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List of Tamil words in Zulu language

List of Tamil words in Zulu language


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


                           List of Tamil words in Zulu language 


                   Dr.Variankaval Ramasamy Annadurai ;MD;DPM; 


Zulu or isiZulu as an endonym, is a Southern Bantu language of the Nguni branch spoken in Southern Africa. It is the language of the Zulu people, with about 12 million native speakers, who primarily inhabit the province of KwaZulu-Natal of South Africa. Zulu is the most widely spoken home language in South Africa (24% of the population), and it is understood by over 50% of its population. It became one of South Africa's 11 official languages in 1994. 

According to Ethnologue, it is the second-most-widely spoken of the Bantu languages, after Swahili. Like many other Bantu languages, it is written with the Latin alphabet.

In South African English, the language is often referred to in its native form, isiZulu

Zulu people are a Nguni ethnic group in Southern Africa. The Zulu people are the largest ethnic group and nation in South Africa, with an estimated 10–12 million people, living mainly in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.

They originated from Nguni communities who took part in the Bantu migrations over millennia. As the clans integrated together, the rulership of Shaka brought success to the Zulu nation due to his improved military tactics and organization.

Zulus take pride in their ceremonies such as the Umhlanga, or Reed Dance, and their various forms of beadwork.

The art and skill of beadwork takes part in the identification of Zulu people and acts as a form of communication. The men and women both serve different purposes in society in order to function as a whole. Today the Zulu people predominantly believe in Christianity, but have created a syncretic religion that is combined with the Zulu's prior belief systems. 




Clues to read Zulu Words into Tamil 


Letter ‘k’ = ‘v’; v= ‘ka’; letter ‘Ra’= ‘la’.  

Add vowels then and there.

Letter ’p’ and letter ‘s’ can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged. 

 Add letters ‘m’ and ‘n’ then and there. 

A consonant letter can be read more than once.

If a same letter occurs consecutively more than once it can be read as a single letter.

By jumbling the letters of the given Zulu word, a Tamil word can be derived. 




Ref; Zulu- English Dictionary – by John W. Colenso, D.D; D.C.L


English- Zulu- Tamil  

* under the ribs on either side- ala- allai 

*2.father/ my / our- baba- appa 

* mark- bala- pulli 

* bali- paliya/flower  

*5.join together- bangqa- pinaikka 

*6.small/ undersized for age - batya- podi 

* paint/ smear- baca- poosu 

*8.get painted- baceka- poosuka 

*9.see/ look at/ attend to – beka- paakka 

10.look after – beka beka- paakka paakka 

11.beat / strike- beta –adi; adi poadu; letters are jumbled.

12.blow strong as wind- beta- adiththida 

* of a small river near Durban- bilo- puzhai/ small river 

* bogged- bitya- puthaiya 

15.quicksand/ bog- bityi- puthai munn 

*16.habitual liar- bojane- poaiyan 

*17.rot/ putrefy – bola- paazh 

*18.private parts of a man- bolo – poolu / phallus 

*19.knead with water as flour – boxa- pisaika / knead 

*20.mix with hand /a little of meal- buca- pisai 

*21.large land lizard- bulu- palli / house lizard 

22.sing / recklessly - buta – paattu paadu ;paattu- song; paadu -to sing.

*23.patter as the feet of the children running fast- buta –pada pada nnu 

24.go- buluka- sellluka 

25.non edible worm- bululwane –mann puzhu / earth worm; letters are jumbled; munn- earth; puzhu- worm ; puzhu unnaa/ unna puzhu  ; unnaa- not eating .

26.mode of dressing young men’s hair- bunga- pinnuka/ plait 

27.collect- buta- saeththidu 

*28.regiment/ of soldiers- buto- padai 

*29.waste- cita- saetham 

*30.destroy- cita- sithai 

*31.spill/ as blood- cita- sotta ; sintha .

*32.defeat- cita- saaiththidu 

33.wasted- citaka- saethamaaka 

* in the state of one annoyed- cunukala- sinam kolla   /to get angry ;sinam- anger; kola- to have.

* in a state of trembling- dadeka- thudikka 

*36.strike/ as the sun ‘s heat – daka- thakka / strike 

37.create- dala- padaiththal 

*38.antiquity / a long time ago- dala- thol

*39.distant- de- etta 

*40.take- dhla- eduththal /act of taking 

*41.feed- dhle- uoottuthal 

* dhla- thueiththal 

43.point out- dhla- suttuthal 

44.catch- dhla- pidaiththal 

45.graze- dhla- maeithal 

*46.jump out/ make merry/ frolic - dhlala- thullal /frolic

* /sport- dhlala- aaduthal/ to play 

*48.hole in which bees live – dhlu- thulai/ hole 

* dhlu- thalam 

*50.dirt- dodi- uooththai 

51.stimulate/ provoke- duda- thoondu 

* off/ as one bull drives off another – dudula- oaattuthal 

*53.alone- wedwa- woththaiya  

*54.home- ekaya- akam 

*55.take off/ down – etula- eduththal 

*56.die- fa- poa / go 

57.boy- fana- aan; paiyan.

*58.cleft or fissure in a rock- fanta- ponthu 

59.womankind- fazana- penn inam ; penn- woman ; inam- race .

60.a kind of dancing- fudu – paattu paadi aadu ;   paattu -song; paadu-  sing; aadu -to dance 

61.river- fula / fulana- punal ; letters are jumbled 

*62.scold- futa- paadu 

*63.scold at- futela- paaduthal 

64.throb- futa- thudippu; letters are jumbled; thudiththida .

65.throb- futela- thudiththal 

66.short- futyane- podi; podiyan /short person. 

67.small branch – gaba- kombu gada- oaaduka; letters are in reversed order. 

69.bracelet- galo- kai valai ; ka= va; va=ka;  kai- hand; valai- bracelet .

*70.fruit of um Gani- gani –kani/ fruit 

71.kill a bullock in honour of a girl about to be married- gcola- ;kaalai yaei kollu ; letters are read more than once; kaalai- bull; kollu- to kill; kill[E] = kollu . 

*72.gnaw- gedhla- kadiththal/ bite 

*73.old man of a place /amalunga – gele ;  kizham ; kizhavan ; ka= va; va= ka. 

* as girls or young men- gida- koothaadu 

* for- gidela- koothaaduthal / dancing 

76.kind of dancing- godololo- koothaaduthal / dancing thousand- gidi – koadi / one crore

*78.ordinary work of any kind / great or small- gidi – kattu /work 

*79.rope- goda- kadam; vadam ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*80.dried up tree/ trunk/ log of wood - godo- kattai / wood 

81.wild dog- godoyi- kaattu naai ; kaadu- forest ;naai- dog. 

*82.go home- goduka- kudi yaeku ; kudi- house; yaeku- go 

*83.grow old for- gugela-  kizhamaaka  / become old man 

*84.milk vessel- gula- kalan /vessel 

85.hog- gulube- kukkal/ wolf 

*86.coward- gwala-koalai 

*87.unripe fruit- gwanya-kaniyaa kaai 

*88.berry of wild olive- gwenya- kani /fruit  

*89.hollow out/ scoop- gweda- kudaiya 

*90.scoop out for- gwedela- kudaithal 

*91.hook- gwegwa- kokki 

*92.pretty- hle- oyil 

*93.laugh/ laugh at- hleka- ilikka ; kaeli ; ikazha ; lettes are in reversed order. split- hleke- pilakka 

95.cold wind from the south – hlengetwa- ilankkaaththu ; kaaththu- wind

*96.have sexual intercourse- jeka- seika / do ;oaakka  /fuck  ;sex[E] =   seika /do . 

* in a rage/ speak violent words-jigida-   kadi 

*98.speak violently at -jigidela- kadithal 

*99.pluck/ fruit- kiwa-  koei 

* bitter/ pungent- kaka- kaikka 

101.cry/ weep/ lament- kala- azhuka; letters are in reversed order.

102.sing as bird- kala- kooval ; ka= va; va= ka.

103.opening /aperture- kala- neekkal 

104.large earthen pot- kamba- kumpai 

*105.look at- kangela- kannkalaal kaanuka ; letters are read more than once; kann- eye; kannkal- eyes; kanuka- to see. 

*106.think – kanyanga- kannuka 

*107.numerous numbers of people- kata- koottam / crowd 

*108.collection of hairs- kata- kaththai mudi ; mudi- hair 

*109.arrive the hut- kata- kudi yaei adaiya  ;adaiya- to reach; kudi- house. 

*110.domestic cat-kati – kaduvan/ male cat; ka= va; va=ka. 

111.time- kati – kadikai ; letter ‘ka’ is read more than once .

112.vessel- kele- kala

113.gathering of people to dance- keto- koodi koottama   kooththaadu; koodu- to join ;koottam- crowd; kooththaadu- to dance; letters are read more than once. 

*114.drop /fall as snow /dust- kitika- kottuka 

*115.spear- konto-kuntham  

116.king- kosi – koa 

*117.bite as a venomous spider -kota- koththa; kadiththida ;  kadikka ; letter ‘ka’ is read more than once .

*118.groove/ hollow- koto- kaadi /groove ; kudaa/ hollow .

* of a small river-koto- kaedam; kadaka/ river 

120.owl- kova- kookai ; root word is koova- to howl .

*121.weeds- kula- kalai 

*121.great- kulu- kazhi 

*122.grandfather- kulu-kizhavan; ka= va; va= ka.

*123.grandmother- kulu- kizhavi ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*124.become fat /full of flesh – kulupala- kozhuppu ulla ; kozhupppu- fat; ulla- has. 

125.bad / moody state of mind-kutu- manam  kaedu adaiya  ; manam-  mind; kaedu- bad; adaiya- to get. 

*126.fruit of um Kuu- kuu- kaai / unripe; kani- ripe one 

127.herdsman- kuza- koanan 

*128.distress - kwela- kavalai 

*129.boy’s stick for digging roots with -kwelo- kazhi/ stick 

*130.hut of young unmarried men – lau – il/ house

*131.mourning / lamenting- lilo-azhu 

* lilo- azhal 

133.poor- lima-yaezhmai / poverty 

134. language- lima- mozhi; letters are in reversed order. 

135. tiger- lo- puli 

136.intestinal worm- lo- puzhu / worm 

*137.make right /arrange / put in order- lungisa- ozhunkku sei ; ozhunkku- order; sei- do/make.

*138.adjust- lungisisa- ozhunkku sei 

*138.our mother- mame- em amma  ;em- our  ;amma- mother.

*139.formerly /before- mandulo- mundaiya naal ; munathaiya- formerly ; naal- day .

*140.shoot/ germinate- mila- mulai / a shoot 

141.truth- minya- unmai; letters are in reversed order. 

*142.mother- na- annai 

*143.elder brother- ne- annan 

* nina-nin; nee.

145.think- nakana -ennuka 

146.jumps- ngqetye-nanku kuthi/a good jump; nanku- good; kuthi- jump.

*147.look steadily at – nqa- noakka 

*148.oneness/ unity – nye- onna 

*149.give/ as an act of bounty - pa- peya 

*150.distribute- paka- paku 

*151.large hole in a tree- pala- pallam 

152.touch/ handle- pata- thodu; thottu paaththidu; letters are jumbled and read more than once. 

153.hesitate in speaking – pataneka- paesa thayankka ; paesa- to speak ;thayankka- hesitation. 

*154. wood worm- pehlwa-  ulu puzhu ;letters are jumbled. 

155.bind/ hem/ join together- peta- pinaiththidu 

*156. bind- petela- pinaiththal 

*157. border/ hem of a mat/ garment- peto- pattai 

*158.gush out as water from the spring - petuza- peechchida / paaichchida ; letters are jumbled.

159. gush out -petuzela- peechchi adiththal ; letters are jumbled. 

*160.get out of a joint /as the ankle or wrist- picika- pisaka 

*161.heavy rain – pihli- peyal/ rain recover from illness- pila- pizhaikka 

*163.a kind of snake- pimpi- paampu / snake again- pinda- pannidu / do  

*165.wattle- pinga- pinnuka / pinni  pinaika 

166.twist/ the hair- pota- pinnidu / plait 

167.menstruate- potela- pooppu adaithal / attain puberty; theettu adaithal ;theettu- menses; adaithal- to get 

*168.grind boiled mealies- potula- podiththal 

*169.fall short/ wanting- puta- poaathaathu ; poathiya /enough .

*170.pour out- potyo- poaadu ; uooththu 

*171.haste- putu- pada pada nnu ; patatta

172.stout /strong as stick or man-qata- kundu  /stout ; kundan/ stout man ; kundaan-thadi / stout stick. 

*173.strength- qata- kadumai 

*174.young man’s hut- qata- kudi/ house; kudisai / hut; kudisai= kudi sei; kudi- house; sei- make. 

*175.chop- qata- koththu 

*176.arrive- qata- yaekida just broken up for the first time- qato- kedi/ garden 

* very angry- qataza- kothippu

*179.finish- qeda-kedi/ finished 

*180.kill- qeda- kaathidu 

181.sit comfortably -qeta- kunthu /squat for settling in- qiti- kudi kaadu /hamlet; letters are read more than once 

*183.destroy completely- qota- kedu /destroy 

* rayo- urai/ speech 

*185.pour carefully- ta-uooththu/ pour 


187.produce- tela-padaiththal 

*188.make flat-ta-thattai /flat evil-takata- theenkku seithidu; theenkku- evil evil-takatela-theenkku seithal ; theenkku- evil ;seithal- act of doing 

*191.take- tata-eduththidu 



*194.scold for-tetela-thittuthal /act of scolding 

*195.abuse with words- tuka- thittuka 

196.touch upon in conversation-tatela-thoduthal /act of touching 

197.small piece of cloth-tete-thundu thuni ; thundu- apiece; thuni – cloth .


199.think- ti- ennidu 


*201.sneeze- timula- thummal 

*201.get- tola- adaithal 

*203.find/ pick up- tola- eduththal 

*204.sleep- tongo- thoonkku/ to sleep 

*205.close up nicely as the wattled frame work of the hut- tota- thitti-yaei adaiththidu  ;thitti /thatti -wattled  door; adai- to shut. 

206.close up as the wattled frame work of the hut – totela- thitti-yaei adaithal ; adaiththal-act of closing .

* reach- tu –adaiya 

 208.start- tuka- thuvankku; ka= va; va= ka. 

* startled- tuka- thidikkida ; letters are read more than once. 

* 210.disturbance- tuli- thollai 

*211. sew/ with a needle- tunga- thunnuka / sew 

*212.praise- tusa- thuthi sei ;thuthi . still- tutu- aadathu  asaiyaathu 

214.carry on the head- twala- thalai-yil  eduththal ; thalai- head; edu- take. 

*215.hit/ strike- twi- adi 

*216.burn- tya- thee idu; thee- fire; idu- make. 

*217.plate- tya- thattu 

218.fresh /new- tya- puthiya plant- tyala- naduthal 

220.sow- tyala- thoovuthal 

221.carry on the shoulder- etyata –eduththidu / carry 

*222.beat / hit – tyaya –adi 

223.shoot/ fire - tyaya- sudu 

*224.clap/ hands- tyaya- thattu 

* on- tyaya- aadu 

226.punish- tyaya- thandi 

*227.produce- tyaya- padai 

*228.beat /strike- tyayela- adiththal 

*229.clap/ hands for person dancing - tyayela- thattuthal 

* tyayela –oaattuthal 

*231.tell- tyela- yaaaththal ; tell[E] = yaaththal.

*232.burn in- tyela- thee iduthal; thee- fire.

* drive/ oxen- tyi – maattai  oaattu / maadu- cattle. cattle- tyikiza- oaatttuka  /drive ;   aadu maattai  ottai oaattuka  ;aadu- goat; maadu- cattle; ottai- camel. 

235.get burnt- tyiseka-thee iduka /to burn; thee- fire.

*236.stop- tyityi- thadu 

*237.steal- tyola- eduththal 

238.dive- tyula- paaithal 

* spring- tyutyu- uooththu/ spring 

*240.bullock-ukulu- kaalai 

241.a kind of owl- ukulu-  ulookam ; letters are in reversed order. 

242.goat- ukulu- yaezhakam ; letters are in reversed order. 

243.old custom- vela- valakkam; valappam .

*244.break in pieces- vitya- udaiya/ broken 

* broken- vityeka- udaikka 

*246.slash – vityela- vettuthal 

*247.make to fall of- vutulula- veezhuthal; letters are jumbled.  

248.anything that falls off- vutuluka- - veezhnthiduka ; letters are jumbled.

*249.fall upon- wela- veezha 

250.expression surprise- wotyi- viyappu adaiya ; viyappu- surprise; adaiya- to get.

*251.leave- yeka –yaeka 

252.wander- zula- alaiya 

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