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List of Tamil words in pre Angkorian Khmer

List of Tamil words in pre Angkorian Khmer


Dr . V.R . Annadurai Variankaval Ramasamy ; MD; DPM;

consultant Psychiatist


                 List of Tamil words in pre Angkorian Khmer 


                 Dr. Variankaval Ramasamy Annadurai; MD; DPM; 

Khmer is an Austroasiatic language spoken by the Khmer people, and the official and national language of Cambodia. Khmer has been influenced considerably by Sanskrit and Pali, especially in the royal and religious registers, through Hinduism and Buddhism. It is also the earliest recorded and earliest written language of the Mon-Khmer family, predating Mon and Vietnamese, due to Old Khmer being the language of the historical empires of Chenla, Angkor and, presumably, their earlier predecessor state, Funan.

The vast majority of Khmer speakers speak Central Khmer, the dialect of the central plain where the Khmer are most heavily concentrated. Within Cambodia, regional accents exist in remote areas but these are regarded as varieties of Central Khmer. Two exceptions are the speech of the capital, Phnom Penh, and that of the Khmer Khe in Stung Treng province, both of which differ sufficiently enough from Central Khmer to be considered separate dialects of Khmer.

Outside of Cambodia, three distinct dialects are spoken by ethnic Khmers native to areas that were historically part of the Khmer Empire. The Northern Khmer dialect is spoken by over a million Khmers in the southern regions of Northeast Thailand and is treated by some linguists as a separate language. Khmer Krom, or Southern Khmer, is the first language of the Khmer of Vietnam, while the Khmer living in the remote Cardamom Mountains speak a very conservative dialect that still displays features of the Middle Khmer language.

Khmer is primarily an analytic, isolating language. There are no inflections, conjugations or case endings. Instead, particles and auxiliary words are used to indicate grammatical relationships. General word order is subject-verb-object, and modifiers follow the word they modify. Classifiers appear after numbers when used to count nouns, though not always so consistently as in languages like Chinese. In spoken Khmer, topic-comment structure is common, and the perceived social relation between participants determines which sets of vocabulary, such as pronouns and honorifics, are proper.

Khmer differs from neighbouring languages such as Burmese, Thai, Lao, and Vietnamese in that it is not a tonal language. Words are stressed on the final syllable; hence many words conform to the typical Mon-Khmer pattern of a stressed syllable preceded by a minor syllable. The language has been written in the Khmer script, an abugida descended from the Brahmi script via the southern Indian Pallava script, since at least the 7th century. The script's form and use has evolved over the centuries; its modern features include subscripted versions of consonants used to write clusters and a division of consonants into two series with different inherent vowels.



Clues to read Khmer words into Tamil 


Letter 'k' = 'v'; v= 'ka'; letter 'Ra'= 'la'.  

Add vowels then and there.

Letter 'p' and letter 's' can be retained/ deleted /added or exchanged. 

 Add letters 'm' and 'n' then and there. 

A consonant letter can be read more than once.

If a same letter occurs consecutively more than once it can be read as a single letter.

By jumbling the letters of the given Khmer word, a Tamil word can be derived. 



A Dictionary of Pre Angkorian-Khmer - by Philip N. Jenner. 


English- Khmer- Tamil 


*1. create/ produce- ka- aakku 

* protect/ guard- ka- kaakka 

* spit out- kajak- kakka 

* count/ weigh carefully - kan-kani; ennuka ; letters are in reversed order. 

5.husband- kan- kanavan ; ka= va; va= ka. 

*6. stooped- kanjat- kuninthida 

*7. bracelet- kataka- katakam ; root word is   kattuka / to tie. 

* cut- kat-kaathu 

*9. divide- kat- kaathu; kodu. 

* penetrate- kat- kuththu 

*11. make a mark- kat- koadu idu ; koadu- a line; idu- make. 

12.observe- kat- noakkidu 

13.homeless- katet- kudi kidaiyaathu ; kudi- house; kidaiyaathu- without. 

*14. speech- katha- kathaippu 

*15. topic- katha- kathai 

*16. story- katha- kathai 

*17. talking together- katha- koodi kathai ; koodi- together; letters are read more than once. 

*18. herd-kadam - koottam 

*19. troop- kadam- koottam 

20.wife- kantai- kan vatti; ka = va; va= ka. 

* cut close- kal- kizhi/ to cut 

*22. water pot/ jar- kalasa- kalan 

*23. period of time- kala -kalam; root word is koalam /planet 

24.dirt- kael- azhukka; letters are in reversed order. 

*25. work- karyya- karmam

*26. house- kuti- kudi 

27.shelter- kuti - kottakai 

*28. wall- kudya- kuttiyam 

*29. a vessel- kunti- kundaan 

*30. race/ family- kula- kulam 

31.cross eyed- kek- koana kann ; koanal- crossed ; kann- eye. 

*32. become- ket- aakida 

*33. created- ket- aakkiyathu 

* cut close- ker- keru 

*35.ten million- kot- koadi; kadai enn; kadai- final; enn- numerical number. 

*36. complaint- kit- kuththam 

37.path- kit- Kadavu; ka= va; va= ka. 

*38. business- kit- kadamai 

39.fettered- ktin - kattunda ; letters are jumbled; kattu   kattina . be stocky- ktun - kundaana ; letters are jumbled. 

41.gnaw- ktur- koriththar ; letters are jumbled. 

* scream- kteh - kaththu 

43.bad smell- kteh- ketta manam ; manam- smell; ketta- bad. 

* kato - kothiththida / boiling 

* be small- ktoc-kutti seize- kdap- kai paththu; letters are jumbled. be near/close at hand- kdip- kai kitta ; kai- hand; kitta- near. 

48.complain- kdu - kuththaidu ; kuththam /complaint 

*49. wind- kyel -kaal ili ; kaal- leg; ili- without. 

* be round/ spherical- klam- koalam 

*51. hollow space- klun- kuzhiyana ; kuzhi- hole.

*52. chief/ leader- klon -kizhaan 

*53. youth- klos- kaalai 

* be worried- kwal- kavalai 

55.confused- kwal- koozh/ confusion

56.hurt- ksata- kadi 

57.without- ksta- kidaiyaathu 

*58. poverty - ket- kedu 

*59. threshing floor- khala- kalam 

* spit out-/ to eject matter from the mouth - khak- kakka 

* ruin- khat- keda 

*62. waste- khat- kaedu adaiya /to become a waste 

63.injure- khat- kaayam adaiya ; kaayam- injury ;adaiya- to have. 

*64. squander -khat- kedu 

*65. gemstone- galu- kal raise/ ascend- gal- yezhuka; letters are in reversed order. calculate- git- kaniththidu; enniduka ; letters are in reversed order.

*68. figure- git- koadu gita- kathai paattu ; kathai- story; paattu- song .

*70. virtue- guna- kunam 

71.goodness- gunita- kunam udaiya 

72.protected/ guarded- gupta- kaappaaththu / to protect 

73.preserved- gupta- kaaththida 

*74. cave- guha- kukai 

*75.cow/ ox- go- koa 

*76. family/ clan- gotra- koottaththaar 

77.look at/ watch- goh- noakka 

78.undertake/ accept/ made to take - grahitt- kaeiyir edu; kai- hand; edu- take. house- glan-kalanjiyam 

*80. guard- gval- kaaval 

*81. herdsman- gval- koa kaavalan; kao- cattle; kaavalan- guard.

82.wheel- chakra -kaar / leg/ wheel 

*83.pot- catti- satti 

* add to- cat- saeththidu 

*85. prepare- cat- seithidu 

*86. food offered to Siva / oblation of rice- caru - soaru / cooked rice be small- ce- sinna 

* die- cet- seththidu collect- ckop- saekka block up- cdak- thadukka 

* lean against- cdal- saaithal 

92.reddish brown cow -cmat- sem maadu  ;semmai- red; maadu- cattle. be entire-cmat- moththamum 

*94.cut - cheda- seththidu 

95.person/ man - jana- aan / man clean- jut- thooimai seithidu ; thooimai- clean; seithidu- do. 

* wander- jloy- alaiya 

* put/ place- tak- iduka 

* lock up- tak- adaikka 

* hit- tak- adikka add- tak- saeththiduka establish- tak- amaiththiduka fasten- tak- poottuka be broken off- tac-udaiya 

105.numerical number ten- tap- paththu; letters are in reversed order. 

* continue- tar- thodaru 

* approve- tar- yaeththiduthar seal- tara- achchu iduthar 

* reach- tal- adaithal 

* attain- tal- adaithal 

* gain- tal- eettuthal 

* spread- ta- etta order- tan- aanai idu; letters are jumbled; aanai- order; idu- do / make.

* weave- tan- thunnu 

* open- tar- thira 

116.cymbal- tal- thaalam; root word is adiththal /beating  

* increase- tal- yaeththuthal panic- tal -peethi adaithal; peethi- fear; adaithal- to attain/ to have.

* spread- tal- ettuthal / land/ territory- ti -thinai 

* be close to- tit- otti 

* stick- tit- ottidu 

* touch- tit- thodu 

* be thick- tuk- thadikka /to become thick 

125.scales- tula- edai iduthal ;edai -weight; idu- make. 

* wipe off- tu-thudai polish- tus -thaei lie down- tek- padukka sleep- tek- padukka teja- thee rise- tet- unthida ; munnida .

* sew/ stitch- ter- theiththar hang down- tok- thonkka 

*134.coconut palm- ton- thennai 

135.scop- ton - thoandu 

136.dipper- ton -thoandi 

*137.pierce- tot- poththidu ; oaattai idu; oaattai- hole; idu- make. plant a stick in the ground- tot- thadi yaei nadu  ;thadi-   stick; nadu- to plant. 

* thread on a string - tot- thodu change- tor- maaththuthar tor- maaththi thara  ;thara- to give. 

*142.barter- tor- ettiyar 

143.breast- toh- madi 

* burn- tau- the idu; the- fire; idu- make. keep- tka- adakku ; kaaththidu; letters are in reversed order. bite- tkir -kadiththar ; letters are jumbled. sting- tkir- koththuthar; letters are jumbled. 

* be elevated/to lift - tkul/ tkol - thookkuthal be pure- tguh - thooimaiyaaka 

150.south- tpon -then 

151.modern /to be new- tmi- puthumai 

152.completed/ to be complete- tmuy - mudiya ; letters are in reversed order. 

*153.attain- tru- adaithar 

*154.hit/ strike- tru - adiththar 

*155.agree with- tru- yaeththiduthar 

156. sustain- tru- neediththar 

157.shore/ beach- trey- tharai/ land as opposed to sea. 

* pick/ choose- treh- eduththar be fearsome- trai- peethi ura ; peethi - fear . winnow- trai- pudaiththar 

161.plate- thas- thattu 

* run off- thor- oaaduthar 

* da- thaa /give 

*164.alone- /single- dak- oththaiyaaka catch- dak- pidikka 

166.punishment- danda -thandanai 

167.stick- danda- thandam ; root word is  thandu /stalk.

168.fine- danda- thandam 

169.given- datta- thanthathu 

170.sea/ river/ tank /reservoir- danle- thanni nilai ; thanni- water . 

171.close- dap- adai ;adaiththidu  /to close . block/ obstruct - dap- thadi idddu; thadai poadu ; letters are jumbled. 

173.heart- daya- ithaya cover- dal- mooduthal confront- dal- moathuthal dal- pidiththal 

177.pure- dala- thooimai ulla; thooimai- clean/ pure; ulla- has. 

178.tempt/ seduce- dak- thoonduka 

179.impure-dil- thooimai illa ; thooimai- clean; illai- nil .

* drive- dih- oaattu 

181.erect- duk - naattuka place- duk- iduka 

*183.give- duk- iduka 

184.have- duk- edukka; yaeththiduka .

*185.tell- dul- yaaththal ; tell[E]  = yaaththal .

186.hump- dul- thimil 

* swell- dul- thadiththal protrude- dul- pudaiththal 

*189.head- dul- thalai carry on the head- dul- thalai il edu; thalai- head; edu- take. 

* lift the head in token of respect- dul- thalai ezha; thalai thazha  ;thalai- head; ezha- to raise ; thaazha- to low down .

* push out- dul- thallu; idiththal / pushing; idiththu thallu.

193.view- drss- thiriya/ visible

194.appearance- drss- thoattram 

*195.detained- der-adaiththar 

* be intermediate- der- idaiyir 

* place on a supporting surface- del-iduthal / to place; thalam- surface.

198.stow- del- thiniththal stow- der- thiniththar 

200.god- deva- theivam ; thee vadivam  ;thee- fire; vadivam- form .

201.goddess- devi- theiva thaai ;theivam- god; thaai- mother . country- desa- thinai / dunya change - dai- maaththu 

204.boat-dok- padauk 

205.stalk- don- thandu 

206.single/ isolated/ solitary - dol -oththaiyil 

207.fault/ error- dosa- thappu 

208.badness/ wickedness- dosa- theethu 

209.go- dau- adi edu/ take a step; adi- foot; edu- take; oaadu/ run. 

210.wealth- dravya -thiru dhana mula- mooola thanam 

212.holding- dhara - pidiththar 

213.supporting- dhara -muttu thara justice / ethics- dharma -aram udaimai ; letters are jumbled; aram- ethics. 

215.custom/ tradition/ establish order- dharma- - nadai murai yaei otti ; letters are jumbled; nadai murai- tradition .

216.adherence to order- dharma- murai udaimai otti ; murai udaimai order ;letters are jumbled.  

*217.thunderous- dhik- idi idikka; idi- thunder; idikka- to thunder. 

218.incense stick - dhupa- uoothu paththi  ; letters are jumbled. 

*219.dust- dhuli- thoosi ulla/ dusty; thoosu- dust; ulla- has. 

*220.nail- nakki -nakam 

221.sleep- nidra- saainthiduthar /repose 

222.formless- nirupa- uru inmai ; letters are jumbled;  uru- form; inmai- without. 

223.having no good qualities- nirguna- nar kunam inmai ; nar- good; kunam- quality; inmai- without .

224.fruitless/ profit less - nisphala- palan illai; letters are jumbled; palan- benefit; illai- nil. offered to god- naivedya -ventha uoon /cooked food; letters are jumbled; ventha- boiled; uoon- food ; venthaidaatha uoon/ un cooked food; 

* hurt others feelings- panjas- punn sei 

* produce[D1] / make - panja- pannu 

*228.gone/ lost- pat- poaeida 

229.twisting- pat- pinnidu 

230.lord / master- pati - aandai / ruler 

* pattana- pattinam 

232.lotus- padma- paya mottu ; letters are jumbled;   payam- water; mottu- bud 

233.foreign country- para desa- pura thinai ; puram- foreign  ;thinai- land/ country  ;thinai= dunya. 

234.other world- para loka- pira ulakam ; pira- other ; ulakam-  world; soorar ulakam/ paradise  ; soorar- gods .

235.foot- pada- paatham; adi. 

236.taking a bride- by hands - panigraha - pennai kaeyir pidikka ; penn- girl/ bride; kai- hand; pidikka- to hold. 

*237.dig out- par- pari 

238.lump of food- pinda -undai / lump 

* shut- pit- poottu 

240.dear-pita- anpudaiya ; anpu- love ; udaiya- has. 

241.father and mother- pitamata -peththa   thaayim  thanthaiyim ; peththa- begot; thaai- mother; thanthai- father. piti- anpu udaiya ;anpu- love; udaiya- has. 

*243.father/ parent - pitr- pettroar / parents 

244.good/ right / virtue- punya -nanmai 

* pura -puram worship -puja- poo sei; poo- flower; sei- do. 

* be salty- pel -uppu ulla; uppu- salt; ulla- has. 

248.vegetable- pka- pachchai- k-kaai 

249.join- pta- pinaiththidu pulverize /to make smaller- ptoc- podi sei / to grind 

251.belly-pdai- idai; thoppai; iduppu ; letters are in reversed ordr. 

252.stomach - pdai- poththu ; madi ; moadu; soaththu pei; soaru /saatham - rice; pai- bag; letters are jumbled. take care of- pra gat- paarththiduka ; letters are jumbled. 

254.daily- pratidina- thinam thoarum; letters are jumbled. 

255.water course- pra nala- neer naala ; neer- water; naalaa- canal .

256.head/ boss- prabhu - periyoar; Paraiya; pharaoh.

257.praised- prasata- paaraattu; praised [ E] = paaraatti.

* congratulate -prasiddhi- paaraatta prana- in uyir ; letters are in reversed order. 

*260.fruit- ple/ phala- pazham 

*261.profit/ yield - ple- palan 

*262.fruitful- phalada- palan udaiya; palan- profit; udaiya- has. 

263.blessed- bhagavat- aakkam udaimai ;aakakm- production ;udaimai- having. 

264.beautiful- bhadra- thiru 

265.excellence- bhadra- thiram 

*266.fortunate- bhadra - paeru adaiya ; paeru- fortune; adaiya- to have. 

* lie- bhar- poei urai ; poei-  a lie; urai- to say. 

268.share/ portion- bhaga- paakam; pankku 

269.part/ section- bhaga -paakam 

* divide- bhagya- paku 

* makuta- makudam ; root word is mukadu- summit. 

*272.gem- mani- mani 

273.palace- mandira- mannarudaiya aran manai ; letters are jumbled; mannar-  king;   arann manai- palace ;aran- fort; manai- house.. 

* die- mar- maraiya /to disappear 

*275.wrestler- malla- malla

*276.mother- mata- moo thaai / grand mother 

277.madness- mada- mathi eenam ; madamai .

*278.face- muk- mukam 

*279.jasmine- mulih -malli; mallikai .

*280.origin/ root - mula- moolam ; mulai .

* be dead-mrta- marainthida / to disappear 

282.real/ true- men- unmai; letters are in reversed order. 

283.trouble/ pains- yatna -vaethanai run- rat- oaaduthar; letters are in reversed order. be cut- ratec- aruththidu ; aruthiduka .

286.chariot- radeh- thaer; letters are in reversed order. 

*287.rise- rah- yaeru 

* be wet- ram- eeram look/ to visit- rok- paarkka search- rok- paarkka 

*291.form- roh- uru incise- lak- kizhi; letters are in reversed order. hollow out- lak- kuzhi aakku / to make hollow; letters are jumbled; kuzhi- hole; aakku- make. 

294.penis- lingha- aan kazhai/ male stick; aan- male; kazhai- stick; letters are jumbled.

*295.raise- lek- yezhuka lek- aezhuppuka loka- kuvalayam ; letters are jumbled;   ka= va; va= ka; root word is   koalam / rounded one . 

* creep/ crawl- var- vuooru 

*299.power -vala- val 

*300.force- vala- vali 

*301.ability- vala- vallamai 

301.musical instrument- vadya- root word is vaasiththidu /to play.

*302.young/ tender- vala- vaalai 

*303.large open space- vala- veli 

304.knowledge- vidya- viththu ; viththai ; root word is vithai /seed .

305.growth in wealth- vrddhi- varaththu adaiya  

*306.prosperity- vrddhi- viruththi adaiya

307.victory- vrddhi- vettri ; letters are jumbled. 

*308.increase- vrddhi- uyarththu 

309.two- ver/ber-eru 

*310.ring shaped- vel- valaya go round- vel- valam vaa 

*312.time/ period- vela- vaelai 

313.opportunity- vela [Skt] - vaelai 

314.vessel -vodi- vatta 

*315.bright-vli- vel 

*316.shine- vli- voli shine light- vli- oli veesu 

318.eminence-vloy- vizhumam 

319.prominence- vloy- vizhippu 

320.strength- sakti- kadumai ; pakadu .

321.capability-sakti- ketti thanam 

322.capacity- sakti- thakuthi ; letters are jumbled. 

323.power-sakti- kedi 

324.valor- sakti- kediyan/ a man of valor; kedi.

325.force- sakti - kadumai 

326.enemy- satru- ethiri 

327.skirt /to strip of cloth /an un identified cloth - satti -sattai/ shirt sala- il 

329.order/ command- sasana- aanai 

*330.say/ talk- sati- asaiththidu ; say= asai .

* scold- sati- yaesidu ; thattu .

332.oily- saniddha- ennai udaiya; ennai- oil; udaiya- has. 

*333.right/ good/ proper- saru - sari 

*334.wealth /riches- sar- seer 

*335.substance /essence- sar- saaru 

*336.pith- sar- soaru sleep- sin- saayanum clean- sit- thooimai seithidu  ;thooimai- clean; seithidu- do . clean- star- thoomai seithar  ;seithar- doing; thooimai-  purity . purify- sdil- thooimai seithal ; thooimai- purity ; seithal- doing. 

341.accomplished- siddha- saathiththidu ; adaiya.

342.fine thread- sutra- saradu; letters are jumbled. ani 

*344.added on-sot- saeththidu lie down- stek- saainthiduka 

* lie down/ to rest- sthiri- saaither 

347.pond- saras- yaeri 

*348.paddy rice-sru - sor 

349.good/ fair- sru- sirappu 

* drive- het- oaattu 

* raise- het- yaeththu 

352. to be firm- agat- kadumaiya ; kettiyaa.

*353.solid- agat- ketti 

* agara - koorai akam / hut; akam- house.

355.head /chief/ authority- adhikara- athikaari; root word is  adukkukiravar / one who  controls .

* think of/ remember- anik- ennuka 

*357.immortal-amara- maraiyaa 

*358.immortal- amrta - maraiyaatha live/ exist- aras- eru; uyiraa eru; uyir- life; eru- to exist. 

* rise- al- ezhu 

*361.grandfather- ta- thaathhaa 

* obstruct /stop - dah-thadu 

* oppose-dah- ethiththidu 

364.dam a stream - dah-anai idu 

*365.hit/ strike- dah- adi 

*366.maternal/ paternal uncle- ma- maama 

*367.mother- ame- amma 

*368.teacher- acaryya- aasiriyar 

* prevent- ayatta- thadu 

*370.prohibit- ayatta - thadu 

* destroy- al- azhi 

* alaya- il 

*373.tile- it- oaadu 

*374.gathered/ collected- ucita - saeththathu 

*375.type of cloth- uladdha- ul aadai / inner cloth; aadai- dress; ul- inner.

*376.self/ oneself- en- naan  


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