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List of Tamil words in Prakrit language

List of Tamil words in Prakrit language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


             List of Tamil words in Prakrit language


         Dr.Variankaval Ramasamy Annadurai; MD;DPM;


The Prakrits   are a group of vernacular Middle Indo-Aryan languages that were used in the Indian subcontinent from around the 3rd century BCE to the 8th century CE. The term Prakrit is usually applied to the middle period of Middle Indo-Aryan languages, excluding earlier inscriptions and the later Pali

Prak?ta literally means "natural", as opposed to sa?sk?ta, which literally means "constructed" or "refined". Prakrits were considered the regional spoken (informal) languages of people, and Sanskrit was considered the standardized (formal) language used for literary, official and religious purposes across Indian kingdoms of the subcontinent. Literary registers of Prakrits were also used contemporaneously (predominantly by srama?a traditions) alongside Classical Sanskrit of higher social classes. 


The dictionary of Monier Monier-Williams (1819–1899), and other modern authors however, interpret the word in the opposite sense: "the most frequent meanings of the term prak?ta, from which the word "prakrit" is derived, are "original, natural, normal" and the term is derived from prak?ti, "making or placing before or at first, the original or natural form or condition of anything, original or primary substance".

Most native prakrit grammarians identify prak?ta to be named so because they originate in the source language (prak?ti)

  1. According to the Prakr?a Prakasa, an ancient Prakrit grammar, "Sa?sk?tam is the prak?ti (source) - and the language that originates in, or comes from, that prak?ti, is therefore called prak?tam."
  2. Hemacandra (a Jain grammarian of the 10th century who lived in Gujarat) in his grammar of Sanskrit and Prakrit named Siddha-Hema-Sabdanusasana, defines prak?t's origin to be sansk?t: "prak?ti? sa?sk?tam, tatrabhava? tata agata? va prak?ta?"[ [Sanskrit is the prak?ti (source) - and Prak?ta is so called because it either 'originates-in' or 'comes-from' Sanskrit.]
  3. Another prak?t grammarian, Marka??eya, writes in his grammar Prak?tasarvasva - "prak?ti? sa?sk?ta?, tatrabhava? prak?tam ucyate“ [Sanskrit is called the prak?ti (origin), and from there prak?tam originates]. 
  4. Dhanika, in his 'Dasarupakavaloka' commentary on Dasarupaka (one of the most important treatises explaining the 10 types of Indian Drama), says: "prak?ter agata? prak?tam, prak?ti? sa?sk?tam" [from the prak?ti (source) comes prak?tam, and that prak?ti is Sanskrit] 
  5. Si?hadevaga?in while commenting on Vagbha?ala?kara writes: "prak?te? sa?skrtad agata? prak?tam" [from Sanskrit (which is the source i.e., Prak?ti) - comes Prak?t] 
  6. The Prak?tacandrika (a grammar of Prak?t) says: "prak?ti? sa?sk?ta?, tatrabhavatvat prak?ta? sm?tam" [Sanskrit is the prak?ti, it is remembered that prak?tam originates from that (prak?ti)] 
  7. The Prak?tasabdapradipika of Narasi?ha says: "prak?te? sa?sk?tayastu vik?ti? prak?ti mata" [Alterations/changes (vik?ti) of the original Sanskrit - is known as Prak?t] 
  8. The ?a?bha?acandrika of Lak?midhara says the same thing as the above: "prak?te? sa?sk?tayastu vik?ti? prak?ti mata" [Alterations/changes (vik?ti) of the original Sanskrit - is known as Prak?t] 
  9. Vasudeva, in his Prak?tasa?jivani commentary on Rajasekhara's Karpuramañjari says: "prak?tasya tu sarvameva sa?sk?ta? yoni?" [Sanskrit is the mother of all Prak?t] 
  10. Naraya?a, in his Rasika-sarvasva commentary on the Gitagovindam of Jayadeva, says: "sa?sk?tat prak?tam i??a? tato 'pabhra?sabha?a?am" [From Sanskrit is derived proper prak?t, and from that is derived the corrupt-speech i.e., apabhra?sa] 
  11. Sa?kara, in his Rasacandrika commentary on the Abhijñanasakuntala (play by Kalidasa) says something slightly different from the above: "sa?sk?tat prak?tam sre??ha? tato 'pabhra?sabha?a?am" [From Sanskrit is derived best prak?t, and from that is derived the corrupt-speech i.e., apabhra?sa] 

Modern scholars have used the term "Prakrit" to refer to two concepts: 

  • Prakrit languages: a group of closely related literary languages
  • the Prakrit language: one of the Prakrit languages, which alone was used as the primary language of entire poems

Some modern scholars include all Middle Indo-Aryan languages under the rubric of 'Prakrits', while others emphasize the independent development of these languages, often separated from the history of Sanskrit by wide divisions of castereligion, and geography

The broadest definition uses the term "Prakrit" to describe any Middle Indo-Aryan language that deviates from Sanskrit in any manner. American scholar Andrew Ollett points out that this unsatisfactory definition makes "Prakrit" a cover term for languages that were not actually called Prakrit in ancient India, such as: 

  • Ashokan Prakrit: the language of Ashoka's inscriptions
  • the language of later inscriptions of India, labelled "Monumental Prakrit", "Lena Prakrit", or "Stupa dialect"
  • the language of inscriptions of Sri Lanka, labelled "Sinhalese Prakrit"
  • Pali, the language of the Theravada Buddhist canon
  • the Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit
  • Gandhari, the language of birch-bark scrolls discovered in the region stretching from northwestern Pakistan to western China.

According to some scholars, such as German Indologists Richard Pischel and Oskar von Hinüber, the term "Prakrit" refers to a smaller set of languages that were used exclusively in literature: 

  • Scenic Prakrits
    1. These languages are used exclusively in plays, as secondary languages
    2. Their names indicate regional association (e.g. ShauraseniMagadhi, and Avanti), although these associations are mostly notional
  • Primary Prakrits
    1. These languages are used as primary languages of literary classics such as Gaha Sattasai
    2. This includes the Maharashtri Prakrit or "Prakrit par excellence", which according to Dandin's Kavya-darsha, was prevalent in the Maharashtra region, and in which poems such as Ravana-vaho (or Setubandha) were composed.

According to Sanskrit and Prakrit scholar Sh. Shreyansh Kumar Jain Shastri and A. C. Woolner, the Ardhamagadhi (or simply Magadhi) Prakrit, which was used extensively to write the scriptures of Jainism, is often considered to be the definitive form of Prakrit, while others are considered variants of it. Prakrit grammarians would give the full grammar of Ardhamagadhi first, and then define the other grammars with relation to it. For this reason, courses teaching 'Prakrit' are often regarded as teaching Ardhamagadhi.


Clues to read Prakrit Words into Tamil 

Letter ‘k’ = ‘v’; v= ‘ka’. 

Add vowels then and there.

Letter ’p’ and letter ‘s’ can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged. 

 Add letters ‘m’ and ‘n’ then and there. 

A consonant letter can be read more than once.

If a same letter occurs consecutively more than once it can be read as a single letter.

By jumbling the letters of the given Prakrit word, a Tamil word can be derived. 


Ref- a comprehensive and critical Dictionary of the Prakrit Languages – Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute 


English- Prakrit- Tamil 


Volume 1


1.without blemish- a kalanka- kalankam illai ; kalankam- stain; illai- nil  ;root word for kalankkam is  azhukku- dirt .

2.delay- ati kala- kaala thaamatham ; thaamatham- dealy; kaalam- time; letters are jumbled. 

3.not a noble family- a kulina- nalla kulam illai; letters are jumbled; nalla- good; kulam- family; illai- nil. 

*4.un equalled- atulita- oththu illaathu 

*5.not hard- kathina- kadinam inmai; inmai- without.

6.not bitter/ in speech- akaduya- kadumaiyaa kathaiththidaathu 

7.not bitter / in speech- katuka- kadumaiyaaka kathaiththidaathu 

*8.without doing- akattu- aakkaathu 

*9.not done- akada- aakkidaathu 

10.without wood- akattha- kattai kidaiyathu 

11.without a body- akaya- yaakkai inmai; yakkai- body; inmai- without. time for- kala- kaalam illai ; illai- without; kaalam- time. 

*13.low family- akulaya- keezh kulam; keezh- low; kulam- family; letters are read more than once; root word for kulam is kuzhu/ group. 

14.crying sound- akranda sabda-karainthidum saththam ; karainthidu- to cry; saththam-  sound. 

15.goat- akkoda-aattu kidaa /he goat; aattu kutti/ kid; letters are jumbled. 

*16.sister- akka- akka 

17.attractive- akarsa- kavara ; ka= va; va= ka. fall into- askhal- keezhae veezha/ to fall down; ka= va; va= ka; keezhae- down; veezha- to fall 

*19.meaning of the words – a kkharattha- karuththu 

20.eye- akkhi- kann ;  letter ‘ka’  signifies sky ,  sun,   heat.

*21.not small- akkudda- kutti kidaiyaathu; kutti- small.

22.ditch- agada- saakkadai ; koattakam .

23.mountain- aga- kamai 

24.not gone- a gata- yaekidaathu 

*25. house- agara- koorai akam /hut; akam- home.

26.not controlled - gupta- kattu paduththidaathu 

* aggi- akki 

28.bottomless- agadha –adi kidaiyaathu ; adi- bottom; kidaiyaathu- without ; letters are jumbled. 

*29.pit- kunda- kundu 

30.non-destructive- aghatin- kaedu inmai; kaedu- destruction; inmai- without. 

*31.joints/ limbs - sandhi -santhu accept-angi kara –yaerkkanum; letters are in reversed order. 

*33.finger ring- angulia –kanaiyaazhi ; letters are jumbled. 

*34.without clothes- a celiya- seelai illai; seelai- cloth; illai- nil. 

35.wonder- ascarya- oasari 

*36.tall- unnata- nettai 

37.heavenly damsels- apsaro – sura penn /sky woman; letters are jumbled; penn- female. 

* thana- thinai 

39.absence of activities- a yoga- iyakkam inmai ; iyakkam- activity ; inmai- nil.

40.noble- arya- periyoar of Aryan race – arya- Iraniyan / man from Iran 

42.Aryan region- Arya khanda- Irania kaandam ; kaandam- region/ continent ; root word is  kaadu /  koadu / kaattai – boundary .

43.the region where Aryan live -Arya kstra- Iraniya  kudi eruppu  ; kudi eruppu / residential place. 

44.mother of Hanumet – Anjana- annai / mother 

*45.parrot- atta –thaththai 

*46.bottom- atthaya- adi 

* of hair- asta- sadai / plaited hair 

48.bone- asthika- sattakam/ skelton 

49.not stopped- a thaddha- thaduththidaathu 

*50.forest- atavi- adavi of a country- anattha- naadu/ country 

*52.the same- an anna- onnae 

53.unique- ananna tulla- thani thanmai ulla ; letters are   jumbled; thani thanmai- individual quality ; ulla- having. anuraga- erakkam ; letters are jumbled. 

*55.without aim- ana lakkha- elakku inmai ; elakkau- goal; inmai- nil ; letters are jumbled. 

56.devoid of ornaments- an alankiya- anikalan   illai;  letters are jumbled; ani kalan- ornament; illai- nil .

*57.nail- nakha- naka

58.non-Aryan – an arya –Iraaniyar alla ;  letters are jumbled; alla- not; Iraniyar- person from Iran .

59.formless - an ayara - uru inmai; letters are jumbled; uru- form; inmai- without. 

*60.stalk- nala- nalaa 

61.unhealthy condition- an arogya- urukann ; letters are jumbled. 

* ania- ani 

*63.another- anya -innonnu 

*64.smallest particle- anu- anu; nunniya.

*65.favourable -anu kula- ennam kolla /to consider; ennam- thought; kolla- to have.

66.favourable time- anu kula- nalla kaalam ; letters are jumbled; nalla- good; kaalam-  time. think- anu kappa –ennuka 

*68.longing for- anu giddha- yaenkidu

*69.having similar quality- anu guna- kunam onnae ; letters are jumbled;  kunam- nature; onnae- similar 

70.favour – anu graha- erankku /to favour; letters are jumbled. die- anu mara- maraiyanum /to disappear; letters are jumbled. 

* stop- anu rudh- niruththu 

73.many -an eka- kanakku inmai / cannot be calculated/ numerous; letters are jumbled.

74.extraordinary- atisaya –puthusu / new  


Volume 2 


* eat- anna -unnu 

* anna- uoon 

*77.dispute- kalaha- kalakam ; root word is kuzhappam/confusion .

* after another- anno anna –onnu onnaa / one by one 

*79.not belonging to the same family- atat- kuliya- oththa kulam  illai ; oththa- same; kulam- family; illai- nil. ford- atara- thurai inami; inmai- without; thurai- ford. 

*81.very fat- ati thulla- thadiththu ulla /fatty 

*82.unbroken -atudia- udaiyaathu 

*83.taken -atta- eduththida 

*84.dissimilar- a thulla- oththu illai ; illai no . 

85.thief- tena- thaenan; root word is eduththoan /one who has taken.

*86.impediment- attaa- thadai 

*87.father’s sister- atta- aththai 

* self- attanaya- thaun 

*89.utterance- artha- uraiththidu /say / utter 

90.peak of the sun setting mountain -sikhara- sikaram ;   root word is saaikira /to set .

*91.not puffed up- a thaddha- uoothidaathu adaridra-thiru udaiyoar / those who are rich; thiru- riches   ; udaiya- have; udaiyoar – those who have. 

*93.not giving- a dinta- thanthidaathu ;thanthidu /to give.

*94.far off -adi dura- ettaththir 

95.attractive – manahara—manam kavara ; manam- mind; kavara- attract; letter ‘h’ is read ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

96.fear- saddhasa-achchaththoadu /with fear; achcham- fear.

*97.night- ratta-erutta/ to become dark 

*98.night- ratra-eruttthtar /becoming dark 

99.darkness- addhara-eruttu ; letters are in reversed order.

100.half exposed- addhu gghada-paathi kaatta ; paathi- half; kaatu- show. 

101.partly lifted up- addhukkhitta- paathi thookkida ; paathi- half; thookkidu- to lift. 


103.lip- adhara-uthattu oaaram ; uthadu- lip; oaaram- rim /edge ; uthadu= vottu/ edge . adhi-oaathu; padi.

* decay- ati pat-pattu poaeida ; letters are jumbled. 

*107.moreover- annai-innum ; inna .

108.unknown fruit- annaya phala- enna pazham  ;enna- what; pazham- fruit.

109.unknown quality- annaya guna- kunam enna ; kunam- nature.

110.unknown family- annaya kula- enna kulam ; kulam- family .

*111.not reading- a pathat- padiththidaathu ; padiththidu /to read 

*112.not examined- a parikkha- paarkkaama 

113.not tested- a parikkhitta- paarkkaathu 

114.unfamiliar – a pariida- ariyaatha ; puriyaatha .

115.pure- pari suddha- perum thooimai ‘ periya- big; thooimai- purity .

116.hollow- polla – pallam ; pollal /pit .

*117.pierced- apa viddha- paththu vida ; letters are jumbled. 

*118.father- appa- appa 

*119.equal- ppadima- oppu udaimai 

*120.equal wrestler- ppadima malla- oppu udaimai ulla mallan ; mallan- wrestler ; oppumai- comparison ; oppu udaiya  /equal .

121.rival chariot warrior- ppadi radha- ethir   padai  thaer oaatti ; letters are  jumbled; ethiri- rival ; padai- ary; thaer- chariot ; oaatti-  driver. 

122.unexpected-a pra tarika ethir paarathaaka; letters are jumbled. 

123.death- mrti- marinthidu /to disappear 

124.not dead- a mrta- maraiyaathu / not disappearing 

*125.immortal- amara- maraiyaa / not disappearing

126.not tonsured- mundita-  mandai mudi edu  /to shave the hair of the head; mandai- head; mudi- hair  ;edu- to remove; mottai adiththidanum /to tonsure ; letters are jumbled.

127.refreshed- a pyayita- puthu piththidu ; letters are read more than once. 

128.woman /weaker sex - abala- penn pillai ; penn-  female ;   yaezhai penn / poor girl ; letters are jumbled;  yaezhai-   poor. 

*129.speaking the language- bhasiya a bhasika-  paechchu   paesuka  ;paechchu- sppech/ language; paesuka- speak. 

*130.not spoken- a bhasita -pasidaathu 

131.taken hold of- abhi ggahida- kai pidiththida ; letters are jumbled; kai- hand; pidi- hold. 

132.a kind of tree- abhi mara- poo maram ; poo- flower; maram- tree. 

133.not afraid- a bhita- peethi adaiyaathu ; peethi adaiya /to have fear.

134.suffering/ intense pain - abhi vedana- kadum vaethanai ; ka= va; va= ka ;  kadumai- intense; vaethanai- pain /suffering .

*135.anointing- abhiseka- ennai poosuka  ; ennai- oil ;poosuka- to apply. 

*136.minister- amacca- amaichcha

*137.without a starting point- mula- moolam illaa ; moolam- root; illai- nil.

* tree-amra- maa maram ; maram- tree; maa- mango . fruit- amra ka- maa mara kaai ; kai- raw fruit ; maa maram- mango tree. 

140.mother and father- amma taya  amma thaaye  ;amma-   mother; thaai- mother; amma thanthai  ;thanthai- father. 

*141.daughter /girl- kanyaka- kanikai; kannaki .

*142.ball- gola- koalam 

*143.act of eating- adana- thinna 

*144.noble person- ayya / arya-   iyaa ; iyyan   ; iyyar .

145.untimely- a kale- kaala illai; kaalam time; illai- nil.

*146.anxiety- arati –aratti 

*147.spoke- ara – aarai 

*148.spoke a wheel- ara ka-aarakkaar ; kaar- wheel / leg ; letters are jumbled. 

149.enemy- arati- ethiri ; letters are  in reversed order;  root word is ethirae- opposite . of a town- ari ura- ari yur / village in Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu.

151.rising sun- aruna- yaeranum /to rise; naayiru /sun; letters are in reversed order. decorate- alankara- ani kalan anithar  ;  letters are  jumbled; ani kalan -  ornaments   ;anithar- to wear. 

153.having no saliva- alala- echchil illai ;echchil – saliva; illai- nil. 

*154.cluster of black bees - ali kula- ali kulai; kulai /cluster. 

155.plucked by an enemy- ali khudia  ayalaan koeithida  ;ayalaan- enemy/ foreigner ; koeithida- pluked. 

*156.given/ presented- allita- aliththidu / give; aliththathu /given 

157.embraced- upa gudha- katti pidi ; letters are jumbled; pidi- to hold. revolve- avatta- vattam adi 

159.not clothed- a vada- vudai uduththaathu ;vudai- dress; udauthaa- not wearing ;uduththu- to wear. 

*160.kick- avaththara- vuthaiththar cut open- avadala- vettuthal /cutting 

* avalaya- vaazhum il; vaazha- living; il- house. 

163.unripe- apa dala- pazhuththu illaa; letters are jumbled; pazhuththa- ripe. 

163.not destroyed- a vi kattiya- kaedu adaiyaathu ; kettu vidaathu ; letters are jumbled. 

164.who is not pierced- aviddha- voattai idu/ to make hole; voattai- hole; idu- make. 

*165.not broken- a vitutta –vudaiyaathu 

166.residence of a monk without open doors- a viyadu- veedu / house 

*167.mother- avva- avvaaai/ grandmother 

168.bad- a sattha- theethu 

169.abundant- a sarala –paeralam 


Volume 3


170.fight- yuddha- adu ; adi thadi .

171.righteousness- dharma- aram udaimai ; letters are jumbled; aram-  righteousness .

172.excessively- adhikam- mikuthi ; letters are in reversed order. 

173.hunting- khetaka- vaettai aaduka ; ka= va; va= ka. 

174.base bottom- adhs tala –adi thala

*175.arrived- aada/ ayata- adaiya 

176.respect- adara- mathiththar smell- aghra-mukara 

178.foreteller- ainkhana- kaniyan /astrologer; letters are jumbled; letter [ E] [ la- the- Ra-] – ezhuththu uru . 

*179.pushed- iddha – idiththidu /to push 

*180.driven- iddha- oaattida 

*181.hit- iddha-adiththida; idiththida. 

*182.hit- auda- adi 

*183.having put on/ worn- avidhya- vuduththu 

*184.put on – aviddhaka- vuduththuka ; udukka .

* accept- aita /adadat–yaeththidu 

*186.root cause/ primeval cause- adi mula- adi moolam ; muzhu muthal. 

187.the first/ primary- adima -motha ; letters are in reversed order. 

*188.preceptor- acarya- aasiriyar 

*189.refuse of chewed betelnut- acila- echchil 

*190.time of death/end of life- au kala –kaalam kazhiya ;   letters are jumbled; kazhiya- to pass; kaalam- time. 

191.won over- avrtta- vetttri adaiya ;  letters are jumbled; vettri- success; adaiya -to attain. 

* beat- auda- adi 

* write by carving- akut- koththu 

*194.obtained- autta- adaiya 

*195.confused- akula- kulakkam 

*196.perplexed- akuli bhuta- kuzhampida 

*197.restless mind- atura manas -manasu pathara ; letters are jumbled. 

*198.full of sorrow- aturita-thuyar adaiya 

*199.suffering- atura- thuyar ura 

200.whose mind is perplexed- akula manas -mana kuzhappam; manam- mind; kuzhappam- confusion. 

201.weapon- ayudha- padai 

* curse- aussa- yaesu 

*203.shape- akati- koadu 

*204.killing- akutti –kaathu 

205.crowded with- akula- kuzhuma 

* agada- kai adaiya ; kittida; kidaiththida .

*207.strength- valiya- vali 

208.elderly and respectable- aguru- kuravar ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*209.who tells- khyatr- kathaiththaor /those who said. 

* do- acittha- seithidu 

* place- adha- idu 

*212.placed- adatta- ittathu 

* burn- adaha- thee idu; thee- fire; idu- make. 

*214.command- ana- aanai 

215.ordered- anatta- aaani idu / to command; aanai ittathu /ordered. 

216.pleasure- ananda –inithu be counted- ania -ennu /to count 

218.soul- atman- manathu/ mind; letters are jumbled. 

*219.beaten- tadiya – adiththidu 

*220.take- ada- edu; take [ E] = edukka. 

221.having taken- adaya- eduththida 

*222.having accepted- adidiita –yaeththidu / to accept 

223.first step- adi pada- mutha padi ; mutha- first; padi -step. 

*224.speech- vakka- vaakku hold- adhara –pidiththar 

*226.eating- antai – undidu 

227.ripening- a pa kka- kaniya 

*228.fastening- a bandha- pinaiththidu 

229.right from childhood- a bala kalao- pillai kaalam muthal ; pillai-  child; kaalam-  time; muthal- beginning .

*230.spoken to- abhasita- paesidu 

231.burden- abhara- perum sumai; perum- big; sumai- burden.

*232.frightened- abhita -peethi adaiya ;adaiya -to have; peethi- fear. 

*233.crush- a madda- mithiththida 

234.flour mixed with water for baking /dough – ama pista –maa pisainthathu ; maa- flour; pisianthidu   /to knead. 

235.fragrant- amoi- manam 

236.tamarind- ambili- puliyam pazham ; letters are jumbled; puli- tamarind ; pazham- fruit. 

*237.braiding- amota -  mudaiya ; mudi idu ; mudainthidu .

238.having left- amottuna- meethiyaana 

239.income- aya- aayam 

240.Aryan country- arya desa- Iraniyar naadu ; naadu-   state; iraniyar- people from Iran 

241.knowledge- veda- viththai 

*242.made of- ghadiya -aakiyathu 

243.sacrifice- ayaga –kaavu; letters are in reversed order. 

244.fault- dosa- thappu 

*245.shape- yaru- uru 

*246.sunshine- ayavala- veyil expose something in the sun’s heat for drying- ayavittae -kaaya veiththidu ; kaaya- to dry; veiththidu- to keep; ka= va; va= ka. 

248.lamentation- aradia- oppari idu 

* mount/ to ascend- aruh- yaeru 

*250.mounted- arudhaka-yaeriduka 

251.angry /enraged- aruttha- seeridu

252.quickly enraged- asuratta- sattu nnu  seeridu 

253.speech of a rishi- arisa- urai /speech 

254.Aryan region- ariya khetta- iraniyar  kudi  /koattam ; iraniyar- people from Iran; kudi- village. 

255.Aryan people- ariya jana- Iraniya inam ; inam- race. of Iksvaku – ikkhaga kula -maeikki  kulam; maeikki- shepherd; kulam- family . stop- arokka- nirkka 

* alaya- il

259.embracing- alingitta- katti anaiththal ; letters are jumbled. 

*260.light- aloa- oli 

261.looking at- alokana- kannal kaana ; letters are jumbled; kann- eye; kaana -to see. 

*262.watching/ observing -ikkhanta – kandida 

*263.watching / seeing- ikkhana- kaana ; kann- eye.

* come- ava- vaa 

* evaporate- a vatta- aavi aayida ; aavi – vapour ;aayida- to become. 

*266.beating a drum- avadyika- vudukkai adikka; vudukkai- drum; adikka- to beat; letters are read more than once.  

267.bride- avattia- mana vatti ; manam- marriage. 

268.united- avadia – voththumaiyaa 

*269.coming- avanta – vanthida of the heaven -avatta –vaan veedu ; vaan- sky; veedu- house. 

* of a city- avatta- vaadi /village 

272.time of distress- apat kala- paadu patta kaalam ; paadu padu -to suffer ; kaalam- time ; aapaththu kaalam ; aapaththu- danger. 

273.upset/ agitated- akulka- kalakkam 

*274.curved- avaliya –valaiya 

275.curved- avalita- valaintha 

276.having encircled- avalivi- valaikka ; ka= va; va= ka. 

277.residence- a vasatha- veedu 

* a vasat- vasiththidu /to live 

* live- vasa –vasi avana- aavanam/ market 

281.wearing a hero’s bracelet -aviddha vira valaya- veerer  valaiyal uduththa  ;veerar - warrior  ;valaiyal-   bangle;  vuduththu -to wear. 

282.urged- aviddha- vunthida 

283.wearing - vyadhana- vudai uduththanum ; vudai-  dress; uduththu -to wear. 

284.father- avuka- aakiyoan / one who has made; letters are jumbled. 

*285.speed- vega- vaekam 

* taste- a svaday- suvaiththida touch- a saday- thodu 

288.met with- a sadita – santhiththidu 

289.reached- a sadita- adainthida 

290.having attained- a sadya –adaiya ; saathiththida .

291.eating- asin- unnu 

*292.stanza- pada- paththi 

292.authority- aqdhikara- athikaari; kedi udaiyaor   ;kedi- power; udaiya -to have  ; root word is  adakkuvoar /those who control. 

293.a kind of reed – ikata- keeththu 

*294.chewing /eating- ikkahara- kori/ gnaw 

295.burning charcoal- angara- kari munn ; letters are jumbled; kari- carbon.  

*296.mother- ijja- aachchi 

*297.tile- itta- thattu oaadu ; oaadu -tile; letters are read more than once. . 

*298.assembly- gotthi- kootta

299.wealth- rddhi- thiru; letters are in reversed order. 

300.mason- iddakara- kattidam kattukira koththanaar ; kattidam- building; kattu- to build; koththanaar- mason; letters are   read more than once. 

*301.a kind of eatable- iti pindi- thin pandam ;pandam- goods; thinnu -eat .

302.female- itthia –petttai 

303.womankind- itti jana –pettai inam ; inam- race. 

303.woman statue - itti padima –pettai paduthami; pathumai- statue. 

304.foot print- pada- paatha thadam ; paatham- foot; thadam- track. 

*305.class- vagga- vakai 

306.wearing the dress of a woman- itthi vesa dhari- pettai vudai   uduththuthar  ;pettai- female; vudai -dress ;  uduththu -to wear .

307.mind- iddha- ithayam/ heart 

308.this way- ido- ithth thadam ; thadam- track ; ithth- this. 

309.otherwise- idhara- maattraa 

*310.large slab of stone placed at the entrance of a city/ house- inda  kila- nadu kal / stone erected for the memory of warrior ; nadu- to erect; kal-  stone. 

311.a name of a city- inda ura- naduvur / village in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu of juggler- jaliya- soozhchchi of Indra- indapuri- naattu puram/ village side 

314.kingdom of heaven- indra rajya- nandru arasu ; nandru- heaven  ;arasu- kingdom. 

315.sense faculties- indriya- aeinthu pori ; aeinthu- five; pori- sense organ .

316.counting of sense organs- indriya ganana- aeintu  pori yaei kanakkidu ;   letters are  jumbled; aeinthu- five; pori- organ ;kanakkidu -to count. 

317.guarding the senses- indriya gupti- aeintu  pori yaei kaappaaththu ;kaappaaththu -to protect.  

318.functioning of the sense organs – indriya calana – aeintu    porikalin   vaelai ; letter ‘c’ is read as ‘ka’ ; vaelai- function. 

*319.doorway- dara- thirappu  /door 

320.hut- iriya- purai ila- nilai 

*322.having/ possessing- illa- ulla 

*323.poor- illa- yaezhai 

324.tender- illa- melliya of a mountain peak- ila kuda- malai mukadu ;   malai- mountain; mukadu- peak. of the eight Dikkumaris – ila devi- ellai theivam ;ellai- border; theivam- goddess /god ;thikku- direction . 

* praise- ida-thuthi 

328.desiring- ina – ennam 

*326.wealthy- isara- seer /riches  

327.high and rich family- isara kula- seer miku kulam ; miku  -excess ;seer- riches. 


Volume 4


*328.inhabited place- uaara- uoor/ village 

329.cord for fastening the petti coat- uatti- naada ; patti.

330.helped- ua kida- uthaviduka / help; letters are jumbled; kai koduththu uthavuka ; kai- hand; kodukka- to give . 

*331.taught- ua dittha- oaathiyathu 

*332.come near- ua tthia- votti vaa 

333.generous- udara- thaarala  ; thara – to give.

* /suitable- uida- oththa 

*335.said/ uttered - udita –oathiyathu 

*336.uttering- udirayat- uthirththida 

337.letter of the sound u - u kara – u ena kooru ; kooru- say .

*338.troubled- ukkatthita- kaedu adiya 

339.evil deed- ukkada- kedu vinai ; ka= va; va= ka;   kaeduthi – evil; vinai- action .

*340.cut- ukkadiya- kaathu 

*341.boiled- ukkadhiya- kothithida 

*342.cut- ukkariya- keeru brand- ulka- kolli; letters are in reversed order.

*344.shout- ukkitthi- kaththu  

*345.sound of shouting- ukkitthi sadda- saththamaa kaththu ; letters are jumbled;  saththam-   sound; kaththu- to shout 

*346.told- ukkittita – kathaiththathu 

347.sitting on the heels- ukkuda- kunthu /squat 

* jump- ukkudda- kuthi ; kuthiththidu .

*349.bribe- ukkoda-kai uoottu 

350.accept bribe- - ukkodiya- kai uoottu kodu/ to give bribe; kodu- give; kai- hand; uoottu- to feed; kai uoottu yaeththiduka ; yaeththiduka- to accept; letter are in reversed order. 

* earthen pot- ukkhaliya- kalayam; root word is kali munn/ clay. 

352.thrown- ukkhitta- kidaasu pot- ukkhuli-ulai kalam; kalam- pot; letters are jumbled. 

354.kind of insect- ugariya- karappaan/ cockroach 

* vomit- uggala- kakkal /to eject out 

* make- uggaha- aakku 

357.lifted- uggahita- thookkidu /to lift; letters are in reversed order. sing out loud- udgai- paaduka / to sing; kaththi  paaduka; kaththu-  to shout ; letters are in reversed order. 

*359.violent- uggadha- kodiya 

360.a song- ud gita- kathai  paattu ; letters are jumbled; kathai- story; paattu- song. 

*361.ear ornament- ugghatti- kaathu thoadu; kaathu- ear; thoadu- stud. 

* destroy- ud ghataya- keduththida; letters are jumbled. 

363.destroyed- ud ghati- kaedu adaiya ; kaedu- destruction; adaiya- to attain. a blow- ud ghata- kuththu vidu; letters are jumbled. sleep- ni dra- saainthiduthar / repose 

*366.added to- uccayita- - saeththidu 

*367.put on to- uccayita- soodu ; soodidu .

*368.uttered/ recited - uccarita –oaathuthar 

369.preventing- uccadira- thaduththar 

370.rising up- uccaraya- uchchi yaera; uchchi- top; yaera- rise

*371.gathered- uccita- saeththathu ; saeththidu/ to gather. say- uccukka- vaai asaikka ; vaai- mouth; asaikka- to move. 

*373.height- ucchaya- uchchi; uchcham .

374.scattered- ucchitta- sinthida 

*375.inserted- ucchudha-saeththidu uproot- ut mulaya- mulaiyoadu edu/ azhiththidu ; letters are jumbled; mulai- root; edu- take ; azhiththidu- to destroy .

377.trip- yatra –suttru payanam /round trip; letters are jumbled; payanam - travel; yatra= tour. 

378.camel keeper- otta vala-ottai  kaavalan ; ottai- camel; kaavalan- guard; ka= va; va= ka. 

379.lit up- uddyotita- the yaeththida ; thee- fire; yaeththu- to lit. 

380.herd- mandali- manthai 

381.fur- roma –mayir/ hair; letters are in reversed order. 

382.water pot- uda kuta- thanni kudam; thanni- water; kudam- pot. 

*383.searched out- udia- thaedu /to search 

384.a small boat- udu- oaadam ; thoani .

*385.a small boat- udupa- theppam /float get pierced- udda-poththidu ; voattai idu; voattai- hole; idu- make. 

* drive away- uddava- voatti vidu ; letters are jumbled. 

388.thief- uddahana- thaenan ; eduththoan  / one who has taken ; root word is  edu -to take. 

*389.digging- uddanta- thoandidu 

390.with a raised staff- udaanda- thandam yaenthida; letters are read are than once; thandam- staff; yaenthu- to hold. 

*391.increase- vrddhi- vuyarththu with no roof- uddha viyadu- voattai veedu/ house with bad condition of the roof; voattai- hole; veedu- house. 

393.but- uno- aana ; full form is aanaal .

*394.spherical mass- unda- undai 

395.ball- undi- panthu 

396.awaked-unnidra- unarnthida 

397.whether this or that- utaho- ethoa athoa ; letters are read more than once; ethu- this; athu -that. 

398.planted- utta-nadddddu/ to plant; nattathu/ planted. 

*399.beyond- upari-appaar 

400.uttering loudly- uttara cuda-saththama oaathuthar ;   letters are jumbled; saththam- sound; oaathuthar/ utter/ recite. 

*401.step- pada- padi 

*402.door- vara- vaayir uttariya- tharam 

404.fording- uttara- thurai / a ford; thurai adaithar ;adaithar- reaching  ;thurai yaeru; yaeru- to board.  

*405.utterance – utti-oaathu / to utter instigate- ud tud-thoondu 

*407.broken- uttuhia- udaiya; udainthida . obstruct- utthangha- thadunkka/ polite form / plural; thadukka. stop- rudh- niruththu  

*410.rubbing together- utthaggha- thaeikka /to rub rise up- uttola- ezhuthal ; letters are in reversed order. 

* attack- utthara- adiththar ; padai eduththar .

*413.bulging out- utthala- pudaiththal ;thadiththal; vuoothuthal . cover- utthalla- mooduthal seize- utthara- pidiththar 

*416.water- udan- thanni bloom- udaliya- pooththal 

* utter- udahara- oaathuthar 

* say /speak- udahu- oaathu 

420.who announces- udiraka-therivikka/ to announce; ka= va; va= ka. appear- udira- thoandra 

* udu- udu climb up- ud ruh- yaeridu ; letters are   in reversed order. 

* rush at- ud dru -oaaduthar /running 

* take away- uddala- eduththal / taking 

* remove- uddara- eduththar / take away put off- uddara- anaiththar 

*428.setting on fire- uddaha- thee idu ; thee- fire; idu- make. 

*429.running away- udduta- oaadida ; oaadi vida .

*430.burnt- uddidha- thee ittathu;thee- fire ; theeththathu . 

431.erect- uddha- naattu ; nadu .

432.from an earlier time- uddha kala- munthaiya  kaalam muthal ; munthaiya-  earlier; kaalam- time. 

433.come /arrived- uddhatta- adainthida blow up – uddhama-uoothanum 

* extract- uddhara- vadiththar 

*436.made to run away- uddhavita- voaadi vida / to run away 

*437.selection- uddhara- eduththar 

438.who has been impelled to attack- uddhika- thakka unthuka ;  letters are read more than once; thaakka - attack ; unthuka- to urge /stimulate 

439.intelligence- buddhi- thuppu / sense; letters are in reversed order 

*440.extracted- uddhiya- vadiththidu 

*441.shaken- uddhuta- aadida 

*442.strong- uddhua- thidaththoadu 

* lay upon /to place- upa dha-poadu produce- upa pada- padai 

* produce- uppaittae- padaiththidu 

*446.having produced- uppaetta- padaiththathu 

447.producer- uppadaa- padaiththoan 

*448.acceptable- upadeya- oppu adaiya 

449.observing- upeha- paakka ; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

*450.lost/ disappeared- uppadiya – poaeida/gone

*451.flying up- uppayanta- paainthida 

* fly upwards- uppaya- paaya 

453.caused to be born- uppaida- peththida/ to beget; padaiththida. create 

454.anointed- uppida-  ennai appida  ;ennai- oil; appdia- to apply .

455.entrusted- arpit- oppadaiththar ; letters are jumbled. 

*456.rush- utpida- oaadi poaeida ; oaadu -run; poaeida- gone. 

* tear off- uppada- peiththidu 

458.showy- uppehada- pakattu ; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. move away- ud sphit- etti poaeidu ;etta- distance; poaeidu- to go away.

*460.abundant- ubbura- porppu 

461.mad-unmatta- mathi eenam ; letters are jumbled. 

462.madness- ummada- mathi eenam 

*463.intoxicated- ummattaya-  mattai adiththida 

464.appearance- ummugga-mukam kaamikka ; letters are jumbled; mukam- face; kamikka- to show. 

*465.pregnant- garvhavati- karu vudaiya ; karu- enmbryo/ child; udaiya- possessing. 

*466.dead- uyalla- azhiya ; ozhiya .

467.the land above- uyari bhumi- uyar  munn ; uyarae-  above; munn- earth .

* puri- puram 

*469.script- uria- urai /prose 

470.plough man- ulaga- uzhavan; ka= va; va= ka. 

* owl- uluka- vallukam 

* frisk- udlal- thullal shine- ullasa- oli sei; oli- light; sei- do. 

474.vanished- ullutta- illai aayida 

475.ruined- ulludita -azhinthida 

476.sprouted- uludha- muliththida 

*477.mounted- arudha- yaeridu /to mount 

478.mention- ullekha- solluka / say 

479.wave- ullola- alai 

480.proclaimed- uva iriya- arivi ; letters are in reversed order. 

*481.preparation of food by mixing the ingredients- uvakkhada- koottu  /a dish by mixings several ingredients 

482.instrument- uvakkhara – karuvi ; letters are jumbled. sing- uva ga- akavu ; letters are in reversed order. 

* wipe- udlolaya- thudaiththal 

*485.having rubbed- udlolya -thaeiththal /rubbing 


Volume 5


486.united firmly- uva naddha- vonnaaida / to become one 

487.taught- uva dittha- voathi thanthathu ; voathi vittathu .

* rush at- uva dduta ; voattam edu  ; voattam- running ;edu- make. 

* put on/ wear- uva dharya- vuduththuthar 

*490.outfits of a monk- uvadhi- - vudai/ dress 

491.chucked out- uva nikkitta- neekki vidu ; letters are jumbled. 

* compare- uvama – uvamai 

* compare /similarity likeness - upama- oppumai object with which something is compared – vuamana- vuvamaanam 

494.faults of simile and metaphor- uvama ruvaga dosa –uvamai uruvaka thappu   ;thappu- fault. 

495.matchless/ incomparable- upamatita- oppida mudiyaathu   ;letters are jumbled; oppidu- to compare ; mudiyaathu- cannot. 

*496.offering- upada- padai 

497.gone near- upa yata- otti poaeida ; otti- near ;poaeida- gone ; letters are jumbled. 

*498.stomach- uvara- vayiru 

499.stomach- udara- soattu pei ; soaru- cooked rice; pei- bag .

500.upper surface – uvari- tala-uyar thalam ; uyar- upper; thalam-  surface. 

501.occupying the top most position- uvari tthiya- uvyaraththai adaiya ; uyaram- top; adaiya -to reach .

502.upper slope of the mountain- uvarima mehala- vuyaramaana  malai   /tall mountain ; / uyaram-   heigh  ; malai- mountain , 

*503.higher and higher- uvaru vari- uyara uyara 

*504.above - uvare- uyarae play- uva lala- vilaiyaadu 

*506.come near/ come close -uva vitta- votti vaa ; votti- near; vaa- come; letters are jumbled. 

507.placed near- uva hita- votti vaiththidu ; votti- near; vaiththidu- to keep. 

508.resting on- uva hida- voaivu edu /to take rest; voaivu- rest; edu- take. 

509.possessed of - uva veta- vudaiyathu  

*510.endowed with- uveda-vudaiya ; vudaiyathu . 

511.neglected- uvekkida - kai viduka ; letters are jumbled. 

*512. having gone to- upetya- poaeida 

*513.put on- uva hida- vuduththu accept- upa da- oththu poaeidu ; letters are jumbled. 

* accept- uvada- voththidu 

*516.split- uvadiya –udaiya 

517.climbed- uvarudha- uyara yaerida /to climb up; uyaram – top; yaerida- to climb. come- uve- vaa 

* give pain- uvila- vali / pain 

520.vomited- ud vamitta- vomattida/ nauseating; letters are jumbled. 

521.higher digit- uruvanka- uyar ennikkai ; uyar- higher ; ennikkai- numerical number . leap- uvvada- thaavidu ; letters are in reversed order. 

*523.incessant weeping- uvvattala- vidaathu azhu ;azhu- to cry .

*524.abundant- uvvaria- uru 

525.eradicate- ud valaya- vozhiththidu ; letters are jumbled. 

*526.having fried- vartya- varuththathu ; varuththidu   /to fry .

*527.tired- uvvada- savuththida ; vaadida .

*528.driving away /an evil- uvvadira- voatti viduthar ; letters are read more than once. 

*529.cover- uvvara- vurai 

530.marriage- uvvaha- katti vaikka 

531.eagerness- uvvhula- aaval 

*532.flowing- uvvahula- vazhiya 

533.amazed- uvvida- viyanthida 

*534.puffed up- uvvitta- vuoothida be freed from the siege- uvvedha- vittu vidu ; letters are rad more than once. 

*536.unfastening- uvvedhana- avuththidanum 

* unbind- uvveddha- avuththida 

*538.skilfulness- uvvela- valla 

539.overflowing- ud vela- vazhithal ; letters are jumbled. 

540.overflowing- uvvellamta- vellam ena  vazhinthu oaada ;   letters are read more than once ; vellam- flood; vazhinthu oaada- to overflow. 

*541.unfolded-uvvelia- avizha 

542.unfolded- uvvellida- avizhnthida 

543.sown- uvvota- vithai thoovu ; letters are jumbled; vithai- seed; thoovu -to sow. 

544.raised- ucchrita- uchchi yaerida ; uchchi -top; yaerida / to climb /raise .

545.raised- usada- uchchi adaiya ; uchchi- top; adaiya- to reach .

* throw up- usikka- veesuka of a village- usiru vatta- siru vadi – name of a village in Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu of a city- usu yara- cheiyaaru / name of town in Tamil Nadu.

549.wooden mortar- udu khala- kattai uzhu kalam; letters are jumbled; kattai- wood; uzhu kalam- mortar; aattukkal / stone grinder; kal- stone. recite- ud saraya- oaathuthar drive away- ud saraya- oaattuthar ; thuraththuthar .

552.sewn together- utsyuta- saeththu  theiththidu ;  letters are jumbled; saeththu- together; theiththidu- to sew. 

553.time when the sun sets- ussura- saayara   naeram ; naeram- time; 

*554.height- usseha- uchchi ; uchcham .

*555.summit- kuda - koadu; mukadu .

*556.swept along- udha- thudaiththida 

*557.a village- ura- uoor 

*558.flood- ura-aaru  

* ura – aaru; aruvi .

560.thigh- uru- uruppu 

561.fallen down- ava lunthita- veezhnthida 

562.made high- usada- uchchai adaiya ; uchchi- top; adaiya -to reach.

563.high- usadha- usaththi 

564.raised- ucchrita- uchhci yaerida ; uchchi -top; yaerida- to rise. 

*565.raining- usari -soriya 

566.breathing- usasa dhara –moochchu viduthar 

567.pouring- usitta- uooththida 

568.having pushed- uhatti- idiththidu /to push 

*569.opposite- itara- ethirae eka- ennikkai onnu ; onnu- one; ennikkai- total  numeral numbers ; enn-  numeral .

571.unified- ekaya- onnaaka 

*572.mixture- ekudiya- koottu 

573.time- kala- kaalam ; root word is kizhaan- sun; koalam- planet  .

*574.together- ekkaqtto- koottaa 

*575.together- ekataya- koottaa 

*576.assembled- ekkattha- koodida 

577.assembled- egatthi kada- koottam kooda ; koottam- meeting; kooda- to assemble. 

578.isolation- ekanta- thaniyaaka; letters are in reversed order. 

579.undivided attention- ekka mana –kavanam/ attention; ka= va; va= ka. 

*580.wrestler- malla- mallan 

*581.garment- sadiya- sattai /shirt; soodi / cloth; soodi -to cloth.

* thana- thinai kernel/ one seed- egatthi- kottai onnu ; onnu-   one; kottai- seed .

584.unmitigated misery- eganta dukkha- thaankka onnaatha thukkam / intolerable grief; thaankka onna- cannot tolerate; thukkam- misery; root word for thukka is kaedu; letters are jumbled. 

*585.side pakkha- pakkam 

*586.colour- vanna –vannam 

587.singular- vayana- onnu 

588.body- sariri- uyir/ soul/ body 

589.increasing by one- eguttara- onnu  kathirththar/ koottuthar  / increase  bye   one; onnu- one; koottuthar- add; kathirththar- increase .

*590.this- eta- ethu 

591./fear- ejjhasa- achcha

* remove- eda- edu 

*593.sheep- eda- aadu eta- oththai / one/ odd 

595.only this much- ettadaya- eththanai  thaan much- ettadia- eththunai ; eththanaiyoa .

597.this much time- ettiya kalam – eththanai kaalam 

598.only this much- ettiya mitta- eththanai mattum 

*599.arrived- etthaya- adaiya 

* distant- iyat dure –ettaththir 

*601.increase- edha- yaeththu 

602.having come- agatya- yaekida 

603.onenesseyatta- onnaayida /to become one. 

*604.sheep- elaka- yaezhakam 

* of the goddess presiding over the directions- ela devi- ellai theivam; ellai- boundary. 

*606.cardamom- ela- yaelam 

607.bark of the cardamom- ela taya- yaela pattai 

*608.water- nira- neer 

*609.grave yard - eduka- edu kaadu ; letters are read more than once. 

*610.increasing- edhayat- yaeththidu ; vusaththidu .

611.obtained d by begging- esitta- yaasiththidu / beg; yaasiththu adaya ; adaiya- to obtain. 

612.alternatively- eta- maaththu 

613.boiled rice- oana- uoon/ food 

614.small room- o ariya- siriya arai ; siriya- small; arai -room. 

*615.raised- oilla- yezha /to rise 

* oka- akam / home 

*617.garment- oittana- thuni 

*618.garment- oitta -aadai 

619.cutting- o kattana- kaathanum/ to cut 

*620.vomited- okkatalliya – kakkuthal /to eject out fall down- ava gal- keezhae vizha ; letters are jumbled; keezhae-  down; vizha- to fall .

*622.gone- o gaa- yaeka 

* protect- gud-kaaththidu 

*624.unprotected- o gudiya- kaaththidaathu 

625.taken as alms- ogahita- kodaiyaa kidaiththida   ; letters are read more than once; kodai- gift- kidaiththida- to get 

626.a brook- oggala- kumizhi / spring 

627.injured- o guttiya- kaayam adaiya ; kaayam- wound; adaiya- to have. 

628.odd number- oja pada- oththai padai ; oththai- odd; letters are jumbled. 

*629.lip- ottha- uthadu ; root word is otttu /edge .

*630.related to camel- otthiya- ottai / a camel 

631.the petals / lips- ottha uda dala- uthattu ithazh ; petal{E] -  poo ithazh ; poo-  flower ; ithazh- petal.

* o thangha- thaankku 

* block- odaa- thadu hang down- o nalla- naala 

635.tied together- o nanda- pinaiththidu 

*636.take off /take down- o tare- eduththar cover- ottha- moodidu cover- o tthara -mooduthar 

639.covered- ottha- moodiyathu 

*640.spread out- ottharia- ettuthar / spreading 

* spread- o tthalla- ettuthal /spreading 

642.maturing for fruition- odaia - muththida 

643.scattered- o ttharida – sitharida 

644.descending- ava taraka –irai tharai  erankki vara ; letters are jumbled  ;erai- god; tharai- earth ;erankku- to descend- vara- to come 

* land / on the shore- o dara- adaithar /to reach; the word adaithar [ -the- Ra-] becomes the word for land /terrain - tharai [ the- Ra-].

646.wet/ damp- oddha- oaatham 

* away- o dhatiya- oaadidu 

* understand- o dhara- theriya 

*649.having taken out- oddhattu- eduththathu teach- odisa- oaathi thaa ponder- odhane- ennidu ; letters are in reversed order.

*652.shaken- odhuta- aadida 

653.multitude- oppila-pommal 

654.bound- o baddha-pinainthida 

*655.bounded- o nna diya- inainthida  

*656.crushed- o maddita- mithiththida 

657.who helps somebody to descend- o yaraga- yerankku / to descend 

*658.beautiful- ora- yaer; aar. 

*659.physical body- audara- udar 

*660.bright and beautiful- udara- thiru/ beauty 

* wander- ola- alaiya 

662.personal attendant- o lagga- kai aal; aal- person; letters are in reversed order. 

*663.decreased- o vattida- vaadida 

*664.piece of cloth- ovatti –vudai / dress

*665.covered o varida- urai ittathu ; urai- cover /envelop 

*666.showered- o vuttha- vuooththa 

* speak- o bhasa-paesu 

*668.piercing- o vviddha –voatti idu / to make a hole; voattai- a hole; idu- make. 

669.gone up- osadha- uchhci adaiya ; uchchi- top ;adaiya- to reach .

* arrive- o sara- saera /reach dry up- o sukkah-kaaya 

672.asleep- o sutta- saainthidu /to repose 

673.ruin- o ssada- saetham 

674.laughter- ohanka- nakaippu  

675.prohibiting- o hatta ya- thadai idu /to prohibit

676.abducted- ohadiya- kadaththu /to abduct; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

*677.thrown- o hariya- eriya 

*678.shut- o hadiya- adai 

*679.body- ohi khitta- kattai 


Volume 6


* who has achieved his object- kaattha- kai koodida ; kai adaiya . 

*671.wisdom- mati- mathi 

672.Himalayas- kailasa- oaankkal / mountain; kal- stone/ mountain.

* expose- ud ghat- eduththu kaattu ; kaattu -to show. 

674.bull roaming at will- kaila bailla- poli kaalai/ stud bull; kaalai- bull; koil   pullam; koil- temple; pullam- bull.

*675.a weapon- kauntla- kunthaalam /spear 

*676.water- kam- kayam 

677.race/ lineage- kakita jana- kudi inam ; kudi- family; inam- race. 

*678.substance which produces a cracking sound/ harsh/ rough - kar kara- kara kara of the mountain abode- kar kota ka- kar koottakam ; kar-  stone/ mountain; koattakam-  abode. 

*680.armpit/ side- kakkha – kakkam 

*681.harsh- kakkadha- kaduma

682.fat /stout- kakkhada- kundu /stout; thadikka; letters are in reversed order. 

683.a village name- kankati- kunna kudi   /a village Sivaganga district, in Tamil Nadu 

*684.leaf- dala- thalai of Durga-katya yani- kaaththidum annai/ protecting mother; kaaththidu- to protect; annai- mother.

686.wearing a loin garment- kaccho taka- kachchai kattuka; kattuka- to wear. 

687.misfortune- kajja- uda- kaedu 

688.accomplishment of an objective- karya siddhi- karmam saaththida ; karmam- action / objective  ;saathi- to achive .

*689.pitcher- ghada- kudam 

*690.trader- setthi-setti ;saettu ; yetti .

*691.strained water of boiled rice- kanja/ kanji – kanji 

692.small dagger- katariya- kai kuththu kodaari ; kai- hand; kuththu- to stab; koadaari- axe. 

*693.cot/ bed- katta- kidakkai 

*694.having shortened- kattia- kuttai aakku; kuttai- short; aakku- make. 

*695.cut- kattiya- kaathu 

*696.cut- krita- keeridu 

*697.lamenting- katha-kaththu / shout 

*698.complaining- katha- kuththam idu 

*699.trouble- kattha- kaedu 

*700.difficulty- katha- kadinam 

*701.wood/ stick- katha- kattai 

702.carpenter- katha kara- kattai kaaran 

703.wooden bodied/ insensate as dry wood- katha kaya- kattai yaakkai ; kattai- wood; yaakkai- body; kattai yaaka- to becomea wood; kattai- dead body.  .

704.wooden bowl- katha kolamba- kattai kalam; kattai- wood; kalam- pot/ vessel. 

*705.suffering- katthada- keduthi  adaiya 

*706.pain- katthada- kaduththida/ to have pain; kaduppu- pain. 

707.carved in wood- katththa- kattai yaei koththiyathu ; kattai- wood; koththu- to carve. 

708.wooden sheet- katha palala- kattai palakai / wooden board; letters are jumbled; kattai- wood; palakai- board. 

*709.wooden seat- katha pidhaga- kattai padukkai / wooden cot; kattai- wood; padukkai- cot/ bed. 

*710.agonizing story- katha vutta- vaethanai  kathai ; vaethanai- agony; kathai- story.

711.direction- katha- kadavu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

712.prison house- katha hara- kaavar koodam ; kaavar-   protection; koodam- room. who takes away wood/ wood pecker bird- katha hadi- kattai koththi ; kattai -wood; koththu- to peck ; koththi- one who pecks.

714.staff bearer- katthiya dhara- kattai/ kathai  udaiyoar ; kattai- wood; kathai/ mace; udaiya- have. 

715.door keeper- katthiya vala-vaayil  kathavu kaavalali ; vaayil- entrance; kathavu-   door; kaavalaali-  guard; letters are jumbled. 

*716.difficult- kathina- kadina

*717.hard wood- kathina katha- kadina kattai ; kadinama- hard; kattai- wood. 

*718.dead – kada- kattai/ dead body 

*719.wall- kadaa- kattu 

720.door keeper- kada alla-  kathavu  kaavalan ;   letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka’ kathavu- door ;  kaavalan-   watchman .

*721.neck- kada alli- kazhuththu ; letters are jumbled. 

722.builder- kadia- kattu /to build; koththan/ mason; kattidam- building.

*723.bracelet- kataka- katakam ; root word is  kai kattuka; kai- arm; kattu- to wear. 

*724.with a slant look - kadaikkini- kadai-k-kaan ; kann- eye; kadai- end/ side. 

725.age- yuga- akavai; letters are in reversed order. 

726.minor female deity- kada puyana- kudi penn theivam ; ka= va; va= ka; kudi- family; penn- female; theivam- god/ goddess ; root word for theivam is thee vadivam ;thee- fire; vadivam- form .

727.bundle- kadappa- kattu 

728.piece of cloth- kadappa- kuttai ; koadi . group – kadappa- kootta kadavaya- koottam koodavum ;koottam- a group; koodavum-to assemble. 

731.a pot- kadambhua- kudam 

732.cloth covering the hips- kadaya vattha- kuttai paavaadai ; kuttai- short; paavaadai- skirt ; vaetti kattu ;vaetti- dhothi; kattu -to wear. 

733.cremation ground- kadasi- sudu kaadu ; letters are jumbled; sudu-  to cremate; kaadu- field. 

734.bamboo cane basketkada valla- oaankkal koodai ; koodai/ basket ; oaankkal-   bamboo ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*735.boiler / big frying pan- kadaha- kothi kudam ; kothi- boil ;kudam- pot/ vessel .

736.hip/buttocks- kadi tada- kadi thadam 

737.buttocks- kati- kundi 

738.loin cloth- kadi patta- kundi patti ; kundi- hip ; patti- cloth .

739.interwoven- kadiya- pinni kidakka  

*740.small earthen vessel – kati illa- kutti kalan ; letters are read more than once; kutti- small; kalan-  vessel. 

*741.portion- bhaga- pankku 

*742.bitter- katu- kaiththida 

*743.bitter- katuka- kaiththidukai 

744.bitterness- kaduatta- kaiththida 

745.bitter time- kadu ala- ketta kaalam; letters are jumbled; kaedu kaalam ; kaedu-  bad/ /misery ; kaalam- time. 

*746.herbal creeper- kadua- kodi/ creeper

*747.undesirable result- kaduya phala- ketta palan ; ketta- bad; palan-  result. 

*748.harsh speech- kaduya bhasi- kadumaiyaana paechchu ; kadumai- severe; paechchu- speech . 

749.rough/ harsh speech- katuka- kadumaiyaaka kathaikka; kadumai- harsh; kathaikka- to speak. 

750.bitter fruit juice- kaduya rasa- kathidusaaru ; letters are jumbled; rasa=  saaru ; letters are in reversed order. of a creeper- kadya valli – kaanda valli/ moon creeper; valli - creeper. 

752.the body/ physical form of the soul- kedevara- viraththa kattai /cadaver; letters are jumbled; viraiththa- rigid; kattai- wood/ dead body. take someone along- kaddha- koottitu poa 

* tell- kaddha- kathaiththidu 

*755.having uttered- kaddhettu-kathaiththathu 

*756.plucked- kaddhava- koithidu 

*757.boiled- kaddhia- kothiththathu 

*758.rescued /from sinking- kaddhiya- kaaththida /to rescue 

759.bearing enmity- kaddhiya vaira- karuvuthar ; letters are jumbled. 

760.having marked out- kaddhetta- kuri ittathu 

*761.hard hearted- kadhina mana- kadina manam ; kadinama-   hard; manam-  mind. 

*762.cruel- kadhora- kodura 

763.balance- tula- root word is edai iduthal; edai- weight; idu- make. 

*764.peak- kuda-koadu; mukadu. 

*765.possessing -vati- vudiaya 

*766.vessel- galuya- kalaya

767.pinnacle- kuda- mukadu 

*768.ten million- kodi- koadi ;  root word is kadai enn ; kadai- final/ end; enn-  numerical number. 

*769.pitcher- kalasa- kalan; root word is kali munn /clay. of a deity- kanaya teya-kanni thaai / virgin mother; kanni- virgin; thaai- mother. of a nymph- Kanaya devi; kanni theivam / virgin goddess; kanni- virgin; theivam- god/ goddess.

*772.staff- danda- thandam 

*773.ball- pinda- panthu 

*774.root- mula- mulai 

*775.bracelet- valaya – valaiyal / bangle 

776.the youngest- kanittha- kadai kuttan ; letters are jumbled;  kadai- last; kuttan- boy. 

777.neck- kantha- thondai akam / throat; letters are jumbled.

*778.knot- kanda- kandu 

* ware- kandu- kundaan /a vessel 

780.clan- gotra- koottaththar /a group of people. ornament- khila- anikalan 

*782.flapping- tala- adiththal 

*783.passage- puda- paathai 

*784.orifice- bila- puzhai of a city- kannaujja- kunnam / village names in Perambalur and Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu of the state- Karnataka- kaar naattu akam ; kaar- rain; naadu- state ; Kaveri yin kudaku  naattu akam  ; kaveri-   the river kaveri ; kudaku – place of origin of the river Kaveri  .

787.daughter’s marriage- kanna vivaha- kanni yaei katti veikka ; kanni- daughter/ virgin; katti veikka- to get married 

788.married- kata vivaaha- katti veikka /to arrange for marriage.

*789.pill- guilka- kulikai 

790.statue-murti-thoattram; letters are in reversed order. 

*791.king- raja- arasan ; arasu- kingdom. 

792.folded hands in supplication- katanjali- kai yaei kuviththu  vanankkuthal ; letters are jumbled;  kai- hand; kuvikka- to heap; vanakkuthal- to worship . 

793.obliging- kata padi katita-  kathaitha  padi kaettida ; kaettida – to  oblige/ listen. who has been give wages for service- kata vitti- kattu kooli koduththu vida; kattu- work; kooli- wages; kjoduththu vida- given 

*795.chopping off- kattana- koththanum katta- kiduku 

797.wife- katta - makadoo 

*798.scissors- kattari- kaththari 

*799.having one thousand arms- katta viriya- voar   aayiram  kai udaiya  ;oru- one; kai- hand; udaiya- having. 

800.dice- katta- aatta kaai ; letters are in reversed order; aattam- play ;kaai- dice. 

801.dagger/ small sword - kattiya- kuththu eetti /spear; kaththi- knife; koduvaa- sickle; ka= va; va= ka; kai kaththi/ bill hook. 

802.resembling a dagger- kattiyala- kaththi yaei oththu ulla; kaththi- knife; oththu ulla- similar to. 

* applause- katha- kai thattu; kai- hand; thattu- clap. 

*804.cluster- katthuri- koththu 

*805.successful- kadattha- kai koodida 

*806.bad food- kadanna- ketta uoon ; ketta- spoiled; uoon- food. 

*807.doing- kadi- aakkidu 

*808.types- vidha- vitham 

809.square places- kadi thana- katta thinai ; kattam- square; thinai – place. of a city- kanta ura- kandiyur  /a village in Siva Ganga district  of Tamil Nadu 

*811.old torn cloth- kantha- kanthai 

*812.weeping- kranda/ krandat/ kirandita – karainthida 

813.cave- kandara- kantharam/ mountain cave; kan + arai ; kan- stone; arai- room.  

* /abode - nila - nilai ; nilaiyam ; il 

815.cauldron- kandu – kundaan 

* kkila- kaelal 

*817.a ball- kandua- kundu 

*818.petal- dala- ithazh 

819.tradition- Parampara- perum maarpu; perum – great; maarpu- lineage. 

*820.edge- vatti- vottu 

821.father of the girl- kanya pitr- kanni yin pettroar ; kanni- daughter/ girl/ virgin ;pettroar- parents. 

822.acquisition of a girl in marriage- kanna laha- kanni yaei aala  ;kannaalan/ bride groom  /one who rules over the  bride. 

823.monkey- kapi –kaanavan/ one form the forest; kavi; ka= va; va= ka. 

824.cutting- kalpa- kizhi/ to cut 

825.decorating- kappana-punaika ; letters are jumbled. 

*826.decorating- kalpana -koalam pannu 

827.skull- kabhalla- enpu kalam/ bony vessel; enpu- bone; kalam- vessel; letters are jumbled. 

828.water pot used by ascetics- kamadnalu- thanni kalam / water vessel; letters are jumbled; thanni- water; kalam- vessel.

*829.feet- padiya- paatham 

830.lotus- kamala -kaya malli; kayam- water; malli- flower. 

*831.face- mukha- muka

832.pool- sara- yaeri / lake 

*833.dwelling- vasaka- vasikka / to dwell 

834.pond- vavi- vaavi 

835.hind- kamala- kalai maan / stag; letters are jumbled. 

*836.cloth/ garment- sada- sattai /shirt; soodi / cloth; soodu -to wear. 

837.workman- kamma ara- kammiyar ; kammiyam=  aakkam / production .

838.worker- kamma kara- kammiya kaarar ; kamma=   aakkam / production; kaara=   aakkukiravar ; ka= va; va= ka. 

839.female worker- kamma kari; kammiya kaari 

840.stigma – kalanka- kalankkam 

*841.bunch- kalava- kulai smith- kamma kara- karuma  kammiyar ; letters are jumbled ; karu- dark. 

*843.having put on cloth- kayadilla- kattuthal/ wearing cloths hurt- kayattha- kaaya paduththu 

845.being attentive- kaya dakkha- kaavaniththiduka ; ka= va; va= ka. 

846.hand- kara- maerkkai / upper arm; maer- upper; kai- hand. 

*847.water pot- karaka- karakam ; root word is kaar-   water. 

*848.injury- ghaya- kaayam 

849.injury- ghata- kaayam adaiya /to get injured; kaayam- wound; adaiya -to get. 

*850.cloth- potta- patti; padaam; pattu. 

*851.rays- niyara- niram 

*852.joining- bandha- pinainthida 

*853.creaking sound- kara kara- kara kara- 

*854.sword- kara vala- koor vael; koor- sharp; vael- spear.

*855.fist-mutthi- mutti

*856.spear- konta- kuntham 

*857.cause to do- karave-  karuvi  yaa 

*858.elephant- kari/ karenu - kari/ dark; kariyan; kariya yaanai . 

*859.troop- ghada- koottam 

*860.form- ruva- uruvam 

*861.pearls- mottiya- muththu 

city name – hastinapura- karivara pura- karai voor puram ; village in the banks of the river ;  karai- bank of the river Ganges; uoor-  village .

*862.elevated- irita- uyarththidu/ to elevate 


Volume- 7  


*863.potter- kulala- kulaaan 

*864.nest- kulaya- kulaalam 

* deity- kulahideva - kula theiva

*866.small temple of deity – kuliya – kula koil ; koil- temple ; koa- god/ king; il- house. 

867.crab- kulir- kulir 

*868.earthen pot- kulana- kalan; root word is kali munn /clay. 

869.prosperity of a family- kula vrddhi- kula viruththi ; varaththu / varavu =  income ; uyarththu- raise. 

*870.noble way of high breed family – kula patha- kula paathai ; paathai- way. 

871.girl belonging to a noble family- kula valiya- kula vilakku ; vilakku- lamp .

872.particular knowledge handed down in a family- kula vidya- kula viththai ; viththai- root word is vithai /seed. 

873.traditional rites and rituals prevalent in a family- kula vidhi- kulam vithiththa kadan ; kadan- rites; vithiththa vithi -  given rule .

874.practices/ rites /rituals observed in a family- kula dharma- kula nadai murai ; letters are jumbled ; nadai murai- routines. 

*875.eagle- kulala- kazhuku 

876.a noble family lineage and elegant appearance- kula ruva- kula uruvam/ family looks; uruvam- appearance.

*877.pride of a noble family- kula mana- kula maanam ; maanam- prestige . 

*878.woman belonging to a noble family- kula mahila –kula makal ; makal- daughter. 

879.girl /daughter belonging to a noble family- kula putti- kula pettai ; pettai- female/ daughter .

880.excellent abode / prosperous house- kula nilaya-nalla kulam / good family; letters are jumbled; nalla- good; kulam- family. wet nurse- kula dhai-kula uoottu thaai /family wet nurse; uoottu -to feed; thaai- mother.

* goddess- kula devata- kulal theiva thaai   ;theiva thaai- mother goddess; thaai- mother. god- kula deva- kula theivam; theivam = thee vadivam; thee- fire; vadivam- fire. 

* flag- kula ketu- kula kodi ; kodi- flag.

*885.stain upon a family- kula kalanka- kula kalakkam ; kalankkam- stain. 

* stories- kula katha- kula kathai 

887.daughter belonging to a noble family- kula kanna/ kani- kula kanni 

888.pitcher- kula- kalan / vessel 

*889. family- kula- kulam 

890.lineage- kula- kaal / kilai vazhi  ; letters are jumbled ; root word is  kilai/ branch .

*891.low birth- ka kula- keeezh kulam; keezh- low; kulam- family. 

* cut- kurudu- keeridu 

893.the region / janapada called kuru - kuru khetta -Koanaar kudi ; Koaanaar- shepherd caste ; kudi- village.; jana pada =  ina patti   . 

*894.female deer- kurangi- kurankkam/ deer 

*895.breast-/ female - kuya –kaai; konkkai .

*896.fort- kotta-koattai 

*897.body- kuta- kattai 

* kutumba- kudi koottam 

*899.pound- kutta-kuththu 

*900.pounded- kuttita- kuththiyathu 

*901. to cut- kutta- kaathu 

*902.pounding- kuttayari- kuththuthar 

903.buffalo- kuttamia- kidaa maadu ; letters are jumbled. police- kutta pala- kudi kaaththidum  kaavalan ; letters are jumbled; kudi-  village; kaaththida- to guard; kaavalan- guard. 

*905.floor- tala- thalam 

905.bed chamber- kutodara- kidainthidum arai ;   letters are jumbled; kidaththar- to lie down ;arai- room. 

*906.inauspicious house- kuttha kula –ketta kulam ; ketta- bad; kulam- house. house- kuttha- kidankku 

908.any powder obtained by pounding- kutta- kuththiya maa; maa- flour; kuththiya- pounded.

*909.blamed- kuttha- kuththam idu 

*910. prohibited- kuttha- koodaathu / do not 

*911.a cell / small secluded place- kutthaya- kottadi 

*912.axe- kuthara- koaadari 

*913.water pot- kuta- kutam 

914.non-Aryan country- kudakkha- koattakam ; kudi akam .

*915.fruit- phala- pazham 

916.small flag- kudabhi- kodi / flag; kutti kodi; kutti- small. 

917. a group of close realties of a house holder- Kutumba –kudi koottam; kudi-family; koottam- group.

*918.hut- kudiccha- kudisai 

*919.cottage- kutika- kottakai 

920. hoe- kudala- kalai koththu / hoe; koththuthal – to hoe; kalai eduththal /to hoe; letters are jumbled. 

921. hut- kudira- koorai veedu ; letter are jumbled;   veedu- house ; koarai- a kind of reed ;koorai- roof .

*922.dwarf- kudiya- kuttai 

*923. an ascetic cottage- kutila- kudil ; kudi + il .

*924. hut- kudi- kudisai ; kudi sei ; kudi- house; sei- make. 

925. bower surrounded by creepers- kudukka-  kodi panthal ; kodi-  creeper; panthal-  bower. 

926.ancestral wealth- kudumba sara- kudi kootta seer; seer- riches. 

927.wall of a cottage- kudda- kottakai kattu; kottakai /cottage; kattu- wall. 

928.summit of a mountain- kuduya- mukadu; koadu .

*929.axe- kudhala- koadaali 

*930.bad actor- ku nata- ketta nadi; ketta- bad; nadi- actor.

*931. parrot- kila- kili 

*932.small- kila- kulla

*933.piercing- kila- kizhi ; kizhikka .

934.a language of the country called kira- kiraduga- kooriduka/ to say .

*935.done/ made- kidha- aakkiyathu ; aakkidu- make. 

936.garment made of threads produced from silk worms- kidaya- kuttai; koadi /cloth .

937.sprout- kisalaya- kilai yezha 

938.side door- kividi- kathavu /door; letters are jumbled 

939.heap of grains in the threshing floor- kivida- kuviththidu  /to heap; koathu kuviththidu; koathu-  wheat . 

*940.said- kiritita- kooriythu 

941.mentioning- kirtana- kooridanum / to mention 

*942.lake- kitti- kuttai 

943.protecting others by one’s glorious influence- kitti tara- kaaththiduthar / protecting colour- krsna –kariya niram; kariya- black; niram- color 

* emit rattling sound- kidikida- kada kada nnu 

946.small door- kidiya- kutti kathavu ; kutti- small; kathavu- door. 

*947.time- kala –kaalam 

*948.distressed- kittha- kaedu adiya 

* who proclaims or sings the glorious deeds of a king- kitti kara- kattiyam kooruvoan 

*950.ought to be cut- krtya- karinthidu cough- kasa- kakka / to eject out 

* pole- kavadi- kaavadi 

953.a cloud- kaliya- mukizh kala- kaar; Ra= la. 

*955.having caused to do- karevi- karuvi ; aakkukira pori .

956.without a cause- karana vi yala –aakkukira noakkm illa ;  letters are jumbled; aakkukira- making; noakkam-  intention; illai- nil . 

957.purpose / motive- karana- aakkukira noakkakm ; letters are jumbled.  aakka- to act/ make; noakkam- motive. 

958.maker- karuga- aakkukiravar ; ka= va; va= ka. act- kara- karmam ; root word is aakkukira / iyakkukira .

960.doer- kara- aakkukiravar ; ka= va; va= ka . be done- kayava- aakka vaenum ; aakku- make. of a city- kara kata- kaarai kudi / a town In Tamil Nadu 

*963.body- kaya- yaakkai 

*964.physical activity- kaya yoga- yaakkai iyakkam ; yaakkai- body; iyakkam- action/ movement. 

965. prison- kara- kaavar akam; ka= va; va= ka. 

*966.crow like harsh sound- kaka sabda- kaakka saththam ; kaakka- crow; saththam- noise. 

* of crows- kaka kula- koa kulam; koa-cow/ bull; kulam-house.

* affected by love/ love sick- kama tura- kaama thuyar 

*969.attached to the pleasures- kama giddha- kaama kattu 

*970.qualities of desire or love- kama guna- kaama kunam 

*971.having control over one’s body- kaya gutta- yaakkai   kattu paadu  

972.bathing pool for purifying the body- kaya konda –yaakkai kundu ; yaakkai- body ; kundu- pond. 

*973.amorous sport- kama kila- kaama kaelal ; kaelal-play. 

* of love- kama kala- kaama kalai 

975.worry caused by sexual desires- kama kali- kama kavalai ; kavalai -worry ; ka= va; va= ka. 

* kama- kaamam ; moakm ; ka= va; va= ka. 

* yearn- kama -yaekkam / yearning 

978.lovely wife- kanta- kannaatti 

979.sour gruel- kanjika –kanji kaachchuka / to cook kanji; letters are read more than once; kanji- gruel; kaaichchuka- to cook.

* eyed- kana- kann onnu ; kann- eye; onnu- one.

981.boiled medicinal liquid- kadha ga- kothiththa   kasaayam 

* boil / to heat- kuttha- kothiththida / boiling 

*983.crow- kaka- kakka 

*984.make- ka- aakku 

*985.when – kala- ekkaalam 

*986.quarrelsome- kalahika- kalakam/ quarrel 

*987.cowardly- kahala- koazhai 

988.a heap- kula- kuviyal ; ka= va; va= ka. 

* play - kila –kaelal 

* ku- koa ; ku . 

*991.water lily- kuvalaya-kuvalayam ; kam- water; koovam-  pond/ well  alli- lily   flower. 

*992.female crane- kui- kokku/ crane 

*993.angry- kupita- koapa pada 

* kukra- kukkuran; root word is kuraikka- to bark. 

995.bride-kukula- mana makal ;manam- marriage; kaliyaana penn  . kukka- naaikkan; kukkan ; root word is naakku- tongue. 

*997.wretched state of life- ku gati- kaedu ketta /wretched 

*998.bowl shaped pool- kunda- kundu 

*999.water jar /shallow vessel - kundia/ kundi – kundaan 

1000.wrong views- ku tirtha- ketta karuththu ; letter are jumbled; ketta- bad; karuththu- thoughts / views .

1001.false /wrong notion- kutatta- ketta ennam   ;ennam- notion. 

*1002.hump backed- kuntha- koon udaiya 

*1003.cause to decay- kuttha- kettida ; kaedu adaiya; makkida .

*1004.wicked- kutthiya- ketta 

*1005.rotten- kuthita- kaedu adaiya ; kettida .

1006.doorsill- kudava/ kuta pa- kathavu  padi 

*1007.bad substance- kudavva- - kettavai / bad things 

1008.bad donation - kudana- kaedaana kodai ; kodi- gift ; kaedu- bad; letters are jumbled. 

1009.bad instruction- ku desana- ketta yoasanai ; yoasanai- idea/ instruction  

1010.bad country- kudesa- ketta  naadu ; naadu- state. 

1011.bad way- ku patha –ketta paathi; paathi- path; letters are jumbled. 

1012.bad intellect – ku mati- kedu mathi; letters are jumbled; ketta- bad; mathi- intelligence.

*1013.jump- kudda- kuthi 

1014.jumping- kurdat- kuthiththar ; letters are jumbled. 

1015. the moon- kuddahira- amutha kathiroan  ;kathir- rays .

*1016.a kind of dance- kuddana- kooththaada num ; koottaadu- to dance. 

*1017.abundance- kudda- kaadu; kedi; koattai.

1018.angry- kruddha- karuththida / to become dark 

*1019.angry- kupa- kopam ; root word is kaaya / anger

1020.well-known king of Gujarat- kumara vala- kumara vael / lord Murugan’s name /Tamil solar god who holdsa spear in his hand; kumar- young; vael- spear.

1021.lotus- kumuda- kaya mottu ; kayam- water; mottu-   bud. 

1022.clasped tightly- karukkiya –kai yaei erukki pidi  ; kai- hand; erukka- to make tight ; pidi- to hold. 

1023.a non-Aryan country- kulakka- kallakam / a town in Tiruchirappalli district, Tamil Nadu 

*1024.families of various castes / tribes- kula kodi- kula koottam 

*1025.families of various professions - kula kodi- kula kattu; kattu- profession.

1026.water channel- kuli- vaai kaal; kaal vaai ; ka= va; va= ka .  

*1027.ditch- kuli- akazhi 

*1028.whole earth- kuvalaya- kuvalayam 

1029.thief- kuvila- kalvan ; letters are jumbled. 

*1030.cavity- kuhala- kuzhi 


  volume 8.  


1031. accepted /approved- anu mata-yaeththidanum /to accept; letters are jumbled. of the non-Aryan tribe – khadatta- kudi koottam  ; letters are jumbled. 

*1033.bundle of grass- khada pulaya- pull kattu; letters are jumbled; kattu- bundle; pull- grass. 

*1034.lumpy- khadahada- kattiyaa ; katti aayida ; katti- lump; aayida- to become. 

*1035.shaken- khada hadiya- kidu kidu nnu aadida 

1036.butcher- khadia- kedaa vetti ; ka= va; va= ka’ kedaaa- goat; vettu -to cut. 

*1037.a kind of liquor- khadiya- kudi / drink; kudi- to drink. 

*1038.intoxicated- khadiya -kudiththida / taken drinks 

*1039.dropped/ fallen down- khadiya- kottida 

* prick- khadukka- kuththukai

1041.chalk- khadiya- sunna katti 

* ruin- khadda- keduththida ; kaedu adaiya .

*1043.a blow- khaduha- kuththu

*1044.striking on the head with fingers- khaduga- kotttuka 

1045.ditch- khadda- saakkadai ;kidankku .

1046. small pit- khadda laga- kutti kuzhi ; kuzhi- pit; letters are  jumbled; kutti- small. 

*1047.a moment- khana- kanam ; root word is  kann imaikka ; kan- eye; imaikka- to wink .

*1048.digging- khananta- kenthida 

1049.disappeared in a moment- khana nattha-   kaanathu   poaeida 

1050.only a moment- khana matta ;  kann imaiththida  ; ksana matra- kann imaithhtidum naeram ; kann- eye; imaiththida- to wink; naeram- time. 

1051.fragment- khanda- kandam 

*1052.seen- khandiya- kandida 

1053.scar- khata- vadu; ka= va; va= ka ; kathu; kadinam   . 

1054.slit- khatta- idukku ; letters are in reversed order 

*1055.duties and qualities- khatta- kadan; kadamai 

1056.warriorksatriya- maravar koottam ; letters are jumbled; ka= va; va= ka;   maravar/ Vanniyar - warrior; koottam- troop .

1057.caste- jati- thinai 

*1058.bitten- khadita-kadiththida 

*1059.stung- khadita-koththida 

1060.perforated- khadita –kudainthathu 

*1061.wretched- khattha- kaedu ketta 

1062.robust- khadda- katturam / kattu-k- kuttu /robust build. 

*1063.eating- khadat- kai thoda 

1064.dirty- khayarikaya – karai yaaka 

*1065.hollow pit- khayala- kuzhi 

1066.a house with two rooms- khara- eru arai akam   ;eru- two; arai- room; akam- home; letters are jumbled. 

*1067.stalk- danda- thandu 

*1068.harlot- karika- kaarikai 

*1069.female servant- khariga- kaarikai 

*1070.eaten- kharia- kori/ gnaw 

*1071.threshing ground- khala- kalam 

*1072.inquiry- khala- kaelu / to ask 

*1073.low descent- khala kula- keezh kulam; keezh- low; kulam- family. 

1074.a kind of drink- khalaka –kalankkal /alcohol /toddy; letters are jumbled. 

*1075.empty- khalaia- kaali 

1076.stumbling- skhalat- kaal thadukka ; kaal- leg; thadukka- to block ;letters are jumbled. 

1077.mass of heap- khalaya- kuviyal; ka= va; va= ka. 

1078.wicked people- khalaloka- kaalikal; kayavalikal ; letters are jumbled. 

1079.cleaner- khalavu- kazhuvu voan/ one who cleans  

* wash /clean- khala- kazhuvu 

*1081.washed / cleaned- khaliya- kazhuviya 

*1082.rattling sound- khala khala- kilu kiluppai/ a rattle 

1083.king of Bagdad- Khalipa- kaavalan/ protector; ka= va; va= ka. 

1084.foot wear- khalla ga- kaal anikai ; kaal- leg/ foot; anaikai- wearing  ;anika- to wear. 

1085.hunter- khada- vaettaiyan ; ka= va; va= ka. of a non-Aryan country- khana- kunnam / a village in Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu 

* khata- kudi ; veedu; ka= va; va= ka. 

*1088.salty- khara- karippu 

1089.a gem- khara mani- mani kar ; letters are jumbled   ;vaira mani /diamond; ka= va; va= ka.  

1090.saltines- khara tta- kariththida 

1091.ocean – samudra – munthu neer ; neer- water. 

1092.gutter- khala- kuzhivu ; kazhivu vaaikkaal .

1093.coughing- kasita- kakkida of a well-known city in Magadha- khiti- kudi; Kottayam; koattam; kudi kaadu .

1095.well known city in Magadha- khiti pati tthiya –koattai pattinam/ walled city / a town in Pudukkottai district, Tamil Nadu; pattu koattai / a village in Tanjore district, Tamil Nadu; letters are jumbled; kutta pattu / a village in Tiruchirappalli district in Tamil Nadu. 

*1096.evil- khittaya- ketta; kodiya .

1097.a person who guards a place- khitta vala- kudi kaavalan ; kudi- village; kaavalan- guard; letters are jumbled. 

1098.milk- khira- root word is karaka/ to milk. 

1099.being milked- khiriya- karaka/ to milk 

1100.a boil- khilla- koppalam ; kazhalai- swelling. 

*1101.pierced- kilayita- kizhiththida 

1102.pond- khillura- kula neer; kulam- pond; neer- water.

1103.peg- kila- mulai kole 

*1104.having plucked- khuditta- koeiththathu break- khutta- udaikka ; letters are in reversed order. beat- khutta- adikka ; letters are in reversed order. strike- khutta- thakka; letters are in reversed order.

1108.sexual intercourse for a short while- khudia – koodidu ;  kooduka/ to unite .

*1109.small- khudiya-kutti 

1110.annoyed- khudukka- koatti kondida 

* khudda – kudi / drink; kudi- to drink.

*1112.natural pool- khudda- kuttai/ pond 

*1113.carvedkhudda- koththu /to carve; koththiyathu/ carved. 

1114.wicked people- khudda jana- ketta inam ; ketta- bad; inam- race. of a country- khudda- kudi kaadu; koattayam; koattam .

*1116.small hole-khudda bila- kutti puzhai; puzhai-hole; kutti- small. 

*1117.furious- khudda- kadumai 

1118.characterless woman- khudda mahila- nadaththai  ketta makal ; letters are jumbled; nadaththai-  conduct; ketta- destroyed; makal- girl. 

*1119.mean minded – khudda mana - ketta manam ; ketta- bad; manam- mind. 

1120.hunger- khuda- kuthai ; vaetkkai ; ka= va; va= ka; letters are jumbled. 

1121.water- jala- aal

1122.ankle joint- khula- kanukkaal ; kaal- leg; kanu- joint. 

*1123.small / little/ short - khulla- kullam 

1124.dwarf person- khunta- kuttaiyan; letters are jumbled; kundan- fatty person. 

1125.having untied- khullivi- avizhkka ; letters are in reversed order. 

1126.afflicted by hunger- khuhatta-  koodu kaainthida ; koodu- stomach; kaainthida- burning. 

1127.cavity formed by joining the palms together- khuvvaga- kaei kuvikka ; kai- hand; kuvikka- to heap . 

1128.wicked deity- khudda devaya- ketta  theivam ; ketta- evil ;theivam- god/ goddess .

1129.a town surrounded by a dusty earthen wall- kheda- koattam 

*1130.a shield- khaedaya- kaedayam 

1131.a city name- kheda ura-/ kheda pura- koattaiyur/ a town in SivaGanga district Tamil Nadu; koattai puram .

1132.a city name- kheta nagara- kaoattai nagaram ; koattai-  castle ; nakaram- city .

*1133.amusement like drama /dance- kheddaa- kooththaadu/ to dance; kooththu - play. 

1134.a region- khetta- kadavu ; ka-= va; va= ka. 

*1135.field- khetta- kaadu 

*1136.tutelary deity- khetta devi- kudi kaaththidum theivam ; kudi- family; kaaththida- to protect ;theivam- god/ goddess. 

*1137.worship- puja- poo sei; poo = flower; sei- do. of the fields- khetta vala- kaaddu kaavalaali ;   letters are jumbled; kaadu- field; kaavalaali- watchman .

*1139.farmer- khetta vai –kudiyaanavan amuse- khela- kaelikkai /amusement 

1141.small boil- khodaa- kutti katti ; katti- swelling; kutti- small. 

* destroy- khoda- kedu 

1143.custom duty- khoda- kada paadu 

1144.small piece of wood- khodi- kutti kattai ; kutti- small; kattai- wood; kutti thadi ;thadi- wood/ stick.  

*1145.flaw- khutita- kuththam burn- khora- erikka; letters are in reversed order. 

1147.deep pond- kholla- kulam/ lake; kulam aazham ; aazham- depth . of a non-Aryan region- kottha- kudi kaadu ; kudi; koattayam .

1149.village rogue- kondia – kundan /stout person; kodiyoan/ bad person; letters are jumbled. 

1150.hog/ boar- kola- kaliru 

*1151.weaver- kolia- kai kolan / one with a stick in his hand; kai- hand; kole- stick; Kai Kolan- weaver caste of Tamil Nadu.

1152.fisherman – kolaya- kalavan/ inhabitants of maritime tract; ka= va; va= ka. of a city – modern Kulapakaji /AP- kolla paka –kal paakkam / a town in Kanchipuram district in Tamil Nadu. of a city- kollaira- kallur/ village name in Cuddalore, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu and Kerala states. of a city in the south/ place of Maha Lakshmi - kolli pura –kaali puram ; kaali-  dark goddess ; puram- city ; kalipuram- a village in Dharmapuri district in Tamil Nadu. 

1156.a city called kollayara- kaalaiyaar kovil / a village in Siva Ganga district Tamil Nadu; letters are read more than once. 

*1157.afflicted by anger- kopatura- koapa paduthar of a janpada- ko sala- koa salai / cow pen 

*1159.flock of owls- kausika kula –koasika kuzhu ; koasikam- owl; kuzhu- flock. 

1160.lineage – gotra –kudi koottaththar ; letters are jumbled. 

*1161.lineage- gotta- kudi koottam 

1162.possessed buy anger- kohavittha- koviththida ; koavam udaiya ; udaiya- has. 

1163.mine- khani – kanima surankkam ; kanimam- metal ;surankkam-  mine .

* go- kkhala- akalu /to leave abandon- kkoda- kai vidu; ka= va; va= ka. 

1166.landed property -khaitta-kaadu / farm lands 

*1167.dirty- khaura- karai 

* angle/ corner- kona- koanam 

*1169.a well- kua- kaen

*1170.indistinct loud cry- kuaraa- karaiya / to cry 

*1171.deceitfulness- kudatta- koaathatu 

*1172.thief- kuyara-kariyar ; those who  come in the night ; karu- dark. 

1173.rice grain /boiled rice- kura- kuruni 

*1174.time- vela- vaelai ; root word is kaalam ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*1175.told/ expressed- kuriya- kooru /say /express of the king of Kula Pura- kula- kaavalan/ protector; ka= va; va= ka; kula pura = kaliya puram /village in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. 

*1177.bottom- tala- adiyil 

*1178.flag- ketu- kodi of a city situated in the mountain of Vaitadhya- ketu mala- malai kudi; letters are jumbled; malai- mountain; kudi- village.

*1180.buffalo- keura- kaara 

*1181.armlet- keyura – kai kaarai / bracelet; kai- hand 

* house- keli kula- kali/ kaelal kalam/ sports field; kaelal; sport; kali- amusement; kalam- field.

*1183.forest- kanana- kaanam 

*1184.fisherman- kevatta –koa vaeda kesa- sikai; letters are in reversed order. 

1186.lion- kesari- koa ari / king of beasts; koa- king; ari/ arima- lion.  

*1187.Indian cuckoo- koila- kuyil 

*1188.flock of cuckoos- koila kula- kuyil kuzhu ; kuzhu- flock 

1189.celebration- kautuka- kondaaduka; kooththaaduka/ to dance.

1190.goddess Durga- kottairi- kottravai / war goddess

1191.form of Durga- kottavi- kottravai / war goddess 

*1192.goddess Durga- kotta- kaaththaayee; kaaththidu - to save; aayee- mother.

*1193.having pounded- kottaitta- kuththiyathu 

*1194.a pounder- kottaga- kuththu kattai ; kuththu- to pound; kattai- wooden stick. 

*1195.edge- koti- koadi 

*1196.a town- kotta ; kudi; koattam; koaatayam ; kudi kaadu .

1197.small village /settlement- kottaga- koattakam ; kuttikudi .

*1198.small room- kottha- koodam 

* room- kotthaga- kittankki 

1200.small apartment for prostitute- kotthaya- kooththiya veedu/ kooththiya akam  ;   kooththiya- prostitute ; ka= va; va= ka;   veedu- houe; akam- home. 

*1201.large number /crore- kodi kodi- kodi kodi ; koadi- crore .

1202.millionaire- kodi dhani- koadi udaiyoan ; koadi- crore; udaiyoan- one who  has. 

*1203.wicked person- kodiya- kodiyoan ; kodiyavan; ka= va; va= ka. 

1204.wicked person- kodilla- kodiya aal; aal- person; kodiya- evil.

1205.leprosy- kodhiya- kodiya noaei / dangerous disease; kodiya- bad; noaei- disease. 

1206.auspicious sound produced by woman at the time of marriage- ululu- kulavai oli; oli -sound.

1207.experienced- anu bhavitta – kai kanda ; letters are  jumbled;   ;ka= va; va= ka. 

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