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List of Tamil words in Pali language

List of Tamil words in Pali language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


                                      List of Tamil words in Pali language 


            Dr. Variankaval Ramsamy Annadurai; MD; DPM; 

Pali is a Middle Indo-European liturgical language native to the Indian subcontinent. It is widely studied because it is the language of the Pali Canon or Tipi?aka as well as the sacred language of Theravada Buddhism. In early time, it was written in Brahmi script.

There is persistent confusion as to the relation of Pa?i to the vernacular spoken in the ancient kingdom of Magadha, which was located around modern-day Bihar. Beginning in the Theravada commentaries, Pali was identified with 'Magahi', the language of the kingdom of Magadha, and this was taken to also be the language that the Buddha used during his life. In the 19th century, the British Orientalist Robert Caesar Childers argued that the true or geographical name of the Pali language was Magadhi Prakrit, and that because pa?i means "line, row, series", the early Buddhists extended the meaning of the term to mean "a series of books", so pa?ibhasa means "language of the texts".

However, modern scholarship has regarded Pali as a mix of several Prakrit languages from around the 3rd century BCE, combined and partially Sanskritized. There is no attested dialect of Middle Indo-Aryan with all the features of Pali.? In the modern era, it has been possible to compare Pali with inscriptions known to be in Magadhi Prakrit, as well as other texts and grammars of that language. While none of the existing sources specifically document pre-Ashokan Magadhi, the available sources suggest that Pali is not equitable with that language. 

Modern scholars generally regard Pali to have originated from a western dialect, rather than an eastern one. Pali has some commonalities with both the western Ashokan Edicts at Girnar in Saurashtra, and the Central-Western Prakrit found in the eastern Hathigumpha inscription.? These similarities lead scholars to associate Pali with this region of western India. Nonetheless, Pali does retain some eastern features that have been referred to as Magadhisms

Pa?i, as a Middle Indo-Aryan language, is different from Classical Sanskrit more with regard to its dialectal base than the time of its origin. A number of its morphological and lexical features show that it is not a direct continuation of Rigvedic Sanskrit. Instead, it descends from one or more dialects that were, despite many similarities, different from Rigvedic.


Clues to read Pali words into Tamil 


Letter ‘k’ = ‘v’; ‘v’= ‘k’; letter ‘Ra’= ‘la’.  

Add vowels then and there.

Letter ’p’ and letter ‘s’ can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged. 

 Add letters ‘m’ and ‘n’ then and there. 

A consonant letter can be read more than once.

If a same letter occurs consecutively more than once it can be read as a single letter.

By jumbling the letters of the given Pali word, a Tamil word can be derived. 




 Ref- Pali – English Dictionary – edited by T.W.Rhys Davids and Williyam  Stede.  


 English – Pali- Tamil 

*1. pointed – kro/ khara- - kooru ;koormai .

2.point /edge- amsa- munai 

*3.not made- akata –akkaathathu ; aakkiyathu- made; aakkidu- make. . 

4.ointment- akalu – kalimpu ; root word is  koozh .

5.confusion/ perplexed - akula- kulappam ; kalakkam .

*6. frightened- akula- kili 

*7. agitated- akula- kulaiya 

*8.eye- akkha- akki ; kann .  

9.unhurt- akkhata- kaayam kidaiyathu; without injury; kaayam- injury. 

10.without fault- akkhata- kuththam kidaiyathu ; letters are read more than once.

11.not decaying- akkahya- makkaa

*12. told- akkhata- kathaiththathu 

*13. shown – akkhata - kaattiyathu ; kaattu- show. 

14.story teller- akkhatar- kathai  kathiththavar ; ka= va; va= ka ; kathai- story   ;kathaiththidu- tell . 

15.hut/ small house- agaraka - koorai akam ; graka [Indo Irainan ] 

16.aloe wood- agalau – kaazhakil ; letters are read more than once. 

17.small house- agga- akam / house aggi – akki ; akkini ; neekki ; root word is k =  sun .

20.angle/ corner- anga- koanam; letters are in reversed order. 

21.charcoal- angara – kari munn ; letters are jumbled ;kari- soot .

* put on / wear cloth -acchadeti - soodidu get/ obtain - ajjati –adaiya 

*24. forest /woods- atavi – adavi 

25.arrived at- atthita- adainthida 

26.half- addha- paathi 

*27. small/ minute- anu – nunniya ; nano .

28.unsatisfied- attita –thaniyaatha 

*29. very far- atidura- ettaththir 

30.god over the gods- ati deva –mutha/ mooththa  theivam  ;mutha- first   ;mooththa – senior; theivam- god; theivam= thee vadivam= thee- fire; vadivam- form .

* provide with – atineti – thanthidu / to give

*32. attack – ati pata- adi poadu /assault 

33.destroy- ati pateti – idi paadu adaiya ; idi paadu- ruined  ;adaiya- to have .

34.profit- attha- eettam 

35.home- attha- idam 

*36. spread- atthata- ettida 

*37. spreading out-atthara- ettuthar 

*38. likewise- atho- oththa 

*39. eating- ada- thuei 

*40. eating- adeti – thueiththidu 

*41. food- anna – uoon

*42. eating- anna- unnu 

43.mountain -addi - thadam 

*44. angry- kodhita- kaduppu ; kothippu .

45.addicted to- adhitthati – adimai aayida / to become a slave;adimai- slave ;aayida- to become. 

*46. below- adho- adi from illness- anamaya- - naoei inmai ; noaei-   illness; inmai- nil. 

48.without desires- aniacha – nasai inmai ; nadsai- desire;  ichchai   inmai ;  letters are jumbled; ichchai-  desire; inmai- nil .

*48. angle- koana – koana

49.favourable- anu kula- payan kolla / beneficial; payan- benefit; kola- to have. dig further- anu khanati-  innum kindidu ; kindu- dig ; innum- further. think- anu cinteti  mana ennida   ; manam- mind; ennida- think  . send forth – anupeseti – anuppidu / to send 

53.sound mind- anummata-  naun/ nun mathi ; mathi- wisdom /mind ; naun- good; naun manathu ; letters are  jumbled;   manathu- mind; mind[ E] =  manathu ; mathi- sense/ wisdom . 

54.countless/numberless/ many - aneka- ennikkai inmai ; ennimmai – numbers; inmai- nil .

55.superior- anoma- maenmai ; letters are in reversed order. between- antara- idaiyir 

57.prevention- antaraya- thaduththar 

*58. go away – apayati – poaeidu 

*59. go away – apa vattati- poaei vidu 

*60. gone- apagata- poakida 

*61. going away- apaya- poae /go 

*62. gone away – apeta –etta  poaeida  ;   letters are  read more than once; etta- away .

63.thrown away -apattha- poaadu /throw; etta poadu ; letters are read more than once ;etta- away .

*64.rob- aphara – pari ; rob[ E]  = pari ; letters are in reversed order. 

*65.rob- apharati –pariththidu away in marriage- apada -pennai thaa ;penn- daughter; thaa-give 

67.footless- apadaka- paatham kidaiyathu ; letters are jumbled;  kidaiyaathu- without ; paatham- foot  ;foot[E] =  paatham .

*68. waterless state- apana katta- paani kidaiyaathu ; paani- water; kidaiyaathu- without .

*69. living without drinking water- apana katta- paani kudiththidaathu ; paani – water; kudi- drink- kudiththidaathu – not drinking. be obstructed- apithiyati - thadai poadu ; letters are jumbled; thadai  idu  ;thadai- obstruction . 

* put on- apidhati – poattidu 

*72. looking for- apekka- paakka 

73.waiting for- apekka- kaakka 

*74. incomparableappatima- oppida mudiyaa ; letters are read more than once;  oppdiu- compare; mudiya- cannot 

*75. apply-appita – appidu ; poosidu .

* put - appita – poadu 

*77. insert- appeti – pathi ; peithidu .

78.reach /attain- appoti – adaiya 

79.not touched- apphuta – thodaatha ;thodu- to touch .

*80.not penetrated – apphuta – poththtidaathu ; poththidu- to pierce. 

*81.not tied- abanddha- pinaiththidaathu ; pinaiththidu-   to bind ;  the ‘aa’  which   denotes  opposite meaning /  which comes in between the letters or  as a last letter is made as the first letter in Skt  and other Indo European languages ;  example ;  aakum /aakaa ;  the last letter ‘aa’ gives the opposite meaning . 

*82. swelling-abbuda- pudaippu ; pudaiththida /to swell .

*83. destroyed- abbulha- paazh 

84.a bet- abbhuta- poatti ; panthaiya

85.fearless-abhaya- paem inmai; paem- fear; inmai- nil.

86.fearless- abhita- peethi  adaiyaathu ;  letters are read more than once; peethi ;fear  ; adaiyaathu – not having . dig up- abhi kinati –kendu ; letter abhi  has no meaning .

88.kill- abhi ghata- kaathidu 

* beget- abhi yayati- peththidu ; beget[ E] = paththu kodu ; letters are jumbled. 

*90. produce- abhi yayati - padaiththidu win – abhi jeti- saaiththidu ; jeiththidu 

92.bold- abhi dara – theeram ;theiriyam . rush / run towards- abhi  dhvati – oadi   vidu  /to run / flee 

94.bravo – abhi mara- maaran 

95.climb- abhi ruhati – yaeridu 

96.mount- abhi  ruhati – yaeridu salute respectfully/ welcome- abhi vandati- vanthidu / come 

98.pour out- abhi vuddha- uooththu 

99.cursed- abhi satta- thattu - cease- abhi sammati – mudiya 

*101.anointing /consecration- abhiseka- poosuka/ anoint 

*102.offered- abihata- padaiththtida 

*103.falsehood/ lie- abhuta- poei udaiya ; poei yaanathu / pseudo 

*104.ambrosia/ amirtha- amata-amutham ; amirtha=  aru marunthu ; letters are jumbled. 

105. irreverence to one’s mother- ammatte yyata-ammai yaei mathiththidaathu ; ammai- mother; mathi- give respect -   mathiththidaathu- not respecting. 

*106.immoderate- amattunnu- mattu inmai ; mattu-  moderation; inmai- nil. 

107.being possessed by a demon- abadha- paei pidiththida ; letters are read more than once;  paei- ghost ;pidiththida- being  possessed 

108.immortality – amaratta- marainthidaathu / not dying; mortal[E] = maraithal ; maraithal-   disppear /die . 

109.motherless- amatika- amma kidaiyaathu ; letters are jumbled; letters are read more than once; amma- mother- kidaiyaathu- without.; without[ E] =  kidaiyaathu    ;ka= va; va= ka. 

110.boundless- amitabh –mattu inmai ; nedumai ; letters are in reversed order. 

*111.mother- amma- amma 

*112.lord/ master- ayya- ayya ; iyyan . in the forest – aranna kata- kaattu arann   kudi  ;  letters are jumbled; kaadu- forest  ;arann- barrier  ;kudi-   house.

*114.worthy of / great value /costly -– araha- uyariya 

115.enemy- arati- ethiri ; letters are in reversed order .

116.wounds of the body – gatta- yaakkai kaayam adaiya ; letters are read more than once;   yaakkai-  body; kaayam- wound; adaiya- to have. 

* swell- avaganda- veekkam kondida ; veekkam- swelling ; kondida- to have. 

117.cutting off- avacchedaka- vettiduka / cut 

118.thrown away- avattha – veesida 

* burst- avadayati – vediththida 

* avani - avani 

* pierce- avedha- voattai idu / to make a hole; oaattai- hole; idu- make. 

122.not to be shaken – asankuppa- asankka from sorrow- ashoka –soakam inmai ; soakam- sorrow; inmai- without. asanati- undidu breath- assasati- moochchai yedu taste- assadeti-suvaiththidu 

127.bad/ harmful - ahita- theethu ; letter ‘t’ is read more than once. 

128.cultivate- akassati –kamam seithidu ;kamam-  agricultural work  ;seithidu- do. 

129.inciting/ urging - akotana- thoonduka; letters are jumbled. 

130. entangled- akulaka—sikkalaakku ; koluvuka ; ka= va; va= ka. 

131.touched- akotita- thodukai; letters are in reversed order.

132.beaten – akotita--adikka; letters are in reversed order; kottu /beat the drum. 

133.knocked against- akotita- idikka/ idiththiduka ; letters are in reversed order. 

*134.pound- akotita – kuththu ; idikka; letters are in reversed order. 

135.stamp- akotita- mithikka ; letters are in reversed order. attained – agata- adaika ; letters are read in reversed order. 

*137.speech- agada- kathaippu 

138.wearied/ tired - agilayati- kalaippu adaiya ; kalaippu- tiredness; adaiya- to have. 

*139.destroying- aghatana- keduththidanu/ to destroy 

140.ill will- aghata- kaedu  ketta  ennam ; letters are read more than once;  ketta- bad; ennam-  thought .

*141.hurtful- aghata- kadi; kadiththidu /hurt.  

*142.teacher-achariya- aasiriyar 

143.shown- acikitta- kaattuka/ show 

*144.collected/ accumulated- acita- saeththathu   ;saeththidu- to collect .

*145.order/ command- anatti- aanai idu /to command. 

*146.order/ command- ana- aanai / an order. 

*147.give an order- anapeti – annai poadu 

148.stretched- atata- neettiyathu  

*149.burnt- atatta- thee ittathu ; thee- fire. 

* burn- atapati -thee paththida  / burning 

151.father- atu – thaathai; thanthai  ;letter is read more than once  ;aththa ; daddy [ letter ‘t’ is read as ‘d’ ] . 

*152.sickness/ disease- atura- thuyaram 

*153.miserable- atura- thuyaram 

* accept- adapeti- oththu poaeida 

155.respect- adara – mathiththar  ; adore [E] .

156.honour/ esteem - adara –mathiththar 

* put down – adahati- ittidu 

*158.put on- adahati- uduththidu 

* burn- adahati- thee idu 

*160.take- adeti- eduthidu; take [ E] = edukka.

161.take- adissa /adiya -edu 

162.grasp – adati – pidiththidu 

163.get- adeti – adainthidu 

164.first/ beginning - adi – mutha /first; mudi ; aadhi [Skt] .

*165.broken – adinnata- udainthida 

*166.break- adiyati- udaiththidu 

*167.set on fire- aditta- thee idu 

*168.point out- adisati- eduththu suttu 

* flames /ablaze- adipita -thee paththida;thee -fire .

170.holding up- adhara- yaenthuthar adhara- pattru ;   adi  pattru . 

172.container/ bowl- adara- paaththiram 

* run after- adha vati- thaedi  voadu 

*174.shaken – adhuta- addida trumpet the elephants-ana dati – aanai- elephant- uoothu -to blow/ trumpet. meet with – apajjat- paaththidu 

177.distress - apada- peedai ; aapaththu. 

*178.production- apa daka- padaikkai 

*179.produce- apa deti -padaiththidu who takes care of a child/ guardian - apa daka- paathu kaappoan; letters are jumbled. 

*181.goblet - apaniya- paanai / pot increase- apa rati- uyarththidu 

*183.being tied- abandhaka – pinaiththiduka/ to bind  

to tie /to attach – abandhati – binaiththidu ; bind[ E] =  pinaiththidu . 

*184.affliction/ illness- abadha- upaathai 

*185.earthen vessel- amattika- matt kinni ; kinni- bowl .

186.clothed /dressed with -- amutta- mundu uduththiya ; mundu- cloth  ;uduththu- to wear . 

187.sudden / abruptly -aya taka- thidukkena ; sadakkuena 

* who begs- ayacaka- yaasakan 

*189.beg- aya cati- yaaciththidu 

190.weapon -ayudha- padai kill- arabhati- uyirai edu; uyir- life; edu -take away; uyirai pariththidu; letters are jumbled; pariththidu – take away. 

*192.foreign -ara- ayar 

193.noise- arava- muravam 

* climb- aruhati- yaeridu 

*195.climbing up- araha- yaeruka announce- arocita- ariviththidu 

* make ascend- aropeti – yaeri poaeidu 

* alaya- il; illam ;aalaya [Skt] . embrace- alingati- katti anaiththal; letters are jumbled. 

200.looking at- alokana-- kannal kaana ; letters are jumbl3ed; kann- eye; kaanal- looking. 

201.grain -alhaka- koolam; letters are jumbled; koozh- food.  

*202.a measurement- alhaka- alakka – to measure; aazhaakku – a capacity measurement. 

* reside- avasati – vasiththidu 

* ava satha- veedu; vaasthu [Skt] 

*205.a hole – avata/ avaedha- voaattai 

* in- avasikka – vasikka 

* touch- asadeti-thottidu  ;thodu .

*208.performed- asita – seithidu /to perform; seithathu- peformed. 

209. poured out- asitta- attu ; uooththu .

210. mingled/ mixed- asittaka- saeththiduka /to mix; saenthiduka/ to mingle. 

*211.obtained- ahata- adaiya/ to obtain aharet- arunthidu 

*213.a fortune teller- ikkhanika -kanakan /astrologer; root word is kanikka- to assess. 

*214.movement- ingita – iyankida 

215.move on – ingha- iyankku 

*216.desirous- icchaka- ichchaiyaaka 

217.wishing- icchata- ichchai udaiya 

218.wish- iccha- ichchai ; nasai .

219.other- itara- mattra ; other[E] = ithara 

*   /stake- kila- kazhi 

221.ruler- issara- arasar; letters are jumbled. 

222.harm – itika – theenkku ;  kaedu ; letters are in reversed order. 

223.lord- isa- eesan; root word is aiyyan. 

224.boiling- ukkatthita- kothiththida 

*225.excrement- ukkara- karai/ dirt 

* cough- ukka sati - kakkidu take out the dirt- ukkil edeti – azhukkai eduththidu  ;azhukku- dirt ;ukkil=  azhukku   ;letters are in reversed order. 

228.squatting-ukkutika- kunthuka 

*229.shouting out- ukkutthi – kaththu 

230.deceive- ukkotana- kaathu   kuththanum / to pierce the ear ; keththu .

231.taking bribes- ukkotana- kai uoottu vaankkida ; kai uoottu- bribe; vaankku- to receive; letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka. 

*232.a pot- ukkali- kalan ; kalam ; kalayam 

233.thrown off- ukketita- kidaasidu 

*234.acquire-ugganhati- kai kondida ; kai- hand; kondida- to have. 

*235.acquired- uggahita- kai adiya 

*236.spitting out- uggara- kaaru remove- uggaheti- neekkidu 

*238.above/ up /high – ucca- uchchi 

239.uttered- uccarita- uchchariththidu ; sor eduppu ; sor /sol- word  ;uraiththidu .

240.raised- uccarita- yaerida 

*241.perishing – uccheda- seththida; sithaiya .

242.disintegration- uccheda- sithaiya 

243.beautiful -ujja la- ezhil 

244.shine – ujjalati- pala palaththida ; letters are read more than once. 

to rise- uttahati- uthiththida[ Skt] 

*245.rising- unnati- unthida 

* praise- uttha peti- thuthi  paadu 

*247.water- uda- uootti ;thanni  .

*248.speech -udahara- oaathuthar ; uraiyaaduthar ; letters are jumbled. 

249.profit- uddaya- eettam ; uoothiyam .

250.taking away – uddhara- eduththar  

251.faulty- upakkuttha- kuththam ; kaedu .

252.given – upakkata - koduththathu  ;given; kodu- give. 

* stumble- upa kkhalti – kaal thaduththida ; kaal- leg; thaduththida- tripping. 

*254.going to- upaga- poaka 

*255.gone to- upagata- poakida embrace- upaguhti – katti pidi ; letters are jumbled.  

257.injuring/ offending- -upaghatika-  kothiththiduka 

258.practised- upacarita- payirchchi eduththathu ; letters are jumbled. 

259.a bracelet- kankana- kankkanam 

260. destruction – upa cchdaeda- saetham 

261.destroying- upa cchedeka -sithaiththiduka 

262.stopping- upa cchedeka- thadukka 

*263.terrified- upattita- peethi adaiya ; peethi- fear ;adaiya- to have.

*264.look after/ to care for- upattahati- paaththida 

*265.make serve/ attend someone-upettheti – paaththidu 

* place- upetteti- - poattidu ; ittidu .

*267.smeared- upatta- appidu ; poosidu .

268.cause to pain - upatapeti – punn paduththu ; paadu paduththu .

269.torture- upatappeti – paadu paduththu 

270.basis- upadhi – adi padai; letters are jumbled. 

271.comparison- upanidhi – oppeedu 

*272.likeness- upama- oppumai 

*273.comparable- upamanita- oppumaiyaanathu ; letters are jumbled. 

274.begging- upaya citaka ; yaasiththiduka; pichchai edukka 

275.on top/ above -upariya –uyarae 

** lament/ to sing in a whining tone – uparo dati – oppari idu 

277.grasped at – upadinna- pidiththidu 

*278.take hold of- upadiyati- pidiththidu / take hold 

279.escaped from – upati vatta- thappi  voaadida  ;letters are jumbled ;  upati- thappu; voattam pidithhtida/ to flee  .

*280.looking on- upekkha- paakka fly- uppatati- paainthida 

282.jumped up- uppatita- paainthida 

*283.producer/ creator - uppadetar – padaiththoar 

284.a wrong road- uppatha/ uppada – thappaana paathai ; letters are jumbled ;thappu- wrong; paathai- path. press down – uppi leti – azhuththu /to press beat – uppotheti – adi poattidu ; adi- beat . 

*287.swell- ubbattati- pudaiththida 

* tear out- ubbatteti- peiththidu 

289.mad- ummada—mathi inmai ; letters are jumbled; mathi- sense; inmai- nil . 

290. chest – ura- maaru 

291. large- uru- periya 

*292. excellent/ eminent - uru - ariya 

* lift up- usarita- usarththidu 

*294.a wave- ulloa- alai / a wave 

295. to stroll- ulloleti – ullaavidu ka- ennikkai onnu ;ennikkai- number; onnu-   one ; ‘k’ denotes sun . 

297.unification- ekattata- onnaakkidu /to unify 

*298. combinationekattata- koottu 

299.loneliness- ekatta – oththaiyaaka; letters are in reversed order; yaekaantha [Skt] 

300. concentration- ekattata- kavanaththoadu / with concentration; kavanam- concentration.

*301.a kind of antelope- eni – yaeni /deer / antelope 

*302.reach -eti – adaiya much – ettaka- athikam[Skt] ; mikuthi ; letters are in reversed order. ettha - ippoaathu 

* edha- thee- 

*306. goat /ram- elaka- yaezhakam 

307. desire- esana- nasai ; letters are in reversed order. 

308.carve- okantati –koththidu 

*309.gathered- ocita- caeththathu 

*310. to spit out- oththubhati – thuppidu 

*311. lip- ottha- uthadu ; root word is  ottu /edge .

*312.camel – ottha- ottai 

*313. boundary – odhi – aththu 

*314. tied- onaddha-  inaiththathu  

*315. to tie down – onayhati – inaiththidu 

* bind- obandhati – pinaiththidu  ;to bind [E] = pinaiththidu .

* speak to- obhasati – paesidu 

318.a dirty pool – oligalla- azhukku   kulam  ; letters are read more than once; azhukku – dirt; kulam- pond 

*319.put down/ laid down - ohita – idu evil deed- katana- kedu vinai ; ka= va; va= ka; ketta- evil; vinai- deed. 

*321. a pot- kataha- kutam 

*322.painful- katuka- kadukka 

*323.bad- kattha- kaedu ; kettathu .

*324.wood- kattha- kattai /stick;kaadu- forest . 

*325.hard /firm- kathina- kettiyaana 

326.cotton cloth – kathina-  koadi thuni ; kottai thuni ; kottai- cotton .

* draw a line- kaddhati – koadu idu ; koadu- a line. 

328.itchy – kanduka- kadikka 

*329.made- kata- aakkiyathu 

*330.speaking /conversing- kathika- kathaikka 

331.speak – katheti- kathaiththidu tell a story – katheti- kathai   kathiththidu ; kathai- story; kaathu koduththu kaettathu =  kathai ; kaathu- ear  ;kodu- lend; kaettathu- heard  .

*333.said /spoken – kathita- kathiththathu

* kattar- kattuthar 

335.scissors- kattari - kaththari ; root word is   keeridu /cut  ;letters are jumbled .

336.kettle- katha lika-  kothi kalan ; letters are jumbled;  kettle[E] =   kothi  kalan  ;letters are read more than once. 

*337.a plantain - kadala- kathali 

338.deer - kadala- kaelai aadu / barking deer   ;letters are jumbled.

*339.miserable- kadara- kaedu ura 

340.cave- kandara- kaanda arai ; kaandai- cave; arai- room. 

341.skull- kapalla- enpu kalam /bony vessel/ cephalus   ; letters are jumbled;  enpu – bone; kalam- pot ; bone[ E] =  enpu  ;letters are in reversed order; 

342.hollow- kapola- kuzhiyaa construct- keppeti – kattu 

*344.smith – kammara- kammiyar 

*345.water pot- karaka- karakam 

* cut- karati – keeeridu 

*347.sparrow- karavi – kuri ee 

348. an elephant- karin /karenu / one who has a hand –   kariyan / dark one ; karu- black; karam[Skt]  onnu/ one hand  ; karam- hand; onnu- one 

349. pity /compassion- karuna- erankku;letters are in jumbled ; karuna [Skt] .

350.feel pity for- karunayati– erankkidu; letters are jumbled; karunai udaiya .

351.young elephant- kalabha-   kulla aanai / little elepahant ; kullam- short ; aanai- elephant  kaezhal /elephant .

*352.soft soil- kalala- koozhai; kali munn/ mud. 

*353.pot- kalasa- kalan; kalam /vessel. 

*354.fight- kalaha- kalakam 

*355.bunch – kalapa- kulai 

356.dirty/ muddy – kalusu- azhukku ;  dirt; letters are in reversed order

357.muddy- kalusu- koozhai / mud; koozhaiyaa / muddy.

358.glad- kalya- kalippu 

359.beautiful- kalyana- kalai / beauty; azhakaana ;  ilakkanam ; letters are jumbled. – kalyanata- kalai udaiya ; kalaiyaanathu 

361.the door- kavata- kathavu; letters are jumbled; kavaadam/ koattai kathavu ; koattai- fort; kathavu- gate ; gate[ E] =  kathavu ;ka= va; va= ka.  

362.bitter- kasata- kasanthida 

*363. crow- kaka- kaakka / onomatopoeic cough- kakacchati – kakkidu /eject out. 

365.term of abuse/ pudendum virile/ mulibre – kata- kotacika- koothi  - koothiyae oaakka ; koothi- vagina; oaakka- fuck. 

*366. forest- kanana- kaanam ; vanam ; ka= va; va= ka. 

367.heap- kaya- kuvi / to heap 

*368.body- kaya- yaakkai ;kaayam .

*369.bracelet- kayura- kai-k-kaarai ; kai- hand. build- kareti – kattuthar ; letters are jumbled. 

371.dark/ black- kal- karu ; letter  ‘Ra’  is replaced with ‘la’ ; mayil [Tamil ] =  mayura [Skt] ; Tamil  la ‘ is’ replaced with ‘Ra’. 

372.become soiledkileseti –azhukku adaiya ; letters are jumbled; azhukku- dirt ; adaiya- to have ;kile- azhukku ; letters are in reversed order.

 * /sport- kila- kaelam; kuyil.

374. enjoyment- kila –kalippu 

*375.having played- kilita – kaliththida 

* kukura- kukkuran ; root word is kuraikka- to bark .

377.humpbacked- kujja- koon 

*378.pitcher- kuta- kutam 

379.a nest- kutava- koodu 

380.little hut- kutika- kutti kudisai ;  letter ‘t’ is read more than once  as ‘t’ and ‘d’ kutti- small .

*381.hut- kuti – kudi/house; kudisai .

*382.cot- kuti – kidakkai 

383.a shed- kuti – kottakai ; letter  ‘k’ is read more than once. 

384.crush- kutta- kasakkidu ; letter ‘k’ is read more than once. 

385.leprosy- kuttha- thoththu noavu / infectious disease; letters are jumbled; noavu- disease; thoththa- to get infected; ka= va; va= ka.. 

386. to dig- khanati- kenthu 

*387.a kind of knife -kuthari – kuththu koadari /dagger; letters are read more than once.  

*388.a pail / pot- kundi – kundaan 

* – kutta- kattu ; uththiyoag  ;letters are in reversed order cook- kuthati – kaaichchidu 

391.tormented- kuthati- kaaitha

*392.distressed- kuthati - ikkattu 

*393.rotten - kuthati – kaedu adaiya 

394.hoe- kuddala- kalai koththu  ; letters are jumbled. 

*395.angry- kuddha- kadumai  ;kaduppu .

396.wrong path- ku patha- ketta paathai  ;ketta- bad; paathai- path ;path[ E]=  paathai . 

397.wrong thought- kumati – kedu mathi; letter ‘t’ is read more than once 

398.young boy- kumara- kumaran ; muruku / youth ; letters are jumbled ; kaamam ura -  to   love  ;  kaamam- love/ heat ; youth as period  of sexual awareness  .

399.young girl- kumari – kumari 

*400.clan- kula- kulam 

* kula- kulam 

*402.vulture- kulala- kazhuku ; letter ‘k’ is read more than once 

*403.potter-kulala- kulaalan ; root word is kalam- pot/ vessel 

*404.raft- kulla- kalam 

*405.hole/ cavity – kuhara- koarai 

*406.flag- ketu – kodi 

407.having flags- ketuvant- kodi udaiya ; kodi undu . 

*408.wearing a bracelet- key urin - kai-k -kaarai aniya   ;aniya- to wear . 

* amusement - keli – kaelikkai 

*410. fisherman- kevatta- koa vaedan kesa- sikai ; letters are in reversed order. 

412.wolf- koka –kukkal ; root word is kooval  /howl .

413.Indian cuckoo- kokila- kuyil; if a letter [ k] comes more than once consecutively it can be read only once.

414.peak/ top/ summit - koto- mukadu ; summit[ E] =   mudi [Tamil ] .

*415.extreme part- koto- koadi 

* cutkotteti – kaathidu ; vettidu; ka= va; va= ka. 

*417.cavity for holding food/ stomach – kottha- akadu ;root word is  kudaivu / cavity ; cavity[E] =  kudaivu .  

*418.a monk’s cell- kottha- kottadi 

419.a bird- kottha- kaadai / a kind of quail room- kotthaka- kidankku 

*421.anger- kopa- koopa ; kaaya  is the root word. 

422.belonging to a good family- kolanna [ ka - la an -] - nalla kulam /good family; letters are jumbled; nalla- good; kulam- family. 

423.vessel- kolamba – kalam 

*424.vessel- kola- kalan

425.couch – katopika- kidakkai 

426.a short moment/ wink of time- khana – kanam   ; kann imaikka ; letter ‘ka’ is read more than once ;   kann- eye; imaikka- to wink 

427.dug up- khata- kudaiya / dig 

*428.power- khatta- kedi jump- khandati- kuthiththidu 

*430. sharp- kharaka- kooraaka ; koormaiyaaka .

431.donkey/ mule - khara- koavaeri / mule; ka= va; va= ka. 

* shake- khalunka- kuzhunkka 

* wash/ to treat badly – khaleti- kazhuvidu ;   kazhuvu- to wash ; kazhuvi   uooththu ; ka- va; va= ka .

*434.eating- khata- kadi; kai thoda . 

*435.eating- khadaka- kadikka; kai thoduka . 

* bite- khadati- kadithhtidu khada- odukku  ;letters are in reversed order. 

438.milk- khira- kara /to milk; cream.

* stake- khila- kazhi 

440.deride- khileti – ikazhnthidu 

*441.small/ insignificant- khudda- kutti / small

442.little one- khuddaka- kutti yaaka /as a small one 

*443.shield- kheta- kaedayam ; root word is  kiduku- leather/ skin . 

*444.hunger- khuda- kuthai ; kaainthida .

*445.fatigue- kheda- kadai 

446.destroyed- khepita- kedu ;  kadi   /destroy  ;keduththu poadu ; letters are jumbled. 

*447. courtesan – ganaki / ganika – kanikai 

 448.counting- ganana-  kanakku / counting; ennuka; letters are in revesed order. 

*448. to reckon- geneti – kanakkidu ; kaniththidu .

*449. gone away- gita- yaekida /gone 

*450.body – gatta- kattai /wood 

* tie- gathita- kattidu  

452.finding fault- garahaka- kurai kaana ; kurai- fault; kaana- to find. 

* blame- garahati- kurai kooridu ; kooridu-   say  ;letters are read more than once. 

*454. of the womb in pregnancy – garuka- karuvakam/ womb; karu- embryo; akam- inner space. 

*455. swelling- gala- kazhalai 

*456. bull/ ox -go- koa gaha- akam 

458. to sing- gayati- akavidu; ka= va; va= ka. 

* penetrate- gahati –kuththu 

*460. speech/ words- gira- koottru ; kooru- say; koorukai  .

*461. lineage- gotta- kudi 

462.mountain- giri- karuni ; giri [Skt]  ; root word is  kar   /stone/ rock . 

*463.protected- gutta- kedi ; kaaththathu .

*464.cluster- gula- kulai 

*465. hollow vessel- gata- kudam ; kuda-  hollow . 

*466.crowd- ghata- kootta

*467.thicket- ghata- kaadu/ forest 

*468.cluster- ghata- koththu 

469.small bowl - ghatika- kutti kinni ; kutti- small; kinni- bowl . 

470. small stick-ghatika- kutti kattai ; kattai- stick; letters are read more than once. 

 *471.combined/ connected- ghatita- kootaa

*472. join /connect/ unite- ghateti – koottu 

473. mock- ghatteti – asu kaattu gara- koorai akam / hut; giraka [Skt] 

*476.destruction- gada- kaedu 

*477.destroying- gataka- kedukka 

*478.murdering- gataka- kaathuka 

*479.destroyed- ghatita-keduththida ; kettida. 

*480.wailing- ghora- karaiya / cry 

481.ferocity /anger- candikka- sinam adaika ; sinam- anger; adaika- to have. 

482.going- carita- sendrida 

*483.pot- cati- satti 

484.skill/ cleverness- caturiya- thiran 

*485.action- cara –seyar 

486.beautiful -caru /siri – seer away- caveti – oaatti vidu . 

488.heart- citta- ithayam ;   root word is  nadu maiyam/ central place. 

489.heart- hadaya-ithaya who thinks- cintaka- enniduka/ to think; cinthikka ;thiyanikka .

491.act of thinking- cinta- sinthanai  ; ennidu / to think ; sinththiththidu ; enna oaattam   ;ennam- thought ; oaattam- flow. .

*492.thought out- cintita- enniyathu 

* be gathered- ciyati – saeththidu 

*494.deceased / passing away - cita- seththida

*495.cloth- cela- seelai  ; root word is  izhai / thread .

496.hungry- chatata- pasiththida ; pusiththidu/ eat .

497.hunger- chataka- pasi edukka 

498.a hole- ciggala- kuzhi 

499.hole- chidda- oaattai 

500.perforated- chiddata- oaattai ittathu  ;oaattai-   hole. 

*501.cutting- cheda- seththu 

*502.cutting- chedaka- seththuka 

503.destruction/ loss - cheda- saetham 

504.the world- jegat – kuththi 

505.watchfulness- jegganata- kann kaaniththidu ; letters are read more than once; kann- eye. 

506.birth- janna- eenu / to give birth; sinai eennu ; sinai-  offspring   .

507.producing- janaka- seikai 

508.produce- janati- seithidu 

509.braid/ plait- jata- sadai idu /to plait the hair 

*510. to conquer- jayati - saaiththidu ; jeiththidu 

511.water- jala- aal 

*512.adulterer- jara- soari ;root word is saera  /to join/ unite jivika- vasikka ; letters are jumbled. 

514.that which is lived -jivita- vasiththathu; letters are jumbled. 

* joti – sen thee / divine fire; thee- fire. 

*516.relation- nati- naathi 

517.bitten- dattha- theendida 

*518.mat- tattika- thadukku  paai 

519. flat bowl- tattaka- thattai kinnam  ;thattai- flat; kinni- bowl.

*520. agreeable- tattaka- othhtukka koodiya ; letters are read more than once. 

* large- tattaka- thaattiyaaka 

*522.son – tanaya- thanayan ;thanayei / daughter .

*523.small- tanuka- thunukku 

524.weaving- tantaka  thuni  neithiduka ; thuni- cloth ;neithiduka- to weave; thuni  theikka ; theikka- to stitch  .

525.father- tata- thanthai  ;aththa; daddy [  letter ‘t’ is read as letter ‘d’ ] 

526.a star- tara – thee sudar /thee; fire; sudar – flame; star[ E]=  thee sudar ; letter are jumbled. .

*527.beating- tala- adiththal 

*528. a goad for driving cattle- tutta- thadi 

* prick- tudati- theiththidu ; yaeththida .

530.incite- tudati- thoondidu 

*531.weighing- tula- edai iduthal ;  letters are read more than once; thula -edai iduthal ; edai- weight.

*532.hardened /callous - thaddha- thadiththa 

*533.earthen pot- thali – thaali 

*534.praise- thuti – thuthi 

*535.thief- thena- thaenan 

* da- thaa/ give satisfy – dakkha- thanikka 

538.bitten- dattha- theenida 

*539.stem- of a tree - danda- thandu 

540.stick /wood- danda- thandam 

*541.a stick for punishment- danda- thandi /to punish; thandam- stick. 

542.given- datta- thanthathu give- dadati – thanthidu 

544.tusk- danta- thantham 

*545.sorrow- dara- thuyar 

*546.pain- dara- thuyar ; aarththi ; letters are in reversed order. 

547.fear- dara- aratti ; letters are in reversed order. 

*548.leaf- dala- thazhai; ilai thazhai .

*549.petal- dala- ithazh ; petal [E] =  poo ithazh ;poo- flower. 

550.poor /wretched- dalidda- thaazhntha 

*551.running- dava- voadi vidu ; letters are jumbled . 

* cause to run- dapeti – oaadi poaeidu 

* gift- dana- thaayam ;dhaanam cut- dayati – thundiththidu 

555.slave- dasa- adimai 

*556.injuring- du – adi / injury 

* injure- dubhati – adi pada /get injured  

*557.pained- dukkhapita- thukka pada 

558.grieved-dukkhita –thukkam adaiya 

*559.bad- duttha- theethu 

* – duta- aattam/ a play; aadidu- to play. 

561.divinity /fairy – devata- theiva thaai / mother goddess; theivam- god; thaai- mother; theivam= thee vadivam; thee- fire; vadivam- form.

562.region/ country - desa – thinai 

*563.canoe- doni – thoani 

564.outer gate /door- dwara-  waayir thatti ; letters are jumbled  ;waayir- entrance; thatti-  gate. 

*565.grain/ corn/ pulse / seeds / millets -dhanna-   thinai/ millet  

*566.wet nurse- dhati – uoottu thaai ; uoottu- to feed; thaai- mother. 

*567.flow- dhara- oaaduthar 

* run- dhavati – oaadi vida 

569.firm / steadfastness- dhiti – thidam 

*570.shaken – dhuta- aadida 

571.purified- dhona- thooimaiyaana 

572.cleanse/ purify dhopati-  thooimai paduththu   ;thooimai- clean; paduththu- do . 

*573.nail- naka- nakam 

* – nagara- nakara

* nataka- natikan ; nadikka- to act .

*576.woman- nari – naari 

*577.hollow stalk/ tube - nala- naalam

*579.boat- nava- naavaai 

580.golden ornament- nikka- nakai/ jewel 

581.sign / omen- nimitta- nimiththam 

582. to be angry- pakuppati- kaduppu adaiya ; kaduppu- anger; adaiya- to have. 

583.inner veranda/ court- pakuta- koodam 

584.cook- pakka- aakku ; cook [E] =  aakku . cook /to boil- pakkathati-aakkidu  /cook   ; kothiththida /boil  .

586.resembling- pakka- okka; oppumaiyaaka . wash – pakkhalati-  kazhuvidu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

588.fortnightly – pakkika- pakkam / side 

*589.side- pakkiya- pakkam 

590. cloth / garment- pata- patti; padaam; pattu- silk. patala- thole reply by a song- pati gyati – paattu paadi vidai kodu ; pattu – a song; paadu- to sing; vidai- answer; kodu- give. 

602.look after /take care of - patijaggati- paathu kaaththida / protect 

*603.dedicated- patia dita – padaiththidu 

*604.pierced/ penetrated - patividdha- paththu vida 

*605.slab/ tablet- patta- paatayam 

* / port- pattana- pattinam 

607.a bandage- pattaka- kattu  poaduka / to apply  bandage;  letters are jumbled; kattu- bandage. 

* read- patthika - padikka; root words is oaathuka/ recite 

609.the first- pathama- mutha ; letters are in reversed order. 

*610.banner- pataka- pathaakai 

*611.driving stick- patoda- thadi 

*612.pushing- patodaka- poattu idikka 

*613.a measure of capacity – pattha- padi / capacity measurement.

*614.path- pata- paathai 

615.foot- pada- paatham ; adi . 

*616.pierced- padalita- poththiduthal ; letters are jumbled.

*617.half- paddha- paathi 

*618.beyond/ on the further side of – para- appaar 

*619.after - param – appuram 

* burn – paridahati- eriththidu 

*621. scared / exceedingly -parita jjita- peruththa   achcham adaiya  ;peruththa- big /great  ;achcham- fear ;adaiya- to have. 

*622.lamentation- paridevati- oppari vaiththidu; letters are jumbled. 

623.purified- paridhota- perum thooimai udaiya; perum- big; thooimai- cleanliness; udaiya – has.  

*624.understanding- pariyatta- - puriyuthu / understanding  

*625.looked for- pariyittha- paarththathu 

* have great longing- pariyu kkhanthati – peru yaekkam kondida ;periya- big;  yaekkam- longing; kondida- to have.  

* for- periyaththi – paarththidu ;thaedi paarththidu  ;letters are jumbled. spread all over- pariyottharati- paranthu virinthida 

629.very clean- pariyo data- peruththa  thooimai udaiya  ;peruththa- great ;thooimai- clean; udaiya- has. 

630.enveloped – parivethita-  urai vudaiyathu  /has an envelope  ;urai- envelop; udaiya- has. 

*631.very fraudulent /crafty – parisutha- perum soothu ; periya- great .

632.hatched- parisedita- poriththida 

*633.great grief- parisoka- perum soakam ; periya- great ; soakam- grief. set out for- pareti – purappadu 

635.out of the sight /invisible- parokkha - paarkka onnaa ; paarkka- to see. 

* cry out- parodeti – oppari idu / lament 

637.running away- palatatta –oadi poaathal; letters are jumbled; oaadu- to run; poathal- going. 

638.escape- palatata- thappiththal ; letters are jumbled. 

639.destruction- palujjana- paazh aana  /ruined 

640.budding- palla vida- mulai vidu speak- pa vadati- voathidu 

642.retirement- paviveka- oaaivaaka / leisurely 

*643.pass away – pahiyati- poaeida 

*644.sufficient- phuta- poathiya 

*645.keep watch- pati – paaththidu 

*646.gall- pitta- piththam 

*647.closed/ shut- phita- poottu 

* pura- puram 

*649.looking at / seeing – pekkhaka- paakka 

*650.dead/ departed- peta- poaida 

*651.kind of grass- pota- poodu/ grass 

*652.ripe fruit- phala- pazham  

*653.having fruit – phalita- pazham udaiya ; udaiya- has .

* split- phalati-  pilanthidu 

*655.splitting- phalaka- pilakka 

656. to have great longing- pariyukkhanthati - peruyaekkakondida   ;perum- big; yaekkam- longing;   kondida- to have. 

657.rain drop- pusita- sotta /to drop;sottu- a drop . 

658.shedding big drops of rain – phusitaka- sottuka/ to drop 

* shake- photeti – poattu aattu 

660. relative – bandhu – sontha inam 

*661.hole- bila- puzhai obstruct- buddhati- thaduththida 

* depart- byaga- poaka 

664.departed- byapagata- poakidu 

*665.learning- byattata- padiththida 

*666.attached to- bya satta- saeththida 

* increase- bruheti- uyarththidu 

668.eating- bhakka- pusikka 

*669.dropped- bhattha- poada 

670.said / spoken -bhattha- oaathiyathu 

671.stock /goods in trade- bhanda- pandam ; root word is  panniyathu /made ; panniyar / maker /trader . quarrel- bhandati- sandai idu ;sandai- quarrel ; idu- make. 

673.feeding- bhatta- pukattu 

* bear – bhareti - poruththidu 

675.wife- bhariya - uriya penn ; urimai penn ; urimai- rights ;penn- woman .

676.earthen ware vessel- bhajana- paanai 

* be afraid- bhyati/ bhita- peethi 

*678. fearful- bhiru – peeru ; fear [E] =   peeru .

*679.speaking- bhasaka- paesuka 

*680.speak /say – bhasati- paesidu 

*681.speech/ language - bhasa – paechchu ; speech[ E] = paechchu. 

*682.said /spoken- bhasita- paesiyathu beg – bhikkhati – kai yaenthu ; kai- hand; yaenthu- to hold. 

684.eating- bhutta- pusiththidu bhumma – munn 

* bhuri- paar 

*687.produced- bhuta- padaithahathu  

*688.abundant- bhuri- puru ;  porppu .

*689.breaking- bheda- poattu udai 

*690.breaking- bhedaka- poattu udaikka 

*691. kettle drum- bheri – parai / a kind of drum 

* cause to eat – bhojeti – pusiththidu 

*693.a bud- makula- mukulam ; mukil .

*694.confused- manku- mayankka think- mannati – manaennida ; manam- mind; ennida- to think .

*696.gem- mani- mani 

*697.dead- mata- madi 

*698.dead- mataka- madika 

699.mind- mati- manathu; mathi /sense / intelligence.

*700. intoxicated- matta- mattai adi 

701.head- mattha- mandai 

702.head/ top/ summit- matthaka- maththakam ; mukadu ; letters are jumbled. churn – mathati- maththu / churning stick; manthan [Skt] 

* tread on- maddati – mithiththidu 

705.mild / gentle/ soft - maddava- menmai udaiya 

706.honey- madhu – thaem; letters are in reversed order. 

707.mentality- manata- manathu / mind 

708.having a mind- manasa- manasu / mind 

*709.mind- mano- manam 

710.slow/ lazy - manda - manatham 

711.stupidity – mandatta- manda thanam 

712.stupidity – mandiya- mandu / a stupid 

713.self/ mine- mama- emm 

714.a peacock- mayura – mayil ; letter  ‘la’ of Tamil  is changed into  ‘Ra’. 

*715.dying- mara –maraiya /disappear 

716.death- marana- maraiya ; maranam[Indo Iranian ] die- marati –marainthida /disappear; marithtida[ indo Iranian] 

718.gods of the thunderstorm- maru – maari 

719.flower/ garland of flowers-  malya-  poo maalai ; poo -  flower; maalai- garland;  malar =   flower;  malar could be root word for maalai . 

*720.wrestler- malla- mallan 

*721.Arabian jasmine- malilka –mallikai 

*722.stone- galla- kal 

*723.beard- massu – meesai/ moustache 

* honour- mahti- mathi 

*725.  mother- matar – maa thiru 

*726.  to wink – miyati- imaiththidu 

*727.fist- mutti – mutti ; kai mutti; kai- hand. 

*728.intelligence- muti –mathi  

*729.pearl- mutta- muththu 

*730.a small drum- muraja- murasu  /war drum .

*732.biting up with a cracking sound- muru muru yati – muru muru ththida 

*733.a girdle- mekala –maekalai metta- muththa

*735. intelligence- medha- mathi 

*736.pillar- medhi – muttu thadi ; thadi -wood; muttu -to support. 

*737. staff/ stick – yatthi- thadi

738. sacrifice- yaga- kaavu 

*739.requesting/ begging- yacaka- yaasikka 

*740.begged- yacita-  yaasiththidu 

*742.asked/ begged- yacitaka- yaasiththiduka – yatra- sutru payanam /round trip; payanam- travel; suttru- a round; tour[E] = yatra. 

*744.flock- yutha- eettu 

*745.protecting- rakkhaka- uyirai kaakka ; uyir- life; kaakka- to guard.

* protect- rakkhati –uyirai kaaththidu ; uyir- life; kaathidu- guard /protect .

*747.kingdom -rajja-arasu 

748.chariot- ratha- thaer; letters are in reversed order. 

*749.king- rajan –arasan 

750.illness- roga- uru kann 

*751. life slaughter- rodha- uyirai edu; uyir- life; edu- take away. roma- mayir; letters are in reversed order. 

 753.angry / wrathful – rosaka- seeruka /to be furious; letters are jumbled. 

754. staff/ stick- laththi – neela thadi / long stick; neelam- length; thadi- stick. 

*755.obtained- laddha- adaithal ; letters are in reversed order. 

756.saliva- lala- echchil 

757.sign/ mark of sex / feature-   lingha – [ -la -an - ka-] - aan kazhai / male stick; aan- male; kazhai- stick. space- loka- veli ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*759.rope- vata kara- vada kaeiru 

760.round/ circle- vatta-vatta

*761.request / want- vana - vaenum ; want[ E] =   vaendum .

*762.colour- vanna – vannam 

*763.having colour- vannata- vannam udaiya 

*764.cloth – vattha- voudai / garment 

*765.speak/ say – vadati – voathidu 

*766.killing- vadha- vathai 

*767.killing- vadhaka- vathaikka 

*768.kill -vadhati – vathaiththidu sow- vapati – vithai  idu ; vithai- seed ; vithai  thoovidu ; letters are jumbled; .

* vomit- vamati- vumatta 

771.wish / boon- vara- viruppam 

*772.bracelet- valaya- valaiyal/ bangle cloth – vasati – vudai soodu ; vudai- clothe ;soodu- wear . 

*774.lived- vasita – vasiththida 

*775.lives- vasitar- vasiththar 

* utter a cry- vassati –voasai idu /to make noise; vosai- noise; idu- make. 

777.speech- vak- vaakku 

778.voice- vaca- voasai ; voice[ E]   voasai / sound; root word is vaai asai  ;vaai- mouth ;asai- to move. 

779.wind- vata- kaaththu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*780. tail- vala- vaal 

781.tail- valadhi – vaalai aattu ; aattu- shake.

* vasa- vasi 

* vasika- vasikka 

783.scented- vasitika- vaasanai iduka perfume- vaseti - vaasanai idu 

*784.selling- vikkaya –vikka 

785.without- vigata- kidiayathu 

786.knock/ push / prick / attack - vitudati- thattidu / knock; idiththidu/ push; adiththidu/ attack / assault. / possessions- vita- vudamai 

*788.a bowel- vittha-vatta 

789.far /remote- vidura –ettaththir 

*780.mode/ manner- vidha- vitham 

*781.rule/ method- vidhi –vithi  

*782.lonely- vidhura- voththaiyir weave- vinati- neithidu 

784.spreading out- vippharika- virikkai  

785.expanded- vippharita- viriththidu 

786.burst open – vipphotita- vediththida 

787.division / distribution- vibhga- eevuka 

788.slender/ waist- vilagga/vilakka - volliyaaka   /slander  

*789.slender waist - velli – volliyaa play /sport – vilasati – vilai yaadu 

* – vilsa- vallisu perish – viliyati- vozhinthidu 

*793.solitary – vivittaka- voththaiyaaka 

*794.solitary- vivitta – voththaiya 

795.clinging to- visattika- vottikka 

796.clinging to- visatta- vottida 

797.spreading- visara- viriya 

798.spreading- visaraka- virikai 

799.superior/distinguished- visittha- vosaththi   

*800.street- vidhi / vithika- veethi;  kadavu ; letters are in reversed order. 

*801.shed / water - vuttha – vuooththa /shed /pour 

*802.rain – vutthi - vootti ; toot eord is   uooththa/ to pour. 

803.sown -vutta- vithai thoovu ; letters are read more than once ;vithai-  seed; thoovu- to sow. 

*804.said- vutta- vothiyathu 

*805.dawned- vutta vela- vidiyim vaelai ; vidiya-   dawn ing; vaelai- time. 

*806.speed- vega- vaekam 

807.studying the Vedas- vedaka – voathuka  /to recite 

* tremble- vedhati- veda veda ththida doubt- vimatika- iyyam adaika ‘ iyyam- doubt; adaika- to have. 

810. belonging to a tiger- veyyaggha- vaenkkai 

*811.point of time- vela- vaelai 

812.clan name- velamika- Valluvan kulam ; letters are jumbled; kulam- clan; Vaelaan kulam; vaelaalan -  farmaer ; valluvan-  astrologer/ healer.   

*813. to destroy- velayti - vozhiththidu 

814.flashing of swords- vellalin –  vaalin oli ; letters are jumbled; vaal- sword; oli- light. 

815.answered- vyakata- vidai kodu ; letters are jumbled; vidai- answer; kodu- give . answer- vyakaroti -  vidai kooridu ;  letters are jumbled; vidai- answer; kooridu- say . 

*817.huntsman- vyadha—vaettaiyan 

*818.speak /talk - vyaharati – urai yaadu 

819.collecting- sangha- saekka ; onnaaka / uniting 

820. thigh- satthi- thodai 

821. sound/ noise- sadda- saththam; oaaasi idu  /to make noise ; oaasai- noise; idu- make. 

*822.junction / of roads- sandhi- santhippu 

823.lake- sara- yaeri slay – sasati-saaiththidu 

* defeat- sahati- saaiththidu 

826.vegetable- saka- pachchai- k- kaai ; pachchai- green; kaai- vegetable. 

*827.cloth – sata- soodi ; sattai  /shirt .

828.cloth/ outer garment- sataka- udukkai  /garment taste- sayati- suvaiththidu 

*830. lying/ sleeping- sayika- saaika 

831. charioteer- sarathi – thaer  oaatti   ;letter are jumbled ;thaer [Tamil]= rath [Skt] .

*832.angry- saraddha- seeridu / to be furious 

*833.rice- sali – sol/ paddy learn – sikkhati- kaththidu; full form- kattridu . 

*835. top/ summit- sikhara- sikaram ; root word could be koormai-  sharp/ pointed .

836.ginger- singivera- injji vaeru 

*837.lump of boiled rice- sittha- soaththu undai ; undai- lump .

838.lax/ loose- sithila- thola thola 

839.dried up- sukkah- kaaya 

840.dried up- sukkhati- kaainthida 

841.toll/ tax- sunga –sunkka

842.clean/ pure- suddha- thooiami 

843.sexual intercourse- surata- saernthida  /to unite ; yaerida/ to mount .

*844. liquor- sura- saaraayam ; root word is asaru / juice   .

845.sun- sura- naayiru ; Ra /sun 

* heat – sedeti- soodu  yaeththu army – sena- ani 

*848.lying- seyyaka- saaika 

849. stream- sota- oaadai 

*850. not removed- anuhata- neekkidaathu ; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. from desires- aneja- [ -an -sa-]- nasai inmai ;nasai- desire; inmai-  without. 

852.pureaneleka [ - an – la- ka-] - azhukku inmai / without dirt; letters are jumbled; azhukku- dirt; inmai- nil. 

853.houseless- anoka [ -an – ka-] - akam inmai ;akam- house; inmai- nil; letters are jumbled. . 

854.not to stop- anoramati [-an- Ra- ma -the-] - niruththama ; letters are jumbled.

855.mischief- apakara- [-pa -ka -Ra-]- kurumpu; letters are jumbled.

* honour- apacayati- poosiththidu 

*857.respecting- apacayika - poosikka 

858.sin /fault– aparadha- perum theethu ; perum- big; theethu- evil ; aparatham .

859.asking consent- aplokita- opputhal  kaettidu ; letter ‘t’ is read more than once ;  opputhal- consent; kaettidu- ask 

*860.later- api – pin

861. later in the night- apiratte- pin eruttu / late night; pin- later; eruttu / dark night. 

862.waiting for- apekkha – kaakka 

863.un obstructive- appatiga- thadukkathu 

864.destroying- abbulhata- azhiththidu ; ozhiththidu 

865.pulling out- abbulhata- izhuththidu abbhatika- adaika 

867.standing up- abbhunnata- ninnudu 

868.erect- abbhunnata- naattu carry out- abhisadheti – seithidu 

870.without stain- amala- maasu illaa ; maasu-  stain ;illai- nil . – ambara- param 

872.sour- ambila –pulippu 

873.water- ambu – ayam 

*874.spoke /wheel – ara- aarai ;aara.

*875.dislike- arati - oruththidu deserve /worthy of- arahati- urimai udaiya ; worthy [E] =  urimai udaiya. 

*878.liquor- arittha- oruththi 

*879.ethical/ good – ariya- aram 

*880.sore- aru- aru 

*881.getting soiled by -allika- azhukku  aaka  ;azhukku- dirt ; aaka- to become. 

*882.take - adeti eduththidu 

883.river- apaka- poeikai / pond 

*884.income- aya- aayam 

*885.brought- ahata- attu / bring 

* ahara- erai 

* – ahareti-arunthu 

888.beaten- ahata – adi pada wander/ roam- ahindati- alainthida 

* lookikkhanika- kaanuka 

*891.seeing- ikkhana- kaana 

* look- ikkhati –kandidu 

*893.lord /chief- inda- aandai / stake before the city gate- indakhila- kazhi nadu ; letters are jumbled;  kazhi- stick ; nadu- to erect .

895.a slab of stone let into the ground at the entrance of the house- indakhila- nadu kal; letters are jumbled; kallai nadu; nadu- to plant; kal- stone; nadu kal- warrior’s stone. 

*896.being scolded- issita- yaesida 

897.anger- issa- sinam 

*898.utter- uggirati – kooridu 

*899.jolting- ugghata- kada kadakka ; letters are read more than once. heat – utta peti – soodu paduththu ; soodu- heat / hot; paduththu- make. 

901.stomach- udara –soattru pei / rice bag; soartu- cooked rice; pei- bag 

902.swollen/ bloated- uddhumata- uoothida ; oaatham adaiya ; bloated[ E] =  upputhal ; letters sre  jumbled. 

903.swollen/ bloated- uddhimataka- uoothiduka ; oaatham adaika ; oaatham- oedema ; adaika- to have..

904.near- upakattha- kitta 

905.escaped- upativatta- thappiththu voadidu ; letters are jumbled.

*906.grasp- upadiyati- pidiththidu 

907.going to- upayana- ; payanam sei  / to  travel 

*908.come in - uvitta- vanthidu /come 

*909.together- ekato- koottaa ; koodi .

910.duty- kattabba kadamai ; kadan . 

911.maker- kara- aakku kiravar ;aakku- make ; letters are read more than once; ka= va; va=ka.

*912.threshing floor-khala- kalam 

913.a song- gita – kathai paattu ; kathai- story ;paattu- song.

*914.ball/ round- gula- koalam 

915.envy--gedhi- koattam 

916.angry- candikka –sinam adaika ; sinam- anger; adaika- to have. 

917.flame- jala- azhal 

918.gambling- juta- soothu aatta;  letter ‘t’ is read more than once  .

* region- thana- thinai; sthan [ Indo Iranian].

920. dedicate- dakkhita [ both the English and the Pali words have the same consonants] – uriya thaakkidu 

921.white /dazzling white- dha vala- thooya vellai/ pure white; thooya- pure; vellai- white. 

922.wash – dhovati- thuvaththidu /wash [ cloths] 

* play/ drama /dance – natati- nadiththidu / to act 

*924.tied- naddha- inaintha 

925.reed- nala- naanal; letter ‘an’ is read more than once. 

926.various/ diversity – nana- inna inna 

927.departing/ leaving- nikkhamana – neenkkanum ; letters are jumbled. 

*928.putting on /cloak -nidhi – aninthidu 

929.clothed -ni vattha-vudai aniya ; letters are jumbled; vudai- dress; aniya- to wear. 


931.dusty-pamsuka-maasaaka cook-pakkathati-kaaichchidu 

933.boiling- pakkatti- kothiththida wash – pakkhalati- kazhuvida ; ka= va; va= ka. 

935.kettle drum- pataha- thappu / a drum; letters are in reversed order. 

*936.dressed- patiyatta-  patti uduththa; oatti- cloth; uduththa- to wear .

937. thrown / dropped- patitaka- poaduka 

*938.walking- paddhagu - adi edukka; adi- foot; edukka- take. 

939.front side- pamukha[- pa -  ma – ka-] - mukappu ; letters are jumbled.

*940.taking care- payata- paaththidu 

*941.taking up/acquiring – pariggha- peruka 

942. familiarity /acquaintance -paricaya –payirchchi front- parimukha- mun puramaaka ; mun- front; puram- side. 

944.accomplishment- pariyatti- purinthida  /done 

945.tour- pariyena- [- pa - Ra - an -] – uoor payanam ;   letters are jumbled; uoor-   village; payanam- tour ; tour- = yatra [Skt] / round- parivatta- periya vattam; periya- big; vattam- circle. 

* be frightened- parissapati – paer achcha pada; paer- great; achcham- fear; pada- have. 

*948.clean- parisuddha- perum thooimai ; perum- big; thooimai- clean .

949.laughter- parihasa[ - pa- Ra- sa-] – sirippu/ laughter   ; letters are in reversed order.

*950. decay- paloka- paazh aaka  ;paazh- spoil ;aaka- to become. 

951.sown- pavutta- vithai  thoovidu ; letters are jumbled ; vithai- seed ;thoovidu- to sow. 

*952.worm- pulava- puzhuvu 

*953.boiled cake- pupa- appam 

*954.outside- bahira- puram 

*955.being outside- bahiratta- puraththu 

*956.outer/ outside-bahirima- puram  

*957.learning- byattata- padiththida  ; root word is  oaathida/ to recite 

*958.sickness- byadhi – upaathai 

* feed upon- bhakkati- pukattu /to feed 

960. stick- yatthi –thadi

961.share- bhaga- paku/ to share;pankku- a share . 

962.auspicious/ festive - mangala [ -ma – an- ka- la-] – nalla kaalam  /auspicious time ; letters are jumbled; nall- good; kaalam-  time;  nalla   naalum kizhamaiyim ;  naal / kizhamai - day  ; maangalya/ marriage thread - mana kaazh ;manam- marriage; kaazh- thread.  .

963.vessel- mallaka- - kalam; letter is in reversed order.

964.summit- muddha- mudi yutti – aayuththam 

* yuttaka- thakai ;  thakaimai 

*967.creeper- valli- valli 

968.small bowl- vitthaka- vattakai; kuduvai; letters are in reversed order. 

969.wise- vidu – viththai/ wisdom 

970.wail- vilapati –voalam idu dispute – vivadati- voththidaathu /disagreement; vivaathiththidu .

972.separation- vivitti – vetti vidu / to cut off / to separate/ go for separation  

* destroy- velayati – vozhiththidu 

974.sickness/ malady - vyadhi – vupaathai 

*975.filled with fear -samvijita-  achcham udaiya ; achcham- fear ; udaiya- has. 

976.grain- sakkhara- kuruni ; grain [E] =  kuruni .

977. gravel- sakkhara- siru karkkar ; siru- small; karkkar- stones; letters are jumbled ; kuru munn / gravel .

978.calm / quietude of heart – samatha- mana amaithi ; manam- mind; amaithi- peace 

979.impure- samala [ - sa – ma- la-] - maasu ulla; letters are jumbled; maasu- dirt; ulla- has. 

980.near- samipaanmai 

981.filed with fragrance- sammoda- manam udaiya ; manam- aroma; udaiya- has. lean on- sayati – saainthidu 

983.sleeping- sayana- saayanum/ to repose; sayanam

984.sleeping room- sayanighra- saayikra arai ; arai- rest ; sayanikkum  arai go- sarati- sendridu 

986.ocean- sagara- kuravai; ka= va; va= ka. 

987.useful -satthaka- payan adaika / to gey benefited; payan-use . who accepts- saditar – yaeththiduthar ; sammathiththar. agree- sadiyati-   oththidu; sammathiththidu .

990.lump of boiled rice- sittha- soathu undai ; undai- ball; saatham- cooked rice. cook- siddha samaiththidu 

992.a small case- sipatika- sinna pettakam ; sinna- small; pettakam- box. 

*993.prosperity – siri –seer 

994.plough- sira- yaeru 

995.a dog- suna- naai 

996.a son- sunu – aan / male 

*997.valour- suriya- soor 

*998.banker/ wealthy mechant -setthi- chetti ;saettu ; yetti . 

* heat- sedeti- suttidu ; soodu seithdu .

*1000.lying- seyyaka- saaika 

*1001. lying down / resting- seyya- saaya 

*1002. killing-aghata- kaathidu 

1003.accept- adati- oththida ; yaeththida.

1004.anointed- asitta – poosiyathu  

*1005.longing- ukkanthi – yaenkkidu 

* worship- upati tthati –thuthi padu ; letters are jumbled. 

1007.product- uppatti-/ uppada – padaippu 

1008.producing- uppa daka- padaikkai 

1009.wounded- khata- kaayam adaiya ; kaayam- wound; adaiya- to have. 

1010.injury- khataka- kaayam adaika ; kayam- wound; adaika- to have. 

*1011.damage- khataka- kaedu  adaika ; kaedu- damage ;adaika- to attain.

1012. edge/pointnema- munai; letters are in reversed order. 

1013.throw- khitta- kidaasu 

1014.continue- dharati- thodarnthidu 

*1015.understanding/ comprehending- pariya- puriya 

1016.understanding- pariyatta- purinthida 


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