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List of Tamil words in Kato language

List of Tamil words in Kato language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

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Cahto (also spelled Kato) is an extinct Athabaskan language that was formerly spoken by the Kato people of the Laytonville and Branscomb area at the head of the South Fork of the Eel River. It is one of the four languages belonging to the California Athabaskan cluster of the Pacific Coast Athabaskan languages. Most Kato speakers were bilingual in Northern Pomo and some also spoke Yuki.


Clues to read Kato words into Tamil; 

Letter ‘k’ – ‘v’; ‘v’= ‘k’.

Add / change vowels then and there.

Add /delete   letters ‘m’ and ‘n’ then and there.  

Letters ‘p’ and ‘s’ can be retained/ deleted / added or exchanged.

A letter can be read more than once. 

If a letter occurs more than once consecutively, it has to be read only once. 



Elements of Kato language by – Pliny Earle Oddard; University of California press. 


English –   Kato- Tamil 


*1.night- le- al

2.grass- lo- pu

3.squirrel- lon- anil; letters are in reversed order. 

*4.alone- sa dun- thaniya 

*5.alone- sa dunkwa – thaniyaaka lai- maelae 

*7.midway of- nite- nadu /middle 

8.behind- no- pi front of- teun- munnaadi; letters are in reversed order.

*10.put in water- teno dug ge- thanni iduka- put water; thanniyil iduka- put in water.

11. he cut up- tais tats – thundiththu / cut eat- teo yan- thinnu; eat; nee thinnu you eat; nee- you. 

*13.look for it- kwanote- kandidu  

* look- ge- kaanu look- te – paaththidu 

*16.I will carry- tuege- thookka/ carry; edukka.

17.let him sleep-n to lal- nee thuyilal / you sleep; nee- you; thuyila- to sleep.

18.walk- atc-adi edu 

19.we will go- gidul – yaekuthal / going 

* eat – yan- unnu 

* eat- tan- thinnu 

* eat- tie- thuei ashamed- yan- naanam stop crying? -  yel- azhu /cry tell- luk-  solluka   

26.toburn- lut- thee iduthal; thee- fire; letters are in reversed order.

* dance- dac- aadu go- del – poathal 

* rain- bil- pozhiya 

30.hug- bat -anaiththu pidi 

* crack[ acorns]- duk- udaikka

* step- tal -adi eduththal; letter is read more than once. teach- teg – oaathuvikka; ka= va; va= ka; poathikka; kaththu kodukka; letters are jumbled. jump- ton- thaandu 

35.cold- tun - thanuppu 

36.cold- te- thaiyam 

37.water- to- thann

38.bury- tea- puthai be blue- tso- uoothaa sting- to- theendu sting- tog- theenduka;koththa; kadi- letters are in reversed order. 

* cook- te-adu do- tin -thunnu fly- tag- paainthiduka fly- ta- paainthidu cut- tats- thundi ththidu 

* be large- tea- thotta;padaa- large/ big. be bad- tce- theethu;letter is read more than once.

49.blow/ wind- tei- adiththidu; letter is read more than once. feed-  tcut- uoottu catch hold of- tei-pidi stretch – tcut - neettiththidu make- tei- seithidu thunder- get - idi idikka- letters are in reversed order; Idi- thunder. spear- get -kuththu/ spear 

* kill- gal- kollu sew- gat -thaikka – letters are in reversed order.

*58. bitter- kots- kaiththida float – kut -mithakka- letters are in reversed order. 

* bite- guts- kadi 

*61.ask- kut- kaettidu 

62.cough- kos- kakka ; letter is read more than once. 

*63.her dress- u tani- thuni/ dress; ava thuni- her dress; ava- she/her.

*64.knife- kacte- kaththi 

*65.rotten log- lue t teo- puzhuththa thadi; puzhuththa-rotten- thadi- timber.

66.south- di nuk- thekku 

*67.this- di- ethu 

*68.I will dance- nue dae- naan aadda; naan- me; aada- to dance .

*69.female- ban- penn

*70.arrow- ka- kanai 

*71.june berry – kin- kani/ fruit 

* 72.your mother- no nan- un annai; un- your; annai- mother

73.head- tesi- soodai; letters are in reversed order. 

74.penis- lau- poolu  /phallus 

75.forehead- suntan- neththi 

76.heart- tai- ithayam; itham.

77.mind- tai- puththi   

78.ground- ne- munn 

79.lake- bun kut- kuttai/ lake 

80.blanket- te- thuppatti ; letter is read more than once.

*81. food- teun- theene 

82.boat- tec- thoani; oaadam

*83. feather- ta- thoo djin- thinam 

85.basket cradle- tsal- - thottil/ cradle; thooli.

86.ocean- bant -sinthu 

87.girls- teki- thoakai/ woman.

88.basket-pot– kitsae -koodai- basket

89.boy – killek- kuzhakan. nini - nee

91.yours - neny - un

92.raw- te- puthiya

93.other places- teo yita- maththa idam; idam- place; maththa- other.

94.under places- yeta – adi idam;adi- under; idam- place.

95.beyond - tus – thaandi 


* will fly up- ben tatele-paainthuduthal /fly 


* ran in water- tet nl euts- thanniyil athu oaada- thanni- water; oaada- run; athu- that.


98.she eats up- tcn nelyil- thinnuthal/ eating.


* rains - tet bil – thooththal poaduthal /drizzle; letters are jumbled chew- ale- mellu do- in – pannu shoot- uts- sudu; letters are in reversed order.


* run- uts -oaadu 


104.he sang-   tcele- paaduthal/ singing.


105. to pound- sut- idi


* kill   tuk- idikka; saaiththiduka;saaduka;sithaikka.


* tie-gits- kattu 


*108. to be afraid- git-kedi 


* penetrate with a point – qot – kuththu 


*110. let us make a dam- nin dula anai iduthal; anai- dam.


111.i died- ce dinne- naan seththidanum / I have to die; naan- me; seththidu- to die; letters are jumbled.


112. basket pan – tcga- koodai/ basket; letters are in reversed order.


113. small- ts – sinnathu; letters are in reversed order; soatta.


*114. mother- nan- annai 


115.apron   teae- thoosu aadai ; thoosu- dust; aadai- dress.


116. hair- ga– sikai 


117.daughter -ite- thanaiyae


118. four – nakka nakka- naanku  naankaa  /four and four
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