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List of Tamil words in Kashmiri language

List of Tamil words in Kashmiri language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


                     List of Tamil words in Kashmiri language 


                   Dr. Variankaval Ramasamy Annadurai; MD; DPM; 

Kashmiri or Koshur is a language from the Dardic subgroup of Indo-Aryan languages, spoken by around 7 million Kashmiris of the Kashmir region, primarily in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

In 2020, the Parliament of India passed a bill to make Kashmiri an official language of Jammu and Kashmir along with Dogri, Hindi, Urdu and English. Kashmiri is also among the 22 scheduled languages of India.

Kashmiri has split ergativity and the unusual verb-second word order.

There are about 6.8 million speakers of Kashmiri and related dialects in Jammu and Kashmir and amongst the Kashmiri diaspora in other states of India. Most Kashmiri speakers are located in the Kashmir Valley and other areas of Jammu and Kashmir. In the Kashmir valley, they form a majority.

Kashmiri is also spoken in Pakistan, primarily in the territory of Azad Kashmir, where the speakers are mostly concentrated in the Neelam and Leepa valleys and in the district of Haveli.] Their numbers are not known exactly, but in 2012 they were estimated at around 130,000. At the 2017 Census of Pakistan, as many as 350,000 people declared their first language to be Kashmiri. Further in Azad Kashmir, in last several decades due to encouragement of the Punjabi language and change in demography from nearby places the Kashmiri language is limited to small quarters of the area at present.






Clues to read Kashmiri words into Tamil 


Letter ‘k’ = ‘v’; v= ‘ka’; letter ‘Ra’= ‘la’.  

Add vowels then and there.

Letter ’p’ and letter ‘s’ can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged. 

 Add letters ‘m’ and ‘n’ then and there. 

A consonant letter can be read more than once.

If a same letter occurs consecutively more than once it can be read as a single letter.

By jumbling the letters of the given Kashmiri word, a Tamil word can be derived. 





  1. A Dictionary of the Kashmiri Language by Sir George A. Grierson 
  2. Vocabulary of the Kashmiri Language by – William Jackson Elmslie 



English- Kashmiri- Tamil  

1.water- ab- apsu; pachchai thanni /fresh water is the root word; pachchai- fresh; thanni- water.  

2.ten crores- abad –paththu / ten 

3.pride- abiman –maanam 

4.absence of difference/ identical- abid – oppudaiya 

5.absence of difference/ identical- abyon/ eban - oppaana 

6.first- ade-motha ; aadhi ; root word is thee / fire . 

7.half- ad- paathi 

*8.not burnt- adod- thee idaathu ; thee- fire. 

9.respect- adar- mathiththar 

10.the name of two villages -okur- karur / a village in Tamil Nadu 

*11.a plough – ala- uzhu 

*12.cardamom – ail –yaelam 

13.the world- alam – gnalam 

14.grandmother- ama- amma / mother; amaaye amma – mother’s mother; letters are read more than once. 

*15.order/ command- an – aanai 

16.coin -ana- naanayam / meaning- keeping one’s words. 

17.calamity/ misfortune- apada- peedai 

*18.opposite side- apor /apari – appuram / other side 

*19.not dug- aprot- pariththidathu ; pariththidu- to dig. 

20.sin- aparad- periya theethu; periya- big; theethu- evil .

*21.a saw- ar- ari 

* saw- ara- aru 

*23.hill stream/ rocky river- ara- aaru/river 

24.night fall- arath –erutta/ getting dark 

*25.unaccomplished -ased /asod –seithidaathu; saathiththidaathu .

26.sound less/ silent- ashebd- oaasai poaadathu / not making noise; oaasai- sound 

*27.prisoner- asir- sirai/ prison 

28.setting/ of sun – asth – saainthida 

*29.alone- ot –oththiayaa ; letter ‘t’ is read more than once 

30.flour- otu- idi maa ; idi- to pound; maa- flour.

*31.not scolded- atod- thittaathu ; thittu- to scold. 

32.present given by parents to the daughter / bride- ata gath – kodai thaa; letters are jumbled; kodai-  gidt ;thaaa-  give ;thaai thathai kodai; thaai- mother; thathai- father. . 

33.a rush of any liquid- ath- oaattam 

*34.un weighed- atul –edai iduthal ; edai- weight.

*35.distressed- atur- thuyar 

36.weapon- ayod- padai 

*37.father- bab- appa 

*38.great- bad- peththa 

** of a village about 10 miles west of in Kashmir -bad- patti/ village 

*40.learning- bud- padi / learn old man /woman- buda- paatti/ old man / grandma ; paattan-  father of    grand father.

*42.fluttering- budakh –pada padakka ; letters are read more than once. 

*43.watchful / vigilant- bedar – paaththiduthar 

44.share- bag- pankku ; paku- to share. 

45.unprofitable/ useless -- be foida- payan paadu inmai- inami- nil ; payan paadu- use. 

46.armpits- bagal- akkul ; kaikuzhi/ arm pit  ; kai- arm; kuzhi- pit ;axilla[E] =  kai kuzhi . 

*47.dividing into shares- baganay – pakukkanum 

*48.sea- bahar- paari 

*49.fatty /fat - bikulu –kozhuppu ; letters are jumbled. 

50.a goat- bakar- kori 

*51.mountain- bal- peezhi 

*52.child- bal – pillai 

*53.nest/ bees – god- koodu 

*54.pitcher- bana- paanai/ pot 

*55.pot- bon – paanai 

*56.fastened/ tied up- band- pinaiththidu 

57.kinsman- band –pantham ; sontham 

*58.first sale -bun- poani ; root word is panniyathu /made ; panniyar- tradesman. 

* be made- banun- pannu 

60.sister- bene- penn/ female 

61.burden- bar- periya sumai  ; periya- big; sumai- load; paaram .

62.fulness- bar- aar 

63.a village in South -West Srinagar -biru- paer uoor; periya- big; uoor- village; puram /village; puri- town.

64.the district surrounding Agra and Mathura- braj- paer uoor 

*65.fighting- bordus –poaridu / wage a war. 

*66.prosperous- barkhurdar- perukuthar 

*67.prosperity- barkath –perukida 

68.shut / closed- basta- saaththu / shut; shut[E] = saaththu.

*69.bundle- basta- pothi 

*70.a light/ candle- bat- pathhti; thee pantham is the root word.

*71.a flower worked on cloth – buta-   poo idu  ;  poo itta thuni ; poo-  flower; idu- make; putaa; pottu pottaa ; pottu- mark/ spot ;thuni- cloth . 

*72.meeting- bith – paaththidu/ to meet 

73.sufficient – bitur- poathiya oru ; poathiya- sufficient   ;oru- one. of a place in Sri Nagar- South east -batawor-  Padiyur- village in Kerala ; Pattiyur/ village in Tuticorin -Tamil Nadu .

*75.the earth – bawun- puvi 

*76.a lucky throw/ dice- bayeth –poadu  ;dice= thaayam .

77.desire for food- chod- soaaththu aasai  ;soaaru- cooked food; aasai- desire. 

*78.female genital -chora- siri / ? clitoris

*79.ticket- chithi – seettu 

*80.loss- chath – saetha

81. enmity- cakh-pakai 

82.mountainous tract in the west of Kashmir- cikar- sikaram/ peak 

*83.small jacket- cul- seelai/ cloth 

84.eating- cath – pusiththidu 

*85.a bill for exchange – cith – seettu ; root word is   yaedu /sheet.

*86.prayer- dua- thuthui 

*87.noise of falling- dub- thoppu 

88.proclamation drum- dabr – parai adi; parai- drum; adi- beat; letters are jumbled. 

89.bold/ daring -dada- thida

*90.elderly lady – ded- aaththaa ; full form -aaththaal .

*91.earthenware vessel- sod- satti 

*92.burnt- dod- thee ittathu 

* affection- dod- ottu 

94.seeing- didar- paaththiduthar 

*95. patting- dag-thattuka ; thatti kodu  ;letters are jumbled, 

96.a blow- dag- kuththu / to give a blow; uoothuka/ blow a trumpet; adikka/ blowing of wind.

*97. pounding- dog- idikka 

98.a club/mace- dag- kattai; letters are in reversed order.

99.walking stick- dag- kai thadi ; letters are jumbled; kai-   hand; thadi- stick. 

*100.cheat- daga-yaeiththiduka peck- dig- koththa; letters are in reversed order. 

102.a blow with the closed fist- dog- kuththu; letters are in reversed order. 

* hit- dagun – adikkanum 

*104.the human body- deh-thadi  ;sattai .

*105.push- daka- idikka 

*106.knock- daka- thattuka ; idikka 

*107.impact- daka- thaakkam 

108.collision- daka – moathuka 

109.a support- dakh- thaankki ; thaankku- to support.

110.a help- dakh - uthavuka ; ka= va; va= ka. 

* stop/ prevent / the ball rolling -dakh –thadukka / to stop 

*112.a reed mat- dokh- thadukku ; thadukku  paai . dukan-ankkadi; letters are in reversed order. 

* eyed- squint- dukon- oththaikkann ; oththai- single; kann- eye. 

*115.a lake- dal-thollam ; root word is   aazham illaatha  thanni  ;aazham-   depth; illai- nill; thanni- water. 

*116.pounding/grain- dal-idiththal 

*117.young and tender leaf-dal-ilai thazhai  /leaf ;letters are read more than once. 

*118.petal of a flower-dal-ithazh; petal [E] = poo ithazh; poo- flower.

* of the body- del-thole 

*120.sheep skin- dala- aattu thole; aadu- sheep; thole- skin; letters are read more than once. 

*121.unsteady gait- dala- thalladuthal ; letters are read more than once. search anxiously everywhere for something -dala- thaedi alaithal ; thaedu- search ; letters are read more than once. 

* beat a person with a stick- del-thadiyaal adiththal; thadi- stick; adiththal- to beat.

* strip the skin- del- tholai edu; thole- skin; edu- take/ remove.

*125.likeness-dol –oththu ulla 

126.drum- dol- maththalam ; root word is adiththal / moththuthal - beat 

*127.pounded- dol- idiththal 

128.the skirt- dol- thuyil/ cloth 

129.a litter/ a kind of sedan- dol- doali  ; root word is  eduththal/ carry 

*130.large earthen vessel- dul- thaazhi 

*131.dwelling place/ house- dam- idam 

132.a drum beaten on both sides- dam- dam- thampattam 

133.a bow- dan – thanu ; thanusu ; root word is thandam . dan – thaanam ; root word is thaa- to give;  gift  [- ka – [- pa] - the-] – kodai  /gift . letter pa is silent. 

*135.grain- dana –thinai / millet/ grain is to be given -dini- thanthidu 

*137.of giving- dinuk – thanthiduka 

138.not having given- dinay- thanthidaathu 

*139.punishment/ fine - dand- thandanai 

*140.pole/ post- danda- thandam ; root word is thadi .

* dunya –thinai 

*142.pushing- dapha- idippu 

*143.door- dar- thirappu 

*144.calculating the weight of the load- dar- edai iduthar; edai- weight. 

*145.against- dar- ethiraa ; ethiri/ enemy .

*146.possessing -dar-  adaithar 

147.a support- dara- thaarippu ; aathaaram .

* stopped/ impeded- dara- thaduththar 

149.hinderance/ impediment- dol- thaduththal/ to hinder

150.thieves- dara- thaenar ; root word is eduththar /taking .

*151.running- dor- oaaduthar 

152.weaver’s room- dor- thari / handloom 

*153.rope- dora- thaara

154.firm/ hard- dor- uruthi ; letters are in reversed order. 

*155.distant/far - dur – ettaththir 

*156.narrow lane between houses- dur- theru 

*157.disputing- darkh- ethirkka / to oppose of a town/ district in Baltistan – drasa- Thiruchi/ town in Tamil Nadu   ;Thirur / town in Kerala . 

159.the sight- drasht- theriyuthu / it is seen 

160.a door/doorway - darwaza- waayir thirappu ; letters are jumbled; vaayir- entrance/ gate ;thirappu-  door / opening.

161.cleft - darz- thirappu 

*162.a seam- darz- theiyar 

163.slave- das- adimai 

164.obstruction- das-thadai  

165.stout club- das- thadi 

166.bad/ evil- dushth – theeyathu 

*167.a nurse/ mother- data- uoottu thaai ;uoottu- feed; thaai- mother. 

168.please give- dita- thanthidu / give.

169.ivory- doth –thantham  

170.cut into two parts- dutaka- thundaakku/ cut off

*171.running- dav- voadu ; letters are in reversed order. 

172.devil/ demon- dev -theeyavan 

173.god of gods- deva dev- theivaththin theivam 

*174.goddess- divi – theiva thaai 

*175.god/ deity- diwata- thee vadivam; thee- fire; vadivam- form.

*176.divine mothers- -diwath- theiva thaai  ; thaai- mother; theivam- god. 

*177.loose/ flabby – dyol- thola thola 

* dyar- thiru 

*179.fort/ castle- gad- koattai 

*180.a bunch of greens- ged- koththu / bunch 

*181.pot- gada- kudam ; root word is   kudaivu / /kudaa- hollow.

182.beggar- gada- kai yaenthi ; kai- hand; yaenthu- hold up. 

183.krishna /the club bearer- gada dar-  kattai  udaiyaar ; kattai- wood/ stick; udaiyaar- one who has. 

*184.vulva- gud- koothi/ vagina 

185.anus- gud- kutha oaattai ; kutham- ; oaattai- hole. 

*186.difficult- gud- kadinam 

*187.a hole- gud- kuttam 

188.ceremonial sprinkling with water- god- kuda muzhukku of a village on the bank of Sindhu River- gadur- kudi eruppu / hamlet/ residential area; kaattur / village name in Tamil Nadu 

190.bunch of greens/ potherbs- gadur- keerai kattu ; keerai- spinach/ greens ; kattu- bundle ; letters are jumbled. 

*191.a small round metal pot shaped like a bowl- gudwa- kuduvai 

*192.sphere- gogul- koalam 

193.water jar- gagr- karakam 

194.muddy /water - guhul -kalankkal / muddy 

195.the act of grinding- gakhr- araikka ; letters are in reversed order. 

196.a place on the bank of Yamuna- gokul- koa kulam ; koa- cattle; kulam- family. 

*197.a shout/ scream- gul- kooval ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*198.mud/ clay /earth- gil – kali munn  

199.neck- gal- kazhuththu 

200.windpipe- gal- kuzhaai/ pipe 

*201.ball/ globe- gola- koala

202.a flower- gul- mokkul / flower bud ; mukil.

*203.cave- gol- kizhippu 

*204.a kiss on the fore arm- guli – myuth- kaiyil muththum idu ; kai- hand; muththam- kiss; idu- make. 

205.grain merchant- galadar- koola ettiyar ; kooLam- grain; Yettiar – merchant caste .

*206.confusion/ jumble /mess- gol mol- kalam mulam ena 

207.village/hamlet - gam- kam 

*208.a knot/ on a cord -gand -kandu 

209.the Ganges – hill stream- Ganga ara- aaru / river 

*210.a kind of wild fruit-gon - kani/ fruit 

*211.mathematics- ganith –kaniththidu /asess/ calculate  ; kanitham 

*212.prostitute- gon- kanikai 

213.cowherd- gopal- koa payal ; koa- cow. 

214.cowherd-goph- koaanan 

*215.worker/ maker - gar- aakkukiravar ; ka= va; va= ka; aakku- make; kammiyar . 

216.cave- gar- kar paazhi ; kukaram .

* gara- koora akam / hut; giraka .

*218.sparrow- gara- kuru ee 

*219.boundary- gera- karai 

220.teacher- gor – kanakkaayar; letters are read more than once; guru.

221.large rock- gor- kar paarai 

* gur- kurai 

*223.cowherd- gur- koaanar 

*224.the womb- garb- karu pei ;karu- embryo; pei- bag. 

*225.poverty- garibi- kurai / less/ inadequate 

226.pregnant- garben- karu vaana penn ; karu- embryo/ baby; penn- female ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*227.crying- girye- karaiya 

*228.violence- gata- kodiya ; kodumai .

*229.being crowded- gasith – koottamaa 

*230.too small- got- kutti 

231.a song- gita- kathai paattu; kathai- story; paattu- song; geetham . 

*232.grief- gat- kothippu 

*233.going- gath- yaekida 

*234.a knot- gat- kattu 

* fasten- gat- kattu 

*236.squares for playing chess- goth –kattam/ square 

*237.hard lump- got- katti- 

*238.a country village- guth – kudi 

*239.the place in a village where cattle congregate-guth- kottadi 

*240.a tumour behind the ear – guth- kaathu katti   ;kaathu -ear; katti- swelling. 

*241.bunch/ cluster- guth- koththu 

242.tied up bundle or package -guthr- kattuthar / act of tying . 

*243.bundle of / sticks/ grass- -gyod- kattai kattu ;kattai – stick; kattu- bundle. 

*244.a killer- gatukh- kathukan; kaathidu- to kill.

*245.above/ top - hyur- uyarae 

*246.paradise- janath –saenn naadu 

*247.showers- jara- soriya 

*248.suit of clothes- jur- serai /cloth 

*249.twisted / matted hair- jada- sadai 

* who has matted hair- jatyul- sadai ulla light -juth-sen thee/ divine fire; thee- fire. 

252.victory- jith- saaiththida; jeiththida .

253.a garment worn by men – kaba- kuppayam 

*254.a prison- kod- kottadi 

255.prisoner/ captive - kod- kaithi 

*256.bundle- kad- kattu 

257.section- kad- pakuthi 

258.evil body- kodeh- ketta/ evil 

259.scolding- kadane- kadinthidu 

260.temper/ disposition/ nature - kho- kunam 

261.mountain- koh- kamai 

262.beam of wood- khada- kattai/ wood; vittam; ka= va; va= ka. 

263.a woman previously chaste and modest who has taken harlotry- khad- kooththiyaa / harlot / dancer 

*264.distress/ affliction - khid- kaedu 

*265.a cavity- khod- kudaa 

*266.a small pit- khod- kundu 

267. god- khoda- kaaththaan / protector 

 *268.a sword- khadakh- katakam  

 269.marriage- khadar- kattuthar 

* 270.thrashing floor- khal- kalam 

* khel- kula

 *272.sports/ play- khela- kaezham 

*273.  company – khel- kuzhu 

*274.empty- khol- kaali 

 *275.broad / wide- khol- akalam 

*276. ruin- khilal- kulaichchal ; kulaiya .

*277.stone mortar – khalr kal ural ; kal- stone; ural- mortar ; letters are jumbled. 

*278.stirring up of clear water so as to make muddy-kholuw- kulappu 

*279.lord/ prince- khan- koan/ king 

*280.division of earth/ country – khand- kaandam 

*281.angry- khapa- kopam; kaaya .

282.donkey /ass- khor- eruvai ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*283.blacksmith- khar- karuman; karu- black.

*284.poverty- khar- kurai 

285.sorrow- khara- kai aravu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*286.jealousy- khara- kooram 

*287.eating- khor- kori / gnaw 

288.the foot- khor- kaar/ leg 

*289.affliction- khur- kaiyaaru 

*290.wounded- khasta- kaayam adaiya ; kaayam- wound; adaiya- to get. 

291.cultivated field- khit- koattam/ field; kaeththu .

*292.wicked- khot- ketta 

*293.a letter- khath - kaduthaasi ; kaththu  ;root word is kaakitham- paper. 

294.belonging to the district  of Khoten in Central Asia- Khotan- koattam 

295.starving- khyoda- kaainthida 

*296.flock-khyol- kuzhu 

*297.crow- kaka- kaakka 

*298.Indian cuckoo – kukila-kuyil ill word- ko kath- ketta  kathaippu ; ketta- bad; kathaippu- speech 

*300.time/ season- kal- kaalam 

301.uproar- kal- kalaka

*302.death/ time of death - kal- kazhiya 

303.skill- kal- kai valimai ; kai- arm; valimai- strength ;   ka= va; va= ka; skill .

304.worry- kal- kavalai ; ka= va; va= ka. 

305.the head of a man- kala- enpu kalam; enpu- bone; kalam- pot; skull. kala- karu; Ra= la. 

307.kali yog- kali kal –nikal kaalam 

*308.the name of the snake / Krishna/ Yamuna- kali –kaal ili / no leg; kaal-  leg; ili- nil. 


* what time- kali – ek- kaalam 

*310.canal- kol- kaal vaai ; kaal .

*311.cup- kol- kalan / vessel 

312.a reed pen- kalam- mei kole; letters are jumbled; mei-   ink; kole- stick / stylus 

*313.stain/ blemish - kalankh- kalankkam ; azhukkaana/ dirty; letters are jumbled. 

*314.a jar- kalush – kalam 

*315.less- kam- kami 

* kam- kammiyam 

* kam- kaamam 

*318.youth- komar- kumaran ; root word is  kaamam urum paruvam/ the time for getting    involved in love.

* komori- kumari 

* kane- kanni 

321.Hindu god of war- Komar- kumaran/ Murugan- the god of war   of Tamil  people. 

* arrow- kan-kanai eyed- kon- kann- eye ; yaekh kann .

*324.corner- kun- koanam 

*325.stone- kun- kann 

*326.mountain stream- kani ara- kann aaru 

* become angry- kupat-  koapa pada act/ deed- kar- karmaam ;kaariyam .

*329.bracelet- kor- kaikaarai 

*330.young girl- kur- kaarikai ; letter ‘k’ is read more than once. 

331.barren woman- kur- karu uraa ; karu- baby /embryo .

*332.a glove -korr- kai urai ; kai- hand; urai- cover. 

333.writing/ a composition-krath - katturai ; letters are jumbled; keeriyathu /written . 

334.doer/ maker- kriy- aakkukiravar ;  letters are read more than once; ka= va; va= ka. ; letters are in reversed order. 

336.a destroyer- kata- kedu/ destroy; keduppoan/ destroyer. 

337.heifer- kati –kidaari 

*338.log of wood- kot- kattai 

*339.a book- kitab- kaakaitha kattu ; kaakitham- paper; kattu-  bundle ; puthakka- letters are in reversed order. 

*340.stain /stigma- kath- kuththam 

*341.story- kath- kathai 

*342.male sheep- kath – kidaa ; goat[ E] =  kidaa. 

*343.a stick- kath- kattai 

*344.hard /dry- kath- kadina/ hard; kettiyaa ; kaaintha / dry 

345.necklace- kotha- kadikai room-kotha – kidankku 

347.a granarykotha- thinai   koattakam ; thinai- millet/grain;koattakam-granary .

*348.chamber- kuth –kooda 

349.a heap/ pile- kuth- kuviththidu /to heap; ka= va; va= ka. 

*350.fortress- kuth –koattai 

*351.a wooden granary- kuthar- kuthir of a sacred place in the valley of Arapath- kuther- koothur/ kaatur – village names in Tamil Nadu ; root word is  kudi yaeru- to inhabit . 

*353.hard/ difficult- kathyun –kadina

*354.ferocious- kathyun- kodiya 

* pound- kutun- kuththuanum 

356.captain of the fortress- kutawal- koattai   kaavalan;  ka- va; va= ka; letters are jumbled; koattai- fort; kaavalan- guard; kudi kaavalan/ police ; kudi- village .

 *357.vomit- kay- kakka 

 358.wooden peg- kyul- mulai-k-kole 

*359.lamentations- lila- azhu 

360. madness- mad- mathi eenam  ; madness[ E] =  mathi eenam paiththiyam./ piththam  ; letters re in reversed order. 

*361. intoxication- mad- matai adi 

*362.liquor- mad- mathu ; mattam .

*363.stomach-mada- moadu 

*363.fool- muda- moodan 

*364.foolish- mud- madami 

365.stupidity- muduth- mada thanam 

366.dead- mud- madiya/ die 

*367.mother- madar- maa thiru 

368.pearl- mukhta- muththu kadukkan ;  letters are jumbled; muththu- pearl; kadukkan- ear stud; kuthu muththu – false pearl . 

* mokata- makudam ; mukadu- peak .

*370.the root of a plant- mul – mulai 

*371.origin / source- mul- mulai ; moolam 

*372.wrestler- mall- mallan 

*373.fatigued- malul- melivu know/ to understand- karun- unaruka ; letters are in reversed order. 

375.maternal uncle [ his wife is maman ]  – mam- maama 

376.breast/ women- mom- mei ; monni .

*377.mind- man- manam 

*378.precious stone- man – mani 

379.dignity- man- maana

*380.Pisces- min- meen/ fish; meenam; pisces = paasi.

381.slow /dull- mond-  mandu ; mantham .

*382.happiness – mankal – manam makizha ; letters are read more than once;  manam-   mind; makizha- to be happy. 

383.heart captivating/ charming – manohar – manam kavara ;; manam- mind; kavara- attract ;ka= va; va= ka;   letter ‘h’   is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

384.thought – manan- mana ennam ;  letters are read more than once; manam- mind; ennam- thought . 

385.great reverence- manata- maenmai yoadu  

386.incantation- mantra- munu munuththar / whispering/ murmuring  

*387.pupil of the eye- mun- mani 

388.being at the point of death- mara- maraiyim  naeram ;  letters are read more than once; maraiya-  to disappear  ;naeram- time. 

389.Hindu god of love/cupid - mar – Maaran / Murugan [ Mars is his planet] 

390.prince- mir- mannar/ king 

391.peacock- mor- mayil; Ra = la. front of- mora- munnaar 

*393.female sheep- mor- mari 

394.dead- morda- maraintha ; mariththa [ Indo Iranian ]

* die- marun- maraiyanum 

396.having died- marith – marinthida ; mariththida [Indo Iranian ] 

*397.death- maranant- marainthida ; maranithhtida [Indo   Iranian]  

398.the hidden secret of anything- marm- yaarum ariyaama ;   yaarum -  any person; ariyaama- not knowing ; letters are read more than once; marmam [Indo Iranian ]

399.private intention- marwana- marivaana ennam ; maraivaana  - secret ; ennam- thought .

*400.a blow with the fist- mushth- mutti adi; adi- beat.

*401.fist- moth- mutti of the head- masth- mandai mudi ;  letters are read more than once; mandai- head; mudi-  hair / top / summit.

403. drunkenness- masti- matai adi 

404.mother-mata- moo thaai / great mother; thaai- mother. 

405.calming- mata- amaithi adaiya 

406.silence- moth- amaithi 

407.kind of pulse- muth- muththu /grain/ pearl 

408.respectable person- muta bir-  perum mathippu  udaiyoar   ;letters are jumbled; perum- big; mathippu- respect ; udaiyoar- one who has. 

*409.death- moth - madiya / die 

410.madness- matil- mathi illai ; mathi-  sense; illai- without; muttaal/ stupid person . become mad- matun- mathi eenam 

*412.illusion- maya- maayam na- inmai 

414.rare/ uncommon- nodir- arithaana; letters are in reversed order. 

*415.nail- nakh-nakam   

416.marriage- nikah- inaika / to unite 

*417.the hollow stalk- nal- naala 

418.nostril- nakwor- nukar karuvi ; letters are read more than once; nukar- to smell; karuvi-  sense organ .

* nal- naala 

* nala-naala 

421.maternal grandmother- nan- annai yin annai ;   letters are rad more than once; annai- mother. 

*422.flesh/ mutton- nene- uoon 

* nar- neruppu 

424.reed- nar- naanar 

425.vein /tendon- nor- narampu 

*426.pitcher- not-undaa / big vessel for storing water. 

427.plucking- neth- aainthidu 

* nethr- inaithar / union 

*429.drama- natukh-naataka

*430.profession of an actor- natil- nadiththal 

*431.ship- nav- naavaai ; navy. 

*432.foot- pad- paatham; adi.

*433.a quarter of a stanza- pad- paththi 

*434.created- paida- padaiththathu ; padai- to create . 

435.step by step- path padi – padi padiyaa 

*436.suffering- pida- paadu pada; letters are read more than once.

437.vulva- pod- pundai 

438.walking on foot- paidal- adi eduththu  nadaththal ; letters are jumbled;  adi- foot; edu- take; nadaththal-  walking .

439.father- padar- paththu eduththavar ; padaiththavar / creator; paththu edu- beget . 

440.beggar- phakir- yaasakar 

*441.fruit- phal- pazham 

*442.the metal tip of an arrow-/ the blade of a mattock -phal- pallu / touth 

*443.shepherd- pahol- payal 

444.strong/ brave- pahilwan –vallavan; letters are jumbled. split- phalawun- pilkakkanum; ka= va; va= ka. 

*446.pimple- phephur- paru 

*447.hut- pahur- purai 

448.hill/ mountain- pahar- parampu 

* pahara- paaru / see/ watch 

* old bawd- pharhad- paraththi/ prostitute 

*451.departing- phirakh- pirikai 

*452.separation- phirakh- pirikai 

*453.haste/ hurriedly - pharphar –para para ppu 

*454.speech – phis- paechchu 

455.fine powder- phet- podi 

*456.morbid swelling- phut- pudippu 

457.plait- phut- pinnidu / to plait 

458.a small bundle- phutj- podi pothi ; pothi  podisu ; podi- small; pothi- bundle . 

459.advantage- phoyida- payan adaiya  ;payan- use; adaiya- to get. 

460.ripeness- pokhtagi- kaninthidukai ; pakkuvam adaiya .

*461.flesh-pal- pulaal 

462.blister- pona- pun/ ulcer 

463.lump/ a round mass - pend –undai 

464.sneeze- pond- sinthu 

465.five- panj- anju 

*466.fairy- pari- paei uru 

*467.fear- paira- peeru 

* village - pur- puram 

469. highest- param – uyaram 

470. love- prim- eeram 

*471.a bird- paranda- paranthai ; paranthidu- to fly. fill- purun – nirappu ; letters are in reversed order. 

473.unexpected profit/ fortune-prapath - perum paeru adiya ; letters are read more than once; perum- big; paeru- fortune; adaiya- to get. 

* dig- pratun- pariththidanum 

475.full of love- prayemi- perum eeram  ;perum- big; eeram- love .

476.a celebrated place of pilgrimage at the confluence of Ganges and the Jamuna near Allahabad- prayag- perukkam/ neer  perukkam ; flooding of water ; neer- water. 

477.copper coin- paisa- seppu / copper; letters are in reversed order; sepppu naanayam ; naanayam- coin. . 

*478.a flower/ blossom- posh-poo 

*479.tablet/ deed- pata- pattaa

*480.small/ puny- pita- podi ; podisu .

481 belt- pito- iduppu pattai ;  letters are read more than once; iduppu- hip ; pattai- strap 

482.behind/ rear- pot- pinnaadi 

483.woollen cloth- pot- puttam /cloth; padaam /cloth; patti / cloth.

* pot- pattu

*485.buttock- put- puttam- root word is pudaiththa- protruding.

*486.path- path- pathai 

*487.long strip of cloth – path- pattai 

488.bile- peth – piththam 

489.below/ bottom / down- pathar –adiyir 

490.a small village- pathr – puthur; puththor / new village; podi uoor; podi- small; uoor- village.

*491.foot soldier- pyada – padai /military /army on foot- pyada- nadai rud- neer oaadai ; neer- water; oaadai- stream .

494.favourite consort of Krishna- Rada- thoruththi ; letters are  in reversed order. 

495.mercy- rahm – erakkam ; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

496.mercy - rahmath – erakkam udaiya ; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

497.king- raza- arasar ; letter ‘Ra’ is read more than once . wool- rum- mayir; letters are in reversed order. 

*499.husband- run- uriyoan 

500.chariot- ratha- thaer; letters are in reversed order; rath= chariot. 

501.night time- rath – eruttu/ dark 

*502.accomplished- sed-seithida ; saathiththida .

503. sound/ noise- sadah- saththam; oasai idu; oaasai- sound; idu- make.

504.vegetables- sag- pachchai kaai ; pachchai- green;  kaai- vegetable- 

* shod- seithi 

* shehr- saeri 

*507.grief- shukh – soakam 

*508.wealth/riches- shri- seer 

509.poetry- shar- seer/ poetry metre 

*510.a village about 20 miles south east of Sri Nagar – Shar- Saeri 

*511.juice- shira- saaru 

* beat a person- shuta- saaththu 

513.hard/ rigid / difficult- sakath- kadumai ; kadinam . sina- ani 

*515.confluence / of two rivers- sond- santhiththida / to meet 

*516.river- send- sinthu /Indus 

*517.joining- sand- saenthida  

518. lake- sar- yaeri 

*519.essence- sar- saaru 

520.a staff- sota- thadi 

521.together- suty – saenthu 

*522.taste / food- swad- suwaiththidu 

*523.a stitch / in sewing - tab- thei; theippu .

*524.trouble- todi - ittoattu 

525.fatigue- thag- thakaivu ; ka-= va; va= ka; fatigue[E]  =thakaivu . 

*526.stopping of any work- thakh- thadukka/ to stop 

*527.slapping the hands in this way – thuk – thattuka; thappuku ;adikka/ beat.

*528.slap with open hand- thaph – thappu complete /some work- theka- mudikka 

530.urging- theka- unthuka 

* agree /to undertake the completion of some work-theka- oththukka /agree. who is attacked by the horns of any animal- thuk – muttuka   

533.thrust/ blow / by the horns of the animal- thol- muttuthal 

*534.hammering into/ knocking in- thukh- adikka ; idikka ; thattuka .

*535.cloth- than – thuni 

536.the leader of the group- thon- themmon 

*537.shaking /trembling - thara- athira ; aaduthar .

*538.very fat/ plump- thath- thadiththa 

* impediment- thoth- thadai 

540.coppersmith – thothr- thattar / goldsmith 

*541.running- tikh- oaadukai 

*542. a stitch – tokh- theikkai / to stitch 

*543.pounding- tokh- idikka 

*544.bottom/ below - tal/ tali – adiyil 

*545.beating time in music- thal- thaalam; root word is adiththal /beating. 

*546.clapping/ fingers- thal- thattuthal ; letters are read more than once. 

547.made of gold- tol- udal/ gold 

*548.weighing- tol- edai iduthal ; edai- weight .

* tam- uootta

550.tune / in music- tan – thoni / tune; naatham .

551. bank of the river- tir- thurai/ ford. 

*552.obstruction- tor- thaduththar 

*553.a kind of trumpet- turi/ turay – thaarai 

*554.qualities- guna- kunam 

*555.crore- koti –koadi /the end 

*556.stitching- trop – theiththar 

*557.beam / rafter- tota- thadi 

*558.parrot- tota- thaththai 

559.pony- tot- mattam 

*560.praise- toth- thuthi 

*561.a garment- tth- aadai 

*562.satisfied- tothun- thaniya 

563.mountain goddess/Parvathi - totala –aathaal/ goddess 

*564.thunder – tatara- idi idiththar ; idi- thunder; idiththar- to thunder. fold- tay - madi 

* close- tay- adai 

567.bring to a conclusion- tay-mudi 

*568.sheep- tyur- thoru 

569.fully ripened- tayar- muththuthar 

570.complete / ready / completed- tayar-  yeththaniththar 

571.searching- tshad- thaedu 

*572.speech- wad- woathu /speak/ recite

* of a certain seed- wuda-vithai/ seed 

*574.distress/ trouble/pain - wadal- woadal ; vaadal .

575.quickly - wudan –udanae / immediately 

*576.speed/ velocity- vig- vaeka

*577.speech - wakh- waakku 

*578.the hole/ rat- wal- valai 

*579.time / season- vela- vaelai 

*580.a large ear ring -wol- valayam/ ring wulay- uzhuval ; letters are read more than once. 

*582.a request- venath- vaendu / to request 

583.great liking- vir- virppam  ; aarvam ;letters are in reversed order. 

584. colour- warn- vanna  niram ; letters are jumbled; vannam- color; niram- ray . 

*585. living /dwelling- was- vasi 

586.Vishu / lord – Siva; letters are in reversed order. 

*587.joined up/ bringing close together - wot- votta 

*588.road/ path - wat- weethi 

*589.distress- watha- vaethanai 

590. stomach- wath -wunthi of a river- veth- voadai / stream 

*592.the lip- wutha- uthadu 

*593.a camel- wuth- ottai 

594.arrival -watsar- vanthiduthar 

*595.fight- yod- adu 

596.sacrifice- yag- kaavu; ka= va; va= ka. 

*597.oneness- yeka- onnaaka yek-ennaikkai onnu; ennikkai- numbers; onnu - one.

* vomit- yekh- kakka 

*600.all together- yikawata- kootta ; koodi .

*601.a pull- yel –izhu 

*602.this side- yepari- ippuram 

*603.which side- yepor- yeppura

*604.fame- yesh- uchcham 

*605. bracelet- kaur-kaikkaarai 

606.a hole- zad- santhu 

*607.a small hole- zud- sinna oaattai ; sinna- small; oaattai- hole. 

608.quick- zud- sattu nnu 

*609.a wound- zakhm- kaayam 

610.water- zal- aazhi 

611.a province- zila- paal 

612.soil – zamin- munn holder- zamindar – munn udaiyaar ; udaiyaar-  one who  has. 

614.time – zaman- mani 

615.a man- zan – aan 

616.woman- zan – penn zar- urai and other edible supplies provided for an official when visiting the village – zira- soaru / cooked rice 

*619.clotted lump of head hair – zath- sadai 

620.race/ family- zath – thinai 

621.eternity- ebad – eppoathum / always 

622.ego – aham/ Sanskrit - akam  

* geh-akam/ home make a last farewell – alvidah –vidai ali; letters are jumbled; vidai- farewell; ali- give.

625.without stain- akalankh -kalankkam inmai ; kalankkam-  stain; illai- nil .

*626.greatness- bir – periya 

*627.the earth- bur – paar 

*628.water fall- chor- soriya 

* race- guthr- koottathaar / group 

*630.accuse -gr karun- kurai kooranum ; kurai- complaint; kooru- say .

631.common mushroom- mens khel- kaalaan 

*632.arrow- kan – kanai kruhun- kariya  niram; letters are  read more than once; kariya-  black   ;niram- ray/ colour. 

*634.charcoal- kyiri – kari 

*635.conversation- katha- kathaippu ; kathai adi  /chat 

*636.damsel- kiir- kaaarikai 

*637.danger- khatra- kaedu ura 

638.dig- khanun –kindu 

639.dignity- mod- mathippu 

640.dirt- mal- thooimai illai 

*641.distant- ad- etta 

drop- katra- kotttuthar gil – keezh 

* ka- koo ; kaa . khyun – unnuka; letters are in reversed order. 

645.edge- bauth- ottu 

646.edge- bera- oaaram 

*647.epistle- khat –kaththu; kaduthaasi .

648.evil- badi – theethu 

*649.fable- kat- kathai 

*650.face- mkh- mukam 

*651.give birth to – zynn- sinai eenu ; sinai- baby ;eenu- to give birth .

*652.go- pakun - poakanum/ to go son- po

*654.grain- galah- koola

*655.grief- wadas- waethanai 

*656.ground- kalaf- kalam 

*657.husband- khawind- kondavan 

*658.increase- hurir- yaera uyara 

*659.method- wat- vitha

*660.middle- ti – idai 

*661.mother- maj- amma; amaachchi / maternal grandmother 

*662.mourn- wadun- waethanai 

663.neigh – hinka – kanaikka ; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

*664.placed- tha- ittathu; idu- to place. 

plait- gut- kattu 

*665.river- darya- thirai  

*666.banning- tak- thadukka 

*667.banning- tor- thaduththar 

*668.saint- pir- periyoar ; perumaan .

*669.serpent- serph/ser – saarai paammpu / rattle snake 

*670.share- bagir –pakiru / to share 

*671.side- pr- puram 

* cocoon -pot guts- pattu koodu ; pattu- silk; koodu- cocoon. 

*673.slender- ayul- olliya 

674.sole of the foot- talpud- adi paatha thole; paatha adi thole; letters are jumbled; adi- under/ foot; paatham- foot; thole- skin. 

*675.solitary- tanha- thaniyaa 

*676.sound- awaz- woasai 

*678.south- dakhin- theukku taruk- thee kathir ; letters are jumbled; thee- fire ; kathir- rays . 

*680.stupid- maund- mandu 

681.sweep- ddwun- thudaikka vaenum / to sweep; ka= va; va= ka. 

*682.tank- kond- kundu 

*683.teach- gata dyun- kaththu thanthidu 

684.ten- dah- paththu 

*685.that- yuth- athu 

686.. troubled- khuts- ikkattu / trouble 

*687.wealth- diyar- thiru 

* alau –azhai 

*689.cry- alau- azhu 

690.lie/false - apoz- poei 

691.liar -apoziyor- poeiyyar 

*692.poetry- bait- paattu/ song 

*693.vessel- bana- paanai/ pot 

a village in khwihama pargana- Bandapur- a place/ tiger reserve in Chamraj nagar district  -karnataka .

6*94.restless- betab- pada padannu ; pathai pathaippu. 

*695.hungry- bochi- pasi 

*696.miserable- ddalad- thollai adaiya 

* cut- garun- keeranu

*698.ferry- gat- kadaththu 

699.bath- gushal- kuli 

700.complaint/ accusation- grao- kurai  kooru ; kurai- complant; kooru- say. 

701.cow herd- gur- koanaar 

702.a small village about five miles from Shupiyon- Haripiur- 

703. barking deer- kikur- kuraikkum maan  ; kuraikka- to bark; maan- deer. 

704.cloth- kapur- koorai 

705. a bribe- kauts- kai uootu 

706.ass -khad–kaththai 

707.a village in Wular Pargana- Letapor- laadapuram/ Perambalur District – Tamil Nadu 

708.evening- sandiya- santhi  ;root word is santhippu / meet 

709.sunset- sayam – saaya / saayum  

710. roasted grain- saut- suttathu /roasted 

711.power- shakht- kedi sharab- saaru / juice 

713.snow- shin- pani 

714.a dish consisting of rice /flesh /condiments- shair- soaru / cooked rice 

715.saint- shunt – aandi sok- saaika 

717.running- tak- oaadukai 

718.a village in the Wular pargana- wawura- wuoor / village 

719.answer- wttar-vidai thara ; vidai- answer; thara- to give. 

720.a village in the Duns pargana -Wumpur- Aampur / town in Tamil Nadu zagat- kuththi 

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