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List of Tamil words in Thai language

List of Tamil words in Thai language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


                   List of Tamil words in Thai language 


              Dr. Variankaval Ramsamy Annadurai; MD;DPM; 

Thai, or Central Thai (historically Siamese), is a Tai language of the Kra–Dai language family spoken by the Central Thai people and a vast majority of Thai Chinese. It is the sole official language of Thailand. 

Thai is the most spoken of over 60 languages of Thailand by both number of native and overall speakers. Over half of its vocabulary is derived from or borrowed from Pali, Sanskrit, Mon and Old Khmer. It is a tonal and analytic language, similar to Chinese and Vietnamese.

Thai has a complex orthography and system of relational markers. Spoken Thai, depending on standard sociolinguistic factors such as age, gender, class, spatial proximity, and the urban/rural divide, is partly mutually intelligible with Lao, Isan, and some fellow Southwestern Tai languages. These languages are written with slightly different scripts but are linguistically similar and effectively form a dialect continuum. 

As a dominant language in all aspects of society in Thailand, Thai initially saw gradual and later widespread adoption as a second language among the country's minority ethnic groups since the mid-late Ayutthaya period. Ethnic minorities today are predominantly bilingual, speaking Thai alongside their native language or dialect. 





Clues to read Thai words into Tamil 


Letter ‘k’ = ‘v’; v= ‘ka’; letter ‘Ra’= ‘la’.  

Add vowels then and there.

Letter ’p’ and letter ‘s’ can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged. 

 Add letters ‘m’ and ‘n’ then and there. 

A consonant letter can be read more than once.

If a same letter occurs consecutively more than once it can be read as a single letter.

By jumbling the letters of the given Japanese word, a Tamil word can be derived. 


Ref- Thai- English Students Dictionary – compiled by Mary R.Haas. 


English- Thai- Tamil 

1.abundant- dog-aathikkam cut off- duan -thundi ; letter ‘d’  is read more than once. 

*3.scold- da - thittu 

4.curse/abuse –daathcc- thittu 

* daaw-udu ; letters are in reversed order. 

* -dithii-thaethi ; date[ E] =  thaethi . know well- ruudii- arinthidu/ to know  

8.dare- thyydii- thuninthida 

* tap – diid- thattu 

* snap -diid -odiththidu pluck- diid / ded- aayinthidu 

* kick- diid- uthaiththidu 

13.a kind of long pepper- diiplii- aththi  thippili ; thippili- pepper .

admission fee- kaaduu – kattanam 

14.fare /cost of passage- kaadoojsaan- kadavu  kattanam; Kadavu- to cross/ pass; ka= va; va= ka. 

15.look after- duulee- paththiduthal 

16.keep watching- fawduu- paththidu / watch /see 

* look at carefully- phidduu- paththidu / watch /see sever/cut – ded/ tad - thundi walk- deen-nadai edu ; letters are in reversed order. serve/ as waiter- deento- thanthidu / give walk straight- dee nrri – naerae adi edu; letters are jumbled; naerae- straight;adi-foot; edu- take. 

*21.same / identical- diaw-oththavai 

*22.same- diawka – oththavaiyaaka 

23.single/ solo – diaw- woththiyaa ; letters are in reversed order. 

*24.single-dood- oththaiyaa 

*25.single time- thiidiaw- oththai thadavai ; oththai- single; thadavai- times 

*26.united- annyn andiaw - onnayidawae / to become one

* eat- deeg-thueikka 

*28.blushing- naadeen – naanaththudan / with shyness

* deen- thinai 

30.jump /leap- dood- thaandu 

31.which- da– ethu get- da-adaiya reach- da– adaiya conquer- tiidaaij –saathithida ;   letters are   jumbled; jeiththida ; jeyam [Skt]. 

35.can go- pajdaaj- poaeidu 

36.drooping ears- huu tog-  kaathu thonkka ; kathu-ear ;thonkka- to droop; letters are jumbled. lay as eggs- tog- muttai iduka ; muttai- egg; iduka- to lay . 

38.diminish- tog- -thanika ; adankku 

39.stalk- ton- thandu clap-tob -thattu slap- tob– thappu; adi; thattu; letter ‘t’ is read  more than once  . swarm together - truu- moeiththar run together in crowds- truu- onnaa oaaduthar / run together; oaaduthar- running; onnaa- together.  

*44.beautiful- truu- thiru 

45.pound/ hammer- tccg-idikaa break- tcj – udai 

* break- teeg-udaikka 

*48.stutteringly-takug takeg - thikka be aware- ruuta- arinthida 

50.cane/ stick -taphod- thadi 

51.kind of drum- taphoon- thappu 

* dip up- tag- thoaikka tailor/ make dress -tadsya – sattai   theiththidu ; letters are jumbled;   sattai-  shirt ;theiththidu- to stitch 

*54.body- tua- thadi 

*55.clf for articles of clothing- tua- udai; aadai . 

*56.agent- representative- tuatheen – thoothan boast- uadtua- peeththidu buy a ticket- tiitua- seettu edu ; seettu- ticket; edu- take. 

*59.language- phaasaa – paechchu die- taaj- madiya stop- taaj- thadu 

62.attach- tid- inaiththidu be attached- neebtid-inaiththidu 

* kindle/ ignite- tid-  thoondu  ;thee idu ; thee- fire; idu- make. 

* adhere- tid- ottu

* adjoin- tid- aduththa / adjoin be addicted- tid- adimai aayida ; adimai /slave/addict ; aayida- to become .

*68.adjacent to- tidka- aduththathaka 

* glue/to stick together with glue- tidkaaw-ottuka 

* hit a target– thug -thaakku ;adikka ;idikka .

*71.hit- tii- idi 

*72.beat- tii- adi 

*73.strike- tii- adi; idi.

*74.palpitation of the heart – tyg tyg- thudikka thudikka 

* wander- tree- thiriya 

76.bulging - tujpudaiththida 

77.swollen- tuj- thadiththtida 

78.rump- tuud- sooththu 

79.anus- tuud- sootthu oaattai ; oaattai- hole. 

80.all over the body /from head to toe -temtua- adi   mudi ; adi- foot; mudi- head. 

* kick- te- uthai 

*82.thick- te- thadiththa ; letter is read more than once.

83.oven for cooking- twaob- aduppu ; thavaai .

84.clean /tidy- tien- thooimaiyana 

* dress- tentua- thuni uduththu ; thunai- cloth; uduththu- wear 

* dress- tenkaaji -udai anika ; udai- dress; anika- wear. 

87.under/ below- taaj- adi 

88.south- taaj- then ; root word is adi /under.

* touch- te- thodu 

* touch-thuug- thoduka 

91.large/ big-too- thotta;  moatto ; thaatti .

92.mature- too- muththiya 

* counter- too- ethithidu ; letter  ‘t’ is read more than once .

94.punting pole- thcc- thduppu 

95.give- thawaaj- thaa remove- thccd- eduththidu 

* knit- thag- theikka 

98.plait- thag- pinniduka 

99.braid- thag- mudaika 

100.bad/ wicked- thcj –theethu 

* thad- aduththu 

*102.tray- thadd- thattu 

* be close- thii- otti kick- thiib – uthai; uthai poadu ; letters are jumbled. 

* gratify / satisfy – thyncaj- thanikka 

* reach one’s turn – thyntaa-adainthida hold /carry- thyy- pidi/ hold; edu/carry . 

108.bag- thun –thunji 

* spit out/ sound uttered to spurn someone/ to show contempt- thu–thoo   thoo  ;  echchi   thuppu ;echchi -saliva; letters are jumbled; thuppu / spit.

* rub- thuu – thaei be transferred- thuugkhia- maaththuka 

*112.senior monk- theera – adiyaar ; seedar .

*113.procrastinate/ dilly dally -thalle thalaj -  thalli    iduthal / to post pone ; dilly dally[E]- thalli iduthal 

* agree- awthe- woththida 

115.kind of jar- thoo- jaadi push forward- thuj- idi / push 

117.layer- thob-yaedu 

*118.demolish – thalaaj – idiththu thallu 

* flood- thum – oaatham /flood

120.great grandparent- thuad- paattan / great grandfather ; thaththa/ grandfather. 

121.ten- thod- paththu weave- thcc- neithidu 

* thccnkham –thankkam 

124.belly- thccn – thonthi 

* develop holes- thalu – thulai udaiya ;thulai- hole; udaiya- has. 

*126.pierce- thalu – theiththal; yaeththuthal .

*127.penetrate- thalu –thlaiththidu  ; letter ‘t’ is read more than once.

*128.sea- thalee- thoazham 

129.lake- thaleesaab –thollam 

* speak- thag- oaathuka 

* be equal- thud- oththa thub- padai ;letters are in reversed order. 

*133.immediately- thanthii – udan adiya 

*134.water- thaan- thanni 

*135.port/ harbour-thaarya- thurai 

136.pier- thaa- thoon 

* paint– thaa-theettu 

*138.spread- thaa- etta 

*139.apply- thaa- idu 

*140.smear- tha- thaei challenge -thaathaaji –yaeththidaathu donation- thaan-- thaaneeyam; thaanam [Skt] ; eeya- to give. beg for alms- khccthaan—kai yaenthu  ;letters are jumbled; kai- hand; yaenthu-  hold. 

* thaan- thinnu 

145.a place- thii- idam 

*146.that- thii- athu 

*147.which- thii – ethu 

148.blunt- thyy- mottai 

149.foolish- thym-madamai hit- thub -idi 

151.smash into- thub –udaiththidu ; letter ‘t’ is read more than once .

152.envoy/ambassador - thud-thoothan  ;root word is oaadidu – to run .

* pour- thee- uooththu 

154.a  god- theewee- devi [Skt] ;theivam / god ; aandavan / god .

155.a god- theewadaa- theiva thaai / goddess; thaai- mother; root word is thee vadivam -thee - fire ; vadivam- fire ;   daevathai [Skt]. 

* preach -theed- oaathidu  

*157.same size- thawtua-oththa vadivu ; oththa- similar; vadivu- size .

* thaaw- thaavu ;  uthavi ; letters are jumbled. 

*159.sole of the foot- faathaaw - paatha adi ; paatham- foot; adi- sole/ foot .

 a city which lies across the river in Bangkok- Thon Burii – Thuni  Puram ; thuni – river; puram-  village ; thanni – water .

160.long pepper- phraigthaj – aar kathi – thrccrani -tharani 

162.bow- thanuu –thanu ; thandam .

*163.arrow- thannu -thoani ; thunai. 

* brook- thaan – thuni/ river; nathi ; letters are in reversed order; thanni- water. 

165.joss stick -thuub- uoothu paththi ; letter ’t’ is read more than once. 

*166.precious stones- manii- mani 

*167.mind- manad- manathu 

*168.mind/ heart-manoo- mana

* human being- manud- maanudan 

*170.death -marydtajuu-  marainthidu /disappear ; mariththidu [ Indo  Iranian] 

171. to die- muaj – maaya 

*172. jasmine – mali –malli  

 *173.much/ many- maag- mikka 

174. garland- maalaij – maalai [Indo Iranian] ; punaiyal . meeg- mukil ;maeka [Skt] 

* aged woman- meethawmoothaatti ; muthiyaval ; muthiyava.

*177.spots/ freckles- kra- karai  /stain jump- kradood- kuthiththar ; letters are jumbled. stamp with the foot- kratyyb- kaar raar mithi ; kar- leg; mithi- to stamp. 

* krib-koor;  koormai 

* cut- kriid- keeridu 

* be angry- kriw- karuvu 

183.kind- karunaa- karunai [Skt] ; irankku ; letters are jumbled. 

* be hollow- kulan- kuzhiyaana gargle/ the throat -kluakhcc- koppalikka 

*186.mix/ blend- klua- kala 

* fear- klua- kili /fear 

* say – klaaw- kuyila/ tell 

* klum- kuzhu ; kuzhumam .

*190.cluster- klum- kulai 

* sweep- kwadd- koottu ; thudaikka; letters are in reversed order. 

192.poet- kawi- kavi [? Skt] ; kavi vaanan .

193.hug- kccd- katti anai ; kattikka ; letter ‘k’ is read more than once. 

194.guess- ka – kani ; uookam .

*195.chip off- kathc- koththu ; sethukku ; letters are in reversed order.

196.sailor- kalaasii-kalamaan ; kalam- ship.

*197.bite- kad- kadi 

*198.snake strike/bite- kad- koththa 

*199.crow- ka-kaakka / onomatopoeic 

* caw /cry of the crow- - kaa kaa- kaa kaa 

* be wicked- kaad- kodiya 

202.body – kaaj- yaakkai 

203.long time ago- kaalanoon -  veku  kaalam mun ; ka= va; va= ka; kaalam- time; mun-  before .

*204.time/ period- kaala- kaalam clench one’s fist- kammad- kai mutti yaei madakku ;  letters are read more than once;  kai- hand; mutti- joint; madakku -to fold ; madakku- letters are jumbled.  

* - kid- kattu 

* kid- kadamai 

* obstruct- kiid- kattai idu  ;thadukka; letters are in reversed order. 

* call out / shout- kuu haa- koovuka be shortened- kud- kuttai aakku ; kuttai- short   ;aakku- make.

* guess- ken – kani 

212.harvest- ryduu keb-  payir  aruththiduka ; payir- crops; aruththiduka- to reap ;letters are jumbled.

213.godown- koodan – kidankku  ;letter ‘k’ is read more than once. 

* be bent- koon- kuni 

*215. ten million-kood – koadi 

 *216.flute- khluj- kuzhal 

*217. to rattle-khlugkhlag- kilu kilukka 

 *218.cowardly-khlaad -kolai thanam ; koalai aayida/ to become a coward; aayida- to become.

219.flask- khuad –kuduvai; ka= va; va= ka. 

* gore/ with horns- khwid- kuththa 

221.ask for- khcc- kaekka 

222.request/ beg for- rccnkhcc-eranchuka ; letters are jumbled. 

*223.?o knot- khccd- kattu 

* fasten- khad- kattu 

* be injured- khad- kaayam adaiya; kaayam- injury; adaiya- to get . be displeasing to the ear-khadhuu –kaathukku kaedu ; kaathu-  ear ;keduthi- damage.

*227.bowl- khan- kinna; kinni . be strict with- khadkhan- kadumai kaatanum ; kadumai- strict 

* be final – khaad- kadai ; kadaisi

*230.mud- khloon-kali munn 

*231.line- khiid- koadu 

* draw a line-khiid- koadu idu ; koadu- line; idu- make. 

*233.limit-khiid – kaadu; kedu . dig- khud- kendu 

*235.boundary-kheed – kaattai 

* be afraid - khed -kedi 

237.distress- khen- kinna

*238.knee- khaan- kanu 

* meet with- khawnna-kaana 

240.capture /seize -khawjyd   - kai paththu; kai adaiya .

241.make a call- khawphob-kooppidu 

242.moon- khee- koa

243.mound- khood- kumidu 

244.herd/ elephants- khloon-  yaanai kuzhu  ;letters are jumbled; yaanai- elephant; kuzhu- herd.

*245.testicles- khaj- kaai /testis lay eggs- togkhaj –muttai iduka; muttai- egg; iduka- to lay . 

* count- khananaa-   kani ; ennuka; letters are in reversed order. 

248.maths- khanid- kanitham; root word is kaniththidu / kanakkidu . charge- khadii- kuththam  

*249.story- khadi-kathai 

*250.mace-khathaa- kathai; kattai /wood /stick 

*251.look for- khonhaa- kaanu 

* search for- khonkhwaa-kaanuka 

253.lament- khruan- kariaya 

*254.abundant- khlam- kezhumai 

* be mixed - khlug- kalakka 

256.wait for- khccjitha- kaaththu kida  ;letters are read more than once .

257.keep scolding- khccjdu –kadi /scold 

*258.estimate/ guess-khanee- kani think about-khanyn- ennuka ; letters are in reversed order.

260.score /points -khaneen-  kanakku ; letter ‘k’ is read more than once;  ennikkai ; letters are in reversed order.

* letter as in penmanship- khad- kaditham idu ; kaditham- letter.

*262.admission fee- khaaduu-kattanam 

263. expect- khaad- kaaththu kida 

* tie around- khaad- kattu /tie 

*265.magic spell- khaathaa- kattu be fishy in smell- khaaw- kavichcha

* stink /foul smell – menkhaaw-manakka/ smelling calculate- khid- kanakkidu ; letter ‘k’ is read more than once. 

*269.cave- khuuhaa-kukai 

*270.angry- khiad- kattam ;  kaduppu ; kothippu .

271.sound of coughing- khegkheg- kakka / to cough /to eject out. 

*272.bull/ ox- koo- koa 

*273.what- naj- enna 

*274.join- carod- saerththidu 

275.reach- carod- saernthidu 

* die- ccced- seththidu 

*277.thinking- cinta-ennidu ;sinthithidu .

278.thinking- cin taana kaan -cinthanai kaana 

*279.poet- cintakawii-  santha kavi  ; santha kavi vanan ; santhai- verse; kavi vaanan- poet. 

* sip- cib- sappu be tiny- ciw- - sinna 

*282. painting- cidtra- ciththiram ;root word is theettuthar /to paint.

* inject- chiid- uoosi yaeththu ; uoosi- needel; yaeththu- to inject .

* be angry- chun- sinam answer- chaleej- sollu /say 

286.oblique/ slant- chian – saaya 

287.stink badly- menchoo- manakka/ smelling / usually good smell wipe/ to clean - ched- cuththa maa thudai   ;thudai- to wipe; suththam/ cleanliness.

*289.noisy- sed- saththama ; oaasai  yoadu   ;saththam- noise; oaasai- noise .

290.poetry- bod kawii – kathai paattu ; kathai- story; paattu- song; letters are jumbled; kavithai ; letters are jumbled . 

*291.lesson- bod- paadam / lesson 

*292.verse- bod- paattu

*293.songs- bod- paattu /song ; paadu- to sing. obstruct- bod- thadu  ;thadai poadu . grind/ pulverize -bod- idi; podi idi be pure – bccrisud- perum suththam ; periya- big; suththam-  cleanliness; pari suththam [Skt] .

*297.line of poetry- baad -paattu adi ; patttu -song ;adi – line.

*298.foot- baad- paatha;adi .

299.foot path- bad withii - nadai weethi ; veethi- street ; nadai- walking .

*300.cowherd-koobaan-  koanaan; kuppan . 

* / town- burii- puram 

302.tell a lie- pod- poei paesidu ; poai- a lie; paesidu- speak . protest- prathun –poaradu ; poaraadunum ; protest[E]=  poraadidu .

304.benefit-  phon prajood- payan pettrida ; letters are jumbled. be born-prasuud- piranthida 

*306.traditional/ ancient - param paraa- param para [?Skt] ;    perum marapu ; perum- great; maarpu-  tradition. 

* part/ come apart - pri – piriya 

*308.shiny- plan- pala palannu close- pid – poottu/ lock ; adai .

* go- paj –poa 

* powder -phad- podi   idi ; podi- powder; idi- pound. 

* apply powder- phad- podi appidu ; appidu- apply. postpone- phad- oththi poaadu ; letters are jumbled.  

*314.keep watching- fawduu- paaththidu 

*315.ghost- phii- paei 

316.female- phuujin – penn 

317.bind- phuug- pinaikka ; bind [E] =pinaiththidu .

* separate- phraag- pirikka 

 *319.copiously / in large quantity – phraag- perukka

320. tax - phikad- kudi kadan ; letters are read more than once; kudi- citizenship ; kadan- duty .

321.duty- phikad – kadamai 

*322.take care off-phitag- paaththukka destroy- phikaad- kedu 

324.lord- phra- piraan look at carefully- phidduu/ phid - paaththidu 

*326.affection- phisawaad- paasam udaiya  /with affection ; paasam- affection ;udaiya- has. 

* love- phisamaj- paasam /love 

328.ferry boat- pheejon- punai spread- phree- parappu 

*330.woman- phathu – paethai 

331.wife- phatuu- pondaatti 

* announce/declare- prakaad- araikkai idu  ;arikkai- notice; idu- make ; pirakadanam [Skt] .

* spread out- phree  saphad parappidu   /to spread 

*334.goat- tua- aadu 

* light fire-tidfaj - thee yaeththu ; thee- fire. 

*336.region- phaag- - pakkam ; paakkam .

*336.abundantly- phryd- peruththa 

*337.hunter-phraan- paran 

* hide-lii-oliya be deep- lyg-aazhamaaka / deeply 

* get up/rise-lug-ezhuka 

* raise- lianduu- ezhunthidu 

342.blood-lyad-uoolai thanni 

343.what-andaj-  enna athu / what is that ;enna- what ;athu -that .

* open the mouth – aa-  aa / by saying aa one has to  necessarily open his mouth 

*345.air- aakaad- kaaththu 

346.bowl- aan- yaena

347.order- aanad- aanai idu/ to order;aanai- order; idu- make. expire- mod aaju madaiya be swollen – yyd-thadiththida 

* fil a hole-ud-oattai yaei adai ; oaattai- hole; adai- to plug. 

* stop up/plug- ud-adai 

* be stuffy- uduu- adaiththida 

* be close- uduu- otti 

*354.abundant- udom- eettam 

355.make an offering- uthid- padiththidu 

*356.misery /evil -ubaad-  poththu ; peedai .

*357.misfortune – ubad- aapaththu ; peedai.

358.chest-ura – maaru 

*359.heart- ura – uyir/ soul 

*360.camel- uud- ottai 

*361.oneself- tuaeen – thaun; thaan . 

* – nee 

*363. I / me- en - naan 

* scold loudly- edtaroo- thittuthar /scolding 

*365.agree- awtheed – woththida 

366.teaching- oowaad- oaathi thaa / teach 

*367.body warmth- ajtua- soodu / warmth ;thadi soodu   ;thadi- body.

368.that which remains-thiilya-meethi ulla 

369.cruel- hoodraai- koduram; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. fold one’s arms across one’s chest-kccdog-   kai yaei kattuka ; kai- arm; kattuka- to fold. 

*371.molecule- anuu – anu 

* guess- anumaan – manam enna ; manam- mind; enna- to think ; letters are jumbled ; anumaaanam [Skt] 

* vomit- uag- kakka / to eject out recall/ remember- nygccg – ninaikka 

* be broken- teeghag-udaikka / to break be shy- niam- naanam 

376.stink- men- manam / smell 

377.wealth- sambad- sampaththu 

378.night- raatrii- eruttu /dark ; raathri[ Skt] 

*379. alcoholic beverage- suraa- saaraayam   ;  root word is saaru- juice. 

*380.shirt- syacheed- sattai 

* nyn- onnu 

382.completely- mod- moththamum 

* drip /to drop - jaad – sotta /to dip; sottttu /a drop. 

*384.heaven- suan –saen aloud/ recite- suad- saththa maa oaathu ; oaathu- recite ; saththam- noise/ sound. insert- sccd- saeththidu 

*387.phlegm- saleed –sali yoadu /with phlegm; sali- phlegm; silattumam .

*388.fist- mad- mutti 

*389.fist- kammad –kai mutti; kai- hand; mutti- joint/ fist.

* pull- laag- izhukka 

*391.method/ means - withii- vithi ; vitham .

*392.path- withii- veethi locality – sathaan- thinai ; stan [Skt] 

*394.time/ occasion - weela – waelai 

*395.enemy- sadtruu –ethiri ; sathru[ Skt] 

*396.sorrow/ grief- soog – soakam water- rod- neer uooththu ; neer- water; uooththu- to pour. spread- rabaad- parappidu 

* tear up- ryy- aru 

* know- ruu- ariya know/ a person – ruucag-ari mukam be scattered- riaraad- iraiththidu /to scatter be scattered about- rake raka- iraikka /to scatter 

404.strength- riaw- uram ; letters are in reversed order. a hundred -najrccj-nooru/ 100

406.sorrow- rakam- erakkam 

407.intimation- rakhe rakhaaj- arikkai / notice 

408.receive- rab- peru; letters are in reversed order.

409.wrong/ incorrect- phid- thappu ; letters are in reversed order. pour over- raad-uooththuthar ; letters are in reversed order.

411.stripe/ line- riw-vari ; letters are in reversed order.

412.dress- chud- udai   ;aadai ; sattai- shirt; saadi; soodi / cloth.

413.catch a contagious disease- tid roog- roakam thoththida ; roakam [Skt]- illness  ;thoththa- to get infected ;roaka[Skt] = uru kann [Tamil] 

414. to sway- joog- asaikka 

415.urine- jiaw- uchchaa ; letters are in reversed order. winnow- fad- pudai be tight- fyyd-pidiththida 

418.sun- phra athid- parithi connect/attach - phun– pinai  

420.mother’s father- taa –thaayin  thaathai  ; letter is read more than once; thaai- mother; thathai-  father.

421. rM intensifier with run- tyy- oaadu /run 

422. jump- ten- thaandu 

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