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List of Tamil words in Japanese language

List of Tamil words in Japanese language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


                        List of Tamil words in Japanese language 


                  Dr. Variankaval Ramasamy Annadurai; MD; DPM; 


 Japanese is an East Asian language spoken by about 128 million people, primarily in Japan, where it is the national language. It is a member of the Japonic (or Japanese-Ryukyuan) language family, and its ultimate derivation and relation to other languages is unclear. Japonic languages have been grouped with other language families such as Ainu, Austroasiatic, Korean, and the now-discredited Altaic, but none of these proposals have gained widespread acceptance.

Little is known of the language's prehistory, or when it first appeared in Japan. Chinese documents from the 3rd century AD recorded a few Japanese words, but substantial texts did not appear until the 8th century. During the Heian period (794–1185) in Japan, the Chinese language had considerable influence on the vocabulary and phonology of Old Japanese. Late Middle Japanese (1185–1600) included changes in features that brought it closer to the modern language, and the first appearance of European loanwords. The standard dialect moved from the Kansai region in the south, up to the Edo region (modern Tokyo) in the Early Modern Japanese period (early 17th century–mid 19th century). Following the end of Japan's self-imposed isolation in 1853, the flow of loanwords from European languages increased significantly. English loanwords, in particular, have become frequent, and Japanese words from English roots have proliferated. Proto-Japonic, the common ancestor of the Japanese and Ryukyuan languages, is thought to have been brought to Japan by settlers coming from the Korean peninsula sometime in the early- to mid-4th century BC (the Yayoi period), replacing the languages of the original Jomon inhabitants, including the ancestor of the modern Ainu language. Very little is known about the Japanese of this period. Because writing had yet to be introduced from China, there is no direct evidence, and anything that can be discerned about this period must be based on reconstructions of Old Japanese.


 Clues to read Japanese words into Tamil 

Letter ‘k’ = ‘v’; v= ‘ka’. 

Add vowels then and there.

Letter ’p’ and letter ‘s’ can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged. 

 Add letters ‘m’ and ‘n’ then and there. 

A consonant letter can be read more than once.

If a same letter occurs consecutively more than once it can be read as a single letter.

By jumbling the letters of the given Japanese word, a Tamil word can be derived. 



1.Japanese – English and English -Japanese Dictionary by J.C. Hepburn  

2.English- Japnese Dictionary; editions eBooks France; ; adapted from http; dictionary /index.html  


 English – Japanese words -Tamil 


1.the side of the chest- abara- maarpu; letters are in reversed order. 

2.rib – abara – bone- maarby  enpu ; maarpu- chest ;enpu=bone [ letters are in reversed order] 

*3.anything fried in oil- aburage / oily means aburake in Japanese- porikka- to fry. oppose- adasuru- ethirththar; letters are read more than once.

* agree- atta- yaeththidu 

*6.suit/ fit- atta –oththa 

* find- atta -thaedu 

8.enemy- ada- ottaar ; ethiri .

*9.beautiful -adena- thaun 

10.rise/ go up- agari- yaeruka ; letters are in reversed order. 

11.lower jaw/ chin - agota- thaavan-k-kattai ; letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka. 

*12.between- aida- idaiyae 

13.injury-  gai- kaayam 

14. partner /companion – ai kata- koottaali 

*15.friendly and familiar terms- ai-naka- inakkam 

16.opposing party- aitedori- /as in law- suit or quarrel -ethir tharappu ; letters are read more than once;  ethir- opposite; tharappu= party [ letters are in reversed order] 

 17.Buddhist nun- ama -amma/mother; nun- annai / mother 

 18.fisher woman- ama -meen amma ; meen- fish ;amma- mother. 

 19.partner /mate- aite- soadu 

*20.minced meat- an- uoon/ meat 

 *21.there- anata- anthaa idam /that place  ; idam – place; antha- that .

 *22.older sister- ane- annai / older sister/ mother; munnai.

 23.elder brother’s wife- ani yome- anni 

*24.older brother-ani- annan 

 *25.father- chan- achchan 

 *26.friend- anibun-  anpan ;  nanpan 

* be  /exist- aru- eru 

28.hard to do- arigatai – puriya kadinam ; puriya- to do; kadinama- hard/ difficult. 

29.rare and excellent- arigatai- kidaikka arithaka ; kidaikka- to get ;arithaaka- rare. 

*30.injury- ata- adi 

 *31.damage- ata- udai ; udaiya. 

 32.harm- ata- theethu ;theemai .

33.the top/ highest part – atama-   mudi ; letters are in reversed order. 

34.the head- atama- mandai ; head. 

35.the first- atama- motha ; letters are in reversed order. 

* vex- atake- thukai / vex

37.tease- atake- moeiththiduka ; thothakam aaduka; letters are read more than once.  

38. hot- atsu- soodu ; letters are in reversed order. 

39. thick- atsu- thadiththa ; letter is read more than once. 

*40.prostitute- baita- potti  

41.fool- baka- baekku 

*42.the sound of the flapping of the wings of the bird- bata bata- pada pada  

*43.sudden bursting/ opening out- batto- pottita 

*44.beautiful- bi- poo; pai .

* die  /end/ perish- bossuru-   poaei   saera / gone  /reached 

*46.stupid - botto- paethai ;  paethamai / stupidity 

 * be hit/beaten- butare- poattu adiththar ; adiththar- hit; letters are read more than once. 

*48.divided into classes- bu- wake- vakai vakai yaa  vakukkua/ paku;  vakai- class; vakukka/ paku-/ pakukka -  divide. 

*49.instantly/ quickly- chatto- sattunnu

  50.blood- chi- soani 

 *51.breast- chichi – susi  ;paachchi .

*52.a small pet dog- chin- sinna naai ; sinna- small; naai- dog. 

*53. hearing- kiku – kaekkai 

54. give- chodai- thaa 

* chojo- uchchi 

 *56.jacket- chokki- sokkaai ; root word is ankki ; troot word for ankki is anika- to wear .

 57.inferior in quality/ low - da- mattam; padu .

 58.substitute- dai – maaththu 

 59.theme- dai – thinai 

 60.topic/ text- dai- paadam 

61.highway- dai do – paattai take out- dashi- edu out- dashi- oaattu do- deki – seithiduka produce- deki – padaikka 

66.finish- deki- mudikka   

*67.body- do- thadi 

68.road /way- do- thadam ;paaathai. 

*69.same/alike - do- oththa do- eppadi 

71.palpitation of heart – doki – ithayam thudikka ; ithayam- heart ; thudikka- throbbing. 

*72.beating of the heart- doki doki- ithayam thudikka thudikka ; thudikka- beating. throb in pain- dzuki dzuki- thudikka thudikka 

*74.alone /alone - dokku-oththaiyaaka ; thaniyaaka .

75.stupid- don –moodan 

*76.talent- doriyo- thiran ; thiramai 

*77.a way/ road- doro- theru /street 

*78.mud- doro- thoor 

79. sound   of the feet of many persons walking- doya doya-  thada thadannu

*80.shake- doyo- aattu 

 81.a card/ ticket- fuda- attai

82.fortune/ wealth/ prosperity - fuku- baakkiyam ; poakkiyam ; aakkam owl- fukuro – pakar kurudu ;  letters are red more than once; pakar- day ;kurudu- blind. 

*84.boat- fune- punai 

*85.boat house- funa yado- punai veedu ; veedu- house 

*86.boat- song- funa  uta- punai paattu ; punai- boat; paattu- song. 

 *87.a small boat- hashi bune- sinna punai ; sinna- small; punai- boat . 

*88.a public notice- fure gaki -arikkai/ notice 

*89.big- futoi- beththa 

*90.suddenly- futo- fattu nu 

* increase- fuyeru- uyara ; uooru. 

 *92.the sound of rattling- gata gata - kada kada 

 *93.ox/ cow- giu- koa 

 *94.saying- kotoba- kathaippu 

 95.anger- go- koavam; root word is kaaya . 

96.angry – gohara- karuvu ; ka= va; va= ka; karuppu go- kavai ; ka= va; va= ka. gushi- kaesam ;sikai ; letters are in reversed order. 

99.a kind of white silk fabric- ha butaye- pattu / silk 

100.the shirt- hadagi- udukkai /dress  

*101.hard to chew - ha gotaye-  kadikka   kadinam ; letters are read more than once;  kadikka- to bite;  kadinam- difficult .

*102.hard to say- ii- gatai-kathaikka kadinam ;kathaikka- to say ;kadinama-  difficult; letters are read more than once. 

 103.hard to do- katai - aakka kadinam ;aakka- to make; kadinam- difficult .

*104. difficult to do-shi  gatai – seiyya kadinam  ;seiya- to do .

 105.severe /strict - katai- kadumai 

 *106.hard- katai – kadiya 

107. compact- katai- kattimai 

 108.close- katai – kitta / near 

109. manner of speaking- ii- kata -kathaiththidum   vitham ;  ka= va; va= ka; vitham- method; kathaikka- to speak.  

* look/ see- hai ken- kaana 

* strike- hataki – adikka ;thaakka .

* strike - hatakiita – thaakkidu end- hate- mudiya die- hate – madiya 

114. flag- hata- kodi ; letter ‘h’ is reads as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’.

*115.prohibition-  hatto- thadai 

116.gale storm of wind- hayate- kadun-k-kaaththu   ;letter ;h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’ ; kadumai- severe; kaaththu-wind.  

117.violent- hidoi- kodiya; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

118.fort- hodai- koattai ; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

119. bandage for a wound- hotai- kattu / bandage ; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

120.fever- hotori – suduthar roast- hidori- suduthar 

* make music- hayashi tate- isaiththidu 

123.mistake- higakota- kuththam  

124.citation- hiki koto -eduththu-k-kaattu ; letters are jumbled. dip- hitashita – thoaiththidu be dipped- hitari- thaoiththar 

127.forehead- hitai - neththi 

* play- hotaye- aadu shoot and hit- i-ate- yeithidu / to shoot

* hit- iiate- adi embrace- idaki- anaiththiduka 

* say- iuta- oaathu wonder at- ibukari- viyappukkuriya wonder at- ibukaritta- viyappukkuriyathu 

*135.anger- ikidori- kaaaithar; kadu kaduththar ; letters are read more than once. 

136.anger- shini- sina

* go- yuku- yaeku 

* go- ikitta- yaekidu 

* ikiteoru-kudi iru; kudi iruppu .

* inu- naai answer- iraye- urai /speak; irai . 

142.colour- iro- niram/ ray iro- eera

* arrive /reach - itari- adaithar  

* attain- itari- adaithar  

146.get by oneself – ji- toku -thaanae adaika;thaanae- by one self; adaika- to attain. 

147.pain- itami- thoona

148.thread- ito- thaamam 

*149.the deck of a ship- itago- adukku 

150.a man- jin- aan army- jin- saenai ; ani ; aniyam .

*151.trickling - jita jita to- sottu sottaa sotta ; sottu -drop ;sotta- dripping. 

 152.prostitute- joro – saara penn ; pajari .

*153.home- kado- kudi 

154.leaving home- kado de- kudi  yaei  vittu yaekidu ; ka= va; va= ka ;kudi- house; yaekidu- to go .

155. home- kiyo taku- kudi aka

156. small house- koya- akam / home 

 *157.a thatched house- kudzu ya – kudisai 

158. house- moto- maadam; idam; letters are in reversed order. 

*159.door of the house- kado- kathavu /door;ka= va; va= ka ;kudi- house. speak angrily- kado- kadumaiya kathaikka; kadumai- anger; kathaikka- speak; letters are read more than once. veil- kadzuki -moodaakku/ veil blame- kadzuke – kuththam saattuka ; letters are jumbled. 

*163.corner- kado – koadi 

*164.hook- kagi- kokki

165.sea- kai- kayam much- kohodo- mikuthi

* of the gods- kago– koa  kaaka ; koa-  god ; kaaka- to protect .

*168.embrace - kai idaki- katti anaiththiduka ; kattikkoa .

* take in the arms- kai idaki- kai yoadu edukka ; kai- arm ;edukka- take. 

* hold in the arms- kakaye ta-  kai yaodu  kattikkoa ; letters are read more than once ; kai- arm; kattikkoa- hold/ embrace.

*171.mother- kaka-akkaa

172.blacksmith- kajiya-kammiyan 

* gnaw- kajiri- kori

174.the heel- kakato- kuthi kaal kidnap- kadowakashi – kadaththuka 

176.a creeping vine- kadzura- kodi  padara ; kodi- creeper; padar- spread; letters are read more than once. 

177.profit- kai- aakkam ; yoakam [Skt] .

* / pungent- karai – koormai; kaaram .

* tie up with a cord as bundle- karageta-kayeiru    kondu   kattu kattu ; kayeiru- cord; kondu- with   ; kattu-  bundle; kattu- to tie, 

180.the body - karada- aakirithi harvest /reap - kari- arukka ; letters are in reversed order ; reap= aruppu . harden/ solidify - katama- kadinam aakku ; kettiaakkanum . guard /defend- katama- kaaththidanu

184.a basket- katami- koodai 

184. knife- katana- kaththi join- katan- koodanum 

* converse together/ talk - katarai- kathaiththar 

 187.hard wood , especially oak-  katagi ; ketti kattai ; letters are read more than once; ketti- hard ; kattai- wood ; thaekku   kattai ; thaekku -teak. 

*188.beggar- katai- kai edu/ beg  ;  kai yaenthi – beggar ; kai-  hand; yaenthu- to hold. 

189. churlish- kata-iji- kaduppu ; kadu kaduppu  .

190.can overcome- kate-  kadakka/ to overcome 

 191.pestle- katsu- kuththu kattai ; idi kattai .

*192.rice gruel- congee- kanji 

 193.crying out in alarm- kedatamashii – kaththidanum / to shout.

 194.cock’s comb- keito- kondai 

195. to build with stones or earth as a wall , castle- kidzuki ; koattai  kattu; koattai- castle; kattu- to build; letters are read more than   once. 

196. a kind of owl- kidzu- koattaan 

 a wound- kidzu- adi kayam / contused wound; letters are jumbled. 

*197. to hear – kiki- kaekka

* hear- kikita- kaettidu 

199.guess by hearing – kiki ate- kaettu kanikka ; letters are read more than once; kaettidu- hear; kanikka- guess. be fond of hearing- kikitagari  kaettida yaekkaravu ; ka= va; va= ka. understand what is heard -kikitori tta- kaettu arinthidu /therinthidu  ; arinthida- know/ understand ;kaetka- to hear . hear incorrectly- kiki tagaye- thappaaka  kaekka ; letters are jumbled ;thappaaka-  incorrectly ; kaekka- to hear . enquire and find out- kiki- awase- usaavuka   /enquire  ;letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka.  

* grant- kikita- kodu ; kodai . 

205.perceive- kiki – noakku 

206.perceive- kikita- noakkidu kikita- kattaani 

208.strength- kikita - kadumai 

*209.acute- kikita – kaduthi ; acute= kaduthi .

*210.clever- kikita- ketti ; kediyan / clever one . 

211.influence- kikita-kadavu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

212.enemy- kataki – kandakan 

213.slaying an enemy in revenge – kataki uchi – kaathuka/ kill kate- kondi  

215.fraud- katari - koathaattuthar /to deceive 

216.a wooden long sword- ki dachi – kattai kaththi; kattai- wood; kaththi- knife 

217. kitchen- kattu- samaiyar kattu 

218.promise- katame- vaakku thaththam kin- kanam ; kankau ; root word is  kanimam- metal; kaanjan[Skt]    .

220. gold- kogane- kaankeyam ; letters are  jumbled. 

221.fruit of  tree- ki no mi – kani maram ; kani- fruit; maram /tree . 

 * cut - kiri – keeru 

* cut- kiriti- keeridu 

 * cut- kiri sogi- keeruga 

*225. to cut- kiri tsuke- keeriduka 

 *226.cloth – kire- koorai 

 *227.piece- kire- keeru ; kooru .

 *228.pieces-   kire gire- kooru kooraa/ in pieces 

 229.clean- kirei- karai inmai ; karai- dirt ; imai- without.

 230.beautiful- kirei- kaarikai /beauty ; letter is read more than once. 

231. an awl - kiri- koor uoosi ; koor- sharp .

232.passport /ticket - kitte- kadavu  attai ; kadavu- to pass/ cross;  ka= va; va= ka; attai- card. 

233.surely/ certainly- kitto- kattayamaa 

234.bow- kiu- kuni 

235.nine- kiu- ka/ Tamil  numeral – one ; yaek[Skt]-one .

* scold- kitayeta- kadinthida ; kadiththida . to wear – kitai- katta ennam ; katta aasai ; katta- to wear ;ennma- thougts; aasai- desire.

*238.metropolis- kiyo to- koattam/ city  

239.elephant- kiza- kajam; kasam; kayam .

*240.temple for preaching- kodo- koattam / temple 

*241.making a shield of tree- kodate   kattai kaedayam aakkidu ; letters are read more than once;  kattai- wood; kaedayam- shield  ;aakkidu- make.

242.verbal message- ko- datsu-  kathaitha/ kaetta  seithi ; letters are jumbled;  kathaiththa- said; kaetta- heard; seithi- news.

243.small sword- ko dachi- sinna kaththi ;sinna- small; kaththi- knife .

*244.sexual intercourse- kogo- oaakka 

245.coagulate- kogori- uraika ; letters are in reversed order. 

246.fault finding- ko -goto- kuththam kaana ; kuththam- fault; kaana- to look. 

*247.ask- koiota- kaettidu 

 *248.beg- koiota- kai edu who looks after/ guardian- ko-ken – kann kanippoan 

250.young dog- ko – inu – kukkan /dog ; naaikkan   /dog  ;letters are in reversed order ;root word is naa/ naakku - tongue. celebrate- kotohogi – kondaaduka koto- kadamai 

253.fact- koto- akkeekathu ; thakamai  ;letters are in reversed order. 

254. bracelet- kote- kadakam 

255.abundance- kote- kote- koadi; kaadu; kadi. ku – kaayam ;aakash ; sky . divide- kubari – pirikka; letters are jumbled. eat- ku- unnuka 

* bite- kuta- kadi to eat- kui tai – kai thoda  ennam  -aasai /  eat ; kai- hand; thoda- to touch  ; kai thoda- to eat ; ennam- thougts; aasai- desire.

* eat- kurai atta- koriththidu/ gnaw  

262. get- kuta – kidaiththida  ; adaika; letters are in reversed order. 

263. to corrode- kuiiru- arikka;letters are in reversed order. 

*264.dark- kurai – karu 

* kuro- karu 

*266.dark- kurayami- karumai darken- kuramashita-  karumai aayida ;karumai- black ;aayida- to become.

* blacken- kuromi ta -karumai aayida ;karumai- black ;aayida- to become. 

*269.very dark- makkuro- mika karumai ; mika- excess . person - kurombo- karuppan 

*271.burnt to a coal – kuro yaki-  kari aakku ; kari- coal .

272.pupil of the eye- kuro tama- karuththa mani ; karuththa- black.

* concern - kuro- akkarai/ concern; care= akkarai .

* kuttaku- kaaththiduka 

*275.iron- kuro gane- karun-k-kanimam ; karu- black; kanimam- mineral. 

 *276.giddy- kura kura- kiru kiruppu 

 *277.dizzy- kurami –kirakkam ; letter ‘k’ is read more than once. 

*278.the banks between rice fields- kuro- karai 

279.a person skilled in the profession- kuroto-   kai thiran   udaiya ;  letters are jumbled ;  kai thiran- hand skill ; udaiya- has. 

280.faeces- kuso- kakka 

*281.bracelet- kushiro- kai-k- kaarai ; kai- hand. 

*282.distress- kuttaku- ikkattu ; letters are jumbled .

283.trouble- kuttaku – idu-k-kann; letters are jumbled.

283.prostitute house- kutsuwa- kooththiyaa  veedu ; letters are jumbled ; kooththiyaa- prostitute; veedu- house. 

284.true- ma- unmai 

 285.true- makkai- unmaiyaaka 

286.yet /still- ma- innamum 

*287.first  / in the first  place- madzu- motha / first ;motha idam /first place  ;  letters are read more than once ;  idam- place. 

288.first / in the first place- madzu motte- motha  idam ; idam- place ; letters are jumbled ; motha motha- very  first . 

289.early/already - madaki- munnathaaka 

*290.the first /origin /source/ beginning / cause /fountain head - moto-  motha .

291.first party- moto kata- motha katchchi ; motha- first; katchchi- party . die- makari- maraika/ disappear; letters are jumbled. 

293.end of life- matsuge- mudika / to end

294.pasture land- maki- maeikka / to pasture  

295.a wet nurse- mama- amma / mother

296.strong and fearless man/ hero- masurao- maaran ;samurai= maaran 

297.again- mata- meendum 

* step over- matage- mithikka 

* wink- matataki- imaithhtiduka  

300.front- maye- mun

301.front- omote-  munnaadi 

*302.whole- matai- moththa

303.purpose/ intention- meate- thittam; letters are in reversed order. love- mede- muththam/ love marry a wife- metori- manam mudiththar /matrimony  / to marry; thirumanam / marriage; letters are jumbled ;manam- marriage; mudiththar- do /finish . 

*306.body- mi- mei 

*307.a substitute- miyo dai- maaththu 

*308.madness- mono gurui – mana kirukku ; manam- mind; kirukku- mad. 

309.thinking- mono omoi- mana enna  ; manam- mind; enna- to think. 

310.grove/ clump of trees- mori- marakka 

311.wood- mori- maram /tree. put on airs/ haughtiness- mottai -mithappu 

*313.breast- mune – monni 

*314.mind/heart- mune- manam

315.intention- munu – ennam ; letters are in reversed order.

316.thought- nen- ennam 

317.son- musuko- makan; makavu ;ka=va;va=ka.

318.pot- nabe- paanai ;letters are in reversed order. 

*319.ocean- nada- unthi nanji- nee

*321.what- nani- enna 

*322.what is it? -nanda- enna athu ;anna- what; athu- that ; ethu- it. nana- enn/ eight 

*324.male/ man /son - nan- aan

325. smell- nioi- manam emit an odour- nioi ota- naathtam adiththida sew /stitch- nuiuta-  thunnu; letters are in reversed order. speak- notamai- nodi 

329.throat- nodo- thondai ; letters are   jumbled. 

330.instigate- odate- thoondu 

331.calm /quiet- odayaka- amaithiyaaka

* dance- odori – aaddduthar 

*333.a dance- odori – aadar fear- oji - achcham fear- ojita- anjida be afraid- ojike- anjuka

337.buttock- oido- sooththu

338.female- onago- mankkai  

*339.time- ori- oarai 

340.prison- ori- sirai  

341.female- onna- pennn 

342.male / boy- ono ko- aan makan  

343.male / man- otoka- aadavan; ka= va; va= ka. 

344.each /every one- ono- ono- ovou onnum push- oshita- idi drive- oshita- oaattu 

*347.fear- osore- soor 

348.flute- oteki – uoothu kuzhal  ; uoothuka- to blow ; kuzhal- flute . 

*349.sound- oto- oaathai 

350.youngest child- oto go- kadai kutti ; letters are jumbled;  kadai- last; kutti- little child. 

351.scribbling upon walls /stones- raku gaki – kirukku ; letters are jumbled.

*352.death- sai go- saaka / to die 

*353.death- shi- saa 

353.burning the bamboo and straw on the New Year’s Day – saito- thee idu  ;thee- fire; idu- make. 

354.parturition/ birth - san- sinai  eenu  ; sinai-   embryo/ baby  ;eeenu- to deliver; jananam[Skt]  . 

355.calculation- san to- ennidu /calculate 

*356.separated- sapare – piriya 

*357.suddenly- satto- sattunnu; sudden- sattunnu. cough – sekiita- kakkidu 

*359.a battle- sen to- sandai/ fight oppress- setage- adakku; odukku .

* do/ make - shi- sei 

* do- shita- seithidu 

* do - shi kaye – seika 

 364.desire to do- shi tagari – seithida yaekkaravu ; ka= va; va= ka; seithida- to do; yaekkaravu- desire. 

 365.maker- shite- seithoar /those who made ; seithidu- make.

 *366.actions /deeds- sho gi- seikai 

* 367.shaking- shindo- asainthida

*368.tired- shindo- asanthida 

369.teacher- shi- aasaan 

370.method of doing- shi kata- seiyim nikuthi ; sei- do; nikuthi- method. 

*371.gesture- shi kata- saikai kaattu  /gesturing 

*372.juice- shiru- saaru 

373.a drink made of rice- shiro zake- sarakku / liquor; kaaichchiya arisi saaru ; letters are jumbled; kaachchu- brew; arisi- rice; saaru- juice. 

374.wish to make- shitai- seithida nasai  ;seithida aasai ; seithida  -to do; nasai- desire ;aasai- desire. desire for- shitai- ichchai yoadu ; aasai yoadu .

* put on- shitate- soodidu ; uduththu . educate- shit ate- padiththidu ; shit ate= study .

378.tailoring- shit ate- theiththida 

379.tailor- shitateya- thaiyaan ; letter  ‘t’ is read only once. 

380.the manner anything is made- shi tate kata - seithidum nikuthi  ;seithidu- do/ make; nikuthi- method. make up as clothes- shit ate- sattai   uduththu  /to wear shirt ; sattai- shirt; uduththu- wear. 

382.under garment- shita gi- kachchattam ; letters are jumbled. 

*383.drip- shitatari- sottuthar express messenger- shit ate- thoothan / messanger 

*385.agree to- shitagai – oththukka go after- shitagai- thaedi oaaduka ; naaduka .

387.under/ beneath- shita – adi 

388.disciple- shitei- seedan ; thondan .

*389.succeed in doing- shi toge- saathikka  /achieve 

*390.little child- sho ni- sinnaiyyan 

*391.holding property- sho tai- soththu udaiya ; soththu- property; udaiya- has. 

392.lord- shujin- iyan; achchan.

*393.urine- sho yo- uchchaa 

* dye- some ta- saayam idu  ;sayam- paint; idu- do . 

395.bribe- sokuro- kai urai ; kai- hand; urai- cover. shave- sori -sarai shave- sorita- saraiththidu[?Skt]  ;   thaadi mudi eduththar  ;letters are jumbled;  thaadi- beard;  mudi-   hair; edu- take away .

* add- soye ta- saeththidu 

* shake- soyogi- asaikka ; shake= asaikka 

* save- sukui uta- kaaththidu ; kaasu  saeththidu / to save cash; letters are jumbled.  ;kaasu- cash  ;saeththidu- to accumulate.

401.crowded- suki ita-koottama 

402.merely looking at anything/ not buying -suken- kann kaana ; kann- eye; kaana- to see. rub against- sureai- uraaiya 

*404.alone- tada- oththaiyaa

*405.agree with- tai- yaeththida ; letters is read more than once. 

406.disagree- tagai- oththukaathu ; letters are read more than once. 

*407.body- tai- thadi ; body =  pothi ; puthai . of soldiers- tai- padai be pregnant- tai uikeru – karu uttru ; karu adaiya ;  letters are jumbled; karu- baby /embryo .

410. great- tai- padu; padaa ; moatta .

*411.desire- tai –thaadai ; ettu.

412.peace- tai hei- amaithi 

413.speaking in an arrogant manner- tai hei  raka- thimiraka uraikka ; thimir- arrogance; uraikka- to speak. 

414.Pacific Ocean- taiheikai –muthu kayam /sea 

415.air- tai ki- kaaththu / wind; letters are in reversed order. go away / depart- tai kiyo- poaeiduka 

*417.a drum- tai ko- udukkai ;thakkai; idakkai /a large double headed drum  .

*418.tortoise shell- tai mai- aamai oaadu ; letters are   jumbled; aamai-  tortoise; oaadu -shell . 

419.a drum maker- taiko hari- udukkai aakkukiravar ;   letters are read more than once;   udaukkai- drum ; aakku- make; aakkukiravar- maker. the belly- tai nai- thonthi / belly 

421.callosity of hands- tako-  thadikka;  kai kaaiththida ; kai- hand; kaaiththida- to have callosity . kudi; letters are in reversed order;ida vakai ;ka= va; va= ka. 

* burn- taki – thee iduka; thee- fire; iduka- make. 

*424.piece of cloth- tan- thundu thuni ; thundu- piece; thuni- cloth . 

*425.satisfied/ satiated - tanno- thaniya pluck off with hand- taori- koeithar ;aaithar .

*427.shield- tate- thatti

428.height used in measuring- tate- neetta erect- tate- naattu 

* shut – tate- adaiththidu ; shut = saaththu .

* sharpen- tate- theettu 

432.set up- tate- amaiththidu 

* praise- tataye- thuthi 

* praise- tatayeru- thuthiththar exchange- tate kayeta- maaththi kodu 

* contend- tatakai – ethiththiduka  

* fight- tatakai- thaakku 

* be pounded- tatakai – idikka ; kuththuka; letters are in reversed order.

* strike- tataki - thaakku 

* strike- tatakiita- thaakkidu 

*440.beat- tataki – adikka ; adiththiduka .

 441.beat- katsu- kottu / to beat the drum 

*442.knock- tataki- thattuka; moathuka . break to pieces by pounding- tataki- idiththu   udaiththu  thundu  thundaakku ; idi- pound ; udai- break; thundu- piece; letters are read more than once. fold- tatami- madi ; madi ; letters are in reversed order be folded- tatamari- madiththar; letters are jumbled.   

446.floor mat- tatami- mithi adi; letters are in reversed order. stop- tatadzumi –thaduththidanu

*448.curse- tatari- thittuthar come to an end- tye- mudiya 

* endure- tayeru- thodaru 

* taye- thoo compare- tatoye-oppidu 

453.urgently- tatte- udan adiyaa honour- tattobi – mathippu / honour 

* be rocked /about in the waves- tayutai- aadida 

456.path- te- thadam; paathai. 

457.troops- te- padai 

458.plan- te- thittam 

459.plan- tadate- thitta

460.skill- te- thaatte ; letter is read more than once. 

*461.tactics- tate- uththi agent- tedai- thoothan 

464.stratagem – tedate- thoduppu 

465.a concubine- tekake- kooththiya ; letters are in reversed order. 

*466.distant- tedo- etta 

 *467.far/ distant - toiku- ettakka 

468.clapping the hands- te  bataki –kai yaei  thattuka;  letters are jumbled; kai- hand; thattuka- to clap. 

*469.a small boat- temma- oaadam ten- andam/ universe; letters are in reversed order. 

*471. father- tete- thathai; thanthai; aththaa; daddy.

*472.this- to- ethu 

*473.that- to- athu to- ippoathu  

475.when- to- eppoathu 

*476.withto- oaadu; udan

 477.ten- to- paththu 

*478.door- to- thatti ; thoatti; thadai. 

* reach- todoke- adaika ; adainthiduka .

*480.attain- todoki-adainthiduka; adaika .

* achieve- toge- adaika ; saathikka .

*482.obtain- toge- adaika complete – toge-mudikka 

* effect- toge- thaakkam /effect make- todoke- seithiduka ;padaiththiduka .

486.curtain- tobari- thirai detain- todome- adaiththidanum stop -todome- thaduththidanu

* be rubbed smooth- toge- thaeikka 

*490.sharpened- toge- theettuka 

491.summit- tuge- mukadu ; letters are in reversed order. close/ shut- toji- adai close/ shut- tojiru – adaiththar close/ shut- tojita- adaiththidu close / shut- toji- saaththu; letters are in reversed order. sew- toji- thei sew- tojiru- theiththar /sewing sew- tojita- theiththidu 

499.bed- toko- padukkai 

*500. to take/ take off - tori- eduththar 

501. catch- tori- pidiththar 

 *502.pluck off- tori- aaithar / pluck 

* get /attain- tori- adaithar 

 * steal- toritta- thirudu 

 *505.street- tori- theru 

 506.manner- tori- maathiri 

*507.arrive- torai- adaithar  

508.a portal- torii- thuraiyam ; thirappu dissolve- toroke- karaiththidu; letters are in reversed order. 

510.disciples- totei- thondan 

511.the next- tsugi- aduththathaaka 

* uma- maa.  

* unu- nee 

 *514.agreeable- urayaka- yaerkka /to agree 

 515.distressed- ureieita- edar ; letters are  in reversed order. 

 516.buying and selling- uri kai- virkka/ selling 

*517.rice- uruchi-arisi  

* be moist- urumi- eeram 

* die- useta- seththidu uta- paattu 

521.poet- uta bito- paattu paadi ; letters are jumbled; pattu- song; paadi -singer ; paadu- sing. suspect- utagai- iyam adaika; iyam- suspicion; adaika- to have. sing- utai- paadu sing- utaiatta- paadidu suspect- utagai- iyam adaika; iyam- suspicion; adaika- to have. 

526.lying down in any place to sleep- utatane- adainthida ; letters are jumbled. 

527.respectable- utoku- mathaikka thakka  ;letters are read more than once ; mathikka- to respect . live- watarai- vasiththar 

529.home- yadu- veedu 

530.a palace/ big house - yakata- koattam listen- uke tsuketa- kaathu koduththu  kaetkka;   letters s are read more than once; kaathu- ear ;kodu-  give; kaetkka- to hear 

532.a boat with a roof and handsome cabin -yakata – bune-  kottakai punai ; kottakai – cottage; punai- boat . work- yarakashi- uruvaakku / work work- yarakashita- uruvaakkidu /to work 

*535.difficult to get- ye gatai- adaiya  kadinam ; letters are jumbled; adiaya- to attain; kadinam- difficult ;kidaikka kadaninam ; kidaikka- to get  .

*536.dirt- yogore- karai 

 *537.dirty- yogore ta- karai udaiya cross the road- yogiri tta – kurukka kadaththar ; letters are jumbled and read more than once ; kurukku- cross; kadakka- to pass. 

*539.alike/ similar- yona- onnu 

*540.thin garment worn in summer- yukata- koadai aadai ; koadai-  summer; aadai- dress. 

*541.harlot- yo- kun- kanikai 

* go- yuki- yaeku 

* go- yukiita- yaekidu oil cloth - yu tan- ennai thuni  ;ennai- oil; thuni- cloth. 

545.abundance - yutaka- aathikkam 

*546.rough to the feel/hear - zara zara- sor sora ppu 

*547.abbreviation- mijikaku suru koto-  mikaiyaei surukkiyathu ; mikai- excess; surukkiyadu- made short .

548.ability- doriyo- thiran 

549.account- kanjo- kanakku kanjo kata- kanakku eduppu / accounting 

*551.allot- ategau- othukku 

*552.angry- ikaru- karuvu ; ka= va; va= ka.  karuppu .

553.appetite- shoku- pasikka 

553.anxiously- anjite – anjida   /fearful 

*554.apparel – kiru – koorai 

 *555.attire- mato- madi/ cloth 

 *556.appear- deru- theriya ;thoandra .

*557.apply- ategau -aththuka; iduka; appiduka ;thadauka; ka= va; va= ka.   

*558.appropriate- ategau- thakka   

559.aspect- muki- mukam 

560. assault- utsu- adi 

*561.assemble- yoseru- saeru 

*562.attach- soyeru- saeru 

 563.attachement- shujaku- - saekkai ; full form is saerkkai .  

*564.connectsoyeru- saeru 

 *565.assist- tetsudau- oththaasai seithidu ; oththasai- help; seithidu- do ;assist [E] -   oththaasai seithidu; letters are jumbled. de-idaththu 

*567.attain- todoku- adaika 

*568.attain- itaru- adaithar 

*569.bandagehakutai- kattu 

570.ban- hatto- thadai 

*571.below/ beneath -otoru -adiyir

*572.before- maye ni- mun 

573. before- omotoni – munnaadi; letters are jumbled. 

* board- kuro ita -karu attai ; karu- black. 

* boil- waku- vaeka 

576.bony- honeppoi- enpu ; bone[E] = enpu; letters are in reversed order. 

577.boy- koduzukai- kodukkan /son 

578.bundle- taba- pothi  ; letters are in reversed order. 

579.brothel- kutsuwaya- kooththiyaa  kudi ; kooththiyaa- prostitute; kudi- house; letters are read more than once.  

*580.carve- kiru- keeru 

581.climb- yojiru – yaeru 

* close- tateru- adaiththar 

*583.closely- kataku- kittakka / nearby

584.cloth- tammono- thuni mani ; letters are jumbled. clothe- matou-  madi uduththu ; madi- cloth; uduththu- to wear ;  mundu  uduththu ; moodu- to cover kumo- konmu 

*587.collect- yoseru- saeru 

*588.combination- au koto- koottu 

589.compact- katai- kattimai ; kachchitha. compare- tatoyeru – oppu iduthar 

*591.condition- kado - ak-kuththu ; kidappu ; kathi . 

592.constipation- hi ketsu- kutha kattu  ; kutham- rectum .

593.constitution- seitai – satta; satta amaippu . tate kata – kattidam kattu ; letters are jumbled;  kattidam- building; kattu- to build. 

595.dancer- odori- ko – kooththadiyar; letters are jumbled. 

*596.defect- kidzu- koathu; koththai 

*597.declare /disclose - arawasu - arivui 

*598.detriment- kidzu- kaedu 

*599.detain- osayeru- sirai sei /imprison; sirai- prison. 

*600.earthenware- seto mono- munn satti ;  letters are jumbled;  munn- soil/ clay ; satti – pot .

*601.earthenware- mamben- munn paanai ; paanai- pot. 

602.earthenware- amaneku -munn- kinnam ; munn- soil; kinnam- cup / bowl 

603.eliminate- nozoku- neekku 

*604.eradicate- nuku- neekku 

605.erect- tateru- naattuthar 

606.enact- tateru - aanai iduthar 

607.enact- sadameru- sattam iyattru 

*608.enactment- sadame- sattam ;  sattam idu ; sattam sei. 

609.endure- tayeru- neediththu eru 

610.enemy- kataki- kandakan

*611.eye- gan- kann

*612.entirely- mattaku- moththamaaka 

613.excuse- mendzure- manniththar 

*614.evacuate- kudaru -akattru 

 *615.youth/ youthful- osanai- sinna

616.womb- kobukuro- karu pai akam ; letters are jumbled; aru pai- womb ; karu- embryo- pai- bag  ;akam- internal organ .

617.wood- takigi-  kattai ; letters are in reversed order. 

618.whip- utsu- saattai adi; saattai- whip; adi- to beat; letters are in reversed order. watch- ukagau- kavanikka ; ka= va; va= ka. 

620.water- midzu- mithadi ; amuthuam .

621.jar- kame- kinnam / bowl – funa ji- payanam sei ; payanam- travel; sei- make. 

623.violent- ikatsui- vaun kodiya ; ka= va; va= ka. 

624.violate- motoru- meeridu ; letters are jumbled. 

625.victorious-  kachitaru – kottram ; vaakai sooduthar ;  vettri ; ka= va; va= ka. 

626.vacancy- aida- idam 

627.urge- kudoku- kadavuka ; ka= va; va= ka. 

628.untie- hodoku- avuththiduka ; ka= va; va= ka. 

629.unitedly- sorote- saernthu 

630.undertaking- koto- kai kondidu 

631.uncle- ojisan- machchaan / uncle’s son 

632. twinkling – matataku na – minu minuththiduka ; letters are jumbled. 

633.trouble- kuro – kuraivu; ka=va ; va-=ka; kirichcham .

*634.trickle- jita jita suru – sottu sotta soriya /sura ; sotttu- drop.

*635.toast- aburu – pori/ fry 

636.three- mi- moonu 

*637.throw- heru- eri 

*638.take- toru- eduththar 

* mono woiu- munavu 

* katari- kathaiththar 

* kotoba- kathaippu  

*642.tea pot- cha bin – chaayaa paanai ; paanai- pot. 

*643.taste- ajiwai- suvai 

644.task- shigoto- kadamai 

645.thicket- odoro- puthar

*646.that- to- athu 

* support- kotayeru- kai koduththar ; kai- hand; kodu- give. 

* support- motsu -muttu ; muttu thaa. 

* supply- atayeru- thara 

*650.supplication- kito – kai edu; koadiththidu .

651.sun- taiyo- aathiththan ; thaaman ; Aten [Egypt] ; root word is thee- fire. 

652.sun- sarasu- sooriya ; soori; sooran ; naayiru ; root word is   ’Ra’ .

* submit- kudaru- koduththar 

 * stretch- todoku-- neettikka 

 655.strictkatai – kadumai 

 656.strictly- kataku - kadumaiyaaka

 657.spit- tsubaki- echchi  thuppuka ; letters are jumbled;  echchi- saliva; thuppuka- to spit. 

*658.spotless- kegarenu- karai inmai ;karai- stain;inmai-without. odoke- aadukai 

*660.sort- tori- tharam 

661.spear [ v] – tsuku- eetti yeithiduka  ;eetti-   spear; yeithiduka- to discharge. 

662.spear- yari- arann

663.soldier- samurai- maaran 

664.society- kumi- kumukayam ; letters are read more than once. 

*665.smite- tataku- adikka ; adiththiduka.

*666.slap- tataku – thattuka 

*667.slice- kire- keeru; kooru .

668.sir- sama- saami shut- tatamu -moodu ; letters are in reversed order. 

670.side- kata- konthu 

671.side- hotori- thiram 

672.shape- kata- vadi ; ka= va; va= ka. 

673.shape- katachi- sattakam ; letters are  in reversed order. 

674.severe- kitsui- kadumai 

675.severely- kitsuku –kadumaiyaaka 

*676.semen- tane- thanni / water

678.scheme- tedate- thittam 

679.scene /scenery - keshiki - kaatchchi  kaana ; kaatchchi- scene; kaana- to see. 

* uriguchi – virkka / to sell 

681.rob- toru - thirudu /steal.

682.robber/thief- dorobo- thirudar ; letters are read more than once .

*683.rigid body – katai -kattai 

684.region- tochi- thisai ; thaesam ; thinai . 

685.receipt- cho dai- oppu seettu  ;receipt =  pattru seettu ; letters are jumbled ; raseathu .

686.raven- karasu- karu vaakam ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*687.rage- ikaru- karu  karukka ; ukkiram 

*688.rage- ikidori- kothiththar 

*689.raft- ikada- kadaththu/ boat 

*690.qualification- tekito- thakuthi 

*691.qualified- tekito- thakuthi  udaiya 

*692.put- ateru- iduthar 

 *693.pulsate- odoru – thudiththar 

*694.prostitute- baita- potti 

*695.pour- deru- uooththuthar 

 *696.pick- toru- eduththar 

 697.pierce- tsuku- theikka 

 *698.perplexity- towake- thikaikka / perplexed 

 699.passion- jo- aasai 

*700.pad- ate- attai 

 *701.paddy- ine- uoon 

 *702.ox- kotoi- kottiyam 

 *703.original- moto no- muthan

*704. originally- motoyori- muthar 

 *705.origin- moto- moodu  

 *706.ordinance- sadame- sattam 

 706.nod- unadzuku- mandai yaei aattka; mandai- head; aattuka- to shake. 

 *707.noise- oto- oaathai 

*708. make noise- sawagu- oaasai seika; oaasai- noise; seika- make. 

 709.monk- so/ osho- saami 

 *710.monkey- saru- sirai 

 711.mind- omoi- mana

 712.mind- zonen- nenju ; letters are in reversed order. 

 713.mince- tataku- thundaakku 

714.marriage- yome dori- thiru manam ; letters are jumbled. 

715.marry- metoru- manam mudiththar 

716. marry off a daughter- katadzukeru- katti koduththar ; letters are read more than once.

* kanau- kaana /to meet soto naru- santhiththar ; letters are jumbled. 

719.metal- kane- kanimam  

720.mace- jittei- thadi/club 

*721.mad- kurui – kirukku 

*722.made- shita- seithathu 

 723.luck- ketai- koduppinai 

724. leprosy- kattai- kuttam ; kodoiya noaei ;kodiya- severe/ grave; noaei- disease; leprosy=  perum nasal; letters are jumbled;  periya- big; nasal - disease . 

*725.leap- odoru- thaththuthar; paaithar. 

*726.large- futoi- padaa

*727. law- nori- neri seito- sattam 

729. lance- yari- yeri eetti ; eriya- to throw; eetti- lance/ spear 

 *730.lance [ v]- yari de tsuku - yeri eetti   yaei yeithiduka  ;eri eetti- lance- yeithidu- to discharge . 

731. justice- do- thaaththu ; neethi; nadu. 

*732.justice- ri- erai; aram.

733.job- shigoto- kattu 

injury- kidzu –kaayam adaiya. / to get injured. sumi- maei 

735.incision- kiru koto- kaththi yaar keeru ; letters are jumbled;  kaththi- knife ; keeru- incise .

736.incite- odateru – thoonduthar 

*737.impure- mazetta-   maasu adaiya 

*738.imprint- osu- achchu 

739. illustrate- toku- eduththu  kaattu ; letters are read more than once. 

 *740.illustrate- tato yeru- eduththu  urai 

* do- yaethu ; eppadi. moving- watamashi- veettai   maaththida ; letter ‘t’ is read more than once. 

 * ke- akam / home 

 744.hotly- atsuku- soodaaka ;letters are jumbled .

745. hotness- atusa- soodu ; letters are in reversed order.  

746. hose- tabi- thoombu / tube

 *hook- kagi- kokki 

 *747.hook [ v] – kagi  de kaku- kokki idu ka  ; kokki- hook . koko- inkkae 

*749.hit- ateru- adiththar ; idiththar . 

*750.hill- koyama - kamai 

 *hear- kiku- kaekka 

*751.heart- ki- akam 

752.head- atama- mudi ; maedu ; mandai ; letters are in reversed order. 

753.harp- koto- koattu vaaththiyam / a kind of harp ; ka= va; va= ka. 

754.harmful- doku na – theenkku ; letters are jumbled. 

*755.grow- hayeru- uyaru; yaeru. 

*756.gossip- kuchitataki –kisu kisuththidukai ; gossip [ E] = kisu kisuppu ; letters are read more than once; root word is   kaathaoadu  kaathaai ; kaathu- ear. 

giddy- kurumeku- kirakkam ; letters are jumbled. 

* ataye- thaththi; thaayam  ;thanam [Skt] 

*give- atayeru- thara 

758.genealogy - ketto- kudi vazhi ; kodi  vazhi .

759.garrison- katame- koattai  thaanayam 

* gain- itaru – adaithar; eettuthar .

*761.front- mukau- mukappu 

762.fracture- oru- muriya / to get fractured 

*763.foul- kitanai- kaedaana

764.flaw- kidzu-kuththa 

765.flat- madzui- mattam 

*766.find- ataru- thaeduthar ; letter ‘ t’  is read more than once. 

767.ferry- watsu - voaadam

768.ferry- wataru- thurai woadam kataku- kada kada nnu 

770.fasten- tozasu- mudichchu idu 

face-mukau mukam 

771.child- isshi- saei /infant; sisiu.

772.partnership- kyoudou kumai – koottu pankaanmai 

773.a particular- shikaru- kurippu 

774. a roar- ikkatsu – kanaiththidu / neigh ; kathhtidu/  shout  .

775.a shout- hitkoe- oaasai   iduka ; oaasai- noise; iduka- make.  

*776.a smoke- ippuku- pukai 

*777.a smattering – kata koto-  kaththu kutti / an young scholar  /smatterer; letters are read more than once. 

*778.a work- saku- seikai 

*779.abrasion- surikizu- siraaikka  

*780.abridgement- shouraku- surukkam 

*781.abuse- akuhei- yaekkai  

782.abusive language – akutai- kadiththida kanakkaayan ; letters are jumbled;kanakku -accounts . 

*784.accumulate- shuuseki - saekka 

785.acquisition- kakutoko- kai adaika ; kai paththuka .

* akuta- kooththadi 

 787.actress- akutoresu -kooththiyaa kaari ; letters are read more than once. 

 788.adaptation - douka – thakaivu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

789.admiration- suuhai- mechchu 

790.adoption- saitaku- thaththu  edukka 

791. again and again – mata mata- meendum meendum 

*792.agent- douin- thoothan 

 793.agreement- gitei- kattimai 

*794.ahead- maeni- munnae 

*795.all together- ikkatsu- kootaa ; koodi .

*796.alliance- gattai – koottu ; koottani 

797. alternatively- tokkaehikkae – maaththaakaa 

 *798.altitude- koudo – kuththu-k- koadu ;letters are read more than once.

*799.amalgamation- goudou- koottu 

800.ambidextrous/ person - ryoutekiki –eru kai / erattai kai  inai thiran ; letters are jumbled; eru-  two;  ersttai- twin;   kai- hand- inai- equal; thiran- skill.

801.ancient city – koto- koattam/ city 

802.answer- kaitou/ gaitou - vidai kodu/ to answer  ;ka= va; va= ka; vidai-  answer; kodu-give.  

803.affection- jiai- aasai ; paasam;  pasai .

804.affection- onjou- anpu  

805.affectionate- yasu- aasaiyaa ; paasam 

806.archipelago- tatokai- theevu  thokuppu ; theeva-   island; ka= va; va= ka. 

807.architecture- akitekucha- kattita kalai ; kattu- build; kattidam- building; kalai- science. 

*807.arm hole of the shirt- sodetsuke – sattai  kkai ; sattai-  shirt; kai- sleeves / hand. 

*808.armpit- ekika- kakka; axilla= akkul ; kai- arm; kuzhi- pit . 

*809.arrow- ya- yei 

*810.arse – ketsu- kutham  /anus ; kutha oaattai/ arse hole  ; oaatai- hole.  

*811.arse- oshiri- sooru 

812.arsehole- kusotare- kutha sudeeram; sudeeram- hole; letters are jumbled.

*813.arrowroot- kuzu- koovai; ka= va; va= ka.   

* before- motodoori-  motha maathiri 

*815.ashes- haigara- kari  

*816.ask for- kikuyu- kaekka 

*817.aspect- muki – mukam  

818.assembly- kumitate- koottam/ kuttam  ; letters are jumbled. 

819. assimilation- douka- thanathaakku  

*820.association- kyoudou- koottam ; koottu. 

* a distancetooku -ettakka 

822.audibility – kachoudo- kaetkka thakka ; letters are read more than once; kaetkka- to hear . distance- kachoukyori- kaekkira seimai ; saeimai- distance. 

824.audience- kikite- kaetkkum / kaanum koottam ; letters are read more than once;  kaetkka- to hear ;  kaana- to see; koottam- crowd.  

825.auditor- kansayaku- kanakkuaayan 

826.auditorium- kodou – koottam koodum koodam ; letters are read more than once;  koottam- meeting; koodu- to assemble; koodam- hall. 

827.auditing- kaikeikansa- kanakku kaana  ;kanakku- accounts; kaana- to see. youji- saei 

*829.powder- pauda- podi 

 830.back door- urakido – pura kathavu ; kathavu- door; ka= va; va= ka. 

831.back street- ura doori – pura theru ;theru- street.

832.bad boy- akudou – kettavan / kodiyavan -  bad person; ka= va; va= ka;  ketta- bad .

833.bad boy- akutarou- kettavar/ kodiyoar - bad persons 

*834.bad character- akutama- ketta kunam; letters are read more than once;  kunam- character. 

835.bathe- nyuuyoku- nanaikka/ to soak 

836.bathing- mokuyoku- munkka; mukku / immerse bent- kou- kuni ; koon . burdened with- seou- sumai crowned with- tai- mudi soottu 

* delayed- temadoru- thamatham ura 

841. be crushed- kujikeru- kasakkuthar / crushing

* found- kentou- kandida heavy hearted- kiga moi- manam kanakka ; letters are jumbled;  manam- mind; kanakka- to be heavy . frightened- bikkuri- yaekkeri 

* lonely- ta- oththaiyaa ; letter is read more than once ;thaniyaa.

846.beat fast- doki doki –kada kada nnu thuddikka ;   letters are jumbled; kada kada – fast; thudikka- to throb

846.beautification- bika- punaika /to beautify

* bi- pai; poo.

848. beauty- karei- kaarikai / a beauty 

849. beauty- beppin- punai; baanu ; panppu ; letters   are jumbled. 

850. beautiful woman- beppin- baanu 

*851.brooklet- sairyuu- siriya aaru  ;siriya- small; aaru- river. 

 852.brightness- akari- kurumai; kiranam .

*853.brightness- kidu- kaattu ; kadi .

*854.breast- chichi- paachchi  ;susi .

855.breast- buresuto- perisu aayida/ becoming bigger; perisu- big; aayida- to become  ; peruththa  madi  ; peruththa- big; madi- breast .

856.bread- pan- poanam/ food

857.breach- toppakou- udaippu edukka; letters are jumbled; udaippu- breach. 

*858.braid- ben- pinnu 

859.both sides- ryouwaki- iru pakka; iru- two; pakkam- side.  

860.both wings- ryouyoku – iru siraku ; iru- two; siraku-  bird’s wing . 

861.both legs- ryoukyaku- iru kaar ;iru- two; kaar- legs; letters are jumbled. 

*862. both hands- ryoute- iru thaa- thaa- hand; iru- two. 

*863.both eyes- ryougan- iru kann ; kann- eye. 

 864.bones- kosshi- akku 

*865.body- shitai- sattai ;jadam [Skt] .

866.blushing- choukou- kannam sivakka; letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka;  kannam- cheek; sivakka- to become red. 

*867.blackish/dark- kuroppoi- karuppaa 

*868.blacken- kuromaru – karumai ura 

black person- kuronbo- karuppan; letters are jumbled. mole- kuro aza – kari machcham ; machcham- mole. iris- kurome- karumai eeri  ; letter ‘r’ is  read more than once eeri- iris . figures- kuroko- karu uru/uruvam ; uru- figure; ka= va; va= ka. eyes- kuromo – karu mani/ black  pupil clouds- kuro kumo – karu konmu ; kaar mukir; letters are jumbled. 

* cloth- kuroji- kariya koorai ; karu- black; koorai- cloth 

* ant- kuroari- karunk-k-araiyaan  a black  kind of white ant; kariya- black; karaiyan – white ant . burakku- karuppu ; letters are in reversed order. 

*877.deep black- kuroguro- karu karu nnu 

*878.dark- mei- maei 

879.dark night- yamiyo- yamam; saamam ; root word is  maei .

880.benefit- ontaku- payan adaika / to get benefitted; payan- benefit; adaika- to have. 

881.begging- kojiki- kenjuka 

*882.calculating- kanjoudakai- kaniththidukai ;kanakkidukai ; letters are jumbled. 

883.calculation- kanjou- kani ; calculate[E] [ - ka-  la - ka - la - the- ]= ennkallal kankkidu thal  ;enn- numerical number; kanakkidu- count.

884.calculation- santei- ennidu 

885.calculation- sanyou- ennu 

886.calculautor- keisanki- kanakki 

* kigurou- akkarai ; care[E] = akkarai .

888.carelessly- ukkari- akkarai inmai ; inmai- without.

* kuttaku- kaaththidukai 

890.carelessness- katai- kuthanai -k- kaedu ; letters are read more than once. 

*891.carving and polishing- choutaku -sethukku/carve; theettuka/ polish.

*892.cave- kuudou- kudavu ; ka= va; va= ka.  

*893.cave- hora- arai 

*896.ceremonial sword- gitou- kaththi /sword/ knife 

*897.ceremony – giten- kadan 

 *898.chapel- kaidou- koatta

*899.charring- kuroyake- karukka ; kaiyaakka ; kari- soot .

 *890.clatter- gatagata- kada kada 

891.clattering  noise- batabata- pattu pattu nu 

*892.cleanness- toumei- thooimai 

* kuri ningu-  karai yaei neekku ; karai- dirt; neekku- remove.

894.clever- kiten- kediyan /clever fellow; ketti thanam / cleverly.

895.clever- rikou- arivu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*896.clothes- itai- udai ;adai .

897.cloth-tanmono- thuni mani 

898.come down- rakka- erankku 

899.combine- gattai –koodu; koottu .

*900.coming- ourai- vara 

*901.cutting- katto -kaathu ; vettu; ka= va; va= ka. 

*902.cutting- kiritori – keeruthar 

*903.cut- kire- keeru 

*904.cutter- katta – koththi; vetti ; ka= va; va= ka. 

905.customs- zoku – sunkkam 

906.cry- hitogoe-kaththuka ; letter ‘h’  is read as ‘k’ and  not as ‘a’ .

907.crowded- kamitsu- koottamaa  ; letters are jumbled. 

*908.crossing- kato- kada; kadakka. 

*909.create- seisei- sei 

*910.creating- sakusei – seikai 

*911.count- kaunto- kaniththidu ; count= kaniththidu .

 *912.cottage- kott ji- kottakai = cottage 

*913.corps- butai- padai /army 

*914.copy- sha- achchu 

*915.cooperative system- kyoudoutai- koottu udaimai 

916.condemned person- keito- kanndi /to condemn 

917.concentration on- keitou- kuviththidu ; ka= va; va= ka; kavaniththidu . 

*918.comprehension- ryokai- arikai 

*919.completely ripe/ mature- kanjuku - kani yaaka 

910.convent- amadera- thuraviyar madam; letters are jumbled; thuravi- monk; madam- house. 

*911.compensation- teate- eedu ;  letter is read only once; eedu  thaa /give compensation  ; thaa- give  .

*912.comparing with- hitteki – oththikkai / comparing kyoutsuu- ina koottam ; letters are jumbled ; sana- k-koottam. 

 *914.harm- gaidoku – kedukka  /to harm 

 *915.harm- kataki- kedukka/ to harm 

*916.harmada- theethu / harm 

917.harlot- yuujo- vaesi 

918.happy- yukai- ukavai ; ka- va; va= ka. 

919.hand towel- tenu gui – kai thundu ; letters are jumbled; kai- hand; thundu- towel .

920.hand weaving- teori- neither / weaving 

921.half ripe- hanka- senkkaai ke- sikai 

923.hades- naraku- narakam 

*924.grove of trees- kodachi- kaadu 

925.grief- aware- aaravaaram ; letters are jumbled. 

926.grief- ukime- anukkam 

927.grief- yuuseki- soakam 

928.grasp- etoku - pidikka 

929.grappling- kakutou- kavu- vida ; ka= va; va= ka. 

930.grains- kokurui- kuruni ; grain[E} = kuruni . kin- kanam ; kanaku . gorudo- karunthanam ; karunthathu ; thathu[? Skt] - metal . 

933.goat- yagi- kam 

*934.gloomy- kurai- karukka 

935.glance- hotome- noattam 

936.glance- ikken- kaana ; noakka ; letters are in reversed order. 

937.girlgaru- kaarikai 

*938.fruit- kinomi – kani 

939.fruits and vegetables- seika- pachchai-k- kaai  kani ; pachchaikkaai-  green vegetables; kani- fruit .

*940.gang- kyoutou- koottam 

*gift- atae- itti ;thaththi; letter is read more than once.  

* butokai- paadi  aadukai ; padu- sing; aaduka- to dance. 

* floor- odori ba- aadra tharai ; aadu-  dance- tharai- floor. iemoto- aattam- letters are in reversed order. 

944.dancer- odorika- aadukiravar ; ka= va; va= ka ;   kooththadiyar ; letters are jumbled. 

*945.dancing- koodori- kooththaaduthar 

*946.dancing- butou- paadi aadu- paadu- to sing; aadu-to dance; aaattam paattam ; attam-  dancing; paattu- song . music- butoukyoku-  isai paattu paadi aaduka ; isai paattu-  music   ;paadu- to sing; aaduka- to dance. 

*948.dancing or jumping in joy – koodori – kuthiththu   aaduthar ; kuthi/ kuthiththar - jump; aaduthar-  dancing. 

*949.danger- kitai- kaedu ; keduthi .

950.dart- shuriken- sirukam 

951.death- takai- madikai 

952.death- poa- poa/ to go /die

*953.death by shooting- juusatsu-  suttu   seththida; letters are read more than once; sudu- shoot ; seththidu- die. 

*954.dam- en- anai ; dam[E] = madai ; letters are in reversed order.

 955.damage- itami- saetham 

*956.deformity- katawa- kaedu 

957.degenerating- da- sithaiya 

*958.distant- utoi- etti  

*959.distress- kitai – ikatttu ; kaetham 

*960.distress- itami – aththaayam ; yaetham .

*961.distress- urei – urai 

962.distress- kinan- kinnam ; kunukkm.  

963.divine punishment- tenkei- thandikkai / punishment; letters are jumbled. 

*964.division- wakedori- vakuththar

*965.dizziness- kuar kura- kiru kiru nnu for real- jideiku- seithiduka /do   

967.does not have- nai- inmai / nil / no 

968.dress- fuutei- udai ;  patti /cloth ; puttam/ cloth ; padaam / cloth 

969.dressinghoutai- udai uduththu / to wear; udai- dress; uduththu- to wear.

970.dressed in kimono- kimono sugata – kimono kattiya ; kattiya ; dressed; kattu- dress; kanjikai kattiya ; kanjikai - garment.  

*971.drinker- kodora-kudiyar 

 971.drinker- oodora- maduthar 

972. drip drip- bota bota- sotta sotta 

*973.dripping- shitatari- sottuthar 

974.drinking water- inryousui- neer /water  

*975.drum- kotekitai -kodu kotti / kidu kitti -a kind of drum.

*976.drum- taiko- udukkai 

*977.drumming- kotsu kotsu –kottu kottu; kottu- drum; kottu- to beat.

*978.Japanese drum- wadaiko- udukkai 

979.duke- kou- koamaan ; koa- king ; koan / khan .

980.dugout canoe- maru ki bune - mara kudaivu punai ; maram- timber /tree ; kudaivu- to make hollow ; puni- boat . 

*981.dwarf- kobito- kuttai  -yan 

* koudo- kuththi

983.economy- sekken- sikkanam/ economical saving 

*984.edge- hata- ottu 

985. eight- eito- ettu 

*986.elder brother- kakei- kaakkaiyan 

987.emperor- ninnou- maa mannan; mannan- king; maa mannan- emperor. 

988.emperor- kami- koamaan 

*989emperor- kan- koan ; khan .

*990.enmity- ada- thoo  

*equaldoutou- oththa 

*991.escape- toubou- thappi ; thappiththidu ;thappiththu oaadu ; letters are jumbled. 

992.evil course- akudou- keduthi /evil ; ketta thadam; thadam-course .

*993.excessive profit- bouri- perum paeru ;  letters are read more than once ; paeru-  profit; periya- big. 

*994.extinction- shouto- seththida/ died 

*995.face- men- munnai 

*996.face- omokage- moakkai 

*997. faction- kaiha- kai 

* katei- kudi hardship- katoku- kudi kastam  ;  kudi koadu ; koadu- hardship ; letters are read more than once.

* in mourning- souka- soakam /sadness/ mourning 

1001.famine- futtei- pattini 

*  property- atome- udaimai / property  

*far- tooi – etti ;etta .

*far away- tooku – ettakka 

father- chichi- achchan 

*1003.father- fubo- appaa

1004. father- otokooya- thakappan

 *1005.fault- shittai- soththi 

*1006.fault- ayamachi- machchu 

1007.fearfully- uzouzo- achchamaa

1008.feeling shocked/ startled- dokiri- thidukkiduthar ; letters are jumbled. 

*1009.ferry- kata- kadaththu  

*1010.few- kinshou- konjam 

1011. fictional- kasetsu – kathai/ fiction 

*1012.field- bunya- pann 

 *fightsentou- sandai 

*fight- tatakai- thaakku 

* figure- keitai- koadu 

1013. figure- body- taikei-  

*fighting- shura- seru 

*1014. fire- kaki- akki 

* tekitou- thakuthi 

* furai- para /to fly   

* iryou- irai 

* meshi- misai shokuryou- pusi karam 

1020.foolishness- dou- madamai 

1021.forehead- hitai- neththi 

1022.fragrance- kouki- konkku 

1023.fragrance-kaori- kuravu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*1024.frame- shatai- sattam 

*1025.frame- waku- vaku 

1026.freezing- reitou- urainthida 

1027.fried- karaage-  varukka ; ka= va; va= ka. 

1028.from the beginning- motoyori – muthar /beginning 

1029.hazardous- kiwadoi- kaedu  kodukkum ; letters are read more than once.

1030.heavy taste- kudoi – kaattam 

*1031.heavy – tadai- thadiththa ; edai udaiya .

 *1032.heavy blow- mouda- moththu 

*1033.heavy hit- mouda- moatha

* tetsuda- oththaasai seithidu ; oththaasai -   help-  seithidu – do. 

*1035.high fever- kounetsu- kaainthida / fever 

*1036.hill- kyuuryou- kar/stone ; karuni ; giri ; root word is  kar/ stone.

1037.hill country- kuuryo chitai kurinchchi  naadu ; kurunchchi- hill; naadu- country. 

*1038.hitouda- adi 

 *1039.home / parents- seika / jikka – saaikai / house 

 1040.household- katei- kudiththanam 

1041hunger- kiga- kaaika 

 *1042.hurdle- hadoru- idar 

*1043. hut- karigoya- koorai akam / thatched home; giraha. 

*1044.i-en- naan 

1045. hypothesis- katei- koat paadu 

 1046.I think- dearou- ennuthar /thinking 

*1047. ideal- sairyou- seermai 

 *1048.identical- douyou- oththa 

 1049.important- omotai- muthanmai 

1050. intense- kitsui- kadumai 

1051. intensity- kyoudo – kadumai 

1052. intention- naii- enn; ennam 

 1053.intention- kokoro zashi