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List of Tamil words in Urdu language

List of Tamil words in Urdu language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


                             List of Tamil words in Urdu language


      DR.Variankaval Ramasamy  Annadurai; MD;DPM; 


Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language spoken chiefly in South Asia. It is the national language and lingua franca of Pakistan, where it is also an official language alongside English. In India, Urdu is an Eighth Schedule language whose status and cultural heritage is recognized by the Constitution of India; it also has an official status in several Indian states. In Nepal, Urdu is a registered regional dialect. 

The Urdu language has been described as a Persianized register of the Hindustani language; Urdu and Hindi share a common Sanskrit- and Prakrit-derived vocabulary base, phonologysyntax, and grammar, making them mutually intelligible during colloquial communication. While formal Urdu draws literary, political, and technical vocabulary from Persian, formal Hindi draws these aspects from Sanskrit; consequently, the two languages' mutual intelligibility effectively decreases as the factor of formality increases.

In 1837, the British East India Company chose Urdu as the language to replace Persian across northern India during Company rule; Persian had until this point served as the court language of various Indo-Islamic empires Religious, social, and political factors arose during the European colonial period that advocated a distinction between Urdu and Hindi, leading to the Hindi–Urdu controversy. Urdu became a literary language in the 18th century and two similar standard forms came into existence in Delhi and Lucknow. Since the partition of India in 1947, a third standard has arisen in the Pakistani city of KarachiDeccani, an older form used in southern India, became a court language of the Deccan sultanates by the 16th century. 


According to 2018 estimates by Ethnologue, Urdu is the 10th-most widely spoken language in the world, with 230 million total speakers, including those who speak it as a second language. 


The name Urdu was first used by the poet Ghulam Hamadani Mushafi around 1780 for Hindustani language. Ordu means army in the Turkic. In late 18th century, it was known as Zaban-e-Urdu means language of camp. Earlier it was known as Hindvi, Hindi and Hindustani.

Urdu, like Hindi, is a form of Hindustani. Some linguists have suggested that the earliest forms of Urdu evolved from the medieval (6th to 13th century) Apabhra?sa register of the preceding Shauraseni language, a Middle Indo-Aryan language that is also the ancestor of other modern Indo-Aryan languages.[



Clues to read Urdu words into Tamil 


Letter ‘k’ = ‘v’; ‘v’= ‘k’; letter ‘Ra’= ‘la’.  

Add vowels then and there.

Letter ’p’ and letter ‘s’ can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged. 

 Add letters ‘m’ and ‘n’ then and there. 

A consonant letter can be read more than once.

If a same letter occurs consecutively more than once it can be read as a single letter.

By jumbling the letters of the given Urdu word, a Tamil word can be derived. 



Ref; Ferozsons Urdu English dictionary 


English- Urdu- Tamil 

1.language- Urdu –uraiyaadu/ converse/speak

2.the standard Urdu language spoken in Delhi fort at the time of during the time of the last emperor Bhadurshah Zafar -Urdue mualla- uraidaum mozhi ; uraiyaadu- converse; mozhi- language.

*3. village site- abadi – patti

*4. fathers- aba- appa/father 

5.fame- abru- perumai 

*6. honour- abru- perumai atish- thee

8.elder sister- apa- paappa

9.spark- atis parah- thee pori; thee- fire; pori- sparkle. temple- atis kadah- thee koattam ; the- fire; koattam- temple .

11.flour- ata- idiththa maa; maa- flour; idi- pound; idiththa- pounded. 

*12. food- ata- theettai ; uootti .

13.teacher- akun – kanakkaayan ; kanakkan .

14.half- adhi – paathi 

*15.a saw- ara- aram ; ari .

*16. a covering- ar-urai 

17.blessing- ashir bad -seerum sirppaodum iru ; letters are read more than once; seer- riches; sirappu- super. approach- aga ana- anuka ; letters are in reversed order. 

*19. mango- am- maa

20.ruler-amir- mannar / king 

21.eye- ankh-kann; letters are in reversed order. evaluate /estimate- ankna –kanikkanum ; letters are jumbled; kani / evaluate . be blind- ankh putna- pottai yaana kann ; letters are jumbled; kann- eye; pottai- blind. 

*24. voice/ noise - awaz-vaai voasai ; vaai- mouth; voasai- sound. 

*25. nurse- aya- aaya/ mother/ grandmother 

* ab-eppo  

27.eternity- abad- eppothum 

28.production of something new- ibda- padai/ create/ produce

*29. holy men/ saints- abrar- periyoar 

30.son- ibn- paiyan ;aan. 

31.verses- abyat- paattu /song 

*32. wharf- utara –thurai/ ford

33.first- uttam- mutha; letters are in reversed order. hesitate- atakna- thayankka;letters are jumbled;thayankkanum . stop/ to be prevented – atakna- thadukkanu

* detain- atakna- adaikkanum 

*37. prevention- atkao- thadukka 

*38. detention- atkao /atak- adaikka 

39.completion- itmam- mudiya; letters are in reversed order. 

40.this much- itna-iththanai ; how much; eththanai 

so much- itna- aththanai lift- uthana- yaeththu; yaeththanum.

* hoist- uthana – yaeththanum 

43.light- ujla- oli ahad- oththai /single 

45.unity- ahad- oththumai 

*46. castrated- akhtah- kai adi; kaai-testicle;adiththidu/ beaten.

47.control- ikhtiyar –adakkuthar; letters are jumbled. 

*48. death – irthal –eraththal ; eruththal/ to be alive. 

*49. imprisonment- asiri – sirai /prison 

*50. protest/ opposition – itiraz- ethirththar; letters are read more than once. 

* give- ita- thaa

52.crowded /assembled- ikattha-  koodu/ to assemble 

* 53. together- ikattha –koodi; koottaa . 

*54. in a lump- ikattha- katti yaa 

*55. otherwise-illa- illai yael 

56.mother- umm /ammi -amma 

57.etymology- ummul ulum- mozhi moolam ; mozhi- word/ language; moolam- root. 

58.mother- amman-amman/ mother goddess 

*59. support- imdad- muttu ;muttu thaa /to support .

60.immortal- amar- maraiyaama ; maraiya /to vanish .

*61. food- ann – uoon 

62.ego/ self- ana- naan 

*63.wet nurse- ana- annai/ mother 

64.ball- anta –panthu 

65.body- andam –pandam 

66.thinking- andesh –ennidu ins- aan / male 

*68. long coat-ang- ankki; root word is anika- to wear. 

* auj- uchchi ula- nalla 

*71.cow herd- ahir- aayar 


*73. wine/ spirits- badh- pattai/ toddy 

*74. pregnancy- bar –paeru 

75.pot- basan- paanai 

*76. a child- bala- pillai 

77.a small girl- bali- penn pillai ; penn- female; pillai- child. 

78.daughter- bitiya-peththa ponnu; peththa- begot; pennu /female. fasten- bandana- pinaiththidanum

* fetter- bandana- pinaiththidanum 

*81. dress- bana- punai; root word is punaiya- to wear.

*82. lady- bano –penn 

*83. outside- bahir- puram 

*84. oceans- buhr / bahr –paari; parappu. 

*85. curse- bad dua- paadu 

*86. novel- badi- puthiyathu old woman- buddhi- paatti / grandmaa

*88. a gift/ boon- birr[A] –paeru 

*89. world- baraya- paar 

*90. profit- burd- paeru adaiya; paeru- benefit; adaiya- to have. 

*91. prosperity [A] -barakat – perukida 

*92. large/ big- bara –periya 

*93. elder- bara –periyoar 

*94. greatness - bara- periya 

95.fried- biryan- pori /fry 

*96. praise- barai-paer 

*97. increase/ enlargement- barhao - perukka ; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

98.bedding- bisat- paai idu.

99.bedding- bistar- paai iduthar; paai- mat; iduthar- make. 

100.village- basti- patti 

101.later- bad- pinnaadi 

102.armpit- bagal- kai kuzhi; akkul ; kai- arm; kuzhi-  pit. 

103.he goat-bakra- karumai / goat 

*104.hole- bil- puzhai 

105.maturity- balaghat- aalaakida / to becoame a person; aal- person; aakida/ to become. 

* make- banana- pannu 

107.a kind of knitting- bunavat- pinnum vitham ; vitham- a kind.

*108.knit- bunno- pinnu 

* cause to be knitted- bunwana- pinna vaenu

* be prepared/ cooked- bunno -pannu 

111.artificial- bunavat- punainthathu 

*112.decoration- bunao- punaivu ; punaiya- to decorate. 

*113.dressing- bunao- punaiya 

*114.tied/ bound- band- pinaiththidu  /to bind 

115.braided hair- bindi- pinniya mudi ; pinniya- plaited; mudi- hair. 

116.female slave- bandi- penn adimai ;penn- female; adimai- slave. 

*117.act of binding- bandhai- pinaiththidu 

118.bride- bani- mana penn ; manam- marriage; penn-  girl. 

119.vest/ undergarment -banyan root word is - punaiya /to wear; punai- cloth.  

*120.herbs/roots - buti –poodu 

121.old man- burha- periyoan ; periyoar. 

122.greens- bhaji- pachchai/ green 

123.large earthen pot- bhanda- mat- paandam ; mat- clay; paandam- vessel. 

124.travelling allowance- bhatta- payana padi ; payanam- travel. oven- bhatta- aduppu; letters are in reversed order. 

*126.eating- bhoj- pusi 

127.hunger- bhuk – pasikka 

128.fault less- be khata-kuththam kidaiyaa ; kuththam- fault; kidaiyaa- without ;letters are read more than once. 

129.flat- baithwan- pattai yaana 

*130.suddenly- baith –patt nnu 

*131.a lesson- pat- paadam 

*132.reading- pat- padi; root word is oaathu /recite 

133.recital of scared [D1] books- pat- paadu/ sing; oaathu /recite.

134.worship- pat- paadu; thuthi ; oaathu . 

*135.fart- pat- poaeida / passed 

*136.the other side – par- app puram 

137.five- panch- anchu 

* pani- punai 

139. bile- pit- piththam 

*140.coarse cloth- path; pattu; puttam; padaam

*141.rump- puttha- puttam; root word is pudaiththa/ bulging. 

*142.head man of a village- patel- pattai thalai ; patti- village; thalai- head. 

*143.a strip of cloth- patti – patti 

144.cooked- pukhtah- aakkidu 

145.glory- pratab- paeru udaiya / with good name; payar- name. 

146.generosity- pratab- perum thanmai 

147.great grandfather [ paternal]- par dada- periya thaaththaa/ great grandfather; periya- big/ great; thaathaa- grandfather. 



150.foreign country-pardesh-pura thinai ; thinai- land; puram- foreign. 

*151.inspection/test-parakh-paarkka test-parkhna-paarkkanu

153.subdivision of a district- parganah- perum akani  ; perum-  big ;akani- inland  .

*154.destruction of the whole world- parla- periya uoozhi 

155.maternal great grandmother- parnani –periya naani / great grandmother; annai- mother; naani- annai yin annai / mother of mother; periya- great.  

*156.flying/ bird- parind- paranthida/ flown 

*157.beyond- pare- appaar prem- eeram ; perum eeram; periya- big. 

159. share- parta- priththu thaa /to share  

160. ripeness- paki- kaniya ripen- pakna- kaniya cause to be cooked- pakwana- aakka vaenum 

163.shout/cry- pakar-karaiya 

164.bridge- pul- paalam 

*165.polluted- palid –puzhuthi adaiya  /to get polluted or silver leaf- panna- pon pannam ; pon- gold; pannam- leaf. 

167.a canopy under which a meeting is held -pindal- -panthal 

168.a book- pothi- yaedu ; paada yaedu . 

*169.a bundle- pot- pothi 

170.stomach- pot- poththu ; soththu  pai / rice bag .

*171.a hill- pahari –porai 

172.torn- pata- pinjida ; peiththidu  / to tear .

173.broken- pata- pottida ; udaiya. 

* winnow- phatakna- pudaikkanum keep a watch- pahra dena-paarththidanum 

176.agitation- pharpharahat-para parappu adaiya 

*177.a pimple- phurya-paru 

*178.fruit- phal- pazham 

179.profit- phal- palan dress- pahnawa-punai; punaiya vaenum /to dress. 

* cloth/ to put on- pahnana- punaiya num 

182.a small boil- phunsi- punn/ sore 

*183.brass-pital- piththalai 

184.belt -peti –iduppu pattai; letters are jumbled; iduppu-  hip; pattai- strip.

* peti – petti 

186.infantry- paidal –padai aal ; padai- army; aal- person .

*187.produce- paida-  padai 

*188.profit- paida- payan adaiya ; payan- benefit; adaiya- to have. 

* old man/ saint- pir- periyaar 

*190.attack- takht –thaakkidu tara- thee uru/ fire form; thee- fire; uru- form. 

192.pond- tal-thollam ; yaenthal .

193.musical tune/ beating- tal- adiththal/ beating; thaalam. 

*194.a lock- tala- thaal 

195.whole- tam- moththamum ; letters are in reversed order.

*196.clapping- tali- adiththal ; thattuthal .

197.tune- tan- thoni 

198.aunt/ paternal - tai aththai/ maternal 

* – turab- tharai 

200.scale/ balance -tarazu – root word is edai iduthar /to weigh; edai- weight; iduthar- to make. 

201.stitching- turpai- theiyar 

202.wife/ woman- triya- thaaram 

203.appointing- taiyun- idanum / to appoint 

204.spittle/ curse- tuf- thuppu/ to spit.

205. dropping continuously/distilling drop by drop - taqatur- sottu sottaa kottuthar ; sottu -drop; kottuthal- dropping .

* gaze- takna- uththu kaana ; kaana- look. 

*207.running- tag- oaaduka/ to run 

*208.bottom- tala- adiyil 

*209. like/ similar- tul- oththu ulla talashi –thaedal 

211.sole of the foot -tale - adi thole; letters are read more than once; adi- foot; thole- skin. 

212.end- tamam- mudiya/ to end; letters are in reversed order. stretch – tanna- neettu; letters are in reversed order. 

*214. alone- tanha- thaniyaa 

*215.that- to- athu 

*216.parrot- tota- thaththai 

*217.break- tor- udaithar 

*218.weighing- tol- edai iduthal ; edai- weight. 

*219.towel- taulia- thuyil 

*220.layer- tah- yaedu beat- tapna- thappunum 

222.a slap- thappar- thapputha

223.putting off- tala- thalli iduthal; letters are read more than once. hang up- tangna- thonkkanu 

*225.a framework of bamboo/ screen- tatti- thatti 

*226.touching- totol- thoduthal 

* tatol- thaedal 

* toh- thaedu 

229.ringing of the bell- tan tan- taan taan stay- takna- thankku; letters are jumbled. be stitched- takna- theikkanu

232.breaking -tut- udainthida 

*233.prevention-tok-   thadukka  /to prevent 

*234.a kick- thudda- uthaiththidu 

*235.chin- thuddi- thaadai work- tahal- thozhil 

*237.water pot- thilya- thaazhi 

*238.stump- thand- thandu chill- thand- thanuppu udaiya  ;thanuppu- chillness; udaiya- has. 

*240.a push- thela- thallu ;idiththal.

241.knock- thes- thattu 

242.a push- thes- idi 

*243.throat- tentua- thondai 

* estate - jaedad- soththu 

*245.matted hair- jata- sadai 

246.fighting- jadal- adal   ;aduthal. 

247.body- jasad- sattai 

*248.metal water pot- jambu – sompu /copper vessel; sempu- copper. 

*249.paradise- jannat- saenn naadu Jannat- poondi 

*251.addition- jor- saeru /add mate- jorna- saeranum 

253.a jerk/ a shake/ violent pull – jhatka- sodukka/ thudikka 

*254.downpour-jhar- soriya stoop- jhukana- kuniya 

* earthen vessel for churning- chati- satti go- chalna- cellanum 

*258.quickly- chat pat- sattu puttu nnu 

*259.the sound of crackling of the burning body- chat chat – sada sada 

*260.a note- chitthi –seettu 

261.thought- chinta- ennida /to think 

*262.very small- chunya- sinna 

263.damage- chot- saetha

264.lime- chuna- sunnam ; sunnaampu .

*265.the garment worn by the bride – chola- selai /saree/ cloth 

266.imprisonment- hazirat- sirai idu; sirai/ prison.

267.hard stone- khara- kar /stone 

268.finishing- khatim- mudikka ; letters are in reversed order. 

269.consideration- katir dari-karuthidathar ; letters are jumbled. 

*270.empty- khali- kaali 

*271.testicle- khutta- kottai 

*272.snoring- kharata- kurattai 

273.scratching- kharash – sorika; letters are in reversed order. 

274.a letter-khatt-kaditham; kaththu .

*275.a line- khatt- koadu  

276. lines- khutut- kodau udaiya /with lines 

*277.a mistake- khata- kuththa

*278.speech- kitab- kathaippu 

279.eternity- khuld- ekkaalaththum 

280.mixture- khalt- kalanththathu / mixed

*281.eating- khor- kori/ gnaw 

*282.a tribe- khail- kuzhu ; kulam .

*283.darkness- khirgi- karukka 

*284.dark- khirah- karu 

*285.grain/ corn- danah- thinai 

*286.wet nurse- dai- thaai / mother; thathi.

* away- dut- oaadidu

288.door/ gate - dar- thirappu 

289.writing- darj- theetuthar 

290.tailor- darzi- theyiar 

291.reading- dars- oaathuthar / reciting 

*292.large river/sea- darya—thirai 

*293.sorrow/ grief- daregh –thuyar uruka ; thuyar- grief. 

295.knocking at the door- dastak-thattuka 

*296.prayer- dua- thuthi ; oaathu .

*297.tambourine- daf [P] –thappu dukan- ankkaadi; letters are in reversed order. 

299.display/ show- dikhai – eduththu kattu ; letters are jumbled; letters are read more than once ;edu- take ;kaattu- show. 

300.hesitation- dugda- thayankkida 

*301.thickness- dal- thadiththu ulla 

*302.a broker- dallal- idai aal / middle man; idai- middle;aal- person. 

*303.distant/ far - dur- ettaththir 

304.sewing- doz- thei 

*305.running- daur – oaaduthar 

*306.assault- daur- adiththar 

307.ten- deh- paththu 

*308.thundering-dhar-idi idiththar;idi- a thunder; idiththar- to thunder .

*309.vice- dhat- theethu 

*310.act of driving away- dhatta- oattidu 

311.virtue- dharmam- naermai udaimai ;  neri udaimai   ; letters are jumbled; aram udaimai ;   letters are jumbled; aram- virtue ; udaiya- has .

*312.body- dhar- udar 

*313.push- dhakka- idikka 

314.devil/demon- deo –theeyoan ;theya- bad. 

315.divinity- devata- theiva thanmai ; theivam- god; thanmai- nature. stop- datna- thaduththidanum 

*317.act of carrying- dhulai-eduththal 

*318.body- dil- udal; thole pei / skin bag; thole- skin; pei- bag. 

319.loose/ slack – dhila- thola thola 

*320.night- rat- eruttu/ dark 

321.government- raj- arasu 

*322.king- raja- arasa

*323.shepherd- rai- aayar 

324.merciful- rahim- erakkam; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

325.rejection/ opposition - radd – maruththidu / to reject 

*326.soul- ruh- uyir 

*327.increase- zad- yaeththu ; saeththidu /add. 

*328.beating- zad- saaththu 

*329.a wound- zakhm- kaayam 

*330.riches- zar-seer 

331.alms- zakat- kodai 

332.time- zaman- mani zamin-munn  

334.suddenly- zud- sutt nnu 

*335.Increase/ addition- ziyadati- saeththidu 

336.together- zad- saenthu 

337.make- sakht- aakkidu 

338.figure- sakht- koadu 

*339.juice- sar- saaru perform- sadhna- seithidanum / to do 

341.making-saz-sei /do 

342.Infront- samne- munnae 

343.road-sabil- saalai 

344.flat-sapat- sappattai ; pattai .

345.hard- sakht- kadinam 

346.severe- sakht- kadumai 

347.distress- sakhti- kaedu obstacle- sadd-thadai 

349.taste- sawad-suvaiththidu 

350.grief/ sorrow- sokhti- sokaththoadu ; sokam- grief. 

* sipi- sippi 

352.merchant- seth – yeti;setti; saettu. sena- ani 

354.clever- shatir –thiramai 

355.poetry- shir – seer/ poetry metre 

356.liquor- sharb- saaraya; root word is saaru/ juice; sura . 

357.rising- sharq- uyaruka 

*358.poetical beauty- shiriyat- seer udaiya 

359.odour-shamim- mana

* shahr-saeri shyam –mei 

*362.milk- shir- saaru ; root word is sura /to secrete 

363.the devil- shaitan- theeyon/ bad person; theeya- bad. 

364.patient- sabir- porumai 

365.arrived- sadir adaithar 

366.produced- sadir- seithar 

367.silent- samit- amaithi 

* tila- udal 

369.rising- uruj- yaera 

*370.a knot-aqd- kattu 

*371.marriage – aqd- kattu 

*372.pillar- imad- muttu thadi / supporting pillar; thadi- wood. 

*373.timber /wood – ud[A]- thadi man -ayal dari- illathhtaar ; illam udaiyaar ; illam- family ; udaiyaar- those  who have .

*375.tumours/ hard lumps- ghudud- katti 

376.lake/ pool – ghadir- kuttai neer ; kuttai- pond; neer- water. 

*377.tumult- ghul- kalakam 

* herd/ crowd- ghool –kuzhu 

379.gain- faidah –payan adaiya ; payan- benefit; adaiya- to have. 

*380.rupture- fatq- pottikka 

*381.abundance- faraki- peruka 

*382.abundance- faraghat- perukida 

*383.separation- firaq-pirikai faras- pari 

385.section/ division- fariq- pirivu; ka- va; va= ka 

386.poverty- faqiri- kurai 

*387.killing- qatil – kaathuthal 

388.cutting- qati –kaathu; vettu; ka= va; va= ka. 

*389.drop- qatrah – kottuthar 

*390.figure- qadd-  koadu 

391.crossing- qata- kadakka 

* qatai- kadai 

393.sitting- qadah-kunthu 

*394.anxiety- qalaq- kalakka

395.pen- qalam- mei kole; mei- ink; kole- stick /stylus 

*396.a cap- qullah- kullaai 

*397.speech- qaul- kuyil 

*398.vomiting- qae- kakka/ to eject out 

399.confinement- qaid- adikka /to confine; letters are in reversed order; kottadi- prison/ cell. 

*400.prisoner- qaid- kaithi ; kottadai- prison .

401.restrictions- quyud- kattu paadu bite- kat kana- kadikkanu

*403.bite- kat- kadi 

*404.wood- kath- kattai 

*405.body- kath- kattai 

*406.structure- kath- kattu 

*407.crow- kag- kaakaa 

*408.death- kal- kazhiya 

*409.season- kal- kaalam 

* kam- kammiyam; root word is aakkam / production. 

* kam –kaamam eyed- kana- kann onnu ; kann-  eye; onnnu- one 

*413.gruel- kanji- kanji 

*414.astrologer- kahin-kaniyan 

*415.body- kaya- yaakkai 

* kutta- kidukki 

417.bitten by dog- kutte ka kata- kidukki kadikka 

*418.story- katha- kathai cut- katarna- kaththari 

420.dagger- katari- kuththu koadari 

*421.cruel- kattar- kodumai ura

422.part of a city/ collection of few houses-katra/ katri – kudi iruppu / residential place. 

*423.hut- kuti- kudi 

424.cottage- kuti –kottakai 

*425.difficult- kathin- kadina

*426.earthen milk can- katya- kudam 

*427.pickaxe- kudal- koadali 

428.hoe- kudali – kalai koththu; letters are jumbled; koththuthal- hoeing. 

*429.trouble- katt- kaedu 

* kad- kudi 

431.action/ deed- karm- karmam 

*432.bracelet- kara- kai kaarai; kai- hand.

433.river bank- karara- karai 

*434.sprout- kalla- kilai 

435.conversation/ talkkalam- mozhika /speak; letters are in reversed order. 

*436.deficient- kam- kami 

*437.worker- kamera- kammiyar 

*438.a pool- kund- kundu kannya- kanni 

*440.short- kotah- kuttai 

* room- kothri- kuthir/ granary 

*442.chamber- kotha- koodam 

*443.castle- kot- koattai 

444.fortress- kotla- koattai  koththalam

445.chief police officer- kotwal- kudi kaavalan ; kudi- village; kaavalan- police.

446.chief police station- kotwali- kudi kaval koodam ;   letters are jumbled; letters are read more than once; kudi- village/ town; kaval koodam- police station pound- kutna- kuththanum 

448.jump- kud- kuthi 

*449.edge/ border- kor- karai 

450.womb- kor- karu pai 

*451.dirt- kara- karai 

*452.angle- kona- koanam 

*453.weaver- koli- kai kola; kai-  hand; kole- stick . 

*454.earthen jar- kunda- kundaan / metal vessel 

455.mountain- koh- kamai 

*456.couch- khat- kidakkai/ cot 

*457.coarse cotton cloth- khad- koadi ; koadi thuni 

458.canal- khala- vaai-k-kaal - khatti – kidankku 

*460.bedstead- khatola- kattil/ cot 

*461.rattling sound- khatakna- - kada kada nnu 

*462.carving- khudai- koththu 

463.digging- khudi- konthu 

 *464.cavity- khadda- kudaivu ; ka= va; va= ka. 

 *465.burst of laughter- khil khii- kala kala 

466. threshing floor- kalyan- kalam 

*467. defect- khot- kaedu 

 *468.evil- khot- ketta 

 469.skull/ coconut- khopri/ khopra  - kopparai ; perunkkai / big coconut; letters are jumbled.  

 *470.cave- kho- kukai 

471.fieldkhet- koattam 

* khel – kaelal 

*473. fisherman- khewat- koa vaedan 

*474.penis- ker- aan kuri; aan- male; kuri- symbol kes- sikai; letters are in reversed order. 

*476.abuse- gali- ikazhu 

477.anus-gand –kundi oattai ; kundi- waist/ buttock; oaattai- hole. 

*478.ox- gao- koa 

*479.a knot/ tie- gath- kattu 

* procedure- gat- kooththaadu /to dance 

* join- gatna- koodanu

482.large bundle- gatthar –periya kattu  ; letters are jumbled;  periya-  big; kattu-   bundle. 

* ass- gadha- kaththai 

*484.bundle- gaddi- kattu 

485.thick bedding- gadla- kattil/ cot 

*486.grasp- girift- kayir  pidi ; ka- hand; pidi-= to hold. 

*487.weeping- giryah- karaiya 

*488.a hole- garha- koarai 

489.killer- gusil- kolai aali  ; kolai- murder; aal- person.

*490.clay- gil- kali 

*491.lane- gali- akalul 

*492.a kind of stick play- gili- killi 

*492.quality- gun- kunam 

*493.counting- ginti- kaniththidu 

*494.knotted string- ganda- kandu 

* count- ginna- kani;ennuka ;letters are in reversed order. 

*496.excrement- gu- kakka; root word is to eject out. cause to sing- gawana- akavavunum  ; akavu- to sing. 

*498.cowherd- gwala- koa kaavalan ; koa-  cow/ ox; kaavalan-  guard.

*499.caste/ tribe - gut- kudi 

*500.tribe/ caste-gotar- koottaththtaar / people of the group 

*501.village- gut- kudi 

502.a company- gut- koottam 

*503.embrace- god- katti anai 

*504.present given to the bride-god- kodai/ gift 

*505.a kind of bird- gorya- kuriee / house sparrow

506.globular- gol- koalam 

507.confusion- gol mal- kuzhappam ulla 

*508.large ball- gola- koalam 

*509.swelling- gola- kazhalai 

510.a pill- goli- kulikai 

511.mountain pass- ghati- Kadavu; ka= va; va= ka. 

*512.damages- ghata- kaedu 

*513.loss- ghat- kaedu 

514.wound- ghao- kaayam 

*515.crowds- ghata- koottam / crowd 

* be powdered- ghutna- kuththanum / to pound 

*517.home- ghar- koorai akam/ hut;akam- home. 

518.water pot- ghara- karakam 

*519.rattling noise in the throat- gharra- kara kara 

520.milk man- ghosi- koanaan 

*521.a bunch- gail- kulai 

* not/ without - la- illai 

523.a stick- lathi- nela thadi; neelam- length; thadi- stick.

*524.stain- lakkah- azhukku /dirt 

*525.night- lail- al 

*526.mother- mata- moo thaai / great mother

* summit- matha- mudi 

*528.front area of the house- matha- muththam 

*529.mother- madar- maa thiru 

*530.mother- mama- amma 

531.respect- man- maanam 

532.dull- mand- mantha

533.mind- mata- manathu 

*534.intelligence- mat- mathi 

535.earthen pot- matka-mat kudam wink- mat kana- kannai imaiththidu; kann- eye; imaiththidu- wink; letters are jumbled. 

*537.fist- muth – mutti 

*538.masturbation- mathola- mutti adiththal 

*539.large bundle- muththa- moottai 

*540.corpse- matti- mattai 

*541.kiss- mitthi- muththam die- mitti uthana- madinthidu; letters are jumbled. 

543.palace- mahall – maalikai 

544.dead- mardah-  marainthida / to disappear 

*545.death- mirg- maraika / disappear; maraika= maerkku= west. die- marna- maraiyanu

*547.death- mamat- madi 

* be twisted– murakna-murukkanu

* break – murakna- murikikanum 

550.superior/ patron- muta- mooththoan 

*551.hidden /concealed - markuz- maraikka / to conceal 

* mukat- makudam 

*553.wrestler- mall- mallan 

554.mind- man- manam 

555.the head- mand- mandai 

*556.particular market for one thing - mandi –mandi 

*557.a pearl-moti- muththu 

*558.origin- mul- moolam;root word is  mulai .

559.great / very/ extremely – maha- mikai / mega 

*560.a play- natak- naatakam 

*561.a dramatic performance- natak- nadikka 

* natakiya- nadikan nar- neruppu 

564.sound- nad- naatham; thoni ; letters are in reversed order. 

565.rare- nadir- arithana ; letters are read in reversed order. 

566.nail- nukhan –naka kann/ nail bed; nakam- nail. 

*567.woman- nar- naari naranj- naarankkai 

569.a tube- nal- naala 

*570.a canal- nala- naalaa

*571.vein- nali- naalam 

572.maternal grandmother- nani- annai yin annai / mother’s mother; annai- mothr. 

573.boat-nao- naavaai 

*574.articulation/ speech - nutq – nodikka 

*575.a look/ glance /view - nigah- noakku 

*576.reed- nal- naanal 

*577.small /tiny - nanna – nunniya 

* nahr- naar 

*579.water- nir- neer 

*580.gain- wara-varavu 

581.coming- warld- veruthal ; letters are jumbled. 

* of river- wadi- oaadai 

*583.bidding farewell- wida- vidai thaa 

*584.knowledge- widdya- viththu 

585.approachng- wurud- varuthu 

586.home- watan-veedu hat- kadai; letter ‘h’ is read as ‘k’ and not as ‘a’. 

*588.fight/ war - yuddh – adu 

589.strength/ courage- yara –uram 

*590.ruin/destruction - halaki - azhikka/ to destroy 

*591.plough- hal- uzhu 

592.stammerer- total- naa thattuthar / stammering; naa- tongue. 



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