. 

258.swimming- nuoto- neenthidu 

* swim- natare- neenthuthar 

260.swimming- notatura- neenthuthar 

*261.born- nato- eenida / deliver's birth/ natal- natalizio- eenuthal / delivery negro- kariya niram ; kariya- black; niram- ray/ colour; letters are jumbled. 

264.knot- nodo- mundu 

265.grandmother-nonno- annai ; annai in annai / mother's mother .

266.marriageable- nubile- aalana ponnu; letters are jumbled; ponnu- girl; aalana- to attain puberty.

267.number - numero - enn murai ; ennum murai; ennu- to count; murai- method. 

268.obliged- obligato- kada paadu ulla ; letters are jumbled. find out- odorare- thaedi adaithar ; thaedu- to search ;adaithar- to get. 

* act- oprare -puriya 

271.hour/ time- ora- oarai; naeram; oarai= star /sun.

*272.oratory- oratorio- urai yaattru  / to give a speech .

* oppose- ostare- ethirththar 

274.leather bag- otoro- thoar pei ;thoar- leather; pei- bag. 

* stop- otturare- thduththar 

* paggio- pakkam 

277.payed- pagato- kattanam katta; kattanam- fees; kattu- to pay.

278.palace- palagio- maalikai 

*279.a parrot- pappagallo- pachchai kili ; pachchai- green; kili- parrot; kili- speech / word . 

*280.a partition- parotio- piriththidu 

*281.equal- pari- oppura 

* share /to divide- partire- piriththar 

*283.divided- partito- piriththathu 

284.a departure- partita- purappaadu 

*285.child birth- parto- paeru pettrida ;  letters are jumbled; paeru adaiya ; paeru- child/ embryo ;pettrida- to have; adaiya- to have. 

* be delivered- parotorire -paeru adaithar; paeru pettridathar.

287.appeared- paruto- paarththida; piraththar ; therithar;  oru paduthar ; letters are jumbled. 

*288.appearance- paruta- piraththar 

*289.shepherd- pastore- Idaiyar 

* suffer- patire- paadu paduthar 

291.endure- patire- thodaru 

*292.suffered- patito- paadu patta 

*293.sufferer- patitore- paadu pattoar 

* agree- pattuire- opputhar 

295.fear- pavento- peethi vanthida ; letters are jumbled; peethi- fer; vanthida- to come. 

*296.fear- paura- peeru 

297.a step- padata- adi edu 

298.track- padata -adi thadam ; paatha thadam 

299.kick- padata- uthaiththida; uthai poada ; letters are jumbled. 

*300.pain- pena- pini 

301.a pot- panitola- nalla thanni paanai; letters are jumbled; paanai- pot; nalla- good; thanni- water. 

*302.a pearl- perla- paral pound- pestato- podiththidu pound- pestore- podiththar 

*305.fart- pato- poaeida / to pass 

* pesce- paasi 

*307.flat-piatto- pattai ; thattai. 

308.flat boat- piatta- poatham ; pattai- flat. 

309.foot- piede- paatham; adi. 

310.sorrow- pieta- peedu; peedai; peethu. 

*311.poet- poeta- paadi ; paattu paadi; paattu- song; paadi- singer ;paadu -to sing. make verses- poetare- paatu iyattru ; paatttu-   song; iyattru- to create. be crowned a poet- poetare- paadi pattam pettriduthar; paadi - poet; pattam- crown; pettiduthar - to get. 

*314.a pore- pore- poarai 

315.door- porta- thirappu ; letters are in reversed order. 

316.laid- posato- poadu 

*317.booty- preda- paeru adaiya ; paeru - fortune; adaiya- to have. 

318.robbed- predato- pariththidu 

319.a robber- predone- pariththoan ; thirudoan ; letters are jumbled. 

* itch- prudore- ariththar itching- purito- ariththidu 

322.a woman in bed- puerpera- paeru pera ; paeru-   child; pera- to get .

323.child/ boy- putto- podiyan 

*324.harlot- putta- potti 

*325.strong- quadrata- kattu uruthi 

326.squatting- quatto- kunthu 

327.question- quesito- kaettidu/to ask. 

328.quitted- quitato- kai vittidu quit- quitare- kai viduthar ; ka= va; va= ka. 

* shear-radere -uriththar 

*331.rare- rado - arithu cut- recidere- aruththiduthar 

*333.rivulet- rio- aaru/ river 

*334.rivulet- rivo- aruvi / stream 

*335.a roller- rullo- uruli

336.rock- rupe- paarai; letters are in reversed order. 

* shoot- saettare- suduthar 

338.decayed- scaduto- kaedu adaiya 

* decay - scadere- keduthar 

339.saliva- sciliva- vaai echchil ; vaai-  mouth ;echchil -sailva ; letters are jumbled. 

340.shortened- scortato- kuraiththidu; letter 'c' is read as 'k'. abridge- scortare- kuraiththar; letter 'c' is read as 'k'. 

342.writing- scritta -keeridu ; letter 'c' is read as 'k'. 

343.writing- scrittura- keeruthar ; letter 'c' is read as 'k'. scuola- kalvi nilaiya; kalvi- education.

*345.dead- secco-saaka / to die cut- segato- kaathu 

* cut- segare -keeeru 

348.separated- separto- pirinthida mistake/ to err- sagarrare -kurai 

350.dream- sogna -kanaa recruit- soldare- aal iduthar; aal- person. 

352.sun- sole- ellai 

*353.a burden/ a load- soma- sumai 

*354.summit/ top - summita- mudi 

* highest - somma- uchcham 

356.sleep/rest- sonna -saayanu/ to repose. 

357.tolerable- supportevole- poruththu kolla thakka ; ka= va; va= ka ; letters are jumbled. stop -sostare -thaduththar smile- sottoridere- siriththiduthar ; letters are jumbled. 

360.sword- spada -pattai part- spaiare - piriya part- spartire -pirithar divide- spartire -piriththar 

364.divided- spartato- piriththathu 

365.fright/ terror- spavento- achcham vanthida ; achcham- fear ; vanthida-to come. spit- sputare- echchi thupputhar ; letters are jumbled; echchi- saliva; thuppu- to spit. bark- squittire- kuraiththar ; letters are jumbled. 

368.a drop- stilla-  sottu sotta sottuthal ; sottu- a drop ;sottuthal- dripping. 

369.different- svario- vaeru 

370.superior/ chief- superiore -periyoar 

371.risen- surata- yaerida ; uchchi yaerida ; uchchi -top. 

372.suture/ seam in the skull - sutura- theiththar / stitch 

*373.kind of cloth- tabi- uduppu / garment/ dress. 

*374.a plug- tappo- adaippu 

*375.the touch- tatto- thottidu  ;thodu. touch- tastare- thiduthar 

377.bull- tauro- eruthu; letters are in reversed order. 

*378.cloth/ linen- tela- thuil 

* land- terra- tharai 

*380.a robe- togo- udukkai; root word is udukka/ to wear.

381.wearing a gown- togoto- udukkai uduththu ; uduththu- to wear.

382.three- tre- moondru 

382.chiding-sgrido-kurai kooridu ; letters are read more than once. 

383.troop-truppa-poar padai ; poar- war; padai- army; letters are jumbled;  Padai Aachchiyar - Warrior caste  of Tamil Nadu .

384.large brass pot- vagello- vennkala kalan ; vennklaam- kalan- vessel .

385.strong- valido- valimai udaiya ; valimai- strength; udaiya- having.

386.power- valeggio -valaimaiyaaka / powerful 

387.old age- vecchiezza-vayasu aachchu 

388.respected old man- vecchione- vayasaanavan / old man; letters are jumbled. 

389.stout old man- vacchiotto- vayasaana thadiyan ; thadiyan- fat person. 

390.widow- vedava- vaala vetti ; letters are jumbled. 

391.young widow- vedaveilo -vaazhaa vetti ; ilaiya vithavai ; ilaiya- young .

392.widowhood- vedovita- vaazha vetti aayida ; aayida- to become ; vetti- useless ; vaazhaa- not living/ enjoying 

*393.ship- vela- vallam 

*394.coming- venuta -vanthida 

395.verse- verso- vurai vex- vessare- vaesaravu ; letters are jumbled;   erichchar vara / to get irritated; letters are jumbled  ;erichchar-   irritation; vara- to come . cloth- vestire- vudai uduththuthar ; vasthiram [Skt] 

398.dress- vestito- udai ; udai uduththidu ; udai-  dress-   uduththidu- to wear. 

*399.a walk in a garden- viale- vulaava/ to go around/ to walk about; aavalam- garden.

*400.a path- vietta- veethi / street side- villa- vayal veli ; vayal- paddy field; veli- field/ space. 

*402.manly- virile- veeru ulla 

* vitto- voottam 

*404.victory- vittoria -vettri 

405.shape- vita- vadivu ; letters are jumbled. 

*406.pond- vivaio- vaavi 

* vivere- vuir vurai live-vivere- vuyira eru; uyir- life; eru- to exist 

*410.howling-ululato-uoolai idu 

411.made human-umanato-maanthan aayida / to become a man; maanthan- human/ man; aayida- to become. 

*412.humanity-umanita- maanudam  


*414.unity- unita- onnaaiyida / to become one 

* una- onnu 

*416.voice- voce- voasai / sound; vaai asai; vaai- mouth; asai- say / move. 

417.afraid- chetmae- achcham adaiya/ achcham udaimai   ; letters are jumbled; achcham- fear; adaiya- to have. 

* address- arte- uraiyaadu 

*419.male-ail- aal/ person/ man 

420.anxiety- ansieta- anjida / fearful 

*421.apt-atto- oththa 

422.assault- attacco- adikka ; letter 'c' is read as 'k'. 

423.attack- attacco- thaakka ; letter 'c' is read as 'k'.

*424.attain- ottenere - adainthiduthar 

*425.bear- portare- poruththar; paeru adiathar.

*426.beg- chiedere- yaasiththar cassa- kai kaasu; kai0 hand; kaasu- coin. charge-caricare- kurai kooru ; letter 'c' is read as 'k'.

429.clan- famiglia- kulam; letters are jumbled. 

*430.clip- tondere -thundaaduthar 

*431.confer- dira- thara 

*432.corrode- rodere- ariththar 

433.create- eccitare-seithiduthar /to do 

434.crier- gridntore -karainthoar 

*435.crying- gridnante- karainthida 

*436.cry- gridare- karaithar 

*437.cry up- lodare- azhuthar 

*438.dead- stupido- seththu poaeida ; seththida- to die; poaeida- gone. 

*439.destroy- guastare- keduthar 

440.divine-divino- theiva thanmai /divinity 

* fare- puriya drink- bere- paruku 

443.effeminate- effiminato-  penmai udaiya ; letters are jumbled;  penmai- femineity ; udaiya- has. 

*444.eject- gattare- kakkuthar stata- thoattam 

446.evil- cattivo- kettavai ; letter 'c' is read as 'k'.  

447.extinct- marto- marainthida /to disappear 

448.feast- banchetta- panthi 

449.feast- banchettare- panthi iduthar / to arrange for a feast.

*450.flight / of birds- fuga- paaika 

451.flap- botta- pattai 

geld- castrare -kaai adiththar ; kaai-  testis; adiththar- beating .

*452.get- ottenere- adinthidathar 

453.globe- globo- koalam ; koal .

454.grass- erba- pur; letters are in reversed order. 

*455.grind- arrotino -arriththidanum 

456.knee- ginocchio -kanu 

457.laugh- ridere- sirithar 

458.league-lega- kuzhu ; letters are in reversed order.

*459.loiter- tardare -thirithar 

460.mend- riparare-sari paaru/ to repair; letters are jumbled 

*461.mind- mente- manathu 

*462.mute- muto- amaithi 

*463.obstruct - turare- thaduthar 

464.obscene- oscena- pachchaiyaana 

465.offend- offendere- pun paduththuthar ; letters are jumbled .

467.pardon- pardona- poruththidanu; manniththar ; letters are in reverse order. 

*468.parliament- parlamento- paar aalum mandram ;  letters are jumbled; paar- world;  aalu- to rule; mandram- assembly.

*469.parotides/ parotide- gangole- kanna kazhalai ;kannam- cheek; kazhalai- swelling.

*470.pat-atto- thattu 

471.parting- partenza- pirinthida

472.patch- toppa- ottu poadu; ottu -patch; ottu poadu-to patch.

473.pith- midollo- mayiyathhil ulla netti ; maiyam- centre; maiyaththil-middle; netti-pith.

*474.plough- arotolo -yaeru uzhuthal ; yaeru- plough;uzhuthal- till .

475.ponder- ponderare -ennuthar 

*476.prize- presa- parisu

*477.round- ronda- urundai 

*478.rotation- rotare- suttru ; suttuthar/ to rotate.  

*479.say- dire- oaathuthar 

480.son- fglio- kulam 

481.speech- favella- panuvel 

482.speaker- oratore- urai aattuvoar ; urai- speech .

483.square- giusta- katta stitch- appuntare- pinnuthar / knit 

485.surgeon- chirurugo- root word is arukka/ to cut 

*486.vain- vanita- veen aayida ; veenmai- vain ; aayida-to become . 

*487.unite [ v]- unire- onna yiru/to be one 

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