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List of Tamil words in Sanskrit language

List of Tamil words in Sanskrit language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


               List of Tamil words in Sanskrit language


          Dr. Variankaval Ramasmy Annadurai; MD; DPM;  


Sanskrit is a classical language of South Asia that belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European languages. It arose in South Asia after its predecessor languages had diffused there from the northwest in the late Bronze Age. Sanskrit is the sacred language of Hinduism, the language of classical Hindu philosophy, and of historical texts of Buddhism and Jainism. It was a link language in ancient and medieval South Asia, and upon transmission of Hindu and Buddhist culture to Southeast Asia, East Asia and Central Asia in the early medieval era, it became a language of religion and high culture, and of the political elites in some of these regions. As a result, Sanskrit had a lasting impact on the languages of South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia, especially in their formal and learned vocabularies. 

Sanskrit generally connotes several Old Indo-Aryan language varieties. The most archaic of these is the Vedic Sanskrit found in the Rig Veda, a collection of 1,028 hymns composed between 1500 BCE and 1200 BCE by Indo-Aryan tribes migrating east from what today is Afghanistan across northern Pakistan and into northern India. Vedic Sanskrit interacted with the pre-existing ancient languages of the subcontinent, absorbing names of newly encountered plants and animals; in addition, the ancient Dravidian languages influenced Sanskrit's phonology and syntax. Sanskrit can also more narrowly refer to Classical Sanskrit, a refined and standardized grammatical form that emerged in the mid-1st millennium BCE and was codified in the most comprehensive of ancient grammars, the A??adhyayi ('Eight chapters') of Pa?ini. The greatest dramatist in Sanskrit, Kalidasa, wrote in classical Sanskrit, and the foundations of modern arithmetic were first described in classical Sanskrit. The two major Sanskrit epics, the Mahabharata and the Ramaya?a, however, were composed in a range of oral storytelling registers called Epic Sanskrit which was used in northern India between 400 BCE and 300 CE, and roughly contemporary with classical Sanskrit. In the following centuries, Sanskrit became tradition-bound, stopped being learned as a first language, and ultimately stopped developing as a living language. 

The hymns of the Rigveda are notably similar to the most archaic poems of the Iranian and Greek language families, the Gathas of old Avestan and Iliad of Homer. As the Rigveda was orally transmitted by methods of memorisation of exceptional complexity, rigour and fidelity, as a single text without variant readings, its preserved archaic syntax and morphology are of vital importance in the reconstruction of the common ancestor language Proto-Indo-European. Sanskrit does not have an attested native script: from around the turn of the 1st-millennium CE, it has been written in various Brahmic scripts, and in the modern era most commonly in Devanagari. 

Sanskrit's status, function, and place in India's cultural heritage are recognized by its inclusion in the Constitution of India's Eighth Schedule languages. However, despite attempts at revival, there are no first language speakers of Sanskrit in India. In each of India's recent decennial censuses, several thousand citizens have reported Sanskrit to be their mother tongue, but the numbers are thought to signify a wish to be aligned with the prestige of the language.[ Sanskrit has been taught in traditional gurukulas since ancient times; it is widely taught today at the secondary school level. The oldest Sanskrit college is the Benares Sanskrit College founded in 1791 during East India Company rule. Sanskrit continues to be widely used as a ceremonial and ritual language in Hindu and Buddhist hymns and chants.



Clues to read Sanskrit Words in Tamil;

Letter ‘k’= ‘v’; ‘v’ = ‘k’. 

Add vowels then and there. 

Add letter ‘m’ and letter ‘n’ then and there. 

Letter ‘p’ and letter ‘s’ can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged.

A letter can be read more than once.

If a letter occurs consecutively more than once the letter has to be read only   once.

If we jumble the letters of a given Sanskrit word a Tamil word can be arrived. 



Ref- A Sanskrit English Dictionary – compiled by Arthur A. MacDonell 



 English- Sanskrit- Tamil 


1.announcing/ declaration- pira kiitana- pirar ariya/ uoor ariya  arikkai thanthidanum  ; pirar- others;  uoor-   towa; ariya- to know- arikkai-   notice/ statement; thanthidu- give. 

*2. passed into others hands- para kara gata- pirar kayir kodu; pirar- others; kai yir- in the hands; kai- hand; kodu- give. 

3. fire- huta- thee

*4. picking/ gathering- pra kaya- porukku 

*5. abundant- prakaya –perukkam 

*6. spotless-a kalanka- kalankkam  inmai ; kalankkam-  stain ;inmai- without; root word for kalankkam is azhukku/ dirt ; letters are jumbled. 

*7. unmentioned- a kirtitta- kooridaathu 

8.afraid of nothing- a kuto bhaya – ethukkum peethi kidayaathu / no fear; letters are jumbled; peethi- fear; kidaiyaathu- without ethukkum- for anything. 

*9.low birth- kula- keezh kulam; letters are read more than once; keezh- low; kulam- family.

10.eye- akshan- kann ; letter ‘ka’  is sun . 

*11. house -agara- koorai akam/ hut; akam- home. 

*12. lack of virtue- a guna- kunam inmai ; inmai- without; kunam- nature. ag ni – neekki; letters are in reversed order; remover; remover of darkness. 

*14. embrace- anka- anaikka 

*15. woman- angana- anganai 

*16. go- ak-yaeku  

*17. mountain- akala- kal/ stone; oaankal .

18.unseen- a kitta –kandidaathu 

*19. short/ brief- a kira –kuru 

*20. forest- atavi - adavi 

21.minute- anu –nunniya / nano 

*22. striking- ati tud- adiththidu 

*23. un wounded- ati pata- adi padaathu; adi- hit /wound.

*24. running- atya- oaadu ;oaadida .

25.confusion- kula- kalakkam; kuzhappam

26.not confused- an akula- kalakkam inmai ; kalakkam- confusion; inmai- without.

*27. eating- a dana- thinnu 

28.not giving- a dadat –thanthidaathu 

29.reading sacred books/ adhiya – oaathu /recite less- ani keta- kudi inami ; inmai- without; kudi- house. 

31.not blaming- a nind at –ninthiththidaathu ; ninthanai- blame.

32.un fastened- ani baddha- pinaiththidaathu ; letters are jumbled. 

33.favour /favoured - anu kula -nal kal; letters are jumbled. 

34.favour /favoured -anu graha - manam erankka ‘ manam- mind; erankku- show mercy .

35.favour /favoured -anu gita – kannoattam ; letters are jumbled. 

36.excessive- adhika –mikuthi; letters are in reversed order. 

37.age- vayasu -akavai; letter a= va; va= ka; age = akavai. 

38.authority- adhikaari- athikaari ; root word is adakkiravar / one who controls  ;adakku- to control .

39.mounting/ riding on- adhi ruh- yaeridu ; letters are in reversed order. 

40.supreme god- adhi deva-- motha theivam; motha- first; theivam- god. 

41.reading- adhi aya- oaathidu /recite 

42.soul- atman- manathu; letters are jumbled. 

*43. stalk- nala- nalaa 

*44.not risen- an udi ta –unthidaathu; letters are jumbled. 

45.before-anti – munthi 

46.illegal – a naayya –niyaayam inmai ; niyaayam-   right; inmai- without; root word for niyaayam  is unmai /truth . 

47.unsuitable/ not beneficial- a pathya- payan adaiyaathu ; payan-  use; adaiyathu- not getting. 

48.bad way -a patha - theeya paathai ;theeya- bad; paathai- path. 

49.pathlessness – a patha- paathai inmai ; inmai- without. 

50.degenerate- apa gata –kettu poakida ; letters are jumbled. 

51.later/ further- apara- appuram ; pinaar .

52.un hurt- a pidita- adi padaatha ; letters are jumbled; adi- wound. 

53.cake- apupa- appam 

54.fruitless- a pala- palan illai ; palan- use; illai- nil . 

55.share less- a bhagu-  pankku inmai ; pankku- share; inbmai- without. 

56.increase/growth- abhi – virddhi –uyarththu ; varathhu/viruththi  prosperity / income.

*57. immortal- mara-maraiyaa/ not disappearing; mortal[E] = maraithal / disappearing 

58.a temple- amara agara- iraivan/ vaanavar   uraiyum kovir/ nakaram ;iraivan- god; uraiyum- dwelling; kovir- temple ; vaanavar- sky people ; ka= va; va= ka. 

59.immortal - a marta- maraiyaathu/ not disappearing 

60.nectar- amirtha- aru marunthu; maa marunthu letters are jumbled; aru- rare; marunthu- medicine; maa- great. 

*61. rootless- a mula- mulai illai ; mulai- root; illai- nil . of gods- amara vati- vanavar  uraiyum koattam ; vaanavar  /god/ sky people ; uraiyum- dwelling; koattam- city /temple .

63.mother- amba- amma 

*64. unasked-a yakta- kaettidaathu ; kaetkkaathu ; kaetkka- to ask.

65.given without asking- a yakta- kaetkaathu kodukka; kaetkaathu- not asked; kodukka- to give; letters are read more than once. 

66.wealth/ money -artha- thiru; letters are in reversed order.

67.treatise- sastra –thirattu; treatise [E] = thirattu 

68.restless- alaya- alaiya ;alaivu  ;loala

69.not pierced- a viddha- voattai idaathu ; voattai- hole; idaathu- not making 

70.destitute of knowledge- vidya- viththai inmai ; viththai- knowledge; inmai- without. 

71.not cold/ hot- a sita –soodu/ hot; seetham inmai ; seetham [Skt] -  cold; inmai- without. 

72.evil/not good - a sadhu- theethu 

*73.cry/ wail- a   kranda- karainthida  

*74. killing- a ghauta –kaathu; vettu ;letterka= va; va= ka. 

*75. edge- ata- ottu 

*76. taken- atta- eduththida 

*77. pond- khata- kuttai 

78.first- adima- motha ; letters are in reversed order 

79.medical science- ayr veda – uyir vaiththiyam ; uyir- life; vaiththiyam[Skt]-  treatment; uyir vaadai; vaadai- medicine; uyir kaaththidum murai ; letters are jumbled; uyir- life; kaaththidu- save; murai- method . 

80.weapon ayuda –padai ; root word is adu- to fight .

81.enemy- arati- ethiri ; letters are in reversed order. 

*82. mounting- aruha-yaeru

*83. house- alaya -il

*84. nearness- a vat- votti 

*85. connexion- satti- saeththida / connect / join 

86.sitting- asita- saainthida / repose asa- saaya / to repose; aasanam [Skt] 

88.sea- samudra- munthu neer ; neer- water; munthiya- ancient.

*89. knocking- ahati- thattu; idi.

*90. attain- eti- adaiya 

91.other- itara –mattrathu ; ithara .

92.bring over- itara ya- eduththar / lifting; eduththu thara  ;thara- give   ;edu- take. 

*93. praise- id- thuthi 

94.speech- ukti- kathaippu 

95.swelling- uk kotha- katti yaaka/ to become a lump; katti- swelling. 

96.drying up- uk kotha-    kaainthida 

97.destroyer- uk- khettri- keduththoar ; keduththavar ; ka= va; va= ka. 

98.destruction- uk khed-kedu- kaedu aakkidu / to destroy 

*99. cutting- uk khed- kaathu ka 

*100.chopping- uk khed- koththu ka 

* udu- udu; root word is thee- fire; root word for aadu /sheep.

102.taking bribes- ut koka- kai uoottu kodukka / to bribe; letters are jumbled; kai- hand; kai uoottu /bribe;kodukka- to give. 

103.running to a point- ut- kot- kodu kitta oaadu ; letters are read more than once ; koadu-  mark; kitta- near; oaadu- run. 

*104.wrong way- ut patha- theeya paathai ; paathai- path; theeya- bad. 

105.fountain – utsa- uooththu 

*106.water- udan - thanni 

107.elevation/ height- ut sheda –uchchi yaei adaiya / to reach the height; letters are jumbled; uchchi- summit; adfaiya /to reach.

108.sunrise- ud iti –unthida / raise; yaeththida/ to raise

*109.rising- unnati- unthida

110.spitting out/ throwing out- ud gara- kaarida ; letters are jumbled. 

111.displaying- ud ghata- eduththu kaattu ; kaattu- show; thookki kaattu; thokku- lift ; letters are jumbled. 

*112.blow- uddhati- uoothida/ blow the pipe; adiththidu/ beat the drum/ blowing air; idiththida.

113.mad- un mada- mathi eenam 

114.hug- upa gudha- katti pidi ; letters are jumbled.

*115.offering- upada- padai 

116.instruction/ lesson- upa desa- paadam ; paadam edu / take a lesson. 

*117.similarity- upa miti- oppumai udaiya  

*118.comparison/ likeness - upa ma –oppumai 

*119.part- phaga- paaka

*120.lamentation- upa rudita- oppari idu 

*121.description/ statement - ullekha- vilakkam 

122.pulling- ul lulnkana- veliyae izhukkanum / pull out; veliyae- outer; izhukka- to pull. 

*123.owl- uluka- vallookam 

124.surface-tala- thala

125.milk- sara- surappu / secretion 

126.raised hand – urdhva kara- maer kaiyaei  uyarththidu ; maer kai- upper arm;  uyarthhtidu- raise ; letters are jumbled. 

*127.raise-rikkha –yaeruka ; uyaruka. rikkha- paarkka eka- ennikkai onnu; ennikkai- numeral; onnu- one. ; ka= sun  /the only one .

*130.wheel- kakara- kaar 

131.the letter- e – e kara – e ena kooru ; kooru- say .

*132.kind of sheep- eda- aadu 

*133.cardamom- ela- yaela

134.unity- ikya- onnaka 

135.sheep -ai lak- yaezhakam 

136.weave- otu /auta –neithidu 

137.rope- kat- kadam; vadam; ka= va; va= ka. 

*138.bracelet- kata –katakam root word is kai kattu; kai- hand/ arm; kattu- to wear. 

*139.gnash- kata kataya-  kada kada nnu kadiththida ; kadi-bite 

140.side glance- kata aksha- kadai kann ; kann- eye. 

141.hip- kati- kadi thadam ; kundi .

*142.severe- kati –kaduma

*143.violent- kati- kodumai 

144.pungency- kati- kaithhtida/ bitter 

145.heron- kanka- kokku 

146.dagger- kattaria- k –kuththu koadaari 

*147.blame- katth- kuththam 

*148.tun into a narrative- katha- kri –kathaiyaa kooru ; kathi- story ; kooru- say.

*149.bad- kad- ketta 

*150.slaughter/ destruction- kad ana- kaathidanum 

151.frying pan- kandu-kundu satti 

*152.patched garment- kantha- kanthai 

153.pupil of the eye- kan ina- kann mani; kann- eye

154.clapping of the hands- kara tala-  karaththai  thattuthal ; karam[Skt] - arm ;thattuthal- clapping ;maer kkai= karam ; maer- upper;kai- hand. 

*155.elephant- kari nu- kariyan/ black one; kari yaanai ; kari- black; yaanai-  elephant 

*156.pot/ jar- kalsa- kalan 

*157.stain- kalanka- kalankkam ; root word is   azhukku/ dirt; letters are jumbled. 

158.artist- kala bhara – kalaignar ; perum kalaignar ; perum- great . 

159.dirty- kal usha – azhukku ; letters are in reversed order.

*160.liquor- kalya- kallu 

161.beautiful- kalyana- azhakaana; letters are jumbled. 

162.poet - kavi – akavunan – kavignan / singer; ka= va; va= ka; akavu- sing. 

163.poetic art /gift- kavita -akaviyathu / one that was sung; akaviya kodai/ one that was sung as a gift; kodai- gift; akaviyathu- sung. 

164.skull- kapala –enpu klam / bony vessel; letters are jumbled; enpu- bone; kalam – vessel.

165.maker- kar- aakkukiravar ; aakku- make ; ka= va; va= ka. 

166.poet/ singer- karu-isai kaaran/ musician; isai- music; kaaran- one who does. 

167.ripened by time- kala pakva – kalam kaniya; kaniya- ripened; kaalam- time; root word for kaalam is koal/ planet; koalam- rounded one.   

168.limitation of time - kala ta- kaalam kidaiyaathu/ no time; kidaiyaathu -without kala- karu; Ra = la. 

*170.wood- kastha- kattai 

*171.cough- kas- kakka /eject out; kaasam /sputum/ tuberculosis 

*172.wild boar- kiti- koattu maa 

* kukura- kukkuran ; root word is kuraikka/ to bark 

*174.bad son- k tanaya-ketta  thanaiyan ; thanaiyan- son; ketta- bad. 

*175.jar/ pitcher - kunda –kundaan 

176.wall- kudya- kuttiyam ; kar kattu .

177.a kind of jasmine- kundu – kundu malli 

178.moon- kumuda-vaan mathi; ka= va; va= ka; vaan- sky; mathi- moon. 

179.night lotus- kumuda -kaya yaama / mei   mottu; kayam- water; yaama - night; mottu- bud. 

180.daughter /virgin- kumari – kumari ; root word is   kaamam ura /to have desire  /period of lust/ love .

181.boy/ youth - kumara –kumaran of a locality- khaduhya ; kudi kaadu ; letters are read more than once. 

183.small / little- kshulla- kullam 

*184.summit/ peak/ top- kakud/ kuta – koadu; mukadu .

*185.corpse- kata- kattai /wood 

*186.collection- kata- koottu 

*187.piercing cry- kathora- kaththuthar / shouting 

*188.harden- kathina –kettiyaana; kadinam aana .

*189.fruit- pala- pazha

189.boastkatth- pakattu 

*190.telling- katha ka- kathaikka 

*191.tell/speak- katha- kathai ththidu /to speak 

*192.story- katha- kathai 

*193.conversation- kath ita- kathaiththida /to converse

194.destruction-kad ana- kaaedu aana / destroyed/ ruined/ rotten 

*195.bad food- kad ann- ketta uoon; ketta- bad; uoon- food; unnu- eat. 

*196.plantain tree- kadali –kathali/ kind of banana 

*197.girl/ virgin -kana / kanya- kanni 

*198.patched garment- kantha- kanthai 

*199.water pot- kara ka- karakam 

*200.smith- karumara- karumar / blacksmith; karu- black. 

201.dispute- kalaha- kalaka

202.artistic skill- kala- kalai thiran ; thiran- skill; kalai- art. 

203.Calcutta- Kali kata –kaali koattam; koattam- temple. 

*204.crow- kaka- kaakka eyed- kana- kann onnu; kann- eye; onnu- one. 

206.bad road/ evil course- ka- patha- ketta paathai; ketta- bad; paathai- path; letters are jumbled. 

*207.desire- kama –kaamam ; root word is  kaaya .

* sickness- kama atura- kaama thuyar 

209.impelled by love- kama muta- kaamam thoonda 

*210.body- kaya- yaakkai ; yoga= yaakkai iyakkam; iyakkam- movement. 

211.instrument/ organ of sense- kara- karuvi; ka= va; va= ka. 

212.angry- kopa- kaaya ; koapa;root word is kaaya . 

213.prison/gaol - kara- kaavar akam ; ka= va; va= ka; kaavar- protection; akam- house; gaol [E] = kaaval  akam . 

*214.wheel of time- kala kkra- kaala kaar; kaalam-time; kaar-wheel/ leg. 

*215.time- kala- kaalam ; root word is  koal / planet;  kizhamai- day ; koalam- rounded one .

*216.death- kala- kazhiya 

*217.god of death- kala- kaalan 

218.litigant – kary ika- kurai   koorukiravar ; kurai- complait; kooru- say ;koorukiravar- one who  says; ka= va; va= ka. 

*219.tail- vala- vaal 

* break-kalya- kaalai / morning 

*221.rogue- kiatva- kettavan/ bad person 

*222.mention/ say- kirtaya/ kirti – kooridu 

*223.female breast- kunka- konkai 

*224.hut – kuti -kudi / house 

225.shed- kuti –kottakai ; letter ‘k’ is read more than once 

226.hut- kutira- kudi iruppu/ residential area. 

*227.divide- kut –kaathu 

*228.sexual intercourse- kutira- kooduthar / to unite 

* kutumba- koottam /group 

*230.grinding- kutta- kuththu 

231.jar / pot- kunda- kundaan/ a vessel 

232.budding- kud mala-  mulai kondida ; letters are jumbled; mulai- bud/ root .

*233.axe- kuthara- koadaari 

234.hoe- kuddala –kalai koththu ; letters are jumbled; koththuthal / hoeing.

*235.spear/ lance- kuntha- kuntha

236.herd/ folkkul –kuzhu kul –kula

*238.nest-kulay- kulaalam 

*239.potter -kulala- kulaalan 

240.canal- kulya- vaai kkaal ; kaal vaai ; ka= va; va= ka. 

* lotus- ku valya- kuvalai 

242.lord of earth / king -kuvalaya isa- kaavalan/ king/ protector 

*243.coo/ cry/ lament - kuga –koovuka 

*244.cry of the cuckoo-kuhu- koova 

*245.fetter- kud- kattu 

* cut- krit- keeridu/ to cut 

247.Malabar/ Kerala-  malaya -malai/ mountain ; Malabar- malai puram. 

* keli- kaelal; kaelikkai/ enjoyment; kali- enjoy. 

*249.bracelet- keyura- kai kaarai; kai- hand. 

*250.shape- ketu –koadu 

*251.banner- ketu –kodi / flag; pathaakai ; letters are read in reversed order. 

*252.Indian cuckoo- kokila- kuyil 

*253.fortress- kot- koattai 

254.hollow of a tree / cavity- kotara- kudithar / to make hollow. 

*255.point/ extremity- koti -  kadai  ; kadai koadi ; koadu .

*256.ten million- koti- koadi ; kadai enn ; kadai- final/ last; enn- numerical number. 

*257.angle- kona- koanam 

258.pimping- kauttanya- kootti koduththidanum ; letters are read more than once. 

*259.weaver- kaul ika- kai kolan ; letters are jumbled; kai- hand; kole- stick.  

* kriya- karmam krida- koodi aaduthar / play together; koodi- together; aaduthar- playing. 

262.anger- krudh- karuththar / to get angry; karuppu/ anger. 

263.lament- krus- karaiya 

*264.boiling- kvatha- kothiththida 

265.warrior – kshatra-koottaththaar / men of troops. 

*266.tribes/ races- kashti- kudi 

267.milk-kshira- konkai saaru ; konkai surappu; konkkai-  breast; saaru- juice; surappu- section. 

268.wound- kha- kaayam 

269.sword- khadga-  katkam ;  kuththu kaththi; letters are jumbled; kai kaththi; kuththu- to stab; kaththi- knife; kai- hand. 

270.a sour drink- khada-kudi/ liquor; kudi- to drink. 

271.bedstead- katva – kidakkai  ; ka= va; va= ka. 

272.under the bed- khatva- tala- kidaikkai adiyil   ;adiyil- under. 

* firm/ hard- kad- kadumai – yaa 

*274.digging- khan ati- konthu 

275. wicked person- khala-kaali; kayavaali ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*276.threshing floor- khala - kalam 

*277.lump-khilya – kazhalai 

* gnaw- khad- kadi 

*279.a well- kha- kaeni ; ka= water.

*280.hamlet- kheta-kudi 

*281.shield- kheta- kaedayam ; kiduku -skin. 

*282.trouble- kheda- kaedu 

*283.young bull- gadi – kedaa 

*284.counting- ganana –kani ; ennuka; letters are in reversed order. 

*285.going/ reaching- ga- yaeka 

*286.gone- gata- yaekida 

*287.without- gata- kidaiyaa thu 

288.Ganapathi – lord Ganesa – kayama paathi ; kayamaa- elephant; paathi- half ; kayamaa mukam udaiya ; kayamaa- elephant; mukam- face; udaiya- has ;letters are jumbled. ; Vinayak =   vinai neekki  ; nekku -remove  ;vinai- ded /action .

*289.harlot- gan ika- kanikai 

* be said- gadya- kathaiththidu 

* gada-kattai 

291.speech- gada- kathaippu 

292.bearing a club- gad in – kathai/ kattai   kai kondu ; letters are jumbled; letters are read more than once; kathai/ kattai -  club ; kai- hand; kondu- having/ posessing 

293.bearing a club-gada  dhara –kattai udaiyaar ; kattai/ kathai -  wood/ club; udaiyaar- those have. 

294. path- gati – kaduvu ;  veethi ; ka= va; va= ka . 

* gaya- akam 

*296.womb- garbh-karu pei ; karu- embryo; pei- bag .

*297.embryo- garbh-karu 

*298.lying- gata- kidakka 

* complain /accuse- garh –kurai kooru ; kurai- complaint; kooru- say ;letters are read more than once. 

300.neck- gal- kazhuththu gatu- kathai pattu ; kathai- story; paatu – sogn ; akavidu  /to sing ; ka= va; va= ka.  

*302.ox- gu- koa 

*303.mountain- giri- kurunji ; root word is  kar/ stone. 

*303.anus- guda- kutha  oaattai; kutham-  rectum ;oaattai- opening. 

* gup – kaappu 

305.pill- gulika –kulikai 

306.prison- ghdha  agara –kaavar koodam ; ka= va; va= ka;  kaavar- protection; koodam- room .

307.blame- gur ana- kurai kooranum ; kurai- complaint; kooranum- to say. 

*308.utter- gri- kooru /say cows/ cattle- goda- koa kodai ;koa- cow/ ox; kodai- gift .

*310.race/ family- gotra- ka – koottaththaar / people of a group; koottaththarukku  /for the group .

*311.bull- gola- kaalai 

*312.accumulate- ghat- koottu 

*313.make- ghat- aakkidu 

*314.hug- ghat- katti  pidi 

*315.pot- ghata- kudam 

*316.troop- ghata- kootta

*317.snorting- ghar ghar – ghor ghor 

*318.blow- ghata -kuththu / a blow 

*319.killing- ghata- kaathidu 

*320.owl- ghu ka- kookai 

*321.trembling- katu la- kidu kiduththal ; letters are read more than once 

322.squarekat vara -    naar konam  udaiya  vadivam- kattam; naar- four; koanam- angle; vudaiya- has; vadivam- form ; kattam- square    ; kattam variaya / to draw a square; kattam- a square; varaiya- to draw. 

*323.move away- kal- akalu 

324.confused- kal- kalankka ; kuzhuppam 

325.look for/ search- ki- kaanu; kann- eye.

326.pile of wood-kiti ka-adukkiya kattai ;kattai- wood ; kattai adukkam .

327.that is piled up- kitya -adukkiya ; letters are in reversed order.

*328.that is built up -kitya- kattiya 

*329.building- kita- kattidam 

*330.grief- kitta- khaedu ; thukkam; letters are in reversed order.

331.relating to funeral fire- kitta edha –thee kadan / funeral ritual; the- fire; kadan- rites.

332.think of- kint- kaniththidu 

333.a town- kira pura- karuppur 

*334.ask- kud- kaettidu 

*335.hollowed hand- kuluka- kuzhi kai; kuzhi- hollow; kai- hand 

*336.thief- kaura- kariyar 

*337.lump- khata- kutti 

*338.umbrella- khat tra- kudaiyaei thira/ viriththidu    ; ka= va; va= ka ; kudai-   umbrella  ;thira- to open/ unfolding  .

*339.defect- khidra-kaedu ura / defective 

*340.leaky- khidra – kottuthar 

*342.distress- khidra-kaedu ura 

*343.piercing- khid-kuththuthar 

*344.destroying- khid- kedukka /to destroy 

*345. gnaw- khid- kadi 

*346.perforate- khidraya- kuthaithar 

*347.flag- pataka- pathaakai 

348.water- gala- keezhaalam ; kaval. ; ka= va; va= ka. 

349.relating to districts/ country men- gana pada- kudi makan /citizen; letters are jumbled. 

350.cluster of buds- gula- kulai/ cluster; mukizh kulai ; mukizh- bud.

351.conquering/ gaining/ acquisition/ victory -git/ gaitra- kai adiathar/ capture; kai- hand; adaithar- to attain. 

*352.roaring- ghoutra-kaththuthar  /shouting 

*353.know- gna- kaana 

*354.witness/ one who knows - gna tri- kandoar 

355.astronomer- gyotir gna- kaniya koottaththaar ; kaniyan- astronomer; koottaththaar-  group of men .

356.astronomy- gyotih sastra – vaan kanitha soothhtiram; vaan- sky; ka= va; va= ka; kaniththidum   sooththiram ; kaniththidu- to asses; sooththiram- technique/ formula  .

*357.large drum- dhakka- udukkai 

358.drum- dhola- root word is adiththal /to beat 

*359.pond- tataka- thadakam 

*360.beat /strike- tad- adiththidu 

361.father- tata- thanthai 

*’s self- tanu- thaun 

363.surface/ plane- tala- thalam 

*364.sole -tala- adi thole; adi- foot; thole- skin 

*365.under- tala- adiyil 

*366.dancing- tadya- aadidu /to dance 

* tara –thee uru ; thee- fire; uru- form .

*368.clap- tal ika- kai thattuthal; kai- hand; thattuthal- to clap; letters are jumbled. 

*369.clapping- tal- thattuthal ; adiththal .

*370.sharpen- tig- thettuka 

*371.strike- tug- thaakku 

*372.push- tug- idikka 

373.incite- tug- thoonduka 

373.sting- tug- theenduka 

374.pierce- tudaya- theiththidu 

*375.lift- tul- eduththal 

*376.weigh- tul –edai iduthal; edai -weight. 

*377.attain- tul – adaithal with – tul –oppiduthal 

*379.similarity- tula- oththu ulla 

*380.water- toya- ithadi 

* da- thaa/ give 

*382.reach to- dagh-adaika 

383.stick- danda- thandam; root word is thadi / stick; thandu- stalk/ stem. 

384.punish- danda ya-thandi 

*385.punishing- dan ika- thandikka 

386.fine- dandya- thandam datta –thanthida 

* dam- idam 

389.elephant- danta vala-thantha vaalam/ valam  

*390.tusk - danta- thantha

* dra- oaaduthar 

*392.grind- dal- idiththal 

*393.burn- tah- thee idu ; thee- fire.

*394.pure- da- thooya 

*395.south- daksha- theukku 

*396.demon- danu- theeyoan ;theeya-= bad; satan . 

*397.crack/breaking – dara/daru – udaithar 

398.poverty- dari drya- thiru indri; thiru- wealth; indri- without. 

*399.burning- dah uka – thee iduka/ to burn; thee- fire. 

*400.burn- du- thee idu ; thee- fire. 

401.goddess- diti- aaththaa 

*402.door- dur- thirappu 

*403.distress-dur ita- thuar adaiya ;thuyaram - distress; adaiya- to have. 

404.foolish- dur mati mathi indri; letters are jumbled. 

*405.swing/swaying - dul -aaduthal 

406.raise- dul – edupputhal ; opputhal ; yaeththuthal .

407.appear / look /sight - drisa- thiriya /visible; thoandra /appear.

408.god given- deva datta- theivam thantha ;thanthathu- given  ;theivam- god; theivam= the vadivam; thee- fir; vadivam- form .

409.subordinate goddess- dev ika- kudi theivam; letters are jumbled; kudi- family; theivam -god.

410.divine- daivata- theiva thanmai  ;thanmai- nature .

411.bodily- dai ika- kattai/ boy; letters are in reversed order.

412.evil/ bad- dosh – theethu ;theeya .

413.distress/ misery – daurgatya- thuyar kondida ; thuyram- distress; kondida- to have. 

414.rush at- dyu- oaadidu 

*415.attack- dyu- adi 

*416.playing- dyu- aadu / to play 

* of dice- dyu- thaaayam 

418.wander about- darm- thiriya of the Dravidians- Dravida-[- the – Ra-   va  -tha- ]- then nattavar ; then- south; naadu- state ; nattavar- people;  vanthaeri aariyarai ethirkkiravar ; letters are jumbled;   ka= va; va= ka; aariyar- Aryan people ; ethirkka- to oppose; ethirkiravar- those who  oppose; vanthaeri- those who came for settling .   

420.sleep- dra- saaithar /repose; nithrai [ Skt] 

*421.placing/ putting- dha –idu 

*422.wear/ put on- dha- uduththu 

*423.obstructed- dha- thadai idu / to obstruct; thaduththidu .

*424.say/ utter- dha- oaathu 

*425.shut up- dha- adai 

*426.remote- dha- etta 

*427.take- dha- edu 

*428.accept- dha- yaeththidu 

*429.touch with- dha- thodu 

*430.deceive- dha- yaeiththidu 

* dhara – tharai 

*431.wearing- dhara –uduththuthar dhara ni – munn tharai ; letters are jumbled. 

433.moral merit/ justice-- dhar ma- aram udaimai ; letters are jumbled; aram- virtue; udaimai- possession.

434.established order- dhar ma- nadai murai ; letters are jumbled.

*435.sudden attack- dhati- adiththidu /attack 

*436.layer- dhatu/ dhaya – yaedu 

437.grain/ cereal – dhana/ dhanya – thinai/ millet 

* dhav – aadavae 

439.arrive at – dhav- adaiyavae 

440.intention- dhi- thitta

*441.intelligent- dhi mat- mathi udaimai ; mathi- intelligence; udaimai- possession ; mathi udaiya .

442.rushing -dhuni- oaadanum 

443.river- dhuni- oaaaduthanni ; oaadum- running; thanni -water. 

444.firm/ courageous- dhira- uruthi ; letters are in reversed order.

445.dust- dhuli- thoosu ulla; thoosu- dust; ulla- has. 

*446.carry- dhar- eduththar 

*447.wear-dhari- uduththuthar 

*448.detain- dhari- adaiththar 

*449.weighed- dhari- edai iduthar; edai- weight.

450.endure- dhari- neediththar 

*451.stopped- dhari –thaduththar 

452.hold erect- dhari- naattuthar 

453.ponder- dhari- ennuthar 

*454.possess- dhari-adaithar 

455.hold in high honour- dhari- mathiththar dhari- uruthi; letters are in reversed order; pidiththar .

457.think of- dhyai- ennidu 

*458.claw/ nail- nakh – nakam 

*459.binding- naddhi – inaiththidu /to bind 

*460.mother- nana- annai 

461.son- nanda- mainthan 

*462.reed- nala- naanal  

* nataka- naataka; root word is nadikka /to act .

* act / mimic emotion or action – natik- natikka 

* nataka- natikan 

*466.actress- natakiya- natikai 

*467.lord/ ruler -natha- aandai 

468.human- nara- oru aan ;oru- one; aan- man .

469.heroine/ mistress- nayika -manaivi /wife; ka= va; va= ka.

470.hero/ husband/ chief/ lord /chief - nayaka – [ -an -ka] – koamaan / lord; kanavan /husband; ka= va; va= ka; maanavan/ hero. 

471.forehead- ntala- mun neththiyil ;mun- front; neththi- forehead. 

472.woman- nari- naari 

*473.hollow stalk - nala- nalaa 

474.boat man- navika- naavai kaaran ; naavai- boat .

475.copulation- ni dhuvana –inainthidavaenum /to unite  

*476.deride/ abuse- nindaka- ninthikka 

*477.dwelling/ abode- nilaya-nilaiyam; root word is nilaiyaa /stable 

478.fruitless- nis phala- paan inmai ; palan- use; inmai- without. 

*479.water- nira- neer 

*480.boat- nau- naavaai pakti –aakkidu /to cook paka- aakku 

483.ripen- pak- kaniya 

484.side/ place- paksha-pakka

*485.cloth/ garment- pat- padaam; pattu ;puttam 

*486.strip of cloth- pati- pattai 

*487.picture- pata- patam 

* read /recite path – padi; root word is oaathu/ recite. 

* pattana- pattinam 

*490.a tablet- patta –pattayam 

491.diadem- patta- pattam 

492.document- patta –patta ;yaedu .

*493.banner- pataka- pathaakai 

*494.road- path- paathai 

495.wife- patni- pondaatti; letters are jumbled. 

496.letter- pattrika-thiru muka; letters are jumbled. 

*497.seize- pad- pidi 

*498.dead/die- pad- poaeida /gone 

*499.go to/reach - pad- poaeida 

*500.learned- pad- padiththa 

*501.make- pad- padai; pannidu.

*502.lie down/sleep- pad- padu 

*503.lay down- pad- poadu 

*504.offered- pad- padai 

* with – pad- paaththidu 

*506.equal- pad- oppudaiya 

*507.agreeing with- pad –oppida 

*508.foot- pad- adi; paatham 

*509.abode- pada- padai veedu

510.step by step –pada sas- padi padiyaa 

511.foot soldier- pad ati - adi podi  ;adi padai .

512.being on foot- pad ati- podi nadaiyaa 

513.track- pada – adi/ paatha thadam 

*514.step- pada- padi 

*515.further/ beyond - para- appaar 

516.foreign nation- para desa- pura thinai ; puram- foreign ;thinai- land 

*517.foreign country- para sthana- pura thinai 

* about others-para katha- pirar kathai; pirar- other; kathai- story.

519.highest- param – periya uyaram ; periya- great; uyaram- height. 

520.mighty /valorous – para krama- perum veeram; perum- great; veeram- courage; ka= va; va= ka.

521.turning one’s back up on- paramukha –pura muthuku ; muthuku- back .

* of another- para anna- pirar uoon ; pirar- other; uoon- food. 

523.supreme soul- para-atman- perum manathu; letters are jumbled; perum- great; manathu- mind.

524.whose breath is departing /dying- para asumoochchu priya ; moochchu- breadth; piriya- to depart ; uyir piriya ; uyir- life.

*525.around- pari – puram 

526.mountain - par vata – perum vidam ;perum- big; vidam- mountain. 

527.under world- patala- paa thalam ; adithalam ;  adi- lower/ under thalam- floor. 

*528.void excrement- pay –pee poa ; pee- excrement- poa- go. 

*529.meant for another- parakya- pirarukkaana 

530.on the other side- para tah- antha puram ; letters are jumbled. 

*531.ball- pinda- panthu 

532.boil / pustule- pidaka- poduku /dandruff 

*534.bile -pitta- piththam 

*535.embrace- pid –anaiththu pidi 

* pura- puram 

* pura kotta -periya koattai ; periya- big; koattai- castle ;kaottai  puram . 

538.filled- purna-nirappu ; letters are in reversed order. 

539.battle- prit- poaridu / to, wage a war; poar- war. 

*540.large- prithu –perithu 

541.cloth/ garment- pot ika- udukkai ; poattukka /to wear 

*542.young of an animal- pota- poti; potisu .

*543.chief man of the city -paura mukiya –peru makan ; peiya- big; makan- noble son  .

544.procreation- praga- ina perukkam 

545.abundance of offspring- prag virddhi –peruke varuthar / prosperity 

546.opposite side- prathi paksha- ethir pakkam ; letters are jumbled; ethir- opposite; pakkam- side. 

*547.splitting- preti bheda- piriththidu 

548.answer /reply -prati vaktavya – ethir vaakkidu ; letters are jumbled. 

549.answer- prati vyahara- ethir urai ; ethir- opposite; urai- speech .

550.opposed- pratipa- ethirppu / opposition; letters are in reversed order. 

551.increase- parath- uyarththu 

552.superior/ mighty- pra bu – periyoar ;Paraiyah .

553.great grandfather- pra pitamah- periya paattan ; periya- big/ great; pattan- grandfather.

554.departed- pra yata- purapaattaachchu/ gone; purappaadu / departure ; purappadu. 

*555.announcement- pra vak- arivikka 

*556.seeing/ viewing- praiksha- paarkka 

*557.large- pra udha- peiyathu 

*558.strong- pra udha –periya uruthi ; letters are jumbled; periya- big; uruthi – strength .

*558.hood of the serpent- phat- pada

*559.bearing fruit- phalita-pazham udaiya ; udaiya- has. 

*560.fruit- phala-pazham  

*561.result- phala- palan fruit- phala itara –palan indri; indri- without.

* fasten- bandh- pinaiththidu 

*563.hole- bila- puzhai 

565.clever/ wise- budha- thuppu ; letters are in reversed order. 

566.great history- brihat katha-  kathai periyathu  ; periyathu -big; kathai- story .

567.tall reed- brihan nala- periya naanal ;periya- big; naanal- reed; letters are jumbled. 

568.devoted- bhakta- nampikkai uadiya 

569.cook- bhakta- aakkidu 

*570.division- bhakti- pakuthi 

*571.divide- bhag- paku 

572.share- bhaga- pankku/ a share  

*573.share- bhaga dheya – pakuththidu /to share 

574.skull- bhagala- enpu kalam; enpu- bone; kalam- vessel.

575.soldier- bhata –padai /army 

576.bearing- bhara- porumai 

*577.battle/ war- bhara- poar 

578.burden- bhara- periya sumai; perum- big; sumai- load / burden. 

579.pot/ vessel- bhanda –mat -paandam / earthen vessel 

580.bird- bharanda- paranthai; root word is paranthida – to fly.

581.India- bharata- perun- thinai ; perum- big; thinai- land.

582.abundance- bhara- poorippu be borne- bharya- pirappu/ birth; uyir pera /to be borne; uyir- life; pera- to get. 

*584.say/ talk- bhash- paseu 

*585.speech – bhasha- paechchu 

*586.speech – bhash ika- paesuka/ to speak 

*587.shrub- bhinda- poondu 

*588.section- bhitta- paththi ; paaththi.

*589.pierce- bhid- poththidu 

*590.breaking in pieces- bhid- pottida /to break; udaiya .

*591.torn- bhid- peiththida 

*592.hitting – bhit- poattu adi 

593.mountain tribe- bhilla- malai yaali ; malai- mountain; aal- person.

594.excessively terrified- bhita- peethi adaiya ; peethi- fear ;adaiya- to have.

*595.fear- bhiti- peethi 

596.past- bhuta- pandu 

*597.present- bhuta- eppoathu 

598.created thing- bhuta- padaiththathu   /created; padaiththa  pandam- pandam- goods. 

599.for a long time- bhuri kalam – perum kaalam ; perum- big; kaalam- .time. 

*600.bear- bhri- poru – poru 

601.borne- bhri /bhrita- piranthida 

*602.bearing- bhrit- poruththidu 

603.bursting- bheda- pottida 

604.breaking- bheda ka- poattu udaikka 

*605.piercing- bheda ka- poththiduka 

*606.kettle drum- bheri – parai / drum; paeri.

*607.fry /roast- bhragg- porikka of Magadha –maa kudi ; maa- great; kudi- town .

608.sink/ bath - magg-munkka 

609.sinking- magg ana- munkka ; letters are jumbled.

*610.decay- magg- makka 

611.prosperity- mangala- nalam miku ; letters are jumbled; kozhumaiyaana . 

612.happiness- mangala- mana makizh ;  mana kali ; manam- mind; makizha- to be happy ; kali- joy.

*613.brightness- mangala- minukkal 

614.auspicious time- mangala- nalla kaalam ; letters are jumbled;  nalla- good; kaalam- time 

615.beautiful- mangula- ilakkanam ; letters are in reversed order. 

*616.gem- mani- mani 

* erect - matha ya- amaiththidu 

618.drum- matta –monthai/ a drum open at one end 

619.hut- matha- maadam/ house 

*620.intelligence- mt/ mati – mathi 

621.intelligent- mat mat-mathi udaimai ;  mathi- intelligence;  udaiya- to possess. 

*622.intoxicated- matta- matai adi 

*623.churning stick- mathi- maththu 

624.elephant in rut- mada kara- mathi eena kari; mathi eenam- madness; kari- dark /elephant.

625.middle- madhya – maiyaththil / middle 

626.mind- mana–manam 

*627.whispering- man mana –munu munuppu 

628.peacock- mayura – mayil ; letter Ra =  la. 

*629.wrestler- malla- mallan 

630.great /abundant- mah –maa/ great; mikka; mikai /abundant.

* masi – mei 

632.great tale- maha katha- maa kathai ; maa- great; kathai- story .

*633.great family/ elder – mahat kula- mooththa kulam ; mooththa- elder; kulam- family. 

634.large wheel- maha kakra- maa kaar; maaa- great; kaar- leg/ wheel. 

635.woman- mahila –penn makal 

636.prince- ika- koan/ king 

637.various men- mathara – maanthar / human beings; maathar/ women.

638.ruby- manika ya- maanikkam; root word is minukku/ to shine. 

*639.mother- matri- maa thiru 

*640.small portico- matra- muttram 

*641.importance- matra- mutattru 

*642.enjoying honour- mana vat – maanam udaiya ; maanam- honour; udaiya- has. 

643.cord- sutra- saradu ; letters are jumbled. manita- maanthan 

645.mine- mama- emm

*646.perishing- maruka- maraika/ disappearing  

*647.death- mara- maraiya / disappear 

648.fragrant jasmine- malathi- manam ulla malli ; letters are jumbled; manam-  smell/ aroma ;ulla- has; malli- flower.  

649.Malabar range- Malayamalai / mountain; malai puram- Malabar 

650.pillar- mit-muttu thadi ;thadi-  wood; muttu/ support .

*651.knee- gnu- kanu 

*652.a clash/ come into conflict-- mitt- moathu ; moathal

* mina- meen 

*654.diadem- mukuta- makudam 

*655.bud- mukula- mukizh ; mukulam ; mokkul 

*656.face- mukha- mukam; root word is mukappu /front.

657.shaved head- munda- mottai mandai; mottai-shaven head; mandai- head. 

*658.fist-mushti- mutti 

659.dumb- muka- uoomaiyaaka as a dumb; uoomai- dumb. 

*660.stupid /foolish- mudha ketana- mathi kaedan / stupid person. 

661.appearance- murti- thoattram; letters are in reversed order. 

662.urine- mutra- muttum neer ; mutta- sense of urgency to pass urine from the distended bladder  ; neer- water 

*663.root- mula- mulai 

*664.having it’s root in- mula ka- mulaikka 

665.raddish- mulaka- mullankki 

*666.dead- mri- maraiya /disappear 

*667.break- mri- muri 

*668.broken – mrid- murithidu / to break; murinthida/ broken. 

669.death- mrityuka- marainthiduka / to disappear /die 

670.death- mrityu –marainthida /disappear 

671.forget- maridh- maranthida 

672.jar- gata- kuduvai; ka= va; va= ka. 

*673.intelligence- medha- mathI

674.fisherman- main ala- meen aal; meen- fish; aal- person 

675.ancient -manla-mun naalil  / in ancient days  ; naal- day . /summit- mauli – malai uchchi ; malai- mountain; uchchi-  top. 

677.set /sun -mruk- maraika/ disappear; maerkku- west. 

678.sacrifice- yag- kaavu ; letters are in reversed order. 

*679.whither- yatra- uthira ; whither[E] - uthira 

680.eating which food- yad anna-entha/ yaethu  uoon ; uoon- food; entha- which.

681.belonging to which family- yad gotra- yaethu   koottaththaar ; koottam- group; koottaththaar-  group of people. 

*682.fastened/ fettered- yantraya – inaiththar what way/ manner- yad vat- entha vitham ; vitham- manner.

*684.ask – yak – kaekka 

685.beg- yak- root word is kaekka /to ask; yaasikka .

*686.asking- yakna –kaekkanu

687.Vedic tribe- yadu – idaiyan/ shepherd 

688.union- yukti- onnaakida / united 

*689.joined- ynta- onnaayida / united 

*690.fight- yudh –adu 

691.protecting- raksha- uyir kaakka  /to save life; uyir- life; kaakka- to save. 

*692.sexual union- rati- yaeridu /to mount 

693.chariot- ratha- thaer; letters are in reversed order. 

*694.cut- rad- aruththidu 

695.night- ratra- eruttuthar / getting dark 

696.form- rupa- uru 

697.filling- pirana- nirappu; letters are in reversed order.

*698.speaking- vak tri- vaakku iduthar 

*699.speech- vakti- vaakkidu/ to speak 

*700.say /speak- vak- vaakku /speech 

*701.say- vad- voathu 

*702.worship- vand- vaendu 

703.aged- vayo gata- akavai  kadakka  ;letters are jumbled; akavai- age; kadakka- gone. 

*704.increasing- vardha- uyarththu/ increase; uyarththidu – to increase; uyarnthida/ increasing.

*705.anything rolled- varti- uruttu /to roll 

*706.cover- vauri- urai 

* valaya -valayam 

*708.bracelet- val aya- valayal 

*709.encircled- valay ita- valaiththida 

*710.cave- vala- villam; valai .

*711.bent- val- valaiya 

712.height- varsh man- uyaramaana 

*713.dwelling- vasati –vasiththida 

* vasti- veedu 

715.cloth- vastra- root word is uduththuthar /to wear 

*716.speaking- vada- voathidu 

717.speaking- vad ika- voathuka 

*718.converse with- vartta ya –uraiyaadu / trade - varttaika – root word is uyarththuka/ to increase 

*720.tail- vala- vaal 

*721.howl- vas ita- voasai idu ; voasai- noise; idu- make. 

*722.cracking- vidara – udaithar 

*723.cracking- vidala- udaithal 

*724.knowledge/ science - vidya- viththai; viththu .

*725.possessed with knowledge - vidya dara –viththai udaiyaar ;udaiyaar- one who has. 

*726.pierced- viddha- vottai ittathu/ holed; voattai- hole.

*727.clever- vidvala- viththai ulla ; ulla- has. 

*728.solitary – vidhu- voththaiyaa 

*729.increase- vridh- vuyarththu 

*730.time- vela- vaelai 

*731.flood- vela- vellam 

732.cloth- vesht- udai /dress; root word is vuduththu /to wear 

*733.perforate- vyadh- voattai idu ;voattai- hole; idu- make. 

* away- vyadh- voatti vidu ; letters are read more than once. 

*735.hunter- vyadha- vaettaiyan ;vaettai- hunting. sakti –kodai; root word is kodu /give.

737.sound- sabda- oaasi poadu/ make noise; oaasai- noise; poadu- make. 

738.spotted- sabla- pulli ulla; pulli- spot; ulla- has. 

*739.resting/ sleeping- sayya –saaya/ to repose 

740.sleeping- sayita- saainthidu 

*741.cloth- sata- sattai / shirt 

742.tiger- sardula - siruththai puli /leopard 

743.scholar- sastrin-sudran ; root word is sooththiram/  technique   ;saathiram .

*744.tuft of hair/ crested - sikhanda- kondai 

745.pure- suddha- thooya 

746.purifying- sudh aku – thooyathaakku 

747.sleeping- sa nidra- saainthiduthar / repose; nithrai sati- soththu; root word is udaimai .

749.accomplish- sadh-saathi ;   root word is adaiya .

*750.make- sadh- seithidu 

*751.prepare- sadh- seithidu 

*752.perform- sadh- seithidu  

753.accomplishment- sadh aka- saathikka; root word is adaika /to attain.

754.performance/ attainment - sadana- seithidanu

755.equality /similarity – samya- oppumai 

*756.wealthy- saartha –seer udaiya; seer- riches; udaiya- has. 

757.relating to serpents- sarp –saarai paampu / Indian rattle snake. 

*758.river- sindhu- sinthu / to fall/ scatter 

759.plough- sira- yaeru 

760.very hot- su tapta –soodu aayida; soodu- hot; aayida – to become 

761.wise- sumati –mathi 

*762.liquor- sura- saaru /juice; saarayam

*763.binding- setu- saeththidu /to bind 

764.joined or together with- saindra- saenthiduthar 

765.weariness- sedi- asathi sainya – ani 

767.welfare/ happiness- saukhya- kunam 

*768.spill- skad- kotta 

*769.pass over- skad- kadakka 

*770.enemy- staru- ethiri 

*771.drop -stu- sottu /a drop 

*772.scatter- stri- sithara 

773.stop- stha- thadai

774.mount- stha-   yaeththu   /to mount 

775.adopt-stha- thaththu edu 

776.put down/ place- stha- idu 

777.strike -stha- adi 

778.apply- stha- idu 

*779.produce- stha- seithidu  

780.reach /attain- sth- adai 

781.scattered- stha –sintha 

*782.perish- stha- seththida/ to die

*783.immovable- stha- asaiyaathu 

*784.put on- stha- soodu 

785.having attained- stha- adaiya 

786.pot-sthala- thaazhi 

787.thick- sthula- thadiththu ulla 

*788.pot-syat- satti 

* kula- kulam ; root word is kilai / branch 

*790.taste well- suad/ svada- suvaiththida  

791.blow- hati- uoothu 

*792.large plough- hali- uzhu 

793.sacrifice- hava- kaavu 

794.heart- harid- kuruthi pei; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’   kuruthi- blood; pei- bag. 

795.liquor-hala- kal; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’; root word is kalankkal. 

796.put- hita- idu 

797.suitable-hita- oththa 

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