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List of Tamil words in Mongolian language

List of Tamil words in Mongolian language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


                    List of Tamil words in Mongolian language 


             Dr. Variankaval Annadurai Ramasamy; MD; DPM ;


Mongolian is the official language of Mongolia and both the most widely spoken and best-known member of the Mongolic language family. The number of speakers across all its dialects may be 5.2 million, including the vast majority of the residents of Mongolia and many of the ethnic Mongol residents of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. In Mongolia, the Khalkha dialect is predominant, and is currently written in both Cyrillic and traditional Mongolian script (and at times in Latin for social networking). In Inner Mongolia, the language is dialectally more diverse and is written in the traditional Mongolian script.

In the discussion of grammar to follow, the variety of Mongolian treated is Standard Khalkha Mongolian (i.e., the standard written language as formalized in the writing conventions and in grammar as taught in schools), but much of what is to be said is also valid for vernacular (spoken) Khalkha and for other Mongolian dialects, especially Chakhar.

Some classify several other Mongolic languages like Buryat and Oirat as dialects of Mongolian, but this classification is not in line with the current international standard.

Mongolian has vowel harmony and a complex syllabic structure for a Mongolic language that allows clusters of up to three consonants syllable-finally. It is a typical agglutinative language that relies on suffix chains in the verbal and nominal domains. While there is a basic word order, subject–object–predicate, ordering among noun phrases is relatively free, as grammatical roles are indicated by a system of about eight grammatical cases. There are five voices. Verbs are marked for voice, aspect, tense and epistemic modality/evidentiality. In sentence linking, a special role is played by converbs.

Modern Mongolian evolved from Middle Mongol, the language spoken in the Mongol Empire of the 13th and 14th centuries. In the transition, a major shift in the vowel-harmony paradigm occurred, long vowels developed, the case system changed slightly, and the verbal system was restructured. Mongolian is related to the extinct Khitan language. It was believed that Mongolian is related to Turkic, Tungusic, Korean and Japanese languages but this view is now seen as obsolete by a majority of (but not all) comparative linguists. These languages have been grouped under the Altaic language family and contrasted with the Mainland Southeast Asia linguistic area. However, instead of a common genetic origin, Clauson, Doerfer, and Shcherbak proposed that Turkic, Mongolic and Tungusic languages form a Sprachbund, rather than common origin. Mongolian literature is well attested in written form from the 13th century but has earlier Mongolic precursors in the literature of the Khitan and other Xianbei peoples. The Bugut inscription dated to 584 CE and the Inscription of Hüis Tolgoi dated to 604-620 CE appear to be the oldest substantial Mongolic or Para-Mongolic texts discovered.





Clues to read Mongolian words into Tamil ;


Letter ‘k’ = ‘v’; v= ‘ka’; letter ‘Ra’= ‘la’.  

Add vowels then and there.

Letter ’p’ and letter ‘s’ can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged. 

 Add letters ‘m’ and ‘n’ then and there. 

A consonant letter can be read more than once.

If a same letter occurs consecutively more than once it can be read as a single letter.

By jumbling the letters of the given Japanese word, a Tamil word can be derived. 



1.Mongolian English Dictionary – Ferdinand.D.Lessing- General editor  .

2.Mongolian English Diskette Dictionary – complied by Ariel Laurencio Tacoronte .

3.English Mongolian - Mongolian English Dictionary.


English- Mongolian- Tamil 

* ail- il

*2.village- ail- yeil/ town 

*3.give- ali- - ali 

 *4.obstacle/ hindrance- ada- thadai 

*5.sound- aja- oaasai 

 6.fear- aja- achcham 

 7.fearless- ajusi – achcham inmai ; inmai- without.

*8.frightful- ajumara- achcham mura

 *9.frightful /fearful / terror – ajumtarai-   achcham thara ;achcham- fear; thara- give. 

* kill/ murder- ala – azhi; ozhi .

11.having a wife- abara itai –-paaraya udaiya  ; paarya[ Indo Iranian ] - wife ; udaiya- has ;   urimai udaiya; urimai / wife /rights  .

12.finish – adar- mudiththar climb- abari – yaeru 

* be seized- abta- pidi 

*15.father- abu – appa

*16.equal/ similar- adali- oththu ulla 

*17.identical/ to resemble- adalid- oththu ullathu 

*18.huge/ gigantic- aburruda- peruththa 

*19.huge- aburr- periya 

* be superior- aburruda- periyathu aduru – aththiri; uththiri .

*22.cave- arui- arai 

*23.dry up- agi- kaaya lose- alda- izhunthida 

*25.loss- aldal – izhaththal 

26.fatigue- alzijal- azhalai 

*27.grain/cereals- amun-mani  

*28.gain- asir- saer 

29.castrated camel- ata- ottai/ camel 

30.strength – aura- uram 

*31.strong- auratai- uruthi 

* ajil- seyal 

* be swollen – badair- pudaiththar 

34.mendicants bowl- badar- paaththiram / vessel

* flowers- badar –thira / open ;  poo pooththiduthar – to flower ; poo-  flower.

* spread- badara-  padara spread- badaral- padarutha be compatible with / to be fit in -barta- poruntha; poruththam .

* pardon – bartara- poruththar 

40.unbearable-bartasi - poruththida mudiyathu ; mudiyaathu- cannot. 

41.dirty black- bagir- karai /dirt; karuppu– black ; letters  are jumbled. dirty – bagirla- karai ulla /karai- dirt; ulla- has. 

43.residence- baira- eruppu ; letters are in reversed order. 

*44.visible- bararatai- paarththida / observe /see / notice be proud- barda- perumaiyoadu be proud- bardama- perumaiyoadu ; letters are jumbled. 

* seize- bari- pari 

48.firm – batud – thida

49.firmly /solidly- bekide- kettiyaa 

*50.strong- biratai- uruthi; paeu uruthi ; paer- big; uruthi- strong. look for/ search - bedere- thaedi paaththiduthar ; thaeduthar ;  letters are read more than once. 

*52.too difficult—berked-perum kadina; periya- big; kadinama- difficult.

*53.shut-bitegyy   - adaikka   ; poottuka .

*54.body- boda-puthai; pothi ;poothi ; padam .

55.ripe- boluca/ bolucati- pazhuththida 

56.remote- bida – etta cry- buila – azhu break into pieces- butara- podi podi yaa udaithar ; podi- piece; udaithar- breaking ; letters are read more than once.   

59.smash- butara- udaithar – idiththar. 

strength – byle- pala[ Skt] 

strong- byletei- palaththoadu cover- bytege- mooduka cover with a lid- bytege- moodi poaduka ; moodi-  lid. 

*62.create/ produce - bytyge- padaikka 

63.little boy- cara- siriyoan 

64.having ears- cektei-kaathu udaiya  ;kaathu- ear ;udaiya- has. 

65.together- curar – oru saera; letters are jumbled.  

66.mountain- tar- tharam 

67.knock- tar – thattuthar beat- tarsi - adiththar hit- tarsi – idiththar 

70.clap- tarsi – thattuthar 

* drive/ cattle/ cart- taru-oaattuthar chase- taru - thuraththu ; letter ‘t’ is read more than once .

73.platform- tai- maedai- 

* make an offering- tai – padai 

*75.make an offering- taki – padaikka 

*76.worship- taki -thuthikka ; oaathuka . take off- taici – eduththida open- tail – udaithal; pottiththal . ruin- tala- azhiththidu ; letters are in reversed order. 

80.take away- tala- eduththu sellu place/ put- talbi – iduthal die- talii -saathal ; maaithal .

*83.ancient name of the Caspian Sea- talu – thoazham / sea; thollam/ big lake.

*84.beat someone very hard- talki- thalluka 

 85.ruin- tamtu – saetham adaiya 

 *86.sound of a gong- tang- tang tang nnu scatter- tara – sithara plant- tari – naduthar 

89. to plough- tari – yaeru oaattu; letters are in reversed order; yaeru- plough. 

*90.twitch- tata- thudiththida ; letter is read more than once. 

 * play / musical instrument- tata- thattu/ beat the drum; meettu/ play the string instrument; uoothidu / blow the horn grind / meat - tata – idiththidu 

 93.chop/ meat- tata -thundiththidu 

94. immediately- tedyi- udan adaiyaa 

* stammer- tegede – thikkida 

* load- tegege – yaeththuka 

* pick up / scattered objects- tegy -edukka   

*98.collect- tegy -eettuka 

*99.gather- tegy –thoku 

*100.hesitation- tegydege- thayankiduka 

*101.hesitate- tegydegere- thayankuthar complete- tegys- mudikka 

103. kick back – teire- uthaiththar / kicking 

104. uncastrated goat- teke- kaai adikkatha aadu ; kaai- testis ;aadu- goat. 

105. to pull- tele- izhuththidu ; letters are in reversed order. 

106. to put on/ trousers/ belt- teleile- uduththuthal /to put on 

* endure- tengke- thaankku 

108.enemy- ters- ethiri oppose/ opposition - ters- ethirththar run off / camels- tesi - ottai oaadida;  ottai- camel; oaadida- run away . break- tesyl- udaithal swell- tesyre-thadiththar 

113.story – teyke- kathai; letters are in reversed order. 

114.line -tig – koadu; letters are in reversed order. 

115.diadem- titim – pattam 

116.felt cap- tobi –thoppi /cap 

117.stitch- tobki – theikka inlay /engrave- tobi –pathi ; letters are in reversed order. appear- todura- thoandra knock- torsi – thattuthar beat- torsi – adiththar throb- torsi – thudiththar 

* knock- tyg- thattuka 

* beat- tyg- adikka 

* throb/ heart- tyg- thudikka go about a circle-toruri- suttru  

* be allotted- tokija- othukku 

* become shiny- tolli – thazhalthal ;  daal adiththal ; letters are read more than once. 

* become shiny – tolira- thelirthal 

 130.track / of wild animals- tom- thadam 

 131.chief- tomi – themmaan 

 head- tolurai – thalaivar / the head - person be arrogant- tomurxa- thimiraaka 

 * be stopped- tor- thaduththar 

*134.parrot- toti – thaththai compensate- toli- eedu ali ; eedu- compensation; ali- give. 

* touch- tul – thoduthal 

 * reach- tul – adaithal 

138. to lean on something- tul – saaithal 

* fight- tul- aadal support- tul- mathalai 

141.fortress- tura- mathir tora- aatharam 

*143.assistance- tusa - oththaasai tarry- tyde –thaamaththidu  ;atti .

*145.hinder- tydege- thadukka 

* hinder/ block- tyid  thadu  ; thaduththidu ; thadai idu .

* make obstacles- tyidke – thadai iduka 

*148.detain – tydege- thadukka 

*149.delay – tydege- thaamathikka  ;attuka. distribute- tegege- paathiduka 

* spread- tyge- thaththuka ;ettuka .

*152.delay- tydel – ottuthal; attiththal; thadiththal; thanithal;thaazhththuthal;  thaamathiththal . block- tygsi – thadukka 

* set on fire- tyle- thee iduthal; thee- fire. heat-tyle- suduthal 

156.Nankeen/ cloth – tykei – udukkai/ garment / cloth 

* push -tylki- thalluka 

158.put off- tylki- thalli vaikka ; ka= va; va= ka. clean /wipe off- tyrci 

* rub- tyrci- thaeiththar 

* push forward- tyri – idiththar / push 

* oppose-tyridke- ethirththiduka 

* follow- dara- thodaru 

164.shedding of hair- darki –mudi uthirukai ; mudi- hair; uthirukai/ shedding 

*165.war- daila- adal 

* conquer- daila- aduthal 

*167.fight- daita- adi thadi 

*168.attack- daita -adiththidu beckon-dalal- thalai yaei  aattuthal  ;thalai- head; aattuthal- to shake; letters are read more than once . 

*170.great lake- dalai –thallam / pond 

* swing- dalai -aaduthal 

* brandish- dalai - asaiththal ; aattuthal .

173.shoulder blade- dalu-thole pattai ; thole- shoulder. lean one side- dalii- saaithal/ to lean 

*175.small hand drum- damaru-thoamaram / drum; damaram .

* rattle the skull drum- damaru uda- damaram adi; adi- to beat; damaram- drum .

*177.single/ solely- dang- thaniyaaka 

178.pawn/ pledge- dang- adaku winnow- debi –pudai ; letters are in reversed order. be soaked- debte- thoaiththidu soak- debtege- thoaththiduka 

182.soaking-debtel- thoaiththal 

183.soaked- debteri -thoaiththiduthar swell- debte – thadithidu jump with the aid of a pole – degdyl- thadi uthavi yoadu kuthiththal  ; ka= va; va= ka; thadi- stick; uthavi- help; kuthiththal- jumping.  

186.younger sister- degyy- thankkai hang oneself- degyzi-thonkku 

*188.defeat- deil – thoaththiduthal  ;thoaththal .

* conquer- deil – aduthal ; jeyiththal. lift- degzige—thookku 

*191.flower petal- delbe- ithazhl poo;poo ithazh ; poo-   flower; ithazh- petal ; letters are jumbled; petal [E]   = poo ithazh .

* wave- dele- thuyalthal; letters are read more than once. 

193.beat- deles- adiththal 

194.pulsate- deles-thudiththal 

195.pluck- deles- aaithal 

196.hit- deles- idiththal ; adiththal . des- aduththu be next- desle- aduththu ulla 

*199.touch lightly- deyli- thoduthal 

* beat the drum- doki – thattuka ; adikka ;  udukkai yaei thattuka; udukkai- drum  ;thattuka/ to beat . 

* rap- doki – thattuka; adikka change- doli- maaththuthal 

*203.vibrate- dorgi – athiruka 

204.bottom- doudu – adi 

*205.under/ below - doura- adiyir 

 * dong- thaankku 

*207.near /close- dote- otti; thottu aduththu drip- dusu –sotta  ; letters are in reversed order fall in drops- dusu –sottu sotta sotta ; sottu- a drop; sotta- to drop/ drip  ;letters are in reversed order. 

210.clearly visible- durui – theirya/ visible 

211.insufficient- duta-poaathau; paththathu.

* away -dutara-   oaaduthar   /to run 

*213.stammer- dygder-thikkuthar be hesitant- dygder- thayankkuthar 

* stumble- dygder- thadukkuthar 

*216.hindered- dyid- thadai ida  ; thaduththida . spend the night without sleep-dyli-  thuyilaaathu / not sleeping  ;thuyil- sleep; thuyila- to sleep; thuyilaamai /sleepless . 

218.middle- dyli- maiyaththil 

* put- dyri- iduthar 

* push- dyri- idiththar dip / soak- dyri- thoaiththar 

*222.break- ebde- poattu udai ; udai- break .

223.ruin- ebde- idi paaadu ; letters are jumbled. 

*224.textile- ede- udai ;aadai .

225.possessions- ede- udaimai 

226.door- egyde- kathavu; ka= va; va= ka. egyle- mukil 

*228.nodose/ warty- egyyty –katti 

*229.mother- eke- akka

*230.women- ekener- kanniyar / unmarried women 

*231.cardamom- ele- yaelam 

 *232.distressed- enel – innal /distress

* raise- ergy- uyaruka 

 234.dig- ery- pari 

*235.cut- ery- aru 

* pick-ete-edu  

* put / in a bowl- ete- idu/ put freeze- raca- uraiya 

* climb- rar- yaeru 

*240.beautiful- ruua- ari; yaer;aari .

241.lie down – kebte- kida 

242.lying down-kebtege- kidakka 

243.bed /couch-kebteri - kattir / cot 

 *244.testy- keder – kadu kaduththar surpass- kedyid- kadanthida 

246. to wear a garment over the shoulders- kedyr-kattuthar /wear 

 *247.bribe-kegeli- kai -k-kooli 

 248.womb- kegeli- payinkkuzhi have dry cough-kegsi- kakka /cough 

*250. insane-keide/ kei tei- koatti become insane- keire- kirukku ; letter ‘k’ is read more than once. become hysterical / nervous- keirke- kirukku/ mad

*253.temple- keid- koattam 

 254.air- kei- ka

*255. filled with air- keitei – kaaththu adaiththa ; kaaththu- air ; letters are read more than once. cuckoo- kekygle- kuyil  koova ; ka= va; va= ka ;letters are jumbled; kuyil-  the bird; koova- to cuckoo. 

 257.language- kele -kilavi ; ka= va; va= ka. cut / carve/ incise - kerci -keeru 

259. in excess- keti –mikuthi 

260. to exceed- ketyre- mikuthar girl- keyken -kanni 

*262. girl /virgin- qkin-kanni do / act- ki –noakku ;seikai .

264. make- kice – aakku 

* kill/ cut- kidu – kaathu ; vettu; ka= va; va= ka. 

*266.destroy- kidu –kedu 

* action- kidel – kattuthal ; kattu- work. observe/ to be attentive – kini –kavani ; ka= va; va= ka. 

269.small mountain chain -kira- karuni / hill/mountain; giri ; root word is kar/ stone. 

270.limit/ bound - kizarar- karai shorten gradually-kirbe-  kuraiya /lessen cut in small pieces- kiru – kooru kooraa  keeru l keeru- cut; kooru- piece .

273.fear- kiry –karippu 

China- kitad – koattam ; koattayam .

274.movement/ motion- kodelyl –iyankuthal 

275.breast-kokyn – konkkai; letters are jumbled. 

*276.leg/ foot- kol- kaal / leg 

*277.having a foot- koltei – kaal udaiya ; udaiya- has. catch or hold by the feet- kolde- kaal laal   thadu/ edu ;kaal- leg; thadu- block ;edu -to take. sweat-- kolyre-  kozhu neer  /sweat 

280.cavity / hole- kondei-kudaa guide- kotyl- kai kaaatuthal ; kai—hand; kaattu- show. 

*282.flock together- kyile –kuzhuma ; kuzhu/ folk .

283.bunch- kylilge- kulai kulaiyka / in bunches ; letters are read more than once. 

*284.bunch – kylil – kulai 

*285.tie- kylil- kazhi 

*286.bundle- kylil- kuzhu cry- kyrd- karainthidu 

*288.word- kyyr- keer ; karai .

289.a kind of banana- kandali – kathali 

*290.trouble- lai – ollai 

 *291.precious stone- mani – mani 

* rise- mandul - munnuthal

*293.rise- mandu – munnidu   

name of tribe in Mongolia- Mergid- Mara kudi ;maram- courage ; kudi- clan . 

 *294.sun- naru – naayiru 

 *295.with the sun- naratai – naayiroadu be joined- neid- inainththidu 

297. to join- neidke -inainthiduka 

 * unite-nigedke- onnakiduka

 * unite-niged- onnaakidu / to become one agree- niged- inankkidu 

 * in harmony- niged- inakkaththoadu 

*302.uniting / unification -nigedyl- onnakuthal 

*303. jointly- nei – onna 

 * be good natured- nalai – nalla nilai; nalla- good; nilai- character. 

 * weave- neke- neika 

306. husband- nqkyr- naayakar/naayakan  ;  root word   is Tamil  kanavar ; ka= va; va= ka. off- gedei- pakattu 

*308.lobe of the ear- gedel- kaathu   madal ; kaathu- ear ; madal- fold/ lobe. 

 * get injured- gemty – kaayam  adaiya ; adaiya – to have. 

*310. injure- gemtyge- kaayam adaika  ;kaayam- wound; adaika- to get. 

311.faulty / defective-gemtei- kuththam udaiya ;   letters are jumbled 

312.home- ger- koorai akam / hut; giraha [Skt] 

313.married woman- gergei –kaarikai/ woman 

* watch- gete -kattu 

* lie in wait- gete-kaaththu kida 

* cross-getyl- kadaththal 

*317.saved- getyl- kaaththal / save ;  kaathhtiduthal .

* be delivered- getyl- koduththal 

*319.hook- geyge/gogi -kokki 

* hook- gogide –kokki idu 

* hook- gogidel – kokki iduthal 

 *322.dirt- gkir- karai 

 *323.dirty – gkirte- karai udaiya 

 324.make dirty- gkir tege -  karai aakkidu ; letters are jumbled; aakkidu- make. 

*325.globe-gyla- koalam  

* eat- idei - thuei

327.vigour- ide – eettam ;thuppu .

328.join/ unite- indu -inaiththidu; onnayidu ; unite[E] - onnaayidu .

*329.put together- izitei- saeththu idu ; idu- put; saeththu- together .

*330.exactly /just right – jar-sariyaa change the residence- jegydke- jaakai yaei   maaththuka  ;saaikai- house; maaththuka- to change . increase- jekedke- koottuka ; kaduku . beat with a stick- jodurda- thadi yaar adi  ;thadi- stick; adi- to beat.

334.sacrifice - qdke-kaavu kodukka  ;ka= va; va= ka;  kaavu- sacrifice; kodukka- give. 

* ql- kool shake- sazi-asai 

337.without noise- sem- oaasai inmai ; oaasai- sound; inmai- without. 

338.burst open -setere- udaithar set on fire- sitara- thee iduthar. burn -sita- thee idu; thee- fire; idu- make. worship- sity –thuthi; oaathu. 

342.betrothed- syitei – yaeththida/ to accept ; nichchiyiththida ; nichchaiyam seithida .

343.insect- sabazi – poochchi chop- sykede-koththu 

345.loss- syid- saetham 

*346.saliva- silyse- echchil 

347.stitch -side-thei 

348.break- setel- udaithal pierce a hole- setege –oaattai iduka/ make a hole; oaattai- hole; iduka-  make. think- sedki-enniduka; sinthikka . think- sana- enna 

352.peel off- saira- uriya leak heavily- sadara –sottuthar  /drip ; uooththuthar / pouring.

* delay- uda- atti 

* delay – udara – attuthar 

*356.delay- udal- attuthal 

*357.continue-udarara- thodara 

* tear- uru – aru 

359. buffalo- udus- maethi 

360.root- ur- vaeru 

361.mortar- urur – ural; letter R =  letter l. 

* be lonely- uid- oththaiyaa cry- uila- azhu cry- ukila- kooval ; ka= va; va= ka. 

* howl- uli – uoolai forget- umarta- maranthidu 

*367.sleep- umta –madiya 

*368.sleeping- umtara- madithar 

*369.harvest- urruca –arukka 

* cry  out- uukira- karaiya 

*371.petty- uzir- siriya xar- karu mix- xola- kala mix- xolaca-kalakka diminish/to lessen – xorura- kuraiya bark/ dog- xorura- kurai 

377.decrease/diminution - xorurdal- kuraiththal xota- koattai 

379.village- xota-kudi cave in- xotui- kudaiya 

* fasten- yde-adai; mudi idu .

382.a river- yde-unthi / river bid farewell-yde- vidai thaa 

* touch- ydyr-thoduthar 

* rub-ydyr-thaeiththar

* rub- yry- uraaiya 

387. work/occupation- yile-vaelai 

*388.death-ykyl- kazhiya ; kazhivu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*389.odour/ aroma - ynyr- naraa ; odour[E]=  aththar.

 * smell-ynyri - naara 

* smell- ynyrte- naarida 

392.slumber- yrgele- urankkal 

393.suddenly- ysyd -sattunnu 

*394.summit- yzygyr – sikaram 

395.hundred- zarun- nooru; letters are in reversed order. 

396.youth-zalaru -ilaiyoar hinder- zedky- thadukka 

* prepare- zeke- seika 

399.spear- zida- eetti pierce with a spear- zidala –eeti  theiththal .

401.wings/ bird- zigyr- siraku ; letters are jumbled. 

402.winged- zigyrte- siraku udaiya ; letters are jumbled;   udaiya- has. 

403.beat/ hit- zodu- saathu ;adi .

*404.fatigued- zyde – asathi 

*405.fatigued- zydegyy- asathi adaika 

406.exhaustion from hardship- zydel- asathi adaithal 

*407.scold- zyky- yaesuka 

* kill- alaqu- azhikka ; ozhikka.

* seize- baraqu- parikka 

*410.cloth- ed- udai; aadai 

* eat- ideku- thueikka 

412.edge- ir- oaaram   /rim 

*413.make- kiku-aakku

* get dirty- kir tuku- karai adaika   ;karai- dirt; adaika- to get .

*415.knife- kituya- kaththi

* forget- martequ-maranthiduka 

* noqai – naaikkan ; nakkan 

* oroi- uyarae come in- oruqu –varuka /to come ; ka= va ; va= ka 

*420.emperor- qayan- koan 

* qara- karu 

*422.answer in return- qariyu- kooru 

423.eclipse- raqu- maraika   /disappear 

424.mud- sibar- saeru make an offering- takiqu- padaikka worship- takiqu- thuthikka ; oaathuka. 

427.camel- tamege- ottakam ; letters are jumbled.

*428.head- toluyai- thalai sleep- untaqu- thoonkku ; letters are jumbled ;saainthiduka /repose  . 

* grow- uryuqu – uyaruka ; grow[ E} =   uyaruka; letters are in reversed order. 

431.relatives- uruy- uravu /relation ;uravinar   /relatives.

*432.ox- uker- kaaraa/ buffalo 

433.truth- unen – unmai 

* go- yabuqu –poaka ; yaeku .

* hurry- yayaraqu- viraika 

*436.what- yayun – enna 

* talk- yariqu- uraikka neg- ennikkai onnu ; ennaikkai- numerals; onnu- one. 

*439.ahead / before- omno- munnae 

440.arm- gar- karam [Indo -Iranian] ; maer-k-kai ; maer- upper; kai- hand/ arm ; letters are jumbled.

*441.below- door-adiyir 

442.under/ below- doos- adi 

443.bite- hatgah- kadikka ; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

444.rope- baglaa- kazhi 

445.pack- boodool –pothi iduthal/ to pack; pothi- pack; iduthal- make. 

*446.carry-taraah- eduththar 

*447.carry- daah-edu

448.cap- tolgoj –thalai paakai ;thali- head.

*449.word- aria- urai 

*450.get- atgah- adaika 

451.count- dun –ennidu; letters are in reversed order. 

*452.create- buteeh-padai 

*453.picture- bodoh- pada

* gal-kolli 

*455.light- gal- kaezh  

*456.bring- atgah- attuka 

 457.prompt- atgah- thoonduka 

 *458.river- gol – kaayal /a small river 

 *459.injury- gomdol –kaayam adaithal /to get injured  ;kaayam-  injury. 

* ooroo- arai 

 461.lake- nuur- yaeri neer /lake water ; yaeri- lake; neer- water 

 462.knowledge- erdem – arivu udamai ; arivu – intelligence / knowledge ; udaimai- possession. 

463.trick- zal- soozhchchi ; jaalam .

464.mud- savar- searu 

* od- ud 

* tal- ithazh 

467.pot- unda- undaa/ big vessel  for storage of water 

* weigh – togoo- edai iduka; edai- weight .

469.pull- balga- izhukka 

*470.put- tooloh- iduthal 

471.reduce- huvirgah- kuraikka 

*472.ruin /waste- balgas- paazh aaka 

473.sea- dalaji – thoazham 

*474.agree-taarah- yaeththiduthar 

475.shower- sur suur- soriya 

*476.smoke- baagih – pukai 
song- duu- paattu 

*477.sound- duu – oaathai 

*478.stomach- gedes- koodu stop- togsoh- thadukka 

 *480.take- atgah- edukka  

*481.tiny- zaahan –sinna 

 * onoodor- indru 

*483.tour-aalah- ulaa payaniththal 

*485.trouble- saatal-   saaithal / be troubled  ; thollai ; adalai .

*486.two- hoer- eru 

487.union- negdel- onnakuthal / to get united / to become one

*488.united- negt- onnaakida 

*489.vary- huvirah- vaeru 

490.wash- ugaalga-kazhuvuka; ka= va; va= ka; kai kaal kazhuvuka; kai- hand; kaal- leg . 

*491.weight- teeh- edai 

492.your- tany – unnuthu; letters are in reversed order. 

493.get- tej-adai 

494.have- tej- edu 

495.disaster- auul- azhivu 

496.near- barag- arukae 

*497.heavy- bartaataaj-   peruththa edai  udaiya ;peruththa- big; edai-  weight; udaiya- has.

*498.side- boor- puram 

*hook-goh degee-kookki iduka/ to hook; kokki- a hook. 

* dol – thazhal 

*500.give- dursgah- tharuka 

501.invite- zalah- azhai 

502.young- zaluu – ilaiya 

503.fight- zodoon- sandai; letters are jumbled. zutgeh – thaeduka ; thaedi adaika . ides-  thuei ; uootti.

506.edge- irmeg-oaaramaka 

507.up- luu- maelae 

*508.nar- sun –naayiru 

*509.master- noen- iyan ; naayan .

510.nurse- sevilagc - sevili yaaka /as a nurse; sevili- nurse.

*511.dust- toos- thoosu 

512.lock- tugzee- poottuka 

513.single-tusdaa- oththaiyaa

*514.cry- uulga- azhuka 

*515.cow- unee- aan 

*516.gate- uud- thatti/door; thadai .

517.rise-  uusel- ezhu 

* hun- aan

519.pour- cutgah-uooththuka 

*520.join- cutgah –saeththiduka 

521.flow- cutgah- oaaduka 

*522.die- soo- saa

523.bone- sulah- ellu 

524.rub- surgeh-uraaika 

525.sister-egc- akka/ elder sister

*526.mother-eh- aayee/ mother/ grandmother 

*527.mother- eez- achchi /mother / grandmother

528.grandmother-emme-ammai/ mother; amaayee- mother’s mother.


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